Tongue cap, almost transparent skin set off by pale lips Hongzhi increasingly clear, beautiful delicate shot from the side profile.

  He too tall, long Xin micro umbrella stays very hard, he smiled at her migraine, took an umbrella.
  Two people to walk side by side, also the name of the same umbrella, inevitably, there is physical contact, at first long micro Sim also feel uncomfortable, but to see him look like one asleep, are not relaxed.
  It was early, she proposed to go near the driving school to get a driver’s license, no objection Xing evening, he went to a driving school with her, standing in the hall and so when she came out, and from a lot of girls have attention to him, but no one dared to go strike up a conversation.
  When he blankly, he had looked somber, trying to close his girls were scared of his cold expression did not dare stepped forward, only far looked at him.
  Xin long time to get finished micro driver’s license immediately come to find Xing evening, suddenly remembered what went outside, and handed the phone unlocked Xing evening, holding a driver’s license, he said: “Xing evening, you help me take a good photo?”
  He nodded, turned and went to see her joy has been shot put place, quickly sliding the finger on the phone screen.
  ”So shoot it, you can see