By light, each one time

The impression of those fragments, little by little re-re, miniature, leaving in the next life.  Memory of the clarity of the sky, and beautiful, and lonely…  –sissy﹏ time film carefully collect every moment a casual, blurred images continue to emerge, the heart, the slightest trace, thrown tender.  Memory, was shelved in a corner.  Is never-ending journey of life, whispering purple Ding under the stars, even have the urge to cry.  Spilled tears fill Rye.  The seas gang dry, rock melts, only I, but also have not changed.  Once exchange each other’s feelings, but it is years can never be recovered fairy tale.  With a waiting a find, a mere touch, the same weight can penetrate the eyes of life.  Even if you do nothing, in my eyes, it has consonance spend a happy look…    Memory lane my heart has always had a secret, the secret to the whole world come alive.  A person doing all the things that mouth showing clear smile, pure color drawing dream reality.  In this case, at the moment.That time, that hour.  Tight-lipped smile, engraved fleeting.Floating down time, see the clouds look back.  Years away, can not take away is the heart of obsession.Displaced firefly, is blazing desire.  Life, going around in circles, back to square one.  The impression of those fragments, a little bit of recovery, miniature, leaving in the next life.  Memory clarity of the sky, and beautiful, and lonely.    Scenery fleeting newly sprung lotus leaf, SJ strewn embankment.  Go past the light mottled shadows of the trees, the world’s most precious good, vigorous growth has been slow but steady.  Undulating emotions, floating in the air, heavy lingering.  Night limp walk, gorgeous dream, frequently look back, gently weaving memory.  Half-curtain You Meng Wah years, but since a bank of lilies.  Write fleeting, dye ink Dreams.Raving clear Huan, incense time.  Gently timely and memory storage, cross-strait years, been there, never changing appearance.As earthly noise hidden springs, translucent clarity.. Clove cloves diary mind mottled, weathered collection oath.  No greater distances, I’m here, you’re here, separated by insurmountable gully.  Right close horizon, a bank of lilies.  Once again missed, friend spend with each other, across life and death, but the two do not meet.  Wanton dumping, alone conceal miss.  Time will not again, life has too many unexpected surprise.  Forget the day in memory of the light and shadow recovery, restructuring, root.  Not in the habit farewell, the long life, if there is such a person, for a long time to turn around with you forever, encounter?    Comfort go hand in hand for a burgeoning, it was annihilation at the passage of time.  I lit my own loneliness with words.  A touch of warmth, no matter where it comes from, is a kind of consolation.  Streamer broken shadow, every detail hidden intoxicating content.  Coffee thick, full of mood, a person, not alone.  Set foot on the promenade memories, walk, look for.  Gently stroking his own shadow, quietly saying something.  The original sexual gratification with a person, that person turned out to be everywhere.  Truly present in the life of every corner.  No matter what time, no matter where they are, with their own, like a shadow, always together.    My Heart Will Go On time such as water, quiet flowing flashy vicissitudes of life, as well as that of the steady warmth…  Horizon clouds, facing us, shadowing the miss, shadowing the time.  Thoughts, go hand in hand, can not rejoice in the spring sunshine in.Melancholy, spread in this unforgettable China.  Way back in time and space and downs, thoughts tumble.  Sun placed in an instant, the mind slowly melting in river.  With tidal waves, sea glass.