Broadway Original Musical Lion King Beijing Station Postponed, Performance Time To Be Determined

Broadway Original Musical “Lion King” Beijing Station Postponed, Performance Time To Be Determined
Sauna Night Net (Reporter Liu Zhen) On April 17, the Beijing Poly Theater released a “letter to all audience members of the musical” Lion King “”, saying that it was originally scheduled for May 6, 2020 at the Beijing Poly TheaterThe performance of the Broadway original musical “Lion King” International Tour Beijing Station will be postponed. The specific performance time after the extension will be notified according to the actual situation.Picture by Joan Marcus? Disney (Disney) Median: In the past few weeks, the producer of seven scenes of life, Beijing Poly Theater Management Co., Ltd. has been working hard to ensure the performance of the show as scheduled, but it has been transformed into an international epidemic, and it has also beenThe requirements of epidemic prevention and control provide a safe performance environment and workplace for the audience and performers, and finally made this decision carefully.This original Broadway musical “The Lion King”, which was produced by Disney Theatre Group, Australia Michael Group, Beijing Poly Theatre Management Co., Ltd. and the seven-act life musical, was announced in November 2019 to open Wuhan and Beijing in 2020The on-site performances of the two places were originally planned to start from the premiere of the Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre on February 19, 2020. The “Lion King” performed 200 shows in the two places for a period of more than half a year.If you can perform according to this plan in May, “The Lion King” will set the highest record of international musicals touring in China.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Yani proofread Zhao Lin