By her husband

A long time ago, a man named Liu Ling children banks widow, married her husband died less than six months.Linger husband is home only child, her in-laws thought to Linger leave with money, Ye Hao has a future pension nail in the coffin of the man, the home of her parents for money is not allowed to remarry, a person can only live Linger.Liu Ling child looked beautiful, after doing a lot of the widow and her bachelor wanted to become husband and wife, but Linger despise those who, every day in order to pass away the men have come to strike up a conversation takes a lot of effort, Linger was very distressed.That day, Linger had girlfriends Xiaoqin errands, appeared to banks, she had wanted to see the good sister, Linger heard that her husband is very rich, maybe we can benefit Laozhuo.So, Xiaoqin came home Linger.Linger and Xiaoqin chat up a meeting, and later, talking about his distress Linger: there are a lot of rough men to strike up a conversation with me every day, you want to marry me, I’m sick of it!Xiaoqin said, had an idea: I’ll give you an idea, since you can not remarry, why not borrow a husband?By her husband?How a method by which a husband can borrow?Linger meaning of unknown Bai Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin smiled and went on to say: You find a man, posing as your husband, often let him out of your door on the line, over time people know you’re looking for a husband, you You do not call your attention!After listening to the words of Xiaoqin, Linger also think that makes sense, but where this husband to borrow it, to find a reliable talent line.Linger did not wait for an opening, Xiaoqin volunteered to say: You have not seen my husband, my husband looked handsome, people are honest, let me help you husband a few days?Linger a very, very grateful, facing Xiaoqin thanks again and again: a good sister, you are really close, then you take the trouble to go back home and your husband say, to solve the trouble when I let her in-laws give you some money as a reward!Xiaoqin said not to reward his mouth, heart is very happy because her husband had heard Linger money, just enough to get the point out her husband earn a year.Xiaoqin left, Linger by the husband and in-laws said the plan, in-laws just did not agree, and later heard that harassment can solve those bachelors, they also agreed.On the third day, Xiaoqin with her husband Fang Yanqing came home Linger, Linger see that Fang Yanqing really delicate features, makes one look uncomfortable, her in-laws liked him.Xiaoqin Fang Yanqing looked Linger to prepare a separate wing, then rest assured she left, before leaving for Fang Yanqing she secretly asked the sentence: look for opportunities to get some money, their family is rich!Fang Yanqing stay in the home Linger, Linger the door open, outside bachelor Linger After seeing a strange man came home, some people to ask, Linger told them it was their own door-law provoke.Fang Yanqing very quiet, nothing to fetching water and firewood in the yard, and her in-laws made him look like Lianer.One night a few days later, Lianer just want to sleep, her mother knocked on her door.Come behind the house to her mother, her mother said, Linger: child, I watch Fang Yanqing looks really good, people are honest and kind, it is better to really put him to stay, you and him to be husband and wife, in the future we have old he and wait with you, you also easy to spot, this house is not a strong man really can not, you see how?Linger young naturally want to remarry, although she also liked the Fang Yanqing, but Fang Yanqing is a good sister’s husband, borrowed, can not be borrowed without also, how good account, Linger these words and She said, her mother then said: Do not worry, leave it to me!Then, her mother gone, Linger think what this woman can not do this, no care.The next evening, Linger her mother did a lot of food and wine, the dinner table kept advised Fang Yanqing drinking, so he was drunk, her mother let Fang Yanqing sleep in the room Linger, Linger slept in the room Fang Yanqing.Early in the morning, wake up her mother to let her out to buy food Linger, her mother went to bed Fang Yanqing, a slap in the face to wake up to fight him, he said: Han bother you this, so you pretend to Linger husband, but you really put her to sleep, since sleep will be responsible, you rush to divorce his wife to marry Linger, or I’ll sue you go!Fang Yanqing stunned, can not remember myself what did drink, for the old lady’s words at face value.He hurried home and his wife discuss.A home that would Xiaoqin and angry, I did not expect her husband to lend sisters, she was coming true, Xiaoqin hot temper to go home immediately afterwards Linger.A door Xiaoqin began to curse, Linger sleepwalk do not know what happened, Xiaoqin see so scolding herself, she can not endure, both men shouting match up.For a long time, and Xiaoqin Linger tired, Xiaoqin back home, Linger went back to the house, her mother took the opportunity to Linger said: You sister did not treat you as a sister, since she was heartless, we can not be righteous, the Fang Yanqing buy to do door-law, this person honest, you could get maintained!Linger passive mother as saying her mother all to call the shots.Linger mother immediately took the money to buy two runners county government, she took the runners came home Xiaoqin, Xiaoqin said Fang Yanqing if endlessly Linger marry my house, arrested him immediately sent.Two front runners, Xiaoqin Fang Yanqing are scared and did not mind, Fang Yanqing can only come up with a pen and paper to write off the book, and then followed her mother back home Linger.A few days later, Linger and Fang Yanqing get married.Because honest Fang Yanqing not assertive, marriage and all listen to her mother Linger command, the two still loving.Linger mother feel the time is ripe, put the lie to that day and Xiaoqin Fang Yanqing told the Linger, Linger suddenly felt sorry Xiaoqin.But this time it was too late, Linger only took some money to send people to carry a Xiaoqin.Xiaoqin has been a dream of money, but lost her husband, very sorry.She regretted having done, should not have to lie to her husband some money to lend, and now have money, their own wishful thinking about satisfying to find a husband, easier said than done, perhaps we should die alone a lifetime.