Baby look.I was a child asked her sister why your home will give birth to a mixed race child with red hair green eyes it?Her sister took a family album to show me, I discovered that fairies should be atavistic, or that atavistic.Her family ancestors has several nice looks like her father, but also with red hair and green eyes.”

  ”You know, I was a child after being bullied fairy, secretly colluded with a bunch of people who had been bullied her, pass her the rumors that she was adopted children.Because she looks special, this rumor really to pass out, many people still believe.After I knew was dumbfounded, direct counseling to find a fairy abject apology to the.The results of several hit just claiming to be the biological parents of the fairy people, the fairies home to find the child recognize the pro.”
  Mouse gestures a bit, “there are three pairs are foreigners, hair color and eyes to see, really like a little fairy biological parents.The remaining two pairs are transnational marriages, also like a little fairy biological parents.Accompanied by police uncle, uncle because even the police believe the rumors I pass.But I always think, is really too small fairy looks a throwback.I think I was quite innocent.”
  Lens, land seventy-one sneer, comment and criticize a ha ha ha Miu Miu.All have said, little fairy finally know why the Miu Miu so bad, that if for their own, non Miu Miu can not be killed.
  ”Fairy family ended up almost traffickers.Finally, the hospital took