By killing cattle

Chenjiazhuang a man named Lin Feng Jiao’s powerful wife, is a generation harden hand poison in the name of the wedding less than a year, she put her husband rushed outside to earn money, and then they tortured her mother at home.She tortured her mother very special way, not for cooking three meals a day to nurse her, but to her home the other end to put big bull.Mother of small stature, and senile, while the other end of the big bull big height force my temper stubborn, just like every mother in cattle suffer punishment, she will not pull cattle, but was pulled cattle ran the place.Finally, her mother really can not stand, and ran out of his son’s new home to the old man lived in a house.Wind Johnson saw her mother ran, very angry, thinking, no matter where you go, in short, to make the big bull to follow you, you just do not want to be trampled to death you dragged to his death, which is called by killing cattle.So wind Johnson again led the cattle go to the old house, she said to her mother: Mom, you move to live in the old house I have no objection, but the cow still have to give you, I’m there every day laundry, light a fire, do farm work , toes, no time for cattle.Finished speaking, and regardless of her mother 答应不答应, the big bull of a series into a tree in front of the house, and sped away on a.Nanbian her mother, she knew no match for the powerful wife, stroking back and had a large bull, and I hope it made some crazy strength after less.But the beast understand where people say it?This morning, old lady holding big bull grazing on a nearby hillside, the big bull suddenly saw in front of heifers, raised his head just bolted past, the old lady caught off guard, was thrown far away, suddenly unable to move.The villagers are busy divvying carried her to a clinic in the village.Feng Jiao heard that her mother was hurt, very happy, hypocritically I went to the clinic to see.But to a clinic she could not be happy, the original mother’s life is not right, but spent several hundred dollars for medical expenses, which is a few hundred dollars all owned wind Jiao burden.There are even more angry Feng Jiao it, because her mother fell and legs need to rest for a long period of time, not from cattle, and cattle had the task fell on her own body.Wind Johnson sour mood, bad attack, begins with the cattle pen the other end to pull out the big bull, took the whip hit a ball, while also playing side of the curse: the damn thing, I told you to get into trouble, I tell you that trouble was beaten cow pain, a sudden run forward, Feng Jiao are not careful, a reel is pulled down to the ground, next to watch the people saw him, laughing.Since then, more wind Johnson hated her mother, she began looking for new ways to torture her mother.On this day, the wind put Johnson finished cattle back cattle lost in a poplar at the west wing wall of the old house to recover, she’ll get straw for cows.When she took the straw back, the other end of the big bull was found on the walls of the west wing of Cabei, suddenly friends of friends suddenly, the walls polished ringing.The original hot day, cattle break full of mosquitoes, which bite can not stand, rub itch on the wall.This has given rise to even rub Johnson inspired the wind, she suddenly thought, why not put the cattle after line here, rub it every day, one day put this to wipe down the wall, so that you can run over that old fool of the.You know, this is an old house in the late 1970s to repair adobe houses, already dilapidated due to disrepair, especially in the west wing of the wall, above the wind and rain erosion was bumpy, where withstand this big bull head every day to rub it?So Feng Jiao regard the Department of cattle a day here, the cattle long rope more freely, every time I go when cattle also look carefully and see how polished the.One day, two or three days on the wall of white scratches constantly widening, deepening, it seems that before long, this old fool doomsday is coming.But at this critical juncture, Feng Jiao her parents there is some children do, she times her parents two days.On the third day come back early in the morning, she could not wait to run into the old house, to see how progress scratches on that wall.The immediate scene to her surprise, the cow next to the west wing was gone, the Department of cattle Waibo poplar gone, and that block is polished cow a large white wall thickness sized more than a wood, the wall holding up firmly Dangdang.Approached look, leather or green wood that’s it, is it not a poplar tree trunk system of cattle it?Who pulled by cattle, cattle Department again saw the tree to do?Feng Jiao very angry, and ran to the old house and asked her mother: cow it?In the backyard.Mother answered.She ran to the backyard to look, and sure enough, there was a large bull leisurely eating grass.She questioned her mother back to: Department of the cattle in the backyard, let others steal it good?Mother disgust cross her, she no longer ignore, laundry holding basin to the outside.Johnson had the wind to inquire about others, turned out, she was gone after her mother has been able to get out of bed to walk, she saw the cow tied next to the west wing, the walls were rubbed a large, startled, then put her a one thousand nephew called and the cows to the backyard, a tree cut down again, made the one strut shore up the wall.Fengjiao wishful thinking, and it was a piece of wood to crumble.She can not wait to kick put the wood aside, but the one in front of so many folks face she did not dare to do so; and secondly, she was afraid to kick wood, walls will fall down and killed himself.Back home, Feng Jiao eat is not fragrant sleep instability, how can we put the wood to move away without being overwhelmed by it wall?She would like to think, ah, suddenly thought of a big bull, frowned and got the idea a few days later to night, Feng Jiao wait until the middle of the night in bed, finally lost patience and begins to climb up on the bed, put on clothes , bring a flashlight, went to the old house.Feng Jiao first four with a flashlight according to a photo, no one, then crept to come to the cattle pen, pulled out the keys to open the door, taking advantage of the dim moonlight to pull out the big bull, led to the west wing of the Wall side.Feng Jiao up cattle next to the wood Flanagan at the wall, then pumping it through very far with a whip, we want it to run forward, knocking down wood Flanagan.Such dead cow down the wall, slept in the room of the old woman would kick in until dawn others found, would be seen as cow ran rodeo break the curse, really anybody knowing it.But she was not even drawn a few whip, that cattle would not go, apply again and again, cattle move around, but look back, do not run into the wood Flanagan.Feng Jiao furious, thinking of her little one, thought a sure way.Then I ran home, got in the root of the thumb thickness Gala Li rope, twine carefully put in a line on the wood, and then following up cattle wall, the other end of the rope system in the neck of the cow.Then she went to the front of the cow, straining to move forward pulling rope cattle, cows are forced to move forward, tom bang, wood crashed and fell under the pull of cattle, but strangely, that wall did not fall, still sit safely stand there.Feng Jiao disappointed, it seems that old fool duong tho not tried it, she had to walk past, trying to rope down the solution, creating the illusion of naturally fallen wood.But just when she walked beneath the Wall Solution that rope, suddenly too big bull went under the wall, made a move to her surprise: it firmly against the wall with a body rub, which, boom bang, that the wall fell down suddenly, Feng Jiao were buried alive inside, and that cow was surprised to find the line machine, fled in panic.