By honing suffering soul

Looking back at my life, Kyocera since its inception, in order to allow employees to be able to create a work of outstanding enterprises peace of mind, my tireless, hard work.    Thanks to the assistance of all parties, companies grow quickly.Many employees not only get a guarantee on the material, but also for the future is entrusted with the dream, are working diligently every day.    However, enterprises bigger and stronger, the ultimate goal is to do it in my life?When I ask myself again, I think the conclusion is negative.    If someone asked me: What is the purpose of life is?I would not hesitate to answer: honing his soul.    No matter how much accumulated possessions, status, fame, can not be taken to the world.When death comes, you can take away the only thing the same, that is the soul.    Ushered in 74 years today, I think, death does not mean the end.All things of this world to create all abandoned, with only his soul departure, the beginning of a new journey.    If so, then, with slightly better than at birth, slightly noble soul to die, which is the purpose of life.    We encountered various tests, is the temper of our souls.Sometimes, we from the right path, then we should seriously reflect on, to continue to move forward.It is in the process of unremitting efforts, it reflects the purpose of our life.    Some people may think that life is suffering more than happy.Why is that they will encounter so much suffering it?They will even generate resentment.    However, it is this time, should have such a concept: suffering is God giving us the opportunity to exercise the soul.    How to take the road of life?My thinking is: the long journey of life, there are peaks and valleys, rough and rugged, we should be step by step, get down to move forward, temper the soul in the process, enhance the mind.    We need to temper the soul of life seen as a practice field, for their tireless efforts, more effort.In this way, as a traveler in life, we can truly feel the meaning of life, to spend a colorful and fruitful life.