9. What constellation is 23 years old

9. 23 is Libra. Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Venus is the patron saint and Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. This also makes Libra naturally have the ability to appreciate beauty and maintain elegant speech and manners at all times.. Libra pays attention to fairness, harmony and does not like conflicts. This may be one of the reasons why Libra hesitates. Libra loves socializing and is unwilling to be lonely. They need the company of friends and lovers..   Libra is very sensitive, very understand sense of perception, sometimes too concerned about other people’s feelings and thoughts, so that Libra does not know how to refuse others, often hesitate and weigh between others and self.. It is easy to feel lonely. I hope I can maintain a deep relationship with others. Sharing is their motto.. Social Libra, with their amiable feeling and high emotional intelligence, is deeply loved by others no matter what they do.. Skillful in handling matters, it is their nature to have eight flour Lingrong.. He has his own understanding and understanding in artistic aesthetics. Although he is not an expert, he has his own unique opinions and hobbies in a certain field.. Librans are naturally optimistic and like lively and cheerful atmosphere.. No matter in life or work, inside’s casual thoughts should be shared with the people around him.. In order to maintain their inner balance, they often have a clear color of love and hate, either focusing their admiration and admiration on one person or generating extreme disgust and dissatisfaction with another person.   Libra is a pacifist.. When they encounter the scene of a dispute, they often restrain their feelings and settle it with a calm attitude, instead of being angry or insisting on their own ideas.. We will not rigidly adhere to or take sides in matters, nor will we be too bold or too cautious in our actions. Our thinking has its own scope of flexibility, we can accept all kinds of opinions, and we will not casually write joys and sorrows on our faces.. To deal with appropriate, elegant, fair and impartial.   Libra is emotionally indecisive. There are too many candidates to choose. They have to weigh them left and right. Each point will be compared and analyzed to find the one with the highest score. After finding it, they will worry about other things, so it is difficult to make a decision.. They like to enjoy and enjoy a comfortable, relaxed and high-quality life.. They really lack the character of hard struggle.. As a student, I won’t work too hard, and I won’t often work overtime. I am a comfortable person.. For Libra, friends are all around the world.. In order to maintain the Libra balance of this friendship, the Librans must cooperate and make fun of each other when they know clearly that what they are told is untrue.. It is easy to trust friends, so it is easy to be cheated.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.