I would like to say what a.”

  ”Say what?”
  Gu Jiuan put down your hand, look to Su Yuan, clarity and deep eyes of more than a touch serious look, “Good-bye.”
  Su Yi Zheng Yuan.
  How kind Gujiu An illusion in her farewell.
  Gujiu An smile, want to reach out and touch the hair Su Yuan, Fu for the needy covetous eyes, he had to restrain the urge to share it, and said: “Small seedlings, good-bye.”
  Su Yuan Gu Jiuan not play from that role, then in earnest retorted: “Shen know it, goodbye.”
  Su Yuan looked at the eyes flicker of genuine eye color, Gujiu An heart thrown a sour, Su Yuan talked with him a hazy love in the movie, and now the movie is over, he should also return to reality, some things missed is missed.
  Damn, how he was so miserable, his love has not yet begun is over.
  Thought here, Gujiu An could not help looking at the sky, long long sigh.
  Because the company something, Gujiu An early departure the crew, did not participate in fixing dinner, Su Yuan drank wine on fixing dinner, Fu raw cold as a movie investor, also participated in the film is complete feast, feast fixing until the end, with Su Yuan there are creative film actor eleven farewell, then together with Fu needy