Evening, all right, the sunset desire off, the days are cool, I’m out of the house, has walked along the footpath.Side of the road is small ditch, a small ditch and then past a large Gobi.  Gobi Desert, Daisy spent the evening sun like clusters of clusters of flames, bright bloom.I was touched by “wild” taste, want to look away ju.  Said moving “wild” flavor, but also because of their own in recent years, the countryside secluded home, go into hiding downtown, stay fat bearded, bitter weak tea, zither Fragments, in solitude eagerly sky, remarked, very carefully to the poor.Almost a savage.  In fact, on reflection, “wild” is also a life skills approach living attitude.  The most typical in this regard, but also an example of the genus Chrysanthemum related to Jin Tao Yuanming.He is not a handout, angrily pass away, secluded home the countryside, “take Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain”, leisurely, safe life.Verse “take Ju Dong”, has become such a “wild” state of mind lest the Shuoshuo famous for thousands of years, chrysanthemum literary world, the world mountain life!  Dare from the state Tao Yuanming.I am here to say, just for example the presence of a de facto “wild” mood.  I was pulling weeds, the venue and the ditch, and pulling weeds climb Gouyan, it is already a Rehan.Unlock skirts, Standing against the Wind, coolness of autumn, all the way to the bottom of my heart bleed.  Walking Gobi, exposure Chrysanthemum.White, golden, purple, gray, and a round, clusters, four away, Gobi covered, how much of a desolate, lonely how much light!  And I know, the deeper the autumn, the more prosperous Chrysanthemum flowers.Even with a morning frost, frost enveloping them, they still keep the posture of flowers in the frost.  They would rather open the dead!  Gust of wind blowing, light dance group chrysanthemum, not Meimu, not swagger.  I praise in my heart: ah, wild chrysanthemum!You gifted with a madding crowd, creating a net bone Bing!  Think of that in the downtown open flowers, regardless of the house, or the park, are so elegant, colorful, delicate hypocritical, do provoke a world Yan Liang, the Red dye to make vulgar soil.  Then think of that Huang Chao Tang Dynasty wrote a “daisy title”: sough westerly garden planted core cold fragrant cold butterflies difficult to.If I open his years as a young emperor, newspaper and peach.While praise poem is really good, but fortunately he did not emperor.He then became the emperor Aiju not Aiju really hard to say, even if there is love, he would not have “newspaper and” but “Krupp go”.Today’s society, there are some great little sesame guan’er, put the “exotic plants” Krupp raise the number of!Besides, what a good peach?Alone “peach blossom”, “caprices” Just got dirty enough!  So, this chrysanthemums in the garden, although it took the top grade, world attraction, but the risk is really small.  Or a good open field!Wild heart, wild character, sustenance wild, wild desire.Indisputable odd, not fighting Yan, their own destiny in my hands.When in bloom here, when the flowers here, when the cycle is still here.However Nai River bridge, cure my drink.Who at rare visit, do not remember who attempt!  If the “Flowers paradise, one grass and one of the world”.Wild chrysanthemum, grass self into the world, into a flower from heaven!  Opposition chrysanthemum world and heaven, I walked, watching, thinking, feeling with, unknowingly went to the depths of the desert, is the immediate vicinity of the village.When the sun has completely gone down.  West, sunset like silk like silk.Nearby, smoke dreamlike.Of birds or a single or double, chirp back to the nest.Faint barking cow moo.Suddenly I heard the mother scold Chigui daughter: “wild girl, the sky is dark, you come back!”My daughter replied:” I did not run away, what are you afraid!”Oh, that ‘wild’ and the original ‘distance’ association ah!Pondering, it really is going on.Chrysanthemum Ye Hao, savage, wild girl worth mentioning, though wild, wild nor too surreal world, unaware, unreasonable, illogical affair!  Ah, wild chrysanthemum, wild heart is not set root wild, fragrant bloom cycle constant in!