By a window found love

He had dreams of being a tour guide, but may accidentally let his fate when the postman.  A few years later, young people soon tired of the job.Because, he would ride a bike every day back and forth in boring urban and rural lines.The days spent copying a world, he thought, so nothing new life was terrible!Especially when he saw them get on the bus tour guide to the attractions open when he could be crazy!Finally one day, he decided to while stocks last trip resignation letter on the whereabouts of leadership.  It was a sunny day, early in the morning he would send a letter over the city, and then rush to rush to the countryside.However, just as he was passing through the suburbs, but stumbled on the road next to the white walls have a brick tile-roofed house.Tile-roofed house was not beautiful, but very characteristic: large windows.It is also through this window, so that he first discovered a woman lying in the window.Liu Meifeng her eye, wavefront with the spring with dew, and looked at him smiling ground.He say, it is the most elegant woman he had ever seen.The moment he was stunned, secretly wonder so remote suburbs, even hidden woman so attractive that he did not find it unusual how?Maybe his tired, dazzled look?But when he looked back again, still the same scenario brick and white walls, graceful woman waving With a smile, the same misty landscape stagnate in his line of sight, the woman with the instant they smile, ripples Yang then he opened believe my eyes, the woman is not a fairy tale character, is an objective reality.  Like a curious coincidence, he even tore his resignation, the idea never occurs to resign!Gradually, he no longer dislike monotonous life of the postman, because fast delivery is correct, also praised many times by leaders, which makes his job more and more momentum enough.  His transformation, no explanation is unclear, only he himself knew he was so fast, precisely in order to reach the tall white walls of the brick house, with a beautiful woman meet with a feel that smile imbued with infinite hope , even if only a few short seconds!  He has more than once try to speculate that the woman’s life experience, every time he felt funny.I think they do it?I have has a wife and a son alive and kicking, so effort is needed for another woman, too immoral!However, his thoughts flash window that has been occupied by a woman.He thought, why not have a letter it sent to the door window?If so, he would not be close contact with her yet, the woman must have a fascinating figure, ringing laugh at this moment, his dream is no longer a tour guide, and turned into the postman, able for window woman sent a letter postman!  However, fate happens to be at this time a joke with him.Because of his active work, outstanding performance, and soon was promoted to the leadership in the postal sorters.It stands to reason, the job goodbye to run around and toil, he should be happy, but he said what can not be happy.Because from now on, we must bid farewell to the woman and.And he has not had time to say a word and she does.  That day, he was an excuse to experience life, replace a familiar postman to messenger.The letters from time than usual, because, in many letters which, finally have that window of a woman.This letter is not from other people, it is from his own.He fought for two days and nights, finally written a letter to the woman, between the letter and did not write anything else, only thanks woman sunlight, smile changed his life.Of course, with a lot of space to praise the beauty of the woman.The letter, racking up all the beautiful rhetoric of his life have learned.  That day, he used the usual twice the speed it came to the woman’s house, he found a long-lost scene window, still smiling woman.He parked the car, I can not wait to wake door.Door creaks open, the door was an old woman.The old woman while excitedly welcomed him in, while directed at the girl shouted back room, really a letter!  Great!He clearly hear a woman’s voice, long-admired woman’s voice really like a silver bell in general, he felt trembling.However, when he tracks the sound looked, he was shocked, turned out, he tried to find the woman who, rewrite the woman of his life, let him dreaming of a beautiful woman, it turned out to be a no lower limb disabled person!The woman was pleased to chair in front of half Pazaichuangkou, two empty chairs at the lower end of the floating pants.Simply amazing!  He saw it, leaving a letter and went.A few days later, he received a letter from the woman, the letter said Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter!Your letter made me understand my meaning there is still so much.You said that I inspired you to change your life.Actually, I should thank you for fishes!  My husband is a strong and handsome young man, he was a switchman.We have had a happy life, often stroll a sudden disaster cost him his life on track, and I lost both legs.I had also wanted to follow him, but he told me before his death, on the outskirts of the city to build a house, is his lifelong dream.He said he would give me a letter, let the postman passes him his soul from afar.In order to prevent this soul guilt and worry, I will be ready to wear the most beautiful clothes, ready sophisticated look, a smile for everyone, especially the postman to see you, I am even more happy.So, in a sense, is that you bring a breath of my life, the courage to live, thank you for coming, I will be more optimistic to see him live here, the tears already blurring writing.He gave a knowing smile, this smile like most of that window woman.  In everyone’s life, there is this group of postal routes, are inlaid with such a window.It is such a window, let’s find something good, feel love