By knife

Qianlong, Town Gong County magistrate called spiked, after forty, fat head and big ears, small eyes should be diluted.He boasts that he is a veteran official, can settle down.Press down on the top apportion search, he mostly perfunctory, drag the yellow trouble.  Recently, he has encountered a Kaner, Choude answered the mood.It turned out to be pro-JAC governor Yuan Shijun Town County to patrol, sent word through before leaving, to two thousand two hundred silver-owned road.He knew it was directed just to the income tax silver.This year’s poor harvest, the people gave the four townships have largely been squeezed, then pressed no way out.How to do?  That day in the evening, he was depressed after the church, runners to report that there is dressed young scholar to ask to see classic.He upset not want to see, then it can be a: could there be something Xiangqiu?You may have the proceeds.He told parlor.  Come twenties, although the dress was a scholar, but a look ferocious, blood red eyes.Gong spiked somewhat nervous because, can beheld a man holding a long wooden box mounted precious calligraphy and painting, he flew to the spirit.Haha, nothing goes to the temple, this man backing.He invited people to sit drinking tea.The man unceremoniously, Duanwan sit down to drink, then wiped his mouth with the cuff, declared his intentions, I have come to something of adults by magistrate.  Gong spiked one jumped up, pointed a finger twitching come Q: What did you say?He thought this was to send something, but rather by how he never imagined things.A civilian population dared to borrow something to detract from the county magistrate, not crazy or want to live.He was about to call people to win this person, this person is not the anti-lock throat shot, this thing I borrowed a set!  Gong spiked too, that the strongman met, do not have to give in losing your life.He was unable to pronounce the sound, had trembling nod.The man let go of the hand pinch his throat, telling him that he would like to take the waist coming to a decision.He hesitated, pointed to a picture on the wall behind him.The man tore past painting, open hidden behind dark painted cabinet, remove the knife, then drew his sword scabbard, and the alignment table iron candlestick brandished a knife pixia.Just listen whizzed crisp, uniform iron candlestick split in two from top to bottom, look edge, intact.Well-deserved reputation, really good knife!The man lamented, the knife put into the wood box in his long, troubled road sound, walk out.  When the emperor that year to patrol the outskirts hunting County Town, is chasing a hare single ride alone into the woods.Gong spiked up just escorting see no one, saw a snake in the back juke channeling toward the emperor.He rattled his sword slash toward the snake, rolled edge knife cut on the tree section.He escorting the emperor reward meritorious, the player has given his waist, the words engraved on the knife Queen VIII.I think today was captive strongman.  Gong spiked wondering, strongman said that by the mouth, where there is likely to return!He did not know what to do with this knife, and if it were involved in the murder knife, then the Queen on the knife VIII will let him not get away.Besides, was found on top of the plaque was also lost to the Code of think of this, all of a sudden he’s bodice all wet.  Nervously survive a few days, one morning, he entered the hall, stood on stage to see the stars head case.He trembled before Minato closer look, it is recognized head JAC governor Yuan Shijun, he immediately fainted two black.He woke up, runners announce his After investigation, the governor cut-adult head is very neat, the weapon must be cut iron drunk Blade.He listened and almost fainted.The runners can be a reminder so that he did not dare to dizzy.Runners say, if not report the case to the judicial department as soon as possible, there is a suspicion of harboring the perpetrators, the magistrate adults Qinjuan and under must be affected.He Yi Gulu get up, and quickly wrote the merits of the submissions, sent rushed to the capital.  In fact, the judicial department has received reports of escaped Yuan Shijun followers, saying that met the governor and his party reaches adult Town, County Ground robbers, guards have flocked to the front and fight all the robbers, the robbers do not watch out is a loophole slipped into chair, the governor cut off the heads of the adults away.That the robbers left, toward the bright light entourage knife.Zhaotingmingguan where the victim, punishment of vibration, and now, Town magistrate and declare Yuan Shijun heads appear in Town county government, the Board of Punishments great feeling strange case, immediately sent high-ranking officials went to survey the investigative County Town.See the name of high-ranking officials, named odd, puffy face, smiling tiger look.He looked at the bodies of followers back to the Yuan Shijun, but also the actions Yuan Shijun inquiries along the way, then rushed to the County Town.  See Gong spiked, see the odd horse smiles, says survey when he came to the incident, as if outside the Town County community, the governor Yuan Gong murder case and the magistrate should have little, no need to worry Gong magistrate the court was punishment.This remarks to Gong spiked relieved, he kowtow Zuo Yi to see the odd horse, moved to tears, offer a gift of silver two thousand.Originally, he was reluctant out of the money, but now involves murder him, and he had to spend the original capital misfortunes.See horse looked odd silver, smile froze, then as of ice-like smile faded a little bit.Gong met with spiked heart clench, cursed: horse see this odd kind Gouguan surface, but under the knife mercilessly, twelve hundred too few, how much you want to fill him ah.He had to squeeze laughs Zuo Yi, and even less prepared to say today, just take care of these, tomorrow another honor.  The next day, Ma odd to see the investigative grounds, with people over the county turn, saw shops and well-off people on the barge, said someone reported there hid the perpetrators to kill the governor, search, turn, beating, smashing , and made ruined and straight so much noise when the family took out 520 silver gold as collateral relented.Pro, caught on the street just a few of the innocent poor when the suspect, the county government thrown into jail.  At night, see odd horse walked Xianbu, turned into the county government after the Church.Gong spiked had readied 1200 silver, shining white pile on the table.See glanced at the odd horse silver, faint smile, cynical to say that today raided rewarding, it was said a man seen from the county government lent a knife.Gong spiked heard a scare, he speculated set is odd to see the horse had secretly pressed runners, and asked to borrow a knife to do strongman.  And then see the odd horse and pressing harder and harder, Yuan said the governor’s head had apparently been cut by extraordinary weapon, there is this extraordinary weapon in the Town of the county, I am afraid you are the only magistrate Gong.Gong spiked cry day rush, Lianhu wronged, he dare say, why adults do key governor.See the odd horse sneered, governor Yuan Road all the way to receive funding, appreciable gains, pours, inevitably arouses envious, heart murder of birth.He suffered Gong spiked breath, pressed the emperor coming to a decision what sword, such as take no, he had to Gong magistrate on suspicion of the crime of murder Chaotingmingguan speak to the Board of Punishments.Gong spiked paralyzed, he was about to see the end of horse Qiche clothes soft, promised to buy life with all family-owned, Suddenly the door runners briefing, asked to see a merchants.  See the odd horse listened hopping Rangjiao: he how he came into the hospital?I guard those doing?I had not told anyone not to enter this moment the door opened and a dashing young burly, face fierce air, holding a long wooden box man stepped into the house.He looked odd to see the horse arch hand over, like a mockery said: horse adult escort waited at the front door, it is due.I did not go door, came over the wall.He turned Gong spiked hand over: Laid to borrow the next object to a magistrate adults.Gong spiked early recognized that this is the last time strongman to borrow a knife, he was hated and said: Last time you kidnapped the sword coming to a decision, which led me by the murder involved, but also by Ma Man Who Was not see these goals are ambitious and want what causing me!  To humanity: It was only in the Town County magistrate adults have, is coming to a decision sword.The words came out, spiked Gong Qi and Ma were aghast to see.They see Shaleng, the man do it yourself.He had ripped off the wall paintings, open the dark cupboard, removed a knife from the inside.His sword scabbard, Queen VIII the words engraved on the knife impressively into the head.The man also handed the knife Gong, in front of two horses, let them identify a moment, and then insert the knife into the sheath, put in a long wooden box.Then the guard who flocked in, that person is a dwarfish body jump to the window, he looked back and said sound disturbed, floating fly away.WWW.5aigushi.COM Gong spiked never dreamed, was abducted last knife still being dark cupboard, it must have been stolen strongman sent back, and then he sent to borrow, trying to do it?See more frustrating horse odd, I thought pressed out from the mouth runners sword has been taken away if true, not wanted in the sword in the county government, but was abducted in his eyes strongman, who guard again They came to witness this scene critical juncture, just to throw a knife Gong spiked to blame excuse the officer’s head, seeing the hand of million consistent money so wasted.Even more frightening is that captive strongman knife exactly what to do, could there have to assassinate Zhaotingmingguan?He felt a chill on his neck birth.