By leaps and bounds beyond the dreams

June 29, 2014, on the 30th, we have the identity of a director of a Union Life Insurance, the multi-purpose hall in Urumqi SOUTH CHINA – Hotel participated in a spectacular, unforgettable Union Life Insurance half summary of the annual meeting, and will start the second half, and finally also involved in a very humbling, the awards ceremony….This is a representative, challenging, remote training camp in charge of Xinjiang.They set up for every life insurance industry in the elite A look back at history, look to the future, set goals and achieve a dream platform, indeed, massive, magnificent, beyond offensive, fierce competition in every aspect, instant make you feel living in this industry has a great sense of honor, a sense of wealth, and happiness, but also shoulder a positive and optimistic challenge.    Accompanied by sweet music, a pair of handsome men and beautiful women two hosts frequent appearances, they introduced one by one come to attend the Congress leaders and elites from different camps clothes, as well as various agencies Xinjiang leaders, first of all by the Union Life insurance company Li Wei, general manager of Xinjiang Branch opening address, he summed up the Xinjiang Triangle outstanding results in the first half, indicating magnificent second-half goals.”Triangle market Xinjiang years’, indicating stable united foundation, Raoyou product features, worthy of the trust, the excellent performance of various agencies of Xinjiang, a new era of the times, follow the new plan of the Corporation, good policy, Blue Ocean strategy Triangle leading step by step, all the glory and fruits, have become history, facing the fire Sheng July, our Union will become increasingly stronger, bigger, to do better, our performance will be months May first fight, won the first prize every year.. Elite soldiers in the audience to listen carefully, take notes and occasionally, applause, cheers, one after another, a Union Life Insurance AI Jun, general manager of Zheng Jianglong and Urumqi branch managers are all delivered a warm speech, and give each mechanism for hopes and expectations.In the analysis of leadership, implementation, under the guidance of a solid, such as fine style of work hard, let us here, deeply shocking, new decade, new dreams, grasp the opportunity, do not waste resources, and keep up with the rhythm of the company, will enjoy the best quality of treatment, and make sure ” Teng pole peak contention honor, save to shed blood ” ” ‘view of the sea together across, glory’ “.United my family, united dream, my dream.Management team dream, the dream of the creation of wealth, access to the respect dreams, to achieve high-quality dream, the dream of self-worth, do not live up to the dream, to own strength across growth, ready to go, I united my family, my dreams I task.Enjoy good policy is superior system, listen to the voice line, build the foreseeable future, no regrets in Triangle.    Now that the dream of self-worth ,, no turning back, resolutely choose united, then we have to take a good solid sound in this industry every step, hundred percent target, method infinite wisdom to double revenue and more spectacular, the concept of success and failure, , hard work is not lazy, opportunity, the method can not be ignored.Not the hero’s life, we must be cast as heroes in this piece of fertile soil full of sun.We grow together with the Union ” Union ” a fresh word in the wind and waves, sailing, passionate active positive energy Sabian country thousands of miles, to forge ahead, the shock waves rose from the crowd and journeyed.    Listening to the leaders one by one to explain, we have mixed feelings, thoughts tumbling, let us once again excellent knowledge and understanding of the Triangle, Triangle’s growth across Triangle, Triangle breakthrough, success and victory always belongs to dare to struggle and courage of people, with good momentum in July, a wave of hopes and expectations after another, I seem to hear the audience of soldiers whispering ” we are united today, and struggle together, united in a rough ride of Lulu’s, overflowing with flowers, Xiangpiao Miles, took first place.’ “