Chinese rose in the night

Rose night under open micro-letter moment, shines.Circle of friends someone pass a rare picture, under the bright city lights, beautiful rose through the darkness, let Yan Zi shine in the vast night sky, at this time I seem to smell the subtle fragrance of the night , the mood in the dense overflowing.    Night holiday, I can not help out outdoor, reeling walk in the night, the street lights Yi Cai stream flowing in my eyes, in my feet, full of rainbow Road extension with forward; forward.People walked from my side, coming and going, the young lovers cling to each other slowly forward, always sweet to hang on their faces, smiling flower; flowers such as smiling, the same feelings of happiness, let me in and their hearts are very close distance.Not a little too much, I came to the white river city, river wind slightly; cleaned up the dark Stir wind drift, a variety of lights, changing the color shining, lamplight reflected in the river, seeing in these circumstances, I and shy for their amazing, because, rarely go out in the night, I actually do not know the city they live in is quietly changing.I slowly laid-back line, looking at the lights in the river Jiang Sheng, the hearts involuntarily thrown from the minds of the Song Dynasty Hou Meng of the word “Linjiangxian”: “Who is not willing to believe and Kozo, now square meter track name.Carpenter painting describe unprovoked good, fine, leveraging when, in one fell swoop into the sky..”In the Night, it was undoubtedly the most beautiful queen of flowers rose, though, I see the countenance of flowers, but the kind of subtle fragrance of flowers is always with me, romantic summer, accompanied by flowers, regardless day; no matter the night, rose unique charm, always was bad, and that the yellow rose; the white rose; the red rose, flowers are blooming, all of them charming, no wonder the Song Dynasty poet Xu Ji issue so laments “: who made the creation unbiased place, there is a world to live alone was spring.”.Looked easy step to full satisfaction of flowers young men and women play selfie, Xianbu to blossom in me, naturally more difficult to suppress their emotions, pulling out the phone up Kuangpai..    Beautiful rose in the night, but quietly changing the home more beautiful, in the coming days, beauty will always keep me company..    Lu Siu Hang

By remaining silent instead of all

Author wanted to say: Do you remember when in 2010, then slowly contact with the text, because I am very happy that time flies all day, so then slowly fell in love with words!So there is a saying in the book: the characters fall in love with the children mostly unhappy!Why am I writing to reach out, because I grew unhappy period!Whether in childhood or adolescence, I was very quiet at that time because of poor grades, not only were contemptuous teacher at the school, was also bullied by classmates, also home to parents scolded!At that time I did not have a friend, we all despise me.Poor grades, not the child’s fault!So parents, if the child is not doing well, not forcing the children to learn, you can go to develop his hobby!Children poor grades, the teacher should not blow, the parents do not scold, more mischievous students should not to bully people, because then blow to a child, it is very difficult to bear!- His words fall in June 2015 No. 7 was created in October 2010 Number 13: applebeibeiQQ: 263 532 465 where the world’s darkest places?Is a person’s heart, alcohol in the stomach, something in my heart, as if separated by a layer among the total, no matter how much wine to drink will not go up Yandao heart.  The beginning of life is just the end of a long written, we are with the doll line toward ending that written running all the way, until – dead end.    Silian not their own, the pain can not take care of themselves, the results can not be self-created, since I can not be happy.Fortunately, love is not everything, but fortunately all is not love.Some things have been warm and beautiful gesture freeze, stay in my memory.    I walked on the loose, memories have faded, tired of watching it, lighting is dim, and she listens to sleep.Heart stopped beating, woke up I kept thinking, thoughts are in turmoil, my world is too quiet, too quiet to hear your own breathing.  A sincere person with another person’s lie, a man of passion with another person’s indifference, a person concentrate with another person’s perfunctory, a person’s pay plus the plunder of another person, but in how plus two does not equal.    Insomnia habit, the habit still of the night, a man accustomed to listening to music in the room holding the domesticated hen bears sleep alone, used to silence, accustomed to the kind of wound pain in my heart a little bit of spread.    A man’s world really quiet, cold to add their own coat, hungry to buy their own bread, to buy their own bottles of water thirsty, sick, give yourself a strong, she cried give yourself a smile, the pain give yourself a cigarette.Failed to give yourself a target, fell to climb up in the pain, give yourself a hug.Yes!I was always a man, you can not from my world to.    I used to wait in reincarnation, I could not resist standing waiting origin.I do not know how much longer I can see an answer, I do not know how long I can hold on to wait for a result, long for very weak, it is because I do not see long for results, it is not long for a certificate to give , to prove that it ever existed.    I like to repeat at some time listening to a song, listen to a song on behalf of my heavy heart, this is the song I was listening to this kind of mood, feeling of numbness, pain, and later had no feeling to numb the pain, too much pain, too much pain because ? the beginning of winter, snow, snow; winter solstice, Osamu, Big Chill.    In the lonely winter can not meet the second and lonely man, walking alone alone alone sing shopping alone watching the dark night ·