After 90 couples 4000 yuan start to open Taobao

Speaking of more than 20,000 yuan monthly income, you must think of corporate executives, marketing director or senior.25-year-old Xue Aisong, position on the not so tall, he was just a Taobao shop owner, his wife and 21-year-old Li-Yun Liu only for two years Taobao business earned 60 million.This is not a myth, it is known as Taobao village in Shandong Binzhou City Boxing Xian Jinqiu Bay Village street of a common wealth story.Shandong Province and Alibaba Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, made great efforts to promote e-commerce development in rural areas, earlier this OCS Bay Village, became a benchmark demonstration.Rural engage in Taobao, the villagers play the electricity supplier, so what’s different rural countryside with ordinary?Let us uncover the veil Taobao village.Wake up, waiting for orders shipped 49 pen beep beep 7:30 am, Li-Yun Liu’s cell phone alarm sounded on time, she rubbed his bleary eyes, groping put on clothes.A few days ago when the door-to-roll Xueai Song injured left foot, Li-Yun Liu these days to play the leading role, had to cut an hour off time.Before the night before till 2:00 and more, Li-Yun Liu stumbled moved from the bedside computer.When turned on, she skillfully landed Taobao account, this time, there have been five, 49 pen orders to be shipped in lying quietly.Playing orders, picking, packing contemplating this time round after round of process, Li-Yun Liu rush to open the printer ready before employees come to work Shuxiao Fen catch the first part of the list.8:00, walked into the lodge on time Shuxiao Fen.Pick the goods, packaging, packing after half an hour, I woke up Xueai Song.He opened Taobao, fingers quickly tap the keyboard, the exchange with buyers.11861.2 yuan!Glanced yesterday’s sales, Xueai Song smiled.4000 yuan start, as revenue this year of 300,000 in 2013, Taobao inadvertently see Willow Bay Village Taobao, it has been out of the countryside, in Dongying settled Xueai Song, Li-Yun Liu with a girlfriend at the time, with 4,000 yuan back home savings business.Want to make a difference in the many shops, do not want to spend money on marketing, store design have to put in some effort.No design basis, Xueai Song taught himself the PS technology and web design, from time to time to replace design.On the product settings and options, the couple also has its own idea: pick boutique and its secondary processing, improve profitability.In the service and store activities, their integration into thinking young.These small mind, soon had the effect of.It took only two years, they are still products of the Art Deco shop went from rookie heart of the development of the two blue crown gold sellers.So hard in exchange for lucrative revenue.Venture past two years, their average annual income of about 300,000.Last year, they bought a house worth $ 600,000 in Dongying city, house parents did not spend a penny.Business is too busy, Mei Mei skirt lay idle in the closet a thick pile of express orders, close to 10:00.Li-Yun Liu on the orders of, ready to purchase.Hurriedly wash some, Li-Yun Liu out of the closet?Shirt and shorts.I like to buy clothes, but turn the store around all day, also bought the cupboard.Like Amy Li-Yun Liu and girls the same age, but in order to work, she had to Mimi dress close up.For his wife, Xue Aisong heart owe.Since 2013 venture, the two very little opportunity for recreation, occasionally go to town to see a movie, but also during and using a mobile phone has been linked with the customer.September 19, it will wedding ceremony, the wedding was to take the time to go to the county last month shot.Clean up is completed, Li-Yun Liu rode a tricycle to go out purchase.Out the door it seems that weak little girl, became out after riding a tricycle running between each shop woman man.In around six shops pick pick, get finished goods back has been more than 11 points, they skip meals, they began to discuss the new issues on the shop.End the discussion, see his wife tired sweating, Xue Aisong very distressed, so she went to take a break.Li-Yun Liu was busy packing up to go.After half an hour, Shuxiao Fen home for dinner, Li-Yun Liu they were still busy packing up until 13:00 and more, Li-Yun Liu got up to cook.Spring Festival every year, only a couple of pleasant time 14:00, Li-Yun Liu and her husband quickly after dinner, Shuxiao Fen also come back to work, they continue packing, burrs cut straw, ash, packing, adhesive tape, stickers express orders two years, the nap of no more than five times.Xueai Song said that the annual Chinese New Year, courier companies take a week off, and that he and his wife the most pleasant time.A total of 1700 Bay Village, like this couple Xueai Song Taobao shopkeeper seven or eight one hundred.Every morning, we are in the home nest to process orders or to purchase products in the village, to the 16:00 made express time, streets were filled with riding a tricycle delivery villagers.In the afternoon, he took the time after delivery, Li-Yun Liu began to send express, and her tricycle three times, it will send the entire shipment.Close to 5:00, Xueai Song suddenly received a rush order, Li-Yun Liu had threw in a trip to the goods.While supplies last shipment, is close to 7 o’clock when to go home.Put away the day cut off edges, tape and wrapping paper, until 9 pm, two people eat dinner.Then, sitting in front of the computer and Xueai Song, Li-Yun Liu also buy and sell a variety of products from the processing of trim He ended the morning off the computer, the same day it had a full five orders.After a short period of five hours of rest, they will usher in a new non-stop day