Chinese rose

Especially love rose, so the home is rose the most on the balcony, when colored roses in full bloom, looking at the colorful everywhere, even the hearts of joy. 2099, I was working in the workshop of detonators, the main workshop Ren Yushu is a flower person, the workshop was full of all kinds of flowers, mostly roses.I asked my uncle, Rose easy to keep it?I t tell me any flowers, as long as you care – no not feed the.So I became interested in the initiation, they say as long as tertiary branches can be cut a length of rose cuttings success, also said to be oblique cut, then Xiecha, pay attention to moisture, after a month can take root. I t shining I say, cut a home, a day to irrigate rice water, also did not care that it can not survive in the end, I did not realize that it has grown out of the buds, and two months after growing strong, but also out of two pink flower petals many piles, it is truly delicate. Since then, I began to love working in the garden, all of this, because the Rose gives me a sense of achievement. Rose won my love, but also because it’s a particularly long flowering period, from the beginning of April and May until late autumn, they are constantly in bloom, as long as there is plenty of sunshine, extensive management on the line, it is not at all delicate, not afraid of winter , afraid of heat, even little need for fertilizer. Rose’s appearance can be comparable with Peony fragrance can compete with jasmine, osmanthus, far better than the varieties of plum, orchid, lotus, chrysanthemum.It can stoop to the small farm house, but also exposure to the wealthy Xianzhai, precisely because of this nature, we are everywhere in its presence, in the river, in the grass, in the flower beds.But also because it’s common, ancient scholars are not as rare thing to Rose, there are fewer chant rose poetry, but this did not affect the thousands of years of people like Rose, and it is still known as the “flower Queen “in the world. In fact, not only Chinese people like Rose, especially Westerners.Rose cited by India to Europe is a hundred times as precious than gold treasure planted in the royal courtyard, and later, the Europeans and producing more varieties, and give them took a nice name “Rose”.Zhou Lin Chan as “distance, but not fondle Yan”, in fact, is it not Rose?It can promise you fragrance, beauty to you, but you are off to one, you have braved the risk of being stabbed. I think, do woman like Rose, as long as the sun bathed to love, both living in cold homes or located in China, can show a beautiful gesture, exudes a unique charm, but also to covet her man single-handedly fine thorn. When was late autumn, the home of the Rose is still in full bloom, purple rose abundance of flowers, red rose petals beautiful, delicate, tender pink roses, orange rose fragrance was very hot, two micro-Rose is the flower clusters range.What a “peaches and plums open when the rain was accompanied, still leaves behind with the wind.”!