Chinese rose open

Hazy morning mist dissipated accompanied by time, leaving only the bright sun rose in full bloom.- Inscription in time flies, we grow.Looking back stroll along the road, leaving only or deep or shallow footprints and rose all the way open.    The morning sun shines on the glass window close to the picture, the classroom came the sound of the piano and singing.Has a rectangular wooden table on red color graffiti, we sit on the green chair honestly put hands behind his back, although some slurred speech but still singing aloud: “dark sky falls, shiny stars go hand in hand, Chong Erfei, Chonger Fei, who miss you.”.At that time, outside the classroom full of rose, bright red bloom period was positive.I looked at the front row of that touch of red, hit the bottom of my heart smile.    Burning sun baking the earth, flower beds planted outside the classroom in a row enchanting Rose.Often before you stroll the classroom, you inky eye always quietly watching them.And I’m just like you, too silent.I think this summer is like this glamorous rose, obviously ripe for the truth, we can be indifferent thorn forced separation.Chinese rose is proud.It does not want you to see hidden under its tough sharp thorns sympathetic heart.Chinese rose blooming all over the summer, does this mean we have to separate?Finally, that music class, “Auld Lang Syne” melody accompanied by morning fog around the campus, I saw the glasses that hide under your bitter tears dripping, wet rose.The sunset, red sunset glow will last a bouquet sprinkled on the earth, sprinkled on Rose.Light breeze blowing, blowing rose becomes more red, like a burning fire.Math, we have been separated for almost a year now.Rose, they still open it, as did our friendship, never litter.Standing on the evening of the campus, the tears flowed down.Why always gathered after parting?Why do I stay just a lonely person?Happy childhood, are where to go?    Maybe later, memories will flood as time buried in the time until I will forget that last summer.    Another year of summer, rose still open.    - Postscript