“Sister, will not simply caused by devils?”After opened his eyes, looked nothing Zhou Yu case of the Philippines Liu Qin, open asked.

  The latter hesitated and down her thoughts thought.
  No Ghostly.So what that means there should be a blanket of darkness.Equipment?Matrix method?
  Liu Qin Fei mind a cold, quickly open the phone’s flashlight set, went along the road looking up, soon discovered several black and gray in the grass.
  Special Investigation Group of people look at her face to guess what she found, and quickly came to scrape together.
  ”Matrix method, not devils.”Liu Qin Philippines and studied for a while, ugly face and said.
  Special investigation team of people in contact with a lot of ghosts though, the presence of a few can not Fearless, heard some confusion: “matrix method?Chuan Songzhen like?”
  ”How could the devils might be able to transfer, how could this car.”If not now the case, Zhou Yu in case they have to be amused.
  She said not possible, but when it comes to half, but stopped suddenly thrust.
  She ran back to the middle of the road and looked, go back to the Philippines Liu Qin whispered something, with the latter also a look at the past, look more ugly.
  Photographed a car’s Monitoring “on which position?”
  Special Investigation small

How to survive is not easy to do?”

  ”Hum hum beg greatly place sprinkle sugar please?The head of the winning party’s heart is about to break anymore.”
  Sheng Joe “.The head of the winning party, I have something you have not told.”
  Liang Xiaotang “You are not in love?”
  Sheng Joe “???”
  Liang Xiaotang “You are not intended to be together with Shen Jun!!!!You big sub-trotters!!!You betrayed the organization and revolution!!!”
  Sheng Joe “.You really knock to the.”
  Liang Xiaotang “????????”
  Sheng Joe “good mother.”
  Liang Xiaotang “!!!!!!!”
  Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I place the death of three hundred and sixty times and then ascended to heaven!!!
  Sheng Qiao across the phone can hear her scream, Renzhao Xiao and confesses that she must be kept confidential, neither side is now exposed to the benefits of love only a few people know that she is one of the few.
  Liang Xiaotang “ohh ohh daughter Do not worry, as long as you’re not an affair, I will not disclose ooo, ooo killed a word.”
  Sheng Joe “No!”
  Liang Xiaotang “Ooo, ooo scandal have less mass, ah, my son is now in a foreign country, you have to durability lonely ah.Ohh not told you I’m going to calm down, the value of my life, I no longer let the volatility ooo.”
  Some people always talk


  Fu also is poor and pro-Soviet mind the Gujiu An Yuan things, got into the car, his eyes staring Su Yuan on the lips, his eyes too hot, people want to ignore is not OK, Su Yuan helpless, Road : “it was the work of.”
  ”I know.”
  Su Yuan Fu raw cold leaned over and kissed the lips, once is not enough to continuously kissed several times.
  Su Yuan blushing, shook his chest lightly, “Someone.”
  Fu is poor and they fumbled pressed the button in the center console, the driver’s seat with the back seat of isolation, to facilitate good he kissed Su Yuan.Su Yuan is breathless kiss, a kiss completed, Su Yuan against shoulder pant slightly to poor Fu, Fu raw cold hanging eye playing with the long fingers Su Yuan.
  Blurred ambiguous atmosphere, Fu needy slowly out loud: “If, Gu Jiuan like you, how would you do?”
  Su Yuan at first puzzled, then intuition denied: “No.”
  ”I mean if.”
  Fu raw cold look seriously asked: “Will you leave me?”
  Su Yuan Fu avoided the raw cold eyes.
  She is good friends with Gujiu An absolutely no relationship beyond friendship, if Gujiu An really like her, she would explicitly rejected Gujiu An, of course, in her view this is purely Fu needy think too much, as to leave Fu is poor and really thought about Su Yuan, thus

A trip out of the government, especially with the Sun steward to say.”

Sun steward and gas laughed: “Since it is picking up the big lady of command, why specifically to tell me that, out of the government is a direct.”
Spring has said: “Even picking up master’s command, Sun steward is Fuchu steward, this and other sites out of things still have to report it to do.”
Even the great lady to her right, she can not go beyond this sub.
Sun steward was secretly surprised, which now can be considered a new broom sweeps clean Chunxiao Moreover, before also suffered such a gas, thinking how she was arrogant few days, I did not expect so can actually tolerant.
This is indeed contrary to his expectations, and at the same time, also illustrates this great lady of how sinister vision, a fancy such a genius.
Sun steward laughed: “Well, doctor lives you out of the government something done?”
“Great lady determined to stall the construction of the station wagon near the teahouses and the like, so I went to prepare some.”Early Spring truthfully Road.
Sun steward heard that, can not help but smile a stiff stiff: “So, it would go.”

You, all you can so much money?”

  ”You Cao indeed be rich and powerful, but I want to swallow Mo industry, you are too wishful thinking, right?”
  Mo Yu did not say heart, you just Mo heart Yu’s father name a few industries, Cao can not afford to eat, if two juxtaposition, when the time to break the death who can not drop a good end.
  Words have been said on this part, Cao Xiu with this you do not need to cover up.
  ”Mo always, I did not want to do, you forced me.”
  ”I recently met a foreign boss, the hands have money, just buy a few Chinese companies want to come and play.”
  ”Coincidentally, I met him, I have just given him a call, he can tell by my name, to acquire the shares you Mo.”
  ”Indeed, I do not have much money to defeat you.”
  ”But he has!”
  Cao Xiu’s face has changed from previous anger into a cold irony, he does not have any illusion Yu Mo heart of.
  He came here to help today Mo Yu heart is false, steal core technology is true, otherwise it will not so easily before the promised gambling regulations.
  But now, technology has failed to steal, simply dead fish

An Wei Zhen slowly shook his head, raised his eyes to the mid-air.

At this point that the flame has disappeared spotless, Zhou Zhou open a pair of faded deep red, grape general good eyes, round yo like watching them on the black.

Text Chapter 258 Zhou Zhou spoke

His body, like blood had blood-red color in general also faded clean, revealing the general lotus limbs, and soft white like soft tofu body.

Wu Tao tears watching appears to have recovered all of Zhou Zhou, look at his body round, like a piece of petite-year-old child’s appearance, could not help but even to tears, long while, has three year-old Wu Tao, choking back tears at his new born brother lives gone, think of so many years, he has maintained until people like people like ghost ghost appearance for so long, now finally restored the original appearance, the excitement is simply very badly, choking back tears in front of Zhou Zhou he said: “Over the years, I finally looked forward to you getting better.”

Zhou Zhou is like clear spring water is generally one pair of eyes, curious to see choking Wu Tao, a long while, I have been crying in front of men, revealing a big smile.

While watching the recovery of Zhou Zhou looks lovely smile

Operators go home?”Yu Pei said with a smile.

  ”.It is very important to you?”Said Yu Ze.
  ”It’s important, very important to me.”Yu Pei says.
  ”I said, now that I’m gone, it will never go back.”
  ”Why not come back yet?Me and dad.”
  ”enough.”Yu Chak interrupted him, he looked at him coldly, saying:” Enough, Yu Pei.”
  Yu Pei stared at him, after a long while, and he smiled: “That crabs really about you.”
  Yu Ze looked at him coldly.
  ”How much do you know?Or all know?”He smiled and said:” Since you know everything, why pretended not to know the way, to say nothing?”
  Yu Chak bother to waste any more words with him, heels and walked towards the door.
  ”You disgust me so, in order not to see me even questioned do not want to question it?”
  Yu Ze stopped, he turned around, smiled and looked at the Yu Pei, said: “.You disgust me.”
  He smiled at Yu Ze.
  ”You let me become like this.”He picked the right leg of his pants, exposed piece so that he could never accept it sight leg, he smiled and said:” I should not dislike you do?”
  He smiled and said: “You killed

Floating on the ceiling.

  His bedroom of reference were put into stand pear wood cabinets, bed sheets are clean and soft, is simple and elegant green water, people can not help but want to lie down to go play a roll.
  The only small goldfish were brought over from the palace in a fish bowl on the coffee table Da Zhuozhuan, occasionally spit bubbles.
  Mu Wen Liu would have thought that the palace should be their future existence in general snail girl, now I was a bit skeptical life.
  Royal there.People do not really Baocuo?
  This is the little princes he knew?

Chapter 95 [finale]

  Prince Fufu two in the United States to play a full ten days back.
  They went to many places, from Broadway to Chinatown, from Fifth Avenue to the Statue of Liberty, sometimes with commentary listen to the sound of chatter tour together in the back of middle-aged tour, he took her hand, each a crepes.
  Although Mu flower is surprised with some things, but also a kind of feeling relieved.
  Everything foreign, and not so bizarre and amusing his imagination.
  In the past, when not free, he fantasized about many of the details of those places was to add a variety of good looking.
  But in the end tend to come out, but also lively and arty city – but not paradise.
  They traced back to the Ming court from the time the airport, and just under

Tongue cap, almost transparent skin set off by pale lips Hongzhi increasingly clear, beautiful delicate shot from the side profile.

  He too tall, long Xin micro umbrella stays very hard, he smiled at her migraine, took an umbrella.
  Two people to walk side by side, also the name of the same umbrella, inevitably, there is physical contact, at first long micro Sim also feel uncomfortable, but to see him look like one asleep, are not relaxed.
  It was early, she proposed to go near the driving school to get a driver’s license, no objection Xing evening, he went to a driving school with her, standing in the hall and so when she came out, and from a lot of girls have attention to him, but no one dared to go strike up a conversation.
  When he blankly, he had looked somber, trying to close his girls were scared of his cold expression did not dare stepped forward, only far looked at him.
  Xin long time to get finished micro driver’s license immediately come to find Xing evening, suddenly remembered what went outside, and handed the phone unlocked Xing evening, holding a driver’s license, he said: “Xing evening, you help me take a good photo?”
  He nodded, turned and went to see her joy has been shot put place, quickly sliding the finger on the phone screen.
  ”So shoot it, you can see

Yue: “how do you?What happened yet?”

  But now Chen diving too late to explain, he would run out in a hurry, immediately after the Su Qing asked: “I do not need help?”
  Just turn around and Chen was about to speak when diving, but few people came up to him one stopped, thought it was Su Qing in for questioning and he wants to escape it.
  ”Let him go.”Su Ching Chen rushed to help rescue diving.
  If it is timely to remind her, I am afraid that Chen diving stop these guys really are in trouble.
  ”While telephone contact!”Su Ching Chen diving throw a word quickly drove away.
  Several police officers and some looked puzzled Su Qing, Su Ching snappily said: “See what see!Hurry to do something!”
  Chen diving back home, when there came the faint shouts of leaves Xiao Yao, because good sound insulation, so things are falling sound cover your.
  Fortunately, Chen diving back in time, otherwise things really are dangerous!
  Just after they leave work soon, Bi Ying started to get wrong child, many times in a trance in to make a dangerous move, then even picked up the knife!
  Ye Xiao Yao this time realized that the wrong child, she wanted to call to report no chance, Bi Ying knife will self-mutilation, she could only Guzhe to stop her, which also call Kung Fu ah!
  Originally Ye Xiao Yao would like to control