Chrysanthemum brain, also known as chrysanthemum dishes, is a wild relative plants herbs chrysanthemum.It is on the table of the most common folk dishes, is a modern favorite wild vegetables by.  Acquaintance chrysanthemum brain was seven years ago in the summer of that year, I was due to job transfers, we will leave to live more than ten years of bungalows and small courtyard, very depressed.Neighbors, reluctant yard gardening reluctant intimacy, especially a variety of chrysanthemum.Bricks on the ground in front of the home has long been my pry into a small pit, some training on soil, planted a lot of chrysanthemums.Every autumn, the door is a bright, bees fly Splendor.That unique herbal chrysanthemum filled the courtyard, are not exhilarating.  On moving day, in front of the chrysanthemum seedlings grow positively thriving child with one of life.Think of all this is about to leave to seeing every day, go to a strange city, live in a strange building, I fear in the hearts.Husband to see my mind, to comfort me: “Nostalgia is understandable, there is not a house that you imagined so terrible, is an old-fashioned three-story house, on the second floor of our family, neighbors are retired Posts and old workers, intellectuals.I believe we will soon get used to a new home, to adapt to a new life.”We have a long bumpy all the way, finally arrived.I nervously followed her husband came home downstairs, suddenly, with one of lush abundant life catches my eye.Downstairs corner edge which clumps, clusters of vigorous growth was actually chrysanthemum, and that vivid and pure green simply emit a warm home.I eagerly stroked softly TV drama stems and leaves, tender green appreciate the TV drama, a newcomer to the strangeness Dunxiao half.  The next day, to see the lady downstairs holding a small basket, lightweight and flexible pinch Spear leaves chrysanthemum seedlings, it looks like spring and mining.I am curious to ask the lady: “Chrysanthemum seedlings tapped the Spear leaves, autumn flowering but also how it?”Grandpa told me that this is not an ordinary daisy, chrysanthemum brain called.Nanjing residents deemed treasure “three grass” (chrysanthemum brain, wolfberry head, Malan head) one, Jiangsu Nanjing specialty, often as vegetables, local residents generally planted behind the house in front, split-root winter, spring and summer pick it tender shoots of food speculation.Lady home in Nanjing, bringing many years ago from his hometown roots chrysanthemum brain, transplanted in front of the building behind the house.Chrysanthemum brain vitality particularly strong, do not pick the place, do not pick the soil resistance, barren and arid, do not good care.This does not, it cracks between the blocks in front of the building behind the house are covered with chrysanthemums brain.The neighbors like to pick cook food, chrysanthemum brain and egg soup is clear fire the summer heatstroke share.Chrysanthemum brain is not only nutritious, and there are detoxification, tune in appetizers, lowering blood pressure effects.  Speaking lady chrysanthemum brain is familiar, she told me that Su “after qiju Fu,” saying: “I side with Qi as grain, daisy as embarrassing.Spring water seedlings, leaf-eating summer, autumn and winter flower food fresh root, Shu almost River Nanyang life.”Grandpa left his home for decades, came to a strange town, long-suffering, ups and downs live now.Family member not in, you’re alone still alive and well.Alone in this native place, you can eat home-style dishes, blessed!Yan Bi, lady can not help but laughed, weather-beaten face, criss-cross wrinkles stretch, like the flowers in full bloom Chrysanthemum.  Lady’s words could not help me in awe, not only because of her well-informed, but also because of her dedication to life, love of home.Before leaving, the lady gave me a lot of chrysanthemum brain, noon done nankingense egg soup.Green, green soup was filled with some yellow of the egg flower, drink, began to spread on that begins with an unusual cool tongue has been infiltrating into the heart.Strangeness gone to a new home, all of a sudden I actually fell in love here.Here it is bound to be my second home.  The new units arrived to work, strange environment, unfamiliar colleagues, fast-paced work environment often makes me dazzled and confused.After work, always stop and stay beside the downstairs nankingense.That Mimicengceng chrysanthemum brain, although crop stubble to pinch the stems and leaves, but it is still trying to grow tender buds, tenacious up, showing perseverance and tenacity.It was pure green, like spring water to wash away my troubles and general fatigue; it was flexible, strong character, give me comfort and confidence.  Turning around, Autumn.Daisy has been repeatedly picked because the brain has not affected the flowering stems and leaves.But because of the mining stems, grow more stem bud, chrysanthemum out more.The lush dark green foliage, small and spread with layers of flowers, a large golden, see people get confused.That warm golden autumn to add a sum of strong color, the aroma was intoxicating drug people away.  That winter, I asked for a few bundles of chrysanthemum brain roots, transplanting lady with parents in a small courtyard surrounded by the rubble among.Next spring, chrysanthemum brain With its strong vitality and perseverance, spread to every corner of the small courtyard.Summer morning, Dad is fond of chatting, bubble pot of tea, and looked around the lush fresh saplings to hand a pinch, wash under the pot noodles.After a fragrant noodles, then pinch a lot of saplings, noon do nankingense egg soup.  Fall, gold has become a small courtyard small garden, it has become a paradise for parents.Dad likes the smell in the courtyard with the old partners in the daisy that makes a unique refreshing herbal scent to play a small card.Mom is like with the neighbors sitting next to Daisy mend, laugh.Mom and Dad always called me, said: “girl, you back daisy brain is really a good thing ah!Not squeamish, toughness.Eat, seen!”Whenever that time, I always feel happy, because their parents love, because they have a home in the I want to read.  Last winter, the parents went to the south.Northern cold and dry for many years to coincide with the event, the father often worried about the fate of the yard chrysanthemum brain, worried about whether it can withstand cold and drought escaped.After the Spring Festival, Dad had a serious illness, do the surgery, survived.When the late spring came back and found the yard evergreen pots are not being spared, and chrysanthemum brain was miraculously survived, still showing a vigor.  Exclaimed the father said: “This is really great life ah nankingense!It withstood the cold of drought not seen for many years, even tenaciously survived.”I listened, feeling great.Dad said it not in his own?He experienced a major surgery, and suffered several brutal chemotherapy, with a thirst for life, tenaciously survived.  A few days ago, I went back home to find this year’s chrysanthemum brain looks particularly strong.Four weeks a small hospital, clumps clusters, crowded crowded pay to pay, a great potential to dominate the world, and that touching the green is a symbol of life, is a symbol of hope.Hopefully, my dad talk to Daisy in the same brain.Chrysanthemum brain that indomitable character, will always inspired me steadily forward in the rough life on the road.

Christmas Eve, the lighting lamp heart

Snow lengthy, inquiries and floated the middle of winter, the north wind blows, began to play the symphony cold, distant village, vaguely heard laughing children Mengyi Ban crisp, hazy twilight, the ancient medieval bell shock ripples out.We head to a few frozen numb as if with such illusion: two naughty deer, sleigh pulled cute, rustled in Yukino, nimble slide, the red hat, ruddy face of Santa Claus, shed the kind of love, bring children laughter, bringing the world auspicious, brings warmth winter.Warm fireworks taste, tastes chocolate flavor, multicolored neon, soft candlelight, pervaded the air, filled with, surrounded by boys and girls everywhere vision, infection with smiling men and women, with the comfort of dusk grandparents, people instantly forget age, forget the identity, forget the suffering, forget the grudges, enjoy singing, dancing frantically, intimate embrace.Experienced in 1999 August 18 terror Predictions of Nostradamus, crossed the December 21, 2012 Mayan doomsday revelation, as if we actually surviving like luck and joy, particularly cherish life every day, no matter how busy the day is, no matter what day of doing nothing.We solemnly greeted each grand or ordinary festival, put on Liangzhuang, to the streets, bewildered aimless roaming, only in a tight competition apart and feel relaxed; we sat around the dinner table in front of hot, graciously take their food to the elderly and children, experiencing every reunite family harmony.    Maybe this year we have witnessed so much horror and bloody, perhaps this year we have gone through life to death shrill, fourth decade, the face of the bleak life, we become more at a loss, as a wise man, we do not believe in an afterlife we laughed off the rumor, are believers, scientific knowledge materialist armed let us fear, we live magnanimous, Xinxin Ran, but inadvertently, we are in contemplation of leisure, I can not help but full of doubts: we depend living planet come from?In turn go?Hundreds of doom lies, such as burst balloon, so many so-called prophets, seers have been laid bare, accused dismissed as capable of misleading people, demagogic, can the Earth really is eternal?Doom always come one day, and then a serious rigorous scientific astronomy, geography, has to admit that such an ironclad rule!    Earth, the solar system, in the vastness of the universe, is not a copy of coincidence, the miracle of birth and continuation of life is not put into words, man’s past lives, ancestors ancestors, backdated DNA along the highway, how much old pedant who Haoshouqiongjing, debated, it is also puzzling mystery.When God made man myth ruthlessly crushed by Darwin, when the virtual image of heaven is seen through radio telescope, those great masters who pretentious, but did not give the world’s most successful most reasonable explanation, only asked quest ripples around the enclosure extension, boundless.    After accustomed to the theory of evolution in the ancestor of apes, we do all kinds of rumors are alien head fog, UFO strange figure, letting new anecdotes one after another.Some people say whimsical, clever humans originated on aliens, the most powerful evidence that the ancient myth of “virgin reproduction” alien planet to examine the aircraft is broken, they had permanent presence in the earth, they using high-tech dinosaur family threatened to kill their own survival, they let their race tenderness legend on Earth, so they selected a female ape hybrid IQ birth on earth, black people, aliens and chimpanzees intercourse offspring, yellow alien monkey intercourse with a product, while whites are alien and tall ape grandchildren.    People are good at thinking, diligent invention, production began to improve crops, domesticated livestock, desire to meet the oral; they invent a machine, manufacture sophisticated tools that make survival more comfortable and convenient.They studied the surrounding environment, an attempt to heaven into the earth, they learn cloning, remote sensing learn, learn organ transplant, but still could not understand the brain physiological mechanisms themselves, about dreams, about memory, about foretell of danger.Today we are infinitely closer to the truth of life, today we are finally able to see galaxies billions of light years away, today we enjoy stunning cutting-edge technology, then the future it?We will control the spacecraft with the idea?We will use that to borrow a dream to break into another planet’s ecological civilization like Avatar?Is not it also intercepted alien freak like that, we will atrophy limbs, and especially our brains developed?Is not one day, all diseases will be overcome, the human life span can be no deadline?At that time of birth, when the ethical, emotional time, can not imagine!    One day, the alienation of humans will eventually destroy the Earth will one day, all religions, all the past history of the rise and fall, are ridiculously low level?Yeah cosmic beacon lights, where you will point?

Christ Church outside of meditation

Who has seen God?Who has seen Christ?Where is God in?Where is Christ in?At first hearing, people will think I raised the issue somewhat absurd, ridiculous naive.actually not.Browsing the “Bible”, we can know a lot of sacred, noble, famous name: Lord, Adam and Eve, Noah, Jesus Christ.They really do exist?Cain and Abel Although the end of fighting, over the holy city of Jerusalem is still filled with clouds of war.Seeing this world is full of evil, and shameless sins, God and Christ, how can we sit on the sidelines, sit back and do not ask? Yes, we are not and can not see God and Jesus; but if we hold your breath, Qinger listening, should be heard about the Lord’s voice: “I want people had made animals and insects, as well as birds of the air, and they were destroyed from the earth, because I made them regret it.”What a terrible human sin not even his creator felt surprised!But a universal God, I believe that your words have gone too far, and some biased, do not all the animals are heinous crimes, to the point where non destroy not yet?Besides, every animal in the group of members from good to evil, how can we not ask indiscriminate, be denied all of it?The perish is bad, Xiongshou evil birds and insects, the individual species and good longevity should be! I have not been religious intensive research, but I am very concerned about the monasteries, churches and other places of religious activity.With pious heart my respectful ceremony to worship God, but often they were lovely disciples disciples merciless mockery: or cheated out of money, or been fooled some. I often pass from a Christian front is located next to the street, usually deserted around, nothing special.But every Sunday, where they uncharacteristically worship, peddlers selling things, look busy, people coming and going, steady stream. I stand alone in the opposite the church, silently stared chic imitation of Gothic architecture: solemn style porch, two distinct pointed arch, middle uplift of the dome, tall cross erected.As a Christian I like fantasy aura and image of God and Jesus when your visit, deep down there is an invisible noble and sacred sentiment quietly grow, convergence, rising. Religion is essential to human spiritual home.It spreads faith, preached the truth and educate the public.Although it is not as evil as the disciplinary court of justice, we can at least remind people of moral yardstick should be used to correct their behavior, and even the lost who repent and then turn on the precipice.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) Religion is the night light, is spiritual sustenance, while the church is to cultivate good thoughts of fertile land, is the regeneration of the soul of the land.People pray, repent people, people always bear in mind the teachings of Jesus Christ: “Behold, I come quickly.Reward is with me, to give every man according to his works.”So, What is the status of religious development of China it?According to official statistics it reported: “Chinese religious believers believe in mainly Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Catholicism and Christianity; 100 million believers of various religious people, religious activities 8.At more than 50,000, about 300,000 religious personnel, over 3,000 religious organizations, 74 religious-run aims to train clergymen of religious schools.”As this document refers to the Christian (Protestant), it is the early 19th century was introduced into China, and spread widely after the Opium War of.”China now has about 10 million Protestants, pastors who preach 1.8 million people, the church 1.More than 20,000 seats, simple activities (meeting point) 2.At 50,000.”From the above we can see that China’s rapid development of religion, good situation, from one side also reflects the current ruling party of enlightened and respect for human rights. Human history to today, perhaps few would really believe in religious myths, maybe some people simply did not believe the bizarre to say the so-called karma, heaven, hell, etc., maybe God was just a dream spring protagonist believers in it. But some people believe in the existence of God, her innocence and dedication make us Gee praised, ashamed. Many years ago, in the north of England, there had been a severe drought; if it does not rain within a week all the crops have died out; a local church decided to do this hold a special prayer. Pastor of the Church is about to reach the church, he saw a little girl walking in front of him carrying an umbrella.His catch up and asked: “Little girl, such a hot day, why are you carrying an umbrella on the church it?”The little girl turned and looked at him, Cuisheng habitat, said:” We went to ask God to give us rain, I want to prepare okay.”Later, the priest during the sermon, said the little girl’s faith in God made him ashamed. From this little girl who, we can realize the truth do something? Sunset, the setting sun shines cross solemn church and erected high.Worship, peddlers selling things, look lively people had dispersed, only a few passer-by, there is only one wearing orange frock sanitation workers waving a broom around mechanically, cleaning the garbage everywhere. Finally, I silently glanced at the mysterious holy church, and my heart suddenly a sense of melancholy Dangqi.City street lights bright, colorful neon lights shining in a seat above the high-rise buildings, the north-south car like countless stars dazzling meteor flying, of course, a bit like the Beatles staring eyes. I was alone in a strange crowd silently forward.Where is God in?Do I really would ask such a stupid question it almost?My mouth leak trace of shallow smile.I know, this is the taste of some self-deprecating smile. Where is God in?If I’m really asking this question, who can answer it accurately? Mr. Christie famous writer franc came smiling, shrugged, then pointing to his chest, said: true God in the heart of sage.


[Part One: Chosun] go back, going barren countryside, why not go back!Now think of the mind is servitude body, why melancholy and sadness alone?We recognize the mistakes of the past have been irreparable, know the next thing can still recover.It is also not too far astray, have awakened to this day “is” Yesterday “non”.Returning Boat floating briskly forward, the breeze blowing the tops.Inquire about the road ahead to pedestrians, hate morning, or so weak blurred.  I saw shantytown home, I went straight to move forward with delight.Servants joy to come to meet, greet children in the house.Although the barren garden path, but also hi garden chrysanthemum loose deposit.I took Jiuzun children into the inner chamber, the house stood full of wine.Took the flagon wine glass to Zizhenziyin, watching the courtyard branches really made me the joy.Against the south window is entrusted with my Fate feelings, but easy to feel peace of mind reside in shabby homes.A walk in the garden every day from as fun, although often retreat with a garden gate.Leaning on a cane or a leisurely stroll or rest anywhere, from time to time looked up to see into the distance.Naturally clouds wafting from the cave, the bird flew back also know that tired.Daylight fades and the sun will be going down, I caressed Lone Pine and linger.  Go back, I want to make friends with outsiders is cut off.Since secular and I behaved illegally contrary, I have ask for anything more travel by car?Between relatives as people talk about intimate Huaer joyous mood, so as to break up the monotony Fuqin reading can Xiaochou.Agricultural people told me that spring has arrived, I’m going to go hard to the west Rebellion.Some people drove the car tarp, and some people rowing a boat.Sometimes into the valley along the meandering stream, sometimes follow the trail through the rugged hills.Trees grow thriving, spring water began trickling torrents.I was the envy of every day was, lamented that her life is about to give up.  forget it!Be subjected to much time there is between heaven and earth!Why not put your heart let life and death?Why let alone let alone uneasy want to go?Seek wealth is not my wish, not hoping to find paradise.I only hope the good weather to go out alone, or stick inserted in Tanabe to weed culture seedlings.Gao Gang burst into shouts and boarded the east side, facing the clear water recite psalms.With the temporary nature of the change to the end of life, Lotte security life there is nothing suspect!    [Part II: “Chosun” Book] Homeward Bound, a real man of the road, twists and turns and long, Yang Guan big universe, look down category of Sheng, we need a lifetime to observe, think.- Inscription the ancients had a saying: “little faint in the wild, the hermit in the city, hermit in North Korea.”The world with them, we free exercise difficult road, to pursue freedom, those who are outside the detention facilities, to be negative, in all external factors, we lost the original dedication, the original dream of the original desire.He asked the day: “what is between the big cruel world.”Said:” The phrase negative light if a feather.”(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) “Homeward Bound” is a hermit An unwilling to twists and turns of fate, deny, hermit alone to pursue a dream move.The holy hermit hidden and implicit St..Tao Yuanming young once cherished “ambition to send the common people” ambition.Five official life, because the Five Pecks of Rice bow is not, then the arrival of eight in a few days on the official position Hermitage.When resign, wrote “Chosun”.In my opinion, hermit points Sages.Yin hidden is that it has a noble quality, “lightness finds, Qing Lian without demon” because could not understand some of the mundane things, do not like to do something, so hidden up, easy life.St. implicit is the “universal insight into the universe, able to take the next satisfied that the Sea of ambition, abdominal majority of mind”, noble quality and purity of soul.Because “people under the eaves, had to bow” and the Country Life forbear.In this, I will not give Tao Yuanming’s “good”, “holy” define, let’s listen to a story —- Lu Xun.Completely countries living under semi-colonial and semi-feudal environment.He went to study in the country, after several ups and downs, sarcasm.Well aware of national power failure.He therefore gave up yet?No, he was full of ambition, from medicine, the text you want to wake up to ten million people in China has long been numb.In return several years, he finally know that failure is due to the darkness of society, the rule of stupid, national numbness.  Which borrows a “Lady phase, I pitch, or come from the arms, in a silent room, the hexyl or outside the trust, because Fanglangxinghai.”Drifting is also true, smug away, with the bean sprouts and green Nanshan, for his shop out of a broad road.  March 18, 1936, all walks of life in Beijing Tiananmen Square ahead of the National Assembly to protest against the Imperial Japanese warships cover Fengtian Dagu shelling protest against the traitorous acts of the executive government of Duan.In a student petition, the petitioner suffered forty-seven soldiers massacre, more than 200 petitions were injured, the dead included students of Lu Xun and Liu Zhen.Lu Xun heard the news, could not suppress his own feelings of grief and sorrow anger, breath wrote the six-essay “no flowers roses bis”, the Northern warlords accused of crimes committed on this day.In Wanted, he will choose his family temporarily Masquerade.In such pain, grief psychological pressure, he gave up yet?Not only did not give up, and knowing that treacherous road, but insisted before the trip.How can such a hero to lead the people forward, the hearts of grief will be less than it Tao Yuanming?Why he did not want to return to the field himself, and live a stable life, but he did not!”The rise and fall, everyone is responsible”.He still insisted on selecting “before anything else and worry, after the world music”.Instead Tao Yuanming, although the “big send the common people,” the ideal, but he did it?No, he chose to escape, Hermitage garden, abandoned the expense of the common people of the world.Both are really hermit should, both official career, but official position, ideal to forget everything.So I think it is not really a hermit, can only be regarded as a “hidden Yin”.  Sigh husband, the lead on their own, we in what state of mind to face life, hermit is good, it’s good these days, after all, their own immune.”Thousand pointing fingers, head bowed as a willing ox” We should chest the sea, the sky-minded mind, Steel tenacity, to do something, so that their light and heat to be reflected in the world.  Therefore, we should be in such a state of mind to face life, look at yourself: a real man resilient, afford to take, will be able to let go.Sometimes, people under the eaves, had to bow.Second, there is the universal cosmic insight into the real man, able to take the next satisfied that the Sea of ambition, ability and insight abdominal University, Wang Rende width, breadth Heiner.Third, the real man has a very ordinary patriotism, “first to show concern and worry, after the world to enjoy music.”For the country ‘spared no efforts in dying men’.  Real man of the Road, tortuous and long, we need a lifetime to observe, think.    [Part Three: Chosun] Homeward Bound, pastoral Wu Hu will not return!Both self-service to heart-shaped, Xi melancholy grief alone?Wu not past the bridge, known to those who can be traced; a solid which is not lost away, this was wrong feel.  In stiffly distant boat, the wind blowing clothing fluttering.Yukio asked before the road, I hate early light of dawn.Zhan is the Heng-Yu, load carrying Ben Xin.Welcome servants, little children waiting door.Three tracks on the shortage, pine lingering chrysanthemum.Bring up the young burglary, surplus wine bottles.Lead to the discretion of pot feast, ogle court Ke Yi Yan; Reliance south window to send proud of Yian trial Narrow Room.Related to the park day into a fun, although the door set and normally closed; policy to help the old stream recreation, but when the first correction Ya view.Clouds with Chuxiu, birds fly with knowledge is also tired; King shade to shade into, and linger ask Lone Pine.  Homeward Bound, please pay interest to never swim.And contrary to the world with me, Xi Yan Yan complex drive requirements!Yue relatives of love, then, music piano books to eliminate worry.Farmers reported more than in spring and will be something to Xichou.Or life towel car, or boat oar.Only to find slim gully, but also by the rugged hill.Showtime wood to Xiangrong, Stephen and start trickling streams.When Sandostatin all things, a sense of my life off-line.  Almost gone!Shaped when buildings or apartment complex, heart Hebu appoint any fate, Hu is almost alone mention of Yuhe?Fei-wu willing wealth, not of DIHSHIANG.Pregnant with a really good time to go solitary, or planting stick and weed hoe up soil around plants.Teng Shu Xiao Dong Gao, Linqing flow and poetry.Take talk of return to make, Lefu destiny complex Xi suspect!  My family was poor, cultivate the land can not sustain their own lives.Many children at home, often no food stocks rice tank, could not find a way to earn a living.Relatives and many friends advised me to go out to be a minor official, his heart also had this idea, but unfortunately there were no opportunities.It happened to the field to have a mission to do, sir gun everywhere to cherish talent as a virtue, because seeing my poor uncle will be recommended, then he was appointed as town officials.At this time there is no war subsided, fear in my heart far errands.Pengze County, left his home only a hundred miles away, public land harvest enough food with the wine, so we should down.But after a few days, pastoral thoughts, gave rise to the idea of homecoming.why?Because my nature frank nature, it does not pretend affectation; hunger and cold though it is a matter of urgency, but against their original mind will make people feel very painful.Although they have done official, but they are driven for a living; so annoyed, excited, his life is a disgrace to the volunteer.But still I want to wait until after the harvest, they packed up the night away.Soon, the way home to marry his sister died in Wuchang, hurry to go to the funeral, will leave the official position themselves.From August to autumn and winter, I do eight days of official.It is for this matter to express his thoughts, feelings, to the article named “Homeward Bound”.In November Otomi.Go go, to be barren countryside why not go back to it!Now let your mind be driven by the body, then why should it sad sad and alone?I realize that past mistakes have been irretrievably lost, but still had time to know what the future make up.Although err but not too far, and now have learned now turn to the life right before official career is wrong.Boat floating briskly forward in the water, the breeze blowing my clothes.Asked the front walk to the pedestrian, and hate hazy morning sky, not very bright.  I see their humble home, was delighted ran.Home of the servants came to meet, the children are waiting at the door.The courtyard has been deserted road, only pine and chrysanthemums are still persists.Chanqi children’s hands into the house, the wine has been gracefully.Put that pour from the jug discretion, watching the trees in the yard was very happy.Body rely on the windows to the south sustenance proud of their own feelings, deeply felt shabby room can maketh peace meet.A day to walk the garden, its own fun, although there is room door was always closed.Leaning on his cane travel information everywhere, and sometimes looked up to a distance.Naturally sky clouds wafting from the mountain side, and the birds fly tired knew that I come back.Daylight slowly go dark sun was going down, and I stroked separate pine lingered not want to leave.  Go go, let me cut off worldly intercourse with.Since secular and contrary to my emotions, I would like to travel by car to pursue what it!With relatives talk about the intimate words make me feel happy, so I can play the piano reading Xiaochou grief.Agricultural people told me that spring, will go to the fields to the west of farming.Sometimes the van ride curtain car, sometimes draw a boat.Sometimes through twists and turns deep ravine, sometimes through rugged hills.See thriving trees, trickling spring water flowing.I envy the positive nature of all things vibrant, lamented that her life is about to terminate.  forget it!Life can be subjected to the number of times between heaven and earth, why not with his mind and let it naturally?Why was restless all day and think of where to go?Great wealth is not my wish, fairy realm can not expect.Good weather encountered on a tour to go out alone, or the cane aside and do some weeding work culture seedlings.Sometimes boarded east of Gao Gang burst into shouts and sometimes recite poetry in the clear waters.Along with the temporary nature of the changes to settle this life, she clung to life Lotte Ann idea what it may concern!    [Part Four: Chosun] in the ages of the men of letters, most thought Tao Yuanming is rare essayist, his every article Chushoubufan, read fluently, beautiful intoxicated.As of that “Peach Blossom Spring”, naturally opened up a part of Tao Yuanming’s paradise on paper, so that future generations also see the cultural foundation of Tao.And I appreciate even more, is the ideology behind Tao Yuanming beautiful article, he was always able to own extraordinary ideas fleshed out, people feel a kind of chic, justice, open-minded, delicate, cross-age thinking ability, let his article to be never fade masterpiece.  Tao Yuanming’s most thoughtful Essay, ought to “Chosun” in this first speech, let us see beyond the era of ideological Tao Yuanming.However, those of his ideas, not like the Acura was flatter era, nor critique of the times was facing straight knife, do people tend to be too straightforward, there is no straightforward a beauty beyond the era, there will be no value handed down.Tao Yuanming thought, ocean cruising in the United States, future generations, only the United States can not only enjoy, but also enjoy the talents of his ideas can cause the strongest resonance.  I like the “Chosun”, probably in only after a certain experience to do.At that time the army is.That era is the era of transition from the old, old tradition deeply imprinted on our minds, but the wind suddenly and to the reform, brought the essence of the new era, it also brings an irresistible dross.Is the advance or retreat?Back, no turning back at forward, it is imperative that they are completely get rid of, also went to the camp to go utilitarianism.Fold over and over again stirring the heart, endless boredom, loss.Tao Yuanming song “Chosun”, suddenly made me feel cheerful, where he felt a sight to behold open-minded: “Homeward Bound, pastoral Wu Hu will not return!Both self-service to heart-shaped, Xi melancholy grief alone?Wu not past the bridge, can be traced to those who know.Real lost its not far away, feel this was wrong.In stiffly distant boat, the wind blowing clothing fluttering.Yukio asked before the road, I hate early light of dawn.”What a beautiful word, ah, Tao Yuanming it turns out I can almost verbatim the same state of mind and he has a few hundred years later it?He told me what it?  ”Go go!I’m going to the pastoral deserted (spirit), why not go back to it?Now that their ideas have been enslaved to the inherent form, why should consciously frustrated and sad it alone?Know the mistakes of the past have been irreparable, you should know what the future is still time to change.(We) probably also lost into the far, it has been recognized that the current approach is right and who is wrong behavior.(Go back on the road) boat gently floating on the water, the breeze blowing my clothes.Inquire about the road ahead to pedestrians, unfortunately too slowly dawn.”- This is my intention to read his mind that you can always go back, I suddenly brighter.  Tao Yuanming said good, right and wrong really that important to you?In my opinion is more important is your state of mind.If you have always had this “ready to go back,” the mood, what to do and what not to do, what allows “My heart is served,” it?  Let’s look at it the whole speech, quote: Homeward Bound, rural Wu Hu will not return!Both self-service to heart-shaped, Xi melancholy grief alone?Wu not past the bridge, can be traced to those who know.Real lost its not far away, feel this was wrong.In stiffly distant boat, the wind blowing clothing fluttering.Yukio asked before the road, I hate early light of dawn.  Zhan is the Heng-Yu, load carrying Ben Xin.Welcome servants, little children waiting door.Three tracks on the shortage, pine lingering chrysanthemum.Bring up the young burglary, surplus wine bottles.Lead to the discretion of pot feast, ogle court Ke Yi Yan.Reliance south window to send proud of Yian trial Narrow Room.Related to the park day into a fun, although the set and normally closed door.Policy to help the old stream recreation, but when the first correction Ya view.Clouds with Chuxiu, birds fly with knowledge is also tired.King shade to shade into, and linger ask Lone Pine.  Homeward Bound, please pay interest to never swim.And contrary to the world with me, Xi Yan Yan complex drive requirements?Yue relatives of love, then, music piano books to eliminate worry.Farmers reported more than in spring and will be something to Xichou.Or life towel car, or boat oar.Only to find slim gully, but also by the rugged Qiu.Showtime wood to Xiangrong, Stephen and start trickling streams.When Sandostatin all things, a sense of my life off-line.  Almost gone!Apartment buildings or complex shape when!Hebu Commission heart the fate of any?Hu is almost alone mention of Yuhe?Fei-wu willing wealth, not of DIHSHIANG.Pregnant with a really good time to go solitary, or planting stick and weed hoe up soil around plants.Teng Shu Xiao Dong Gao, Linqing flow and poetry.Take talk of return to make, Lotte destiny complex Xi suspect!  Formal translation of textbooks, is the literal translation of the text, although I do not quite agree, because as more backward ideological translation, already feel the “go back” meaning less than the kind of ahead of its time, but in order to understand the original text, or put it here: go home!About the barren countryside, why not go back to it?Since your heart is the body servitude, why so frustrated and sad alone?Recognizing past mistakes have been irreparable, know what the future is still time to remedy.Indeed probably also enter into a stray far been awakened to the current practice is right and who is wrong behavior.Boat gently floating on the water, the breeze blowing clothes.Inquire about the road ahead to pedestrians, unfortunately too slowly dawn.  Just to see their humble home, my heart joy, running past.The children happily greet children waiting at the door or in the yard.Yard trail soon deserted, pine chrysanthemum longer there; take the children into the house, the wine has been filled with wine bottle.I put the jug wine helped himself, watching the Tingshu (I) exposed happy look; leaning against the south window of my Fate sustenance feelings, know that this small place is easy to make me feel at ease.Daily (alone) for a walk in the park, a pleasure, a small garden doors often closed; crutches walk take a rest, and always looked up at the distant (sky).Naturally white clouds floated out from the mountain, tired of flying birds know to fly back to the nest; dim sunlight, was setting, and I can not bear to leave hang around, endless wandering hand stroking Lone Pine.  Let’s go back!Let me make friends with the outside world cut off.They all told me the inclination or not, but also the pursuit of what is driving out?Talk with relatives and friends made me joyful, piano reading make me forget the sorrow; the spring to the farmer’s news to me, going to the west side of farming land.There awning sometimes drove the car, sometimes rowing a boat, it is necessary to explore the deep gully, but also through the rugged hills.Thriving trees, spring water flows slowly, (I) coincides with envy all things grow prosperous season, lamented that her life is about to end.  forget it!Body pinned between heaven and earth but also how much time?Why not arbitrary, let the natural life and death?Why was restless, but also want to go anywhere?Wealth is not what I seek, ascend Once upon a time there is no hope.I cherish those moments of beauty to enjoy alone, or to canes weeding farming; I burst into shouts and boarded the east hillside, beside the clear streams of poetry to singing; tentatively along with the natural changes of the end of life.Lok destiny, what is there to doubt it?  Tao Yuanming article in some obscure text, translated also able to see down.However, I prefer no translation of the original, the original rhythm both simple people have a feeling there are inscrutable, like the buzz of the water, came the sound of gurgling.I think I saw a Fu Zhang old man, stroking his goatee, and chatting with children and grandchildren: “Homeward Bound, please pay interest to never swim.And contrary to the world with me, Xi Yan Yan complex drive requirements?Yue relatives of love, then, music piano books to eliminate worry.”I have this to the age, or swim it must pay interest, with children, and that more fun ah!”Fei-wu willing wealth, not of DIHSHIANG.Pregnant with a really good time to go solitary, or planting stick and weed hoe up soil around plants.Teng Shu Xiao Dong Gao, Linqing flow and poetry.Take talk of return to make, Lotte destiny complex Xi suspect!”What is fame and fortune, ah, ah what life is rich, have been away from me, why do not I canes weeding, flowers and farming, boarding the east slopes of the singing streams of it?That and more comfortable ah.  Children and grandchildren may not understand Tao Father himself, nor can they comprehend his hundred thousand turn back the hearts of meditation, fortunately, he left to posterity a rare idea – go go, as long as “both from to heart-shaped battle “, do not be afraid to go back, go back to the only freedom, only to go back behind the scenery!Enslaved people, so the idea of slavery, so that the truth enslaved, let battle with the rules, let the feelings enslaved, enslaved make money, are enslaved A cardiac, should get rid of it as soon as possible, return to the natural state go, that is what we really want.  In fact, in today’s perspective, as long as you have at any kind of see things as they thought, ready to “go back”, that you can be what fetters “enslave” mean?An officer is not afraid to take off his post, when traders are not afraid to start a business again, when the father and son are not afraid of your thoughts inconsistent, when white-collar workers are not afraid of the boss you the sack, you have a kind heart, “you can always go back.” thinking, you will be more things start to move forward, “both to heart-shaped self-service, Xi melancholy grief alone?”Then nothing can make your own grief, and this not one of the greatest ‘liberate’ it?

Chord Voice – “Lin Ching prose” San discipline

– “Lin Ching prose” San □ Zhang Xiao Ji Lin Ching reading some of the Essay, is often too irresistible volume, Xing to read to hand hastily, “a phrase on the lot” page in the book eyebrow angle, when read again, more feel fun, such as the string of finish, endless, so put together a mottled text, that the sound of the chord, is the title. – Inscription when finishing bookcase head touched “Lin Ching prose”, could not help but take down rolled.I thought this turn, but from which come out of the next sheet.Sheet like a butterfly, as if to take my thoughts flew back that far in the past. This is a thirty-two?Size, slightly yellowish white amorphous row letterhead, letterhead a paragraph on the back surface of the carbon pen.This is the text of the inscription of this now.(Read the article Net:.sanwen.COM) After reading this, know that this is a readily discipline, discipline has thought about this for five years when Sapporo wanted to write reading notes when reading was not written.When another look at this collection of essays, the book has some really eyebrow page corners sentence hastily, the time is between May 2003 Zhi Liuyue.Now reread somewhat of flavored, so this record one by one in chronological order, for the tunnel article. 1 teenager is not ignorance. When the boat into the sea of life from the ideas of the dead, then they would feel themselves truly ignorant. At that time, life was setting sun has begun.(Read “Youth Tour”) 2 When a person’s heart, love, when, as if the world is full of love.In fact, this is the passion of youth or will youth; when a man entered middle age or middle-aged, able to maintain such a state of mind, as is the great fortune of life! Shortcoming is the love of power, defects (imperfect) is beautiful, but needs a different angle to gaze, a different mood to polish a peace of mind.When you find love perfected, it can not be far from the grave. Read many things can not be expressed in words, the feeling is also the same; when a person endlessly tell their feelings to another person, like open bottle of wine resting for a long time, it will lose flavor and mellow wine. (Read “warm song”) 3 learn to appreciate life more important than learning. Pain after (read “hotel”) before the past 4 years old, ten years. Flawless toast every night, and the king who is willing to drink? (Read “the life of an incense”) only 5 people to leave home for a long time, really know the nostalgia, homesickness know. Ask the world what is what nostalgia?Many people actually make life difficult to give up! (Read “trumpeter in the moonlight”) 6 recently a person alone, more and more want to drink, often drank alone: or binge drinking, or for drinks, or awake or drunk. Drinks with mood, as a kind of realm to drink. Harvest heavy (read “warm pot of moonlight drinks”) 7, is so people breathe. Farmers bitterness now, what words can express? (Read “baskets”) 8 When I close my eyes, pull or turn off the lights when not in life felt cramped space feel infinite stretch the mind.Idea turned out to be so active, diverse imagery, passion surging. Carefully I think one of these is the emotion of it escapism! (Read “Four Books of Light” 9 world what it is eternal?Perhaps there is nothing eternal, only “historical” existence. The universe, there are those timeless yet?They are the stars? (Read “star down the Nile”) 10 civilized humanity’s greatest failure is the so-called modified crops: production continues to climb, declining quality. (Read “Ajinomoto”) 11 Read this, I can not help but laugh and then spray – while they think of a word: utter sincerity. The scent of life, than this. A man of taste than this. If a man has made their own taste, is not it can be called successful? To be a first-class diners will not be easy, but to burn their own hands one or two of their own favorite dish is a pleasure to eat. (Read “Gourmet Notes”) 12 Huan Qing seems that only in their own minds inside to look for the.It was not a transformation of the secular realm diem. (Read “Qing Huan”) 13 reading this text, I am deeply apologetic heart, and can not help but want to repent.The greatest wisdom in the things around, but we have no intention to “see”; most classic of truth for ordinary people’s words and deeds, but we disagree (because there is no gorgeous packaging, to the indifferent), forget the “chew”. With a grateful heart, “WTO”, therefore often touched by life, life is touched! (Read “look forward to his father’s smile”) 14 people come into the world, few people can escape fame who, out of utilitarian word, whether you are a good worth mentioning, bad worth mentioning. Utilitarian word, life is really great compassion robbery! (Read “release Bird”) 15 when a person feel calm water, this water is a mirror Hong, can be projected from the pros and cons have life; this time is sensible, rational.When a person feel the ups and downs, emotional bank had squashed possible; as long unspoken undercurrent, that pays top academics, loss of life of innocent character. Firm is a quality, but also a variety of soft. Fit the existence of strong brutal, soft, suitable for housing the soul. When a person’s thought as soft as Chi Yu, life will fly only to the soul for freedom. The old saying: the world of Zhirou, gallop the world matter to Kennedy.Can be described as a philosophy of survival, using modern language is a kind of dialectical materialism. World, already indifferent absolutely firm or soft.It is or it is only the perception of our souls. (Read “the pure lotus”) is 16 to overcome their own to overcome their own desires, as well as secular utilitarian; but also to endure loneliness and isolation, and even humiliation; but also to withstand the lure into the Red sensual love affair. Only in this way, it will not give up integrity, to reach the ideal of the other side. (Read “charcoal and incense”), “Lin Ching prose” This anthology of writing, mostly in their eighties of last century creation.In the preface this collection of “writing culture and the culture of writing”, the floor Mr. Zhao Ming says: “Taiwan writer Lin Ching is the most prolific and productive one, but also get various literary prize up a.Shortly after the fourth decade been four dozen works published up.Especially in the late eighties the average book published annually more than twenty-three.”. This collection is Zhejiang Literature and Art Publishing House 1994 version, is my yellow Nagisa friends Random House bought in the 2098’s.In fact, three years ago, that is in 1991, I had to buy in the county Xinhua Bookstore Lin Ching “Bodhi series of essays,” a six (unfortunately this book at hand, bibliography list can go on), ” Lin Ching prose “this election focused on the income of the” Bodhi series of essays, “which many articles.It can be said of Lin Ching in prose, I was a stranger to love, even put it down for a while.When a note of the text above, is also not untangle re-read the first few times. Finally, I would like to record a Lin Ching This collection of “Life makeup” makeup artist, he quoted a passage from which you can see his writing attitude.Like “It’s not like you to write articles: When it comes to makeup artist and makeup artist in the highest state of no makeup, the makeup artist said such remarks?Article is often clumsy pile of words, distorted the author’s personality.The article is a little better shine, attracting people’s attention, but others know you are writing article.The best article, is the natural expression of a writer, he is not piling up, do not think that is read when reading the article, but in a life reading.”In fact, when Lin Ching reading of prose, I have this feeling.Read his “warm pot of moonlight is not wine,” is this feeling that read “Snow Boy” and “golden impression” is this feeling that read “Buddha drum”, “Light of the Four Books” and “Law round junior sister apprentice”, “Sansei stone on old elf “,” my heart like the Moon “and many other poem, or feeling. Lin Ching is not great, but it is unique.Lin Ching reading prose, really give people a peaceful, cool feeling.That, is what I like to read his prose reasons for it. 2003-6-27 grass in Fulongping-nine meters vegetarian 2008-10-23 finishing Fulongping-nine meters Lent

Chopsticks has a soul

Just walking, I was interested in chopsticks.Once, to escape her mother’s eyes, he grabbed a chopstick, pleasant to the one in your mouth, not taste the taste, tumble, chopsticks Chuojin mouth, my tongue suddenly swollen like a small red lantern.Parents horrified: “This child will not be dumb?”.I challenge the consciousness bones cast, not afraid, early skillfully operate the chopsticks.    By genetic mother, I was a true left-handed, but left with chopsticks but was prevented daddy.When used right hand holding chopsticks, and most consistent, so eat; no parents “dinner” command, not Dongkuaizi; not allowed to pick up the chopsticks laughing; pointing others can not use chopsticks: chopsticks respectful to my father, give us set the rules hinder each other.and many more.    At that time, small children at home, my mother will manage, no problem of food and clothing, but three meals a day to boost people still do.Dinner, the whole family sitting tightly in front of a small table, five pairs of chopsticks light to quickly circling dish, between jobs, the kids can not wait to grab the hands of chopsticks into a small, all the delicious for its own use.    When the three years of famine, rural relatives help, my family has food to eat, but also “for the mouth toad small fry”.I have learned to understand the mind of adults, dinner, Mom and Dad to see the hands of the chopsticks in between paella cruising, even lying on the table and rest, I will slow down the rhythm of eating, let the brothers and sisters.Once school late, after lunch I got home.Mother said: “left you confused bowl of porridge (made with cornmeal porridge and vegetables), in the pan,” I quickly ran to the kitchen, grabbed the chopsticks, opened the lid, with a pot sitting empty bowl.Yet fullness of much of my brother secretly rations.I suddenly lost home boss demeanor, crouched beside the bed, wept bitterly.Mother hastily made a bowl of porridge, ended in front of me, I always see clutched chopsticks, he smiled and said: “hungry, eat chopsticks”.    ”More than a pair of chopsticks” is often a metaphor very much to eat, resident who.But a pair of chopsticks at different times, have different components.    The sixties and seventies, shortage of materials, a limited supply of daily necessities, home to more than a pair of chopsticks, the whole family to eat at least a few chopsticks.So, people want to relatives, friends say, can be a relative, a friend once door, hospitality meals is pressure in the master mind of stone.We were wrong in your home, of course, do not know leading a poor expensive.Guests are coming, very happy, lively ah, it is also possible to improve the food.Guests wishing to leave, parents often have to retain, but to retain a sense of proportion is different, loved ones must stay close to eat or even retain, no matter how difficult, to others, just polite.Our solution which parents ask a guest to knowledge, as long as Mom and Dad said the sentence: “to eat dinner and then go,” we will jump on the bandwagon, holding the thigh, is holding clothes, and even other people’s bags, hats hide, he could not move the guests.Hey, is really a disservice to live ancestors.Until hospitality rights have been deprived of Mom and Dad, we did not invent tamper.    Mom and Dad always cherished respect for chopsticks.In June 1979, the seriously ill father has liver ascites, difficulty eating.See my mother brought the whole family like dumplings, he struggled to get up, little by little, frail body adjusted at the table, to be sat, he was solemnly picked up the chopsticks, one by one to eat, did not forget babbling his mantra: “it’s life, is to see the pro chopsticks”.That was the last meal of dumplings father of life.Chopsticks has more meaning in the hands of mother.She had a habit of eating, often stabbed at the hands of chopsticks at the dinner table, the chopsticks to flush any time convenient to pick up falling one meter on the table, a satellite dish.In the two days before the death of eighty and two years of her consciousness slight trance, but still trembling pick up the chopsticks, the side of the bowl of a small grain of rice a pick up.    See him again, never see it on the table neatly placed five pairs of chopsticks, chopsticks master, and left me and my sister, one in the south, one in the north.    Today the family of chopsticks has been gorgeous, carrying families to come out from the heavy food and clothing, the food and the people with taste, the taste of family, friendship taste.    A few years ago, the children moved into their own happiness nest, the family only my husband and I.Dinner, we both sit Gezhuo phase, be with us, beside a picture of a vacant chair.    ”Multiple pairs of chopsticks” is how desirable thing ah.    A child back, the extra three pairs of chopsticks.Granddaughter of children chopsticks very fashionable, is connected to two upper, middle, there is a ring finger in circles, you can use.Granddaughter’s little hands can not freely grasping things, and actually bigger way we eat, prompting a startled laugh incessantly.Grandchildren very happy, but rare in every day.    Relatives, and more than a few pairs of chopsticks.I make every effort to busy cooking exhibition.Ramble, laughter, chopsticks wipes each dish, I get the greatest satisfaction.Phylogenetic adjourned very happy, but there is a rare day.    Friends often around, no need to worry, “many pairs of chopsticks”.However, now meet with friends, the emphasis is to eat out, eat at home?Corny.    I like to browse a wide range of chopsticks, slowly look, and makes a product, sipped and sipped, I think of our parents.Inseparable two chopsticks, much like our father and mother ah.Whether they are simple and minimalist or ornate and colorful, whether tall or handsome twisted wretched, no matter Jinyu out the door first, or from the forest, the grass, always go hand in hand shoulder to shoulder.In front of us, they are sideways, vertically, lying down, standing up, knock, touch, do not care, do not stop, do not plan one taste.Leaving no piece point affair.Every day we touch the body temperature, evaluate our food and clothing, try to figure out our preferences, check pick up our physical, explore our emotions.We can hold anything against them, but they will never abandon us.    I thank my chopsticks, it gives me a wonderful life.    March 7, 2014

Chop firewood go back years

“Stay in the Castle, there is hope,” the story of the mountain and the wood, so spread the Millennium.    Look up to the top of the head, Aoyama is still.And that mountain, is always hidden in dense fog in.Old face, rugged body, filled with melancholy and confusion.More or silence, loneliness enveloped Yousi, because no one to ask it of.It really old, he was forgotten in the non-stop beating mountains, streams gurgling away in the moaning and helpless compromise, we finally, it can no longer hear the cries of the heart.    Because it deeply understand – chop wood go back years.    ”Chai”, light a fire with the vegetation, burning himself in the fire, and finally realize the wish of old age.    Bow glance, corner of firewood is running out, only the residue of debris all over the floor of the old house filled with uneven depression, like a symbol of years to prove their wandering at the scene.But, originally belonging to them and empty a place to stay, a little lonely, lonely, in the air.Still remained horizon, a few pieces of faint smoke was visible, a Bay out of the chimney from the roof tiles, mingled with the fragrance of food, drifting off to the sky, like a remote control and finally tell their own experiences.Brief moment, I do not know how much brought back memories for the Village.And in the end, with a wood fire fewer people.    Several distant mountains, scattered and overlapping, stands on top of these scattered villages, at the foot of the trail several connectivity subtle relationships with people in the village in the mountains, it is also overgrown with weeds, I can not help but sparsely populated, who had disappeared firewood.Nightlife net chop wood, block sand quarrying.Memory, Aoyama gift far more than that, I do not remember when actually forget the look?We childish, enjoy laughing and playing in the water at the mountain, looking together in the depths of the forest plants and fruit, harvest full of a sense of accomplishment; we adulthood, secular interference impetuous heart to give birth, and the mountains, weather-beaten but still hale and hearty, so, we know the inner peace.Just think, this is the mountain of warning exhortation, monasteries teach.    Low cottage, jumbled fields, there came a nose of the house before the stove smoke.Bright flames, drifting around Mars children of firewood.They are to burn attitude outbreak, after the dark like charcoal residue is about to convey some kind of sad exit.    Today, the village is not the appearance of the year, full of dilapidated impression.    After road repair through, white jade received a concrete road every household, villagers used to replace natural gas to burn sticks and dry leaves, firewood for this concept more blurred.While people adapt to the new life, how many do not want to mention those old stories, let alone chop wood up the mountain, probably really forget.    Passage of time, as if a tree growth, no excess use.Despite their houses firewood placed patchwork, and can withstand heavy rains wash or sun exposure of firewood, abandoned in the years of smoke and dust, either ignored.Of course, all of this change is to improve the natural living conditions, people prefer clean, spotless gas.Only a few families habit of thrift, has retained this seemingly ancient way of life.And I’m upset behind the new face of change, more design sense of spontaneously, fireworks taste somewhat less earthly.    Faint blue flame, uttered a loud sigh, add some firewood, there will be non-stop sound of thunder, fire engulfed, reduced to ashes, and ultimately down the chimney to the sky above the dying of the few wipe sent greetings.    From the Castle forgotten the moment, people probably forget the long history of life and memories of the past difficult years.    Old hut kitchen corner, after relentless flames still burning firewood gentle wreckage, still billows of smoke.

Chongyang Shangju

Chongyang Shangju October, days of high air is crisp, the mountains and plains of the daisy opened, I could not help but think of ornamental chrysanthemum youth of laughter.It was October, I was in fifth grade in mid-1950 in the village primary school.One day, language teacher wants us to spend as wrote essays, it requires three days to complete.The next morning, I and several classmates went together to the school garden.I saw a big flower garden Thank you, chrysanthemum Yi Keke only shake out in the cold.I was moved by the occasion, wrote a “daisy-like”, said a cold and windy, the flowers wither, except chrysanthemums in full bloom, bright flowers, fragrance was very hot, it is away.Although I did not write “under mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain,” Yaxing, but give praise language teacher, I was flattered, since I fell in love with Daisy, in both the old and the interest is not reduced.Chung Yeung Festival arrived, I suddenly remembered picking mulberries Chairman Mao’s “Double Ninth Festival”: “Life is hard old Yi God, but each Double Ninth Festival, Double Ninth today.”I feel excited, filled with emotion, the passage of time, feel seventy and five.    Chongyang, how can I do this year too?Mission Park depression at the remote, conduit freely, no place to climb, but Tuanbowa autumn days of high winds, scenic, chrysanthemum fragrance, I was “too Shangju Chongyang” it!Get up early in the morning, I walked out of the room, facing the east, a red gushing out, I leisurely stroll in the campus area.School flower beds, scattered in every corner of the campus, walking to see me, looking for the garden chrysanthemums, I saw a large here, there a few clusters, there are many potted chrysanthemum, I am dizzying.Garden chrysanthemums, shapes, colorful, very dazzling.There are golden yellow, yellow duck, purple, white, orange.Some budding, some contests, some like a group of small ball, and some like a hedgehog, and some resemble sunflowers, some slightly curled edge, overlapping layer after layer, really beautiful!The fragrance of chrysanthemum, intoxicates me, I seem immersed in Wonderland; chrysanthemum fragrance, the flowers attract butterflies, bees collecting nectar on flower petals, a good pair of beautiful sight!The most attracted me was Master Liu cultivated 1000-ju, leafy, fragrant, white flowers blossoming, disdain the sky, so I linger.1000-ju is a open as early as chrysanthemums, autumn brings its first breath to the people.1000-ju long flowering period, from mid-August to mid-October after another flowering.    1000-ju roots is very large, densely grown in pots, both prescribe every branch roots flower and grow new stems, flowers opened new stems from older stems not from time to time and blossom, so a pot of 1000-ju able to open many, many flowers, with flowers to describe is not too much, therefore I call it the 1000-ju.1000-ju of duck-shaped leaves are small, dark green.1000-ju of the most striking flowers, white 1000-ju, like a flower so the size of a dollar coin; one thousand golden chrysanthemum, yellow flower center, on the edge of the petals extending radially to the surrounding , blossoming flowers in full bloom in the air, like thousands of small flowers golden sun.Every morning, a faint smell of medicine nostrils, intoxicating, carried away.Daisy is one of China’s top ten flowers, it is a great ornamental value of flowers, but also a variety of health functions.According to the drug book records: whites and yellows can be used as medicine, but also tea, dried in the sun can do pillow core, eyesight remove the fire, heat and toxic effects.Especially the 1000-ju, she does not need too many nutrients and greenhouse, as long as every day it poured some water, it will beautiful flowers and fragrant scent dedicated to the people.Not only that, it is the oldest open chrysanthemum varieties, have courageously rushed, not far behind, disdain for the valuable qualities of beautiful and fragrant flowers, so people like it very much.    Autumn Chrysanthemum so beautiful, I leaves from blooming chrysanthemums, deeply felt brilliant life, after winter breeding and spring bathing, accumulation of summer, chrysanthemums in full bloom with brilliant life in the howling autumn, late autumn embellishment “not spring, is worth a pound spring.”.· As Yuan Zhen “Chrysanthemum” poem: “not in favor chrysanthemum flowers, flowers do not spend more.”Daisy makeup wrapped, clean and elegant, so our hearts to be purified, tenacious constancy chrysanthemum, vigorous, our interpretation of the true meaning of life.

Chongqing, this city

Chongqing, this city.    The how to express feelings for this city?I think for a long time, it seems that no matter what emotions are still not appropriate with.    But, at least I think I love this city.    Received the admission notice from the distant yet also seemed as if yesterday that the summer months, and this city is deeply become attached to it.No intro, no intention, but suddenly, caught off guard.    That day came, the parents did not send me, but I will deliver to cousin.My father said people always want to grow up, take a gall bladder on the big, scared and afraid of nothing.However, his father simple and easy style of discourse, branded in my heart is depressed impression, after all, the first long journey home, from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau to the Sichuan Basin.However, the way gotta go, so no parents in the farewell, along with cousin started the first time in life’s journey.Up to 24 hours of travel, from the beginning the next day from 9 am to 9:00 am, Train hard, long and lonely trip.Crowded aisle, restless noisy din, as well as the bustling crowd of strangers.The air was filled with decadent lazy atmosphere, especially around the clutter of sound filled the eardrum, such an environment is intensified my already tired to open eyes sleepy.Nightlife network The next morning, when they heard the guard, when the station will be broadcasting came to Chongqing, barely forced himself awake, but is about to reach a long-awaited share of excitement Chongqing has long been overwhelmed by the journey of Lawton just woodenly looked out the window.However, when the train drew into the terminal, and run around day and night of fatigue swept away in favor of full of energy and feel happy.The car, the city is filled with unique characteristics immediately seeing the desolate mountains northwest of vision, I was in my heart many times imagined the look of it, however scenery witnessed far better than imagine the shock caused by difficult describe, can not describe.    September weather, hot enough to make people sweat, before departure wearing a gown like sacks wrapped annoying; a lively area full of speaking I did not understand a word of Chongqing, also there is a steady stream of vehicles; narrow criss-cross lines of communication, stretches up from here to there; I think the first sentence is “coming and going, busy.” .The mountains are green and lush; the water is green, sparkling.Surface mapping out the sun, the sky, the trees, have a “relaxed and a total length of sky color,” like beauty; boats, small building, Castle Peak, green water, like a poetic landscape, rather “bridges people,” the Jiangnan flavor.So big, first time I saw a sight of the wide side of the river, and even saw the boat on the river is only my heart very excited, very excited.Friends of Chongqing, Chongqing, once said to me so beautiful, with mountains and water, there are many I have not seen the flowers and trees, so much as I have never seen such a view of it, especially the wide river!She listened and smiled, and I’m surprised.I laughed, because indeed I have never seen more than a decade left the deepest impression in my mind is the northwest foothills of the weeds.    Up to now, nearly two years living in Chongqing, for this city, it seems to have a home like a deep love.Like Chongqing spicy style: hotpot, spicy noodles, spicy teppanyaki and other specialties, as well as spicy Chongqing sister; Chongqing features like scenery: a long reaching ciqikou, rustic quiet rural town, bustling liberation monument, scent the air of the garden Expo.I prefer the beautiful campus scenery: “the foot of Jinyun, Jialing River, mountains and water, wide, natural atmosphere,” Southwestern University yard, pulling to stand in Sri Lanka.Hong-li solemn promise big campus, spectacular.Lined with buildings of different school buildings, well-proportioned; the growth of a mix of trees, lush green; in full bloom with colorful flowers, scented; breeze under clear lake, Shiba Ripples; teaching building a green shade, vitality unlimited; how many deep dormitory elegant, quiet Zhiyuan.”Bloom seasons, Xiangpiao year round, a pair of birds, among Splendor Flowers”, each season like a grand exhibition, brings an infinite impulse vision, hearing, smell, touch, and every day will enrich the experience was very happy in the busy, every breath of air is “fresh” in.There are a lot of places I have not been to; a lot of scenery, I never seen; a lot of stories, I never heard of, but just imagine sufficient, perhaps the imagination seemed pale.    I know that after graduation I’m going to leave here, leave the buried memories of my youth, I faded Sentimental tender cheeks of the city, back to me to support my hometown.It might come, perhaps never come.However, this city is to bring the memory of the taste is the time can not erase, bit by bit all my life in a beautiful landscape.Though short, it is eternal.    Chongqing, this city, I deeply love this city.

Chongqing facet worthy of taste

Chongqing facet in the world of food goods can be regarded as a great cuisine, it is my hometown for Cuisines, I was more familiar with it, even I can make the taste.I love her because it was not just delicious, but because it has a a deep sense of taste – the taste of home.    Chongqing facet can be described as color, flavor and taste, stir up a chopstick, fragrant smell, so you salivating, just one entrance you will feel like your saliva mighty Yangtze general spewing out from the salivary glands.I.e. a chewing inlet broken, ah!Delicious not salty nor light, not sour nor spicy, it was only echoing a unique taste in the mouth.Even then elegant manners of people, then despite the image of that noise will eat up.Let you food for thought.Who made it eat a hundred tire of this place, in the end what kind of a place it?Nightlife Network Chongqing my hometown, I’m dreaming of a place, bustling city, flowers of a hill nest, her taste is so familiar, and now I’m far away from home a taste of home has faded.However, the home side a small but traveled north and south, regardless of where I will go where it tasted the taste, I do not know how many bowl facet of Chongqing wanderer’s heart struck.    Or the old place, the old seat, there is a group of fellow warm their hearts, then the boss came out, with the native dialect downright said to me: “occasional visitors, occasional visitors today eat Diansha?” Special spicy bowl of mixed sauce noodles’ and I replied with the native dialect.”Come at once, we Chongqing guy is spicy food.”Then he went into the kitchen, a bowl of hot and pretty soon you end up face.I thin to taste the taste of it, but their hearts are bathed in the home’s taste.