Part One: Chunhuaqiuyue homesickness concentrated a few days ago, chatting with his comrades in the city ten days.After a few pleasantries, he said, hometown of walnut and chestnut cooked, ask whether you want to mail it over to me.  Unconsciously, the last home leave from Xunyang now has more than half a year before the project.In early April, I returned to the city from late spring rich Caiyunzhinan.The clear late flowing river cheerful, the city of flowers bloom bright positive.Every home, ten days the city will bring a different change.Walking on the street, lined with high-rise buildings from the new, neat and clean streets; when stopped, eyes have updated the cultural corridor, walking upon the river, there is dancing after sunset wish Erkang Square.Vacation, in a spring afternoon, the family boarded the viewing platform along with Song Ling, the “Tai Chi City” wait and see Mimi.  Short holiday, ten days in late April of a city inundated with rain ending in the afternoon.Again to leave, waving goodbye to their loved ones, boarded the vehicle height of the passenger station, left the city late.In the road to Jericho, listening to the car to play with nothing to do with this sad spring.Yes, after leaving, are at home the next night, “homesick” is a song of endless thoughts of.In April, late spring city, has also left the back.  Marshes, years of circulation.Looking back, the pace has gone deeply into exile eleven Spring and Autumn.Not only remembered the early years of the new century, in the depths of winter snowflakes of the city ten days, Chuaizhe childhood dream, and many young people end their ten-day frontier city, the piece of land with a red-blooded watch.Years later, former comrades in arms brothers, most of the city have returned home late, or will politics from business, in the construction of the city in late forge ahead with.At the moment, we have fought standing along the southern autumn sky, the remote and asked loudly: How are you, my comrades in arms; How are you, my brother!  Xishuangbanna September, the sky will fall from time to time sort of a small burst of rain, wet clothes way too late to shelter those people walking.After several rain, the weather is pretty cool this town.The arrival of autumn, thanks to the inflammation light summer.Autumn here, there is no “chilling weeping, Jiang Feng getting old” deep autumn, trees safflower still around, such as spring season, as well as busy and sometimes forget the midst of what season.  September, distant horizon, covered with a thin layer of clouds, heart in the autumn field walking, Autumn, autumn how not blow any dispersed.September day, the mood seems to be affecting this rain falling from time to time, more and more thoughts headless.Controls, but still in a moonless night, thoughts like rain, like scattered all over the floor.Those, that is to miss home, Acacia of loved ones.Acacia was afraid of the pain, then again and again into the dream of every night.So, he returned to the city ten days, back to her long-lost loved ones, family reunions in the next month Mid-Autumn Festival; back to the south bank of the Han River, the home village of the fields, sniffing walnut, chestnut, persimmon autumn fruit fragrance; back the familiar intimate courtyard, built in the old house his father left, he never left the back side, the family did not have grief.Not a day in a dream, in the sunset light at the time it did not write down a song – when the sunset, how I imagine the same side of the eagle that day, fly, fly in the direction to go home.A burst of breeze blowing, it is full House of fragrance, front of the house laurel row of small, golden flower already full of branches.The arrival of the night, the last ray of light flooded the horizon, May is also slowly rising from the hills.Moon Love Yiyi, words honestly stars.The annual, will be the coming Mid-Autumn Festival, the family members of the day.”Every festival pro” at this moment, gazing afar Moon, reminds me of a child and his mother learned of a song: “Full Moon, according to shine in his hometown border, miss you, and I miss.”I sing the song clear light in the heart, singing in this quiet autumn night Joseph.Moon’s light, through the window, I will gently illuminate the bed!  Autumn wind, the night that the South has become cold.Please do not got into my window, my homesickness cold dream!    Part II: Chunhuaqiuyue spring urging peach bud willow floating, wing into the waves from the sea.  Who filled with Acacia Road?This situation linger world total.  A Moon-liter, shadows quiet, late at night through the cold soak quilt.  Liu Fei Xu Creek clean water children, early hint of two silky.  Yumei lying reward moon, bats flying out of the window scared.  When the intermittent sound of barking dogs children, dare to call Iraq difficult to fall asleep.  February Ying Shu Mei, Mei Ying wind laugh, shake broken shadow, lonely silence of the rose window.  Courtyard deep cold, cold through Chan Yi.Liu any of the weak spring heater, such as floc Xuefei, Liu, such as eyebrow cut breeze.  Three light night wind disorder, a thousand strands of Singing Sorrowful like the deep sea..  Flowers understand language, such as the old year after year.Bees around butterflies around, inviting countless melancholy.  Unknown heart incense, where today?Nightlife net to go back, though, is how not to recall memories?Wind independence, tears welled clothing!  Four silent tears of flowers, meaning melancholy, see patches of Junqing brandish spring.  Yi Mei fluttering swing rack, faces the prospect of light and laughter with worry, to know for whom the Love War?  Breeze hit, a micro pool ripple turmoil cold and warmth.  If the executive is not afraid shallow Fang Zun, a drunk unhappy solution of the thousands of silk?  Five soft wind Orioles soft, tenderness trace of an inch willow.  Deep-Tau, a few pear trees Yan bully snow.  Sudden rain, the souls of flowers all over the floor, who received Yan bone?This hate Hugh, to provoke Xianchou.  Spring has gone, the window in silence on Star forget.Refrain sad, useless Spring.  Six crosses rain, late arrivals, winds, shallow face of the statue Fang.Sad old Yan, Su difficult to send foot.Bit by bit, Genglou sound anxious, melancholy obscure a word Acacia.  Seven coldest Bing Xin, Xiao Mengchun cold, sleepless every night.  West window candle flower shears to make the Millennium Dream will become void.  Leopard old, peaches and plums silent, to be drunk even shallow Fang Zun?  Night rain, wet red countless.If the solution florid breeze, and the temporary Spring.  Xiaoxiang Guan also pity the main negative hoe, executive brocade bags, Xun Xiang Yan Qiu received bone.That ray of the soul of poetry worry-free thread!  Eight silkworm silk spit incense, obscure Acacia.V light breeze, said hard feelings.  Firefly Diancang Taiwan, Qiulu cold, Tong Ye withered.May not withstand frost wind Xiaoxiao.  Moon painted floor, relentless rain.Wide cold drops of tears are not the Green-e, we can no longer love, sorrow easy to knot.    Part III: Chunhuaqiuyue, still life Caoyangnianhua inaction, the situation has been Duan Jin, sigh settled, had sword wander, dream when there towards homecoming, unpredictable vicissitudes of life, the time came bustling, passing wind flower snow rain, seems a foregone conclusion chessboard of life, persevering!Unlimited depressed here.  Silent world deceives me, who understands me no sign, isolated; no wind, how can I cold, heartless How can pain me, the coolest people; on the world to laugh at yourself, even if we have thousands of unhappy difficult, but also alone in the world, after after years, he did not know the reason this world, in order to repair into the old world to laugh it off until the Waves do, too dream world.This situation has been born without pre-decade love to do, raw with I, Chan also more expensive than love, need no pity reason also, cool nights, no shortage of tears and laughter than the.No religion from education, empty nor no to the vast death wins, irrespective of other people also, Chi Chi in the heart rather than the old, to teach not teach self-taught and only; the world through the ages, not with me, learning no sea Ya to Cang thin poor word painting life, not row back to self-determination, mountains and rivers is very good, where is vast!.  No matter concerned with humanity and everything, you prefer to give first, the students also death do us part, and the dust Taoist same sex can be raised, God will break, how the Word on the world, and people believe it is suspect, so ancient and modern, He calls?The students, also with empty, Wu also called the Word, laugh, laugh..  Tour boats sailing solitary suffering different soil raked obtained, sunny rain in the future, vast clouds of smoke Ya, sudden night modesty, gained lost, looked to the vast expanse, Gu want to go first so no parent, the wind took off the thin passage shirt, long look weeping, unable to where to go, sigh nothing to pull this interference, only for life and death and sorrow.No is the day set man, is human being is, I lost today, but also non-I, to be given storm break, go for a ride following the vast.    Part Four: Chunhuaqiuyue, mixing the ages Juelian a walk in the spring wore on the road, watching a scene flourishing flowers in full bloom, but who wrote in the years long sigh was full of lonely?  Life is a dream, who face faint linger in a dream, full of pathos?  Emotion is like, who’s missing a piece of paper into a shallow mark, tempting poignant?  The depths of the Red, embrace a pregnant thick moonlight, and the Shufeng Qing Ying, Nianqi such as lotus mind, will your thoughts, into a ray of dampening the dust, like a dream, like magic, into a lean cut of spring water, smoke, like rain.Time flies, flowers into the array, jealously guarding a paper and ink dye, the free edge of the lonely, flowery thin pen, writing a section of attachment ever, tempting Things like feelings, to tap into the flowers bloom fingertips desolate, tears drop of ink that spend much of wet dream of Acacia, tired of a few world is like the Qing Yan?  Mo Huakaihuaxie, Red everything is clutch, remember that West Lake that year, light Liu Yiyi, work together on the lake, the heart if clear water ripples micro-Yang, faint moon hanging in the branches, people children sitting quietly under a tree, how much the hustle and bustle, in this silence, the cold, the warmth of your hand engraved heart became endless love of my life.  Dreams difficult to stay, the idea of what the final song people have been scattered, Cheng pulls wasted hang around, since the king departed, dim earthly prosperity, with only a few degrees Guying wandering, that’s Fuliu shore, the lake that poise, that curved thin month, can have only become memories forever?  Red of clouds, this situation how long, half to hang around, I mist, only in exchange for thousands of miles Yan Liu, a ray of injury, a trace of worry, marks into Acacia, Acacia written word.  Lakeshore Miaomiao water Mae, the customs cock sing Hezhou, wander complex wandering, do not brush cut right through turns Rouchang, where Wang Tong Moon, clear water between the Qing Lian, flounder and flounder, unable to run aground obsession, dream of habitat, filled eyes, let a cavity daughter’s mind, swaying a faint crescent moon, also swaying those old pieces of the past, spills into a pool of emotions gentle, charming the Zither Love Lane Love dream.  Yin period of spring flowers in full bloom, listen to a moonlight is young, encounter a Fallen City, vaguely between, who eyes a dense and Lian Lian Zhu Lei?  West Lake, wood and stone before the Union, tempting as Yilianyoumeng, dyed lingering tears, laughing surplus with sad, Bana bloom and fall, fleeting fly, you finally open into the heart of that season on the banks of the most beautiful fly.  Smoke past the time away, clear away the memories are beautiful, messy collection of drift past, immersed in Chunhuaqiuyue old, that’s poetic waves in the West, I do not know what year yesterday evening.West Yan Liu shadow dependency, is the old King, laughing Yingying no longer hear, Who knows the situation at this time?After this went on, moments of beauty with whom degrees?  Xiaofeng moon fireworks cold, only that drawing near romance, love the lake two dependent tempting, are housed in the time of the deepest memory, after the baptism of wind and frost, bloom enduring incense fragrance, Allure of tenderness that that palm warmth, whether after a lapse of many years, in my heart still fragrant with the aroma desolate quiet.  Looking back, fiber willow smoke condensate, who side by side hand in hand in the clear water, gentle enough, only King and dance?  Gazing, night, such as Dai, who is under the moon Painting graceful, sweet smile, only King and blossoms?  Dimei, build curved crystal tears, imbued with sadness streaming into the night as ink, write between the Qing Hui Ying Ying mind share of beauty mellowed into a poetry understatement, you know, you are my one does not write End of poetry?  Smile, Juyi Peng Qinglie Spring, rub tempting Acacia mind, tune into the colors between the light dance Haowan share intractable virulent tenderness limp walk into a diffuse incense ink Viburnum Dan, you know, you are my life also describe a painting countless?  Through a yet another dream of moon in the water flowers, a beautiful collection of the bygone, offer all kinds mildly, thousands of sadness, a touch of mind, such as lotus, leisurely to miss in the years to bloom, overlooking the other side cemented, since then, no joys and sorrows, not to hurt Chunhuaqiuyue, quiet look at life was passing, between fingers lonely heart flows, bowed gazing, burning incense from a heart column, I promise you peace.    Part five: Chunhuaqiuyue, where people grow up, only to find a lot of things so different now holding the hand of a child who is you, he is an angel, you are the guardian angels of God, he did not worry, and you did the same but you did, and you have not the same.Life in passing a lot of things to try to become the face of many!Often think of that had gone to a friend, my heart is always heavy, do not have to pretend, without you my life would really appear pale, like a glass of water, try to accept some say, try to forgive, try to thank everyone, thank people who love you, thinking that they are sincerely hope you had a good!Thank you hate people think that his injury will teach you how to survive!Everyone is God in your life a guest to arrange a supporting role, you have to do is put their unrivaled protagonist of the play, each person’s life is not the same wonderful!In my opinion only alive, really can do anything!  One year spent similar, each year is different.Huakaihuaxie, coming and going, the Spring and Autumn Splendor.The day is so fast, I was nineteen, and I am afraid that in ancient times married, take up one of the heavy beams of the bar.  Do not remember when he started out not from Feng Wan, do not remember when to begin always put anything at ease, I think a person from sad sad than the people around her better!So I have to learn to bear, not a little childish, in the eyes of others and I became a fully-fledged adult, you know you want to do, there are always other people do not have to remind the.A child wants to grow up, grow up there who knows so much trouble, a child is hope, there is always hope hope, growing up is just wishful thinking, it may expect to look into the distance, it was impossible, or find a daffodil in the Sahara this is the dream of it, but adults teach you is to grow scholar, very heavy teachings, concise, clear and concise, contains a cumulative experience, the experience of wind, rain.This is something only you can not write, what people call you can teach you how to survive it?  Life ah!A clue how can I say, the end of it?Just that the pain from time to time, the minutes of sad, one second seconds sadness woven together in sin, but also the year of laughter, the joy of the month in January, a day of happiness intertwined blueprint.  I am an ordinary person, so I feel abnormal extraordinary life, I’m just a little bit of blues stars in the ordinary one, also because I have so ordinary, so it does not become just an ordinary night, I do not beg for my existence becomes a shine to this night, I just burned my last glimmer of light and heat before I fall, I illuminate the sense of proportion, this is enough!