You’d more sand sculpture.”

  Sheng Joe “agreed upstairs.”
  Shen Jun Yi “.”
  Orchid brokers out there shouting “Yu Yu, really have to go..”
  Zhao Yu Sheng hold the next Joe, “gone, so you finished filming us together again.”
  Sheng Joe nodded and said, “I go out with you, I have to back up crew.”
  Shen Jun Yi “Wait a minute!”Two people looking back, he growled,” I do not deserve to have a farewell hug before it?!”
  Sheng Joe “on.”
  Shen Jun Yi “???”
  Zhao Yu a look of dislike “and sweaty you, tell you who embrace and walked away, bye!”
  Sheng Joe puff laugh, waved his hand.Shen Jun meaning sighed complain, also waved, said “bye, destined together again ah.”
  White Fang Ding and Jane waiting outside, filled with Zhao Yu Qiao in exports, respectively, the crew got into the back of the car.Until the car to open the phone, so for a while before we know the time, himself one more?.
  Liang Xiaotang angry messages one after another
  ”How can you give it another home light board?You are not worthy of your wife identity powder?”
  ”Cult party said that if people do?What is the big men are sub-trotters, can only be with fairy fairy?Another man is great trotters child, you are a man fairy!”
  ”There is a lady?Is not enough, and now again a fairy C, you know we caught