By more and more obvious.Such as Dongfang Electronics prepare a joint venture to build the picture tube plant, is located in Hong Kong even considered, but directly set his sights on the deep sea, DC.

  But the future of China the world’s factory, cheap mainland labor resources, whether it is manufacturing, R & D or technology, can bring great benefits to the Dongfang Electronics, corner of this city than Hong Kong advantage, Li Xuan natural to advance layout.And with the four machine department in charge of the electronics industry lay a good relationship is for the good of the natural.
  ”Then I can get informed about domestic enterprises, the opportunity to earn foreign exchange that the door can not be missed!”Xie Li Xiaohe said.
  ”I’ll Orient Commercial Company issued a detailed letter past purchases, you can order according to our needs, arrangements for strong enterprises to participate in bidding!”Li Xuan smiled and nodded his head.
  If the company’s products can reach the mainland procurement standards of Dongfang Electronics, the orders to factories in the Mainland can definitely further reduce costs.After all, throughout the eighties, the extent of the domestic thirst for foreign exchange reached a very point of madness.As long as companies can earn foreign exchange, even if the production cost is higher than the export price, the government will be to make up for the loss of business by means of a series of tax rebates and subsidies.
  Li and Xie Li Xuan minister had a good talk, and finally he said will make the East Commercial dispatched personnel to assist the Ministry of the four planes, subordinate organization of the major electronics factory involved in the procurement tender of East Commercial.Li Xuan although temporarily not ready to direct investment in the mainland, but have the opportunity to expand the mainland electronics companies mutually beneficial cooperation, he felt this trip north has been worth the price.
  Although very fine reception banquet dishes