By column alone, cold tea, smoke lock floor no pity rain

Read your old smile Yin smoke lock my past songs I lost today, read your future micro fog lifted rain, wind lean on a railing, printing and dyeing bustling southern Shueisiou.  Peach Blossom Fan, paper umbrella, red rouge drunk fleeting fingers.  Short bridge, duckweed scattered, vows engraved youngest born Stone River.  Night sometime, people do not sleep, tears eye cohesion infatuation unlimited!  Who would have tea whisk subtle fragrance, get Xianzhi Bay Bridge, but now it only sounds accompanied?  Who was the Red pen and ink book, write love poems, but now only a piece of paper Su Jian?  Mei waterfront dream haze, listening Huan Yan.Zhuying lone wake shake the cold, empty sigh vicissitudes!  Lean years, pull a roll of Love.I only hope, with you, a total of Qingmeizhujiu, falling clouds lonely duck tours.  Vertical and horizontal fiber street, leaving the sand dressed in smoke.I only hope, with you, dance Colorful Plumage, listening to the sounds horizon.  Pen book mind, possession of a piece of paper care.I only hope, accompany you to see Flying Butterflies, ink bet tea products.  Heart rhyme leisurely, a cut Kam Fan.I only hope, with you, drink romantic, poetry and Cocktail.  Smoke water from a ride, and I on the opposite shore of the time you will be hard to find.  By luxuriantly fleeting, the more Lengyue Han wind.Tori drinking drunk, crazy and so life and death compensation.  However, you can not reach the end of my homeland.  I deeply remember that day, you leave the back riding horse, like a cloud of hardening, burning pain I was injured tendons of osteoclasts.  I was a little tear yourself, but you can not put together a Fangyong Heng.Since then, my world, child go do not cry, do not cry Qingluan.  The thoughts of you, form a flower mound, buried entangled Past and Present.  Gazing place, such as water time sunset behind a mottled to be broken shadow.  Ink stained fleeting, who is your collection of wavefront Anchaoyongdong?  Looking back, the past tempting to freezing in a swaying silence night dream.  Qinyun buoyant, who is the love you cherish the apex of cinnabar red?  Night sometime, a streamer broken shadow of wine, are a thing of the past, bustling, it is better to pay homage to toast away.  People do not sleep, slender fingers stroking the strings, slow rope Acacia sound mildly, we only hope that the king played a total of Zither.  Sujuan month, silvery light scattering as tempting Qianhua washed away leaving makeup, with lightly dream.  Stars flash, Candle Yinghua shame that the cold shadow pairs of envy, triumph in this world.  Cool draw bar, its shallow chaos, lonely night air cooled Canhong blame.  Boudoir quiet, ink shallow, Su Jian, Hong difficult in exhibition.  Dai Mei sparkling, Taoyuan haggard scattered flowers.  Oh crisp light hand, but difficult to cut candle west window tears!  Dressed in spruce, beam live Half-cherished wish.  A touch of purple smoke, leaving no I tempting.  Fife elegance, the sound of crushed youth Psalm.  Zither You Yan, playing songs off the world Chilian!  The time of walking in the vast, empty, not loneliness.  Hand, off a peach, petals layers, such as to spread out in the palm smile.  A piece of breakdown, eyebrows finally become cheerful.  It turned out that those who stick together and parting, waiting for and live up to, and unwilling to paranoia, and finally on the dust of time, into a willowy breeze, slowly drift away….May Inclined shop, candle shadow frenzy.Sleep thinking about your smile in.  Troy Cuixiu, Frost are cold.Linger in your thinking in a thin quilt.  Chai has spent oblique, hearts are not yet.I hope you are in retreat in tears.I love, such as rouge, red drunk fleeting, envy Meijuan.  Love like glass, deserted Hong Jian, a lazy strings.  Love eventually dispersed, light if Yanlan.  Rain smoke condensate, Magic World wetting, you’ve got the banks of the Mekong water that hairpin dial streamer woman?  Light and sharp rhetoric, but no whisper of Acacia ages.  Light suomei cold, cold cream predicament, but inside you that Hou door hand-held lanterns woman?  Exquisitely carved mind, but not to write memorable name.  Your past life who left behind lotus Rainfall Loads fall green Qingsi?  Who are you making life pottery bone china, red memo outlines disperse any Gone?  The night cold, light, such as beans, toast the light no chips.  Black hair pull, sigh back, when a total solution mandarin duck buckle?  Hosta ramp, Chaitou hook, lure screens Kam Flying Butterfly.  Tears have dried, are difficult to close, no one candidate last month, Liu Shao.  Who rode flying dust, woke up the morning of Enron’s dream?  Who’s romantic sword dance, persistent blurred my eyes?  Years, like a glass of Beaujolais faint, and I, and in whom journeying waiting, alone, drink sadness?  I look back when, before Epiphany, the original, you have your desert, Yumen spring, lute flick.  I have my south, like ink painting, weaving chord rain.  Share profound spend greed, early bound to be connected to a thin.  Situation beset with broken strings, tears falling by the water Cleansing.  By column alone, cold tea, smoke lock floor no pity rain.  Your country, who cooked plums dance lightly?  Feng Ying light, the dream did not sleep, bamboo Lu Qing Xiang Yu Tan fall.  Convergence melancholy, resentment pen and ink, color letterhead foot prime care Hongyan.  Front of your eye, who painted fine as Liu Mei Lan?  Xiao Sheng residues, diffuse Xiang Chen, Yan Zhu Hua Lo sadly Powder.  Glass cup, mandarin ducks line, Akimitsu hard to stay edge has been broken.  Your lupine, moon embroidered black hair who string together?  Lonely as aerial fireworks in full bloom, dyed white youth, the old Reeds.  Until the time cleared, Huazipiaoling, tears from precipitation.  Who can understand, this paper from the War, half of the volume bustling?The story is not the last and the best outcome, dust floating core, Allure evening, you and I each well, scattered horizon?  Youhen who knows, like having to hold pregnant: Mo Peach has opened today, what bitter old Union?  At that time next month, rain rope Qian eye, Till death knot.  Today moon, tears stained Troy, no one cut Zhuyingyaohong.  Yan title Chunni Willow, who were hovering?  Does anyone remember the love flower brocade Butterfly pairs, dexterity Miaomei.  Would like to forget themselves, Shaohua perishable streamer old, a distant sound vague.  Since the music, the flowers all over the floor, tears stained clothing cloud cold thin shirt.  Dan pen, brush freehand, Rouchang and turns no one in mind.  See the lights change the bleak black hair cream rain.  Who sleepless listen aircraft painting transverse flute.  Sleeves moonlight dance, full of cold air curtain plum blossom.  Split fan word two lines, the silver screen has Yuanyang forget themselves.  Who stay forever in a dream to perform a picture.  Prism thin air, and then dip it memo red Shuanghua.  Sansei who listen to a dream elegance outside pity song, Yula arched brows, but solo flute End of the World.  Red writing life and death pull out wide, measuring distances miss out in flowers.  Listen to the emotion of the song chord, scattered notes into a lonely dance after the curtain.  Amidst the Red alienation, so that even if the surplus eye Spring, also describe not a pure white pure blooming.  One day, I picked you to be left behind in the south during that exudes the eaves of clove Chouyuan from the song, in the Qing Han Begonia Danyue’s tempting for you to Man Ting Spring.  But only until you cry blah horse passing by, he sounded the silence of the quartzite Street, left to me, but all lonely.Qing Ci half of the volume, a paper Susan.When I spread weak palm, saw the fate of the evolution of veins.  Was found slumped, pure smile even when in bamboo pen, ink Yulu was, but no longer difficult to describe young.  Annihilation time one begins to youth, the years cross a road dust mottled.  But it turned out that Jin Shu-shan Union, tempting Guihong, in the confusion between the rivers and lakes become the slightest cold-blooded.That year, floating halo opened in March peach, the breeze next month when you are delighted to meet.  That year, opening defeat of June rose gorgeous, color letterhead foot prime remember you miss between gills.  That year, the cups stuffed Guizhi leaven in September, Jiang Feng fishing boat are Su whirl whisper your tip.  That year, snowflake sway the night of December, candle snuff film are lightly you even dream of cotton.  That year, just a year, no longer in the past.When the voice reverberates into the memories of the old broken walls residual chapter, under oath warmth also still hot.  When the memo cloud in white outline friend once across the landscape under LangHao further ink into mourning.  Mandarin duck mud small print, sketch time, but was never going to look young.  Red initial installation, possession of plum wine, but could not see past fragrant stuffed Fragrance.Red stranger, Hong weak Liufu.Who static queue in Reeds River Fuqin is War?  Handan deep, clear water ripples.According to Yexi who shore Movies, bamboos into makeup?  Knowing courtyard, next month Fluence.Who burn a lamp, such as beans, cut candle west window?  Lean on a railing and gazed fragrant memories.Who lost in ink painting, drop the word heartbroken?  Old things have flown past, Mo mention.  Mo mention.  Li old man front, smoke lock my young childish, fog together a young woman like me mood.