By landed gentry hat (two outside)

Something borrowed hat landed gentry soil fiscal guy, going to a friend’s birthday, a full-dress, and sent a Covered child hat.He asked to be seven wave card at home, there are sub-Coral Gables top official hat ancestors.Then, write a note, called the Little housekeeper borrow.Small housekeeper took note, seven card door to wave it high throat big voice roared: wave seven cards at home it?At this time, the wave seven card is round the back garden Ru grass, I heard someone call his name, quickly ran out.Saw that it was a small guy soil fiscal steward standing in the doorway, Pompous, looked around.We asked: What do the card to find the seven wave?My lord find you borrow hat.There is a note, you take Kanma!Then, Alice mouth, waved the note.Wave seven card I thought: This guy Gouzhangrenshi, I wave seven cards, did you shout.Do not give you a little loss eat, you do not know the child is the iron pot.Pause for a while, it would be for young steward said: You got it wrong, right!It is written above by a mill, how side-tracked by the hat go up.Small housekeeper heard hesitated and said: I heard wrong, is borrowed hat.Clearly written on the paper mill is borrowed, I do not believe, you know, come home and asked to borrow.Seven card wave hit him head-on a stick.Butler is a small pole fell down not recognize the word of the people, by the sudden sweep to fight Sap carried away.Really a basket eggplant melon left a basket Basket (hard) the right basket (hard), I do not know what to do.Finally, do anything, but to reply with a wave of seven cards, the mill back back.One hundred kilos heavier the weight of a small mill housekeeper Khan Flows, stone back to back with great difficulty, and delivered a reply wave seven cards.Choi earth guy opened the letter and saw above wrote: come to call me wave seven cards, penalty back stone as punishment, to borrow a hat then, the mill rate return home.After reading the letter, the soil fiscal guys feel laughed, again small butler inquire about the situation, it discovered offended wave seven cards, then asked the butler small stone swift return, calling him Mr. seven card wave.In this way, only then borrowed back hat.Lazy story Once there was a slob, do not twist cross grass at home, do not take the vertical grass, dined on roast sun, sleeping like a dead snake, like, do not bother to move move about.He was too lazy too lazy wife, a fit of anger one day to go back home.That day, lazy sleep Rishangsangan slowly climb out of bed, feeling hungry, you touch the kitchen, and saw no wisdom for ready to eat, do not bother to light a fire to cook, and who feel cold, slowly moved to the door , sitting on the threshold against the sun baked.At this time, a barber came, saw lazy hair long, dark beard, and asked: elderly, you do not shave their heads shaved?Lazy eyes open just a crack to see Barber, motionless, not even bother to open the chamber.Barber thought, this man does is a paralytic or dumb?He put the lazy head shaved, his beard shaved.Lazy still do not see the move does not speak up, you’ll get some food into the house himself arrived shave money.When we go out, he helped myself to spend a lazy wife’s veil to lazy bag on his head, lest he be shaved bald sun pain.His face bare, his head wrapped in a veil of flowers lazy, or sitting in front of the sun baked.Then, again a woman selling talcum powder rouge.She saw lazy, thought it was a woman, and asked: sister, you buy talcum powder, rouge buy it?Still too lazy lazy lazy speak up.And I said: here today to open a sheet, made it a highly profitable market!So she gave lazy rushed face powder, put on some rouge.Lazy eye do not bother to open any of her mercy.The woman lazy to dress up is over, you go get yourself some food into the house to go.While, came a thief.The thief only see this woman at the door, she came to him, tentatively asked: sister, I am afar passer, to saliva Drink!Lazy heard, still collapse eyelids too lazy to speak, do not bother to move move.See a thief, I thought this sister was asleep, I thought, this is really the best opportunity to start!So he went into the house to lazy at home all the valuable things stuffed into a large pocket, from carrying around in a big lazy to go.