Buying and selling Rambling

Rambling Buying and selling in China, three hundred and sixty, the best line of business than official.An old saying: “All things are beneath contempt, only high school.”This book is not casual reading, the book house of gold, one thousand Bell millet own book, the book fair lady.”Excellent learning Shi”, read well, can officer, lucrative, not take advantage of the present.Of course, reading is the main official channel, but not the only channel.The officer also can be bought.      Start there, then you can when buying and setting up prefectures and counties officer is from the Qin Shi Huang.One year locusts downtown, the Emperor issued an edict, millet one thousand stone, a knighting.      Han territory expanded to become a big problem to the border and transportation.Han Emperor ordered, shipped six stone grain to the border, “making the” knighting (second title, etc.), transport four thousand stone, awarded “five doctors” (ninth title, etc.), transport ten thousand thousand stone, award “big Shu Chang” (eighteenth other title).Han Dynasty, expand “into the millet make up the official” policy.”Han.Upright officials Biography “records: Pa Huang was originally migration of the rich, for the first time,” the money “was either” assistant minister Yezhe “because the crime dismissed from office.The second and “Valley”, was either “Zuo Fengyi two hundred stone Death”, after rises teamwork, prefect, prime minister.There is a name Bu type of person, “the money” three hundred thousand grant doctor, rose after the royal doctor, also closed the waiting.”Han.Food and Money “load, Sang Hongyang were lost to make (management of the national unified collection of goods, transport, transfers affairs officer Han), as long as the officials the people” into the millet “, which can be raised to make up the six stone Langguan, Jun Cheng magistrate or.Emperor Ling of Han, the authorities set up a special Maiguan called West Park, and official post auction price list Hongduxue put up in the northeast of the city of Chang’an: two thousand stone (senior officials) twenty million text or four hundred stone (mid-level officer ) four million Wen, Wen Qing five million.Can also credit, the repayment tenure doubled.Can also be discounted, as well as the number of additional, temporary price and other price.Cao Cao’s father, Cao Song Qiu buy, pay ten million text.Cui strong buy Stuart, just to pay five million text.Emperor Ling was very remorseful and said: “Had I known, should the price of a million, which is too cheap a Laoer.”Cui is strong buy ‘additional price’.When a vacancy official position, the more people buy, the government follow the market, raise the official price, who is out of money to sell it, this is a temporary price.      After Han dynasties have such a policy, as long as the state’s financial difficulties, it will auction official post.Xianzong the edict said: millet make up the official, millet help the side, which is “ancient and modern through the system.”.As long as the rich and ancient grain, you can buy official, you can buy Scholars, supervisor of Health, the scholar other titles.      Ming Dynasty Chenghua years, two hundred forty nano stone, Nine positive official fifty plus meters of stone per liter level, you can buy seven products magistrate.Jiajing, Jiansheng buy “experience” and other officials, satisfied that the silver five hundred twenty, one hundred twenty-two calibration nano silver.Officials who came to buy seven government officials, satisfied that silver one hundred sixty-two, Nine official admittance silver sixty-two.      When the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, because pacification “San Francisco Rebellion” and “Junggar rebellion”, the Financial empty, wide open lose Carolina.500 people bought a magistrate rank, total revenue two million taels of silver.The late Qianlong, each year buying and silver, up to 5.002 million, equivalent to ten percent of national revenue each year.After the mid-Qing Dynasty, Buying and selling even more, this court as an important project revenue.Less official position and more people buy, in short supply, on short-selling titles, this official said the officer candidates.Jiaqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi Governor Yang Yuchun’s son, three times a test is not, then spent eight thousand ounces of silver, bought a doctor title, started walking (trainee) at the Ministry, since Yang Yuchun Lordship cooked, was soon is granted Secretary to the Board of Punishments doctor Anhui.Civil engineering construction also raising Maiguan Qing, called “river donations”, “coastal donate embodiment,” etc..      Since this government was purchased, it would have a profit, so a thousand miles just to get rich official, lucrative.Qing magistrate’s easy to have a last name, in one case of extortion in a rich, rich man said, pleading: “Please spare the master, the villain of the field are sold out.”Master sneered:” You sold out the field, you do not know I donate this government, to spend a lot more than you sell paddy fields.Not to you to be, I’ve got how to recover it?”Awful cases, this rich man was ruined financially.This bought officer, no not greedy.Western Han Dynasty official called this the “official hat wearing tiger”, called “official dog is wearing a hat” when the Eastern Han Dynasty.      Communist Party official, told cadres, public servants, servants of the people, can not be traded.But the actual situation also exists Buying and selling phenomenon, which has become an open secret.And different ancient, ancient Maiguan money into the treasury, money owned by individuals now Maiguan.When CMC Vice Chairman Xu Hou Ren, in charge of cadres, wantonly Maiguan, online pass, the play pieces of Andrew, but also to spend money to buy him a major general.I heard a few years ago, the army has a price tag of official position is: how much money to ask a platoon leader, company commander how much a liter, colonel, lieutenant-level official cheaper, the official level on expensive.When XuCaiHou checked, home basement found a large number of stolen money, the number of bank staff, however, with the scales weighed about a ton.Former Minister of the province Party Committee Organization Xu Guojian, due Buying and selling and checked.The “Buying and selling” charges is not accurate, but he did buying and ah, ah still Maiguan?He actually Maiguan, buying and is another group of people.But he Maiguan been investigated, and the buying and are safe and sound.When Xu provincial minister organization ago, the city party secretary, so the city is also considered the case of the hardest hit, but the worst-hit area a no calamity, to those buying and, have not been investigated or removed from office.Now an officer how much profit, this is hard to say.Here to say one thing, as a reference: About twenty years ago, the city has a county party secretary, handed over a New Year gift of more than 1.2 million yuan.That was a poverty-stricken counties in our city.Central Discipline Inspection Commission and Organization Department, has repeatedly issued a document “resolutely stop Buying and selling phenomenon”, but repeated.Marx said: “If there is one hundred percent of the profits, would take the risk.”An officer so good, this music almost can not!

Buy treasure

Lijiazhuang Lee Jin Choi village early in the morning to go to the market, when Li Po doorstep passing the village to see the village of Li Jing Li Po is now muttering to discuss something.Out of curiosity, Lee Jin Choi stopped up ears eavesdrop.  It turned out that Li Jing Li Po want to buy a house dog died soon.Regardless of how Li Jing can cry, Li Po refused to sell.To achieve this, Li Jing a bite out of the high price of two thousand dollars.Li Po still can not sell that puppy is a companion to raise their own.Although the dog was dying, but they still will not sell.  Lee Jin Choi listened, suddenly shocked.He did not expect a dying dog actually still so valuable, you know, this big hotshots, but Li Jing village, informed, open their own factories, already has tens of millions of assets, and the village of Successful people.Now for an ordinary dog, even offered a two thousand dollars, people think it sounds incredible.This one is certainly a novelty.  Thought here.Lee Jin Choi is not set to catch up, hurry home.  Speaking, Lee Jin Choi this person can be considered a shrewd man, is the kind of smell the meat Hunxing wanted to take an Zhuer.Now faced with this thing, he can let go of it?Back home, Lee Jin Choi wrestling together, trying to find the reason for this higher price Li Jing dog to death.Inside profitable if he can get pre-emptive.  I went to high school Lee Jin Choi knew the dog would give birth to a rare stomach medicine, what’s the dog Bora can be valuable miles!But this one appears to be to himself denied.Because this is just a big dog was four or five months, where there may be such a treasure?  Could this be a dog-breeding?This is less likely.Because Lee Jin Choi knew the dog was Li Po own home bitch born, originally gave birth to five, I did not expect a few days ago had been stolen the night, leaving only this one.This thing, Li Po is still the road for a whole day curse, curse this hacked in pieces stolen Gouzei Budehaosi.It’s no wonder, Li Po is a solitary old woman, usually with dogs as partners, this would have expected some puppies to sell for points pocket money, I did not expect even the bitch was also stolen, no wonder she is so sad.  After excluding the above two cases, Li Jin Choi can not think of other reasons.However, it is difficult to live his shrewd.As the saying goes: to know ourselves, know yourself.Lee Jin Choi Li Jing decided to snoop reason to buy a dog, and then decide what to do.  Li Jing directly to inquire about, certainly not.But to take circuitous strategy.Of course, it is difficult to live shrewd Lee Jin Choi.That day, Lee Jin Choi was about to go home for dinner, just last year saw Li Jinggang Li is the daughter of the previous play, there was the idea.  Li Li Jin Choi came in, smiled and said: Yu Yu, called Uncle, uncle take you to eat sugar.He then took out his pocket a few grains of colorful candy.  Li saw the candy, swallowed, crisp shouted: Uncle Jin Choi.  Lee Jin Choi laughed, touched Li hair, really admire her sensible boy.Then the candy to her, to make her speak, asked her family these days there are fun things did not happen.  Li while sugar while the things happening at home in recent days say listen to Lee Jin Choi.  From the mouth of Li Yu, Li Jin Choi learned that Li Jing Li Po to spend two thousand yuan to buy a house dog, is because two days before Li’s mother cook, wear the ring finger of suspicion on the way, it will take down on the table.Li met, my mother wanted to play treasure hunt games on TV, he secretly hid it in the leftover bread in the morning, ready to look for when her mother properly.Who knows bread accidentally dropped on the floor, just next door to Li Po family dog rushed in, picked up a bread, swallowed.  Lee Jin Choi, suddenly ecstatic.To know Li Jing, but a rich man, his wife wearing the ring, they have seen, is a valuable diamond ring.If you could get the dog picking, that this diamond ring is not his yet?  That night, Lee Jin Choi secretly Li Po came home, trying to steal the dog.Surprisingly, since the dog stealing incident happened last time, Li Po strengthened security, holding the dog to sleep every night, during the day and puppies inseparable, there is no chance to start.  Not hard, it seems only outsmart the.This morning, Li Jin Choi riding a motorcycle to the village fair, WWW.diyiread.COM through the door just when Li Po, just her family’s dog is on the way.Lee Jin Choi Touyi Wai car, motorcycle run over the dog’s body.Dog twitch a few times on the road not moving, dead.  Li Po saw the dog dead, and quickly ran over, holding the puppy crying.The villagers met, are gathered around to see Lee Jin Choi how to deal with this matter.Lee Jin Choi stood and said to Li Po, willing to pay lost her dog and asked her to set a price.Li Po listened, wiped his tears, said: Li Jing two days before the dog out of two thousand dollars I could not bear to sell, now you pay two thousand yuan it!Curbing will not.  We heard, we were shocked.A puppy will people two thousand dollars, too dark heart of it!Although Lee Jin Choi does not run over the dog, can we are the village folks, looked not bow to see, can we lose Li Po.  Who knows more contrary to all expectation, usually see cheap accounted for, sly, fish villagers listened Lee Jin Choi, keen on the idea down, on the spot to come up with twenty hundred dollar bills to pay Li Po, to bring back the dead dog without a word home.  Lee Jin Choi got home, the dog will quickly gutted, smoked despite the stench, looking to play a diamond ring in dog feces in.After a careful search, and sure enough in the stomach of the dog found a diamond ring.After the clean, bright.Lee Jin Choi met, suddenly ecstatic.  The next morning, Lee Jin Choi excitedly came to the city with a diamond jewelry store.Who knows salesperson store a look, said it was a fake diamond ring, can be bought at the flea market, at most tens of dollars worth.  Lee Jin Choi, suddenly spent.He did not think he was to spend two thousand dollars to buy a dead dog and a fake ring.If this thing got out, people do not die laughing?No way, they kept Lee Jin Choi did not dare say anything about, quietly bad luck.  Besides the Li Po home, smiling Li Jing said to her: lady, this look can take you a few that had been stolen Lee Jin Choi dog to come back together.The dog, to see if he still dare to steal things after your home.  It turned out that Lee lady dog stolen that night, someone saw Lee Jin Choi dry.However, due to fear of Li Jin Choi, this witness can not testify.This is the only remaining puppies, just sick, seeing the dying, Li Jing know, and then this lady set a trap, he was a harsh lesson meal.

Buy soil

Three young people together to go out together, to seek opportunities to get rich.They came to Apple, known for its rich Southern Liaoning.In a remote town, they view a large red hair, the taste of sweet apples.As is located in the mountains, information, transportation are developed, this high-quality Apple sold only in local.The price is very cheap.  The first young man looking at these apples, bright eyes.He immediately give everything, the best buy 10 tons of apples shipped home to two times higher than the original sale price.And then return.Buy, Sell.Such back and forth several times, he became the first million households hometown.  The second young man looking at these apples, thought for a moment.He spent half of the money to buy the 100 best apple seedlings, shipped back home, contracted a hill, carrying the young fruit tree planted.A full three years, he meticulously care of fruit trees, irrigation watering cans, not a penny of income.  The third young man looking at these apples, gazing food for thought.For several days, he did not buy, just walk around the orchard east, west and see.Finally, he found the owner of the orchard.The owner asked him: Are you optimistic about what Apple slice?Think of how much money?  He smiled and shook his head, pointed to the following fruit, said: I want to buy some clay.  The owner of a moment, then shook his head and said: No, the soil can not sell.Also how long sold fruit?  He bent down to the ground won full handful of soil, he pleaded: I just put this.Please sell me?How much will do!  Master looked at him and smiled: Well, you take it to a dollar.  He took it to the soil, to return home, the earth to the Institute of Agricultural Science and Technology, laboratory analysis of the various components of the soil, humidity, etc..Then, he contracted a barren hillside, with a full three years, cultivated, nurtured and that the same clay soil.Then, he set planted apple trees on it.  Now, 10 years later.This is very different from the fate of three young couples go out together to seek fortune.The first young people to buy Apple’s now still have to go to buy apples each year, brought back sales, but because local information and transportation have been developed, too many competitors, so little money each year, and sometimes not even earn or lose money.The second young man to buy saplings of early already have their own orchards, but because of the different soils, long out of the apple than some trace color, but you can still make a considerable profit.The third young man to buy the soil, and also the last person has harvested apples, he planted apple fruit delicious, and up and down is not bad compared to the original apple, autumn attracted numerous competing to buy each year, can always sell the most good price.(Lindsay) success [Note]: In fact, this result is very fair, in unit time, the first to earn the most money people make money, but the unit of time amplification, sequencing just the opposite.

Buy Mother

Permanent Huang Dahan aged twenty-eight still a bachelor, the saying goes, the emperor is not urgent eunuch urgent, he picked up the money for the owner Mr. Wu heart.Do not think Mr. Wu fiscal pity the poor poor, real ulterior motives: Huang Dahan honest by nature, is a good skill crops, although eating bran risotto, pumpkin soup to drink, but stem from job to be willing to sell one’s strength, so lantern hard to find long-term employment.  Mr. Wu Huang Dahan fiscal wanted to find a wife, a sewing for the home add a slave girl; two small long-term employment to the afterlife when Wu Fu cattle for horses, do both.This year famine, people sell their children to sell his wife, a woman also cheaper than the swine and sheep.Huang Dahan took Mr. Wu wealth to a few people consistently coins to the city, see the many unkempt women, ragged children, grass plug marked low price selling.Huang Dahan saw a woman about to talk about price, listen behind a sigh, he turned to look and saw a gray-haired old woman blind face with dishes, grass-standard plug body knees, in front of the paper reads: consistent five coins, sold themselves to do Niang!  This old woman is young and big blind, people do also bondage mother, who despite all the city buyer, except her here nobody cares.A time when winter frost of winter, thin old woman clothes, shivering.Huang Dahan good heart, he grew up without parents, saw the old woman shivering in the cold cough, Han heart like a knife bar!Huang Dahan past with the old woman asked, she said: I nearly sixty years, only a godson, I can not feed themselves, Laoshen was sold himself to him to make a living.You face the money to pay him, just go with you Laoshen.  Huang Dahan humble, but also sympathy for the old woman suffered, saying he nodded.They settled, the old woman shouted to a rotten rags clothes, tall guy child, said it was her godson.Write down three contracts, Huang Dahan give the money to small group of children, in bringing back old woman.Small group of children burst into tears, saying reluctant Ganniang want to live three days Ganniang.  Huang Dahan see sincere guy child, take him back home with tumbledown old woman.Children clever diligent guy, the one to help Huang Dahan tinkering, he said, wanted to suffer Ganniang at night to sleep, breaking the old woman sleeping bed, small group of children play ground floor, three days later bid farewell to Ganniang away, leaving the old woman to live with Huang Dahan.Huang Dahan in accordance with the contract, sincere as her mother, save yourself half starving wild eat porridge let your mother; his house with mud to be a simple cold stove, picking up firewood back to light a fire to warm the house; see your mother did not wear clothes, Han Hu three housekeeper to find a loan shark to buy homespun cotton to make your mother; mother’s eyes can not see, Shang Hao Han cut root sticks to her to be a crutch, to take care of perhaps your mother.  Han so good for your mother, your mother to him also the real thing.Although she was blind, hands and feet but also work, work in the fields Shimoda Han busy, the mother at home for cooking mend, so Han feel the warmth of family.  Mr. Wu Choi go back a month later, I heard that Huang Dahan buy old blind woman, curse says: I give you money, is to let you buy a wife, gave me a little long hours and do hard labor for my family, but buy your kid old blind woman.We do not raise Wu useless, reach old blind woman away, or I’ll sell you two coal mines with hard labor!  Huang Dahan Although reluctant mother, Choi Mr. Wu can never acts, what vicious things do come!Mother knew the difficulties he met blind, comfort, said: children do not worry, your mother be honest with you, I was the richest man in the city with his wife, the husband CRITICAL was moving in the Crown, could not understand a traitor in power, rampant traitor, resign seclusion back downtown.We nearly sixty years, only one girl, because her husband perennial sick I was blind, anxious to marry to inherit family property turned out, after a couple CRITICAL Official experienced many vicissitudes of life, a reluctant recruit the officials, suspected of corrupt officials Cool brutal , ferocious than wolves; two people not investment, too unscrupulous businessmen, beastly; three no trick wealthy son, who battle the blessings parents debauchery, mostly Jiunangfandai.They want to find kindness, honest human husband, a good care of her daughter, two good inherited family wealth.Miss Lu reasonable, afraid to find a fickle negative sense, eat, drink dude mistaken for life, supported the views of parents.  Lu Jiafu women discuss that now Renxinbugu, people say can not be trusted, this servant servants seeking to find out easily fooled, it is better to eat some bitter personally find.CRITICAL due to illness, Ms. Lu had to get personally involved with a few trusted servants, disguise themselves as poor blind woman, grass-standard plug prostitute people do Niang.Who would be stupid enough to spend money to buy the blind do your mother ah!Ms. Lu was very quiet, such as three to five years even if it wanted to, always wait until a compassionate person!Until finally Huang Dahan put Ms. Lu bought, servants to pretend hawkers, Xianhan, secret protection.  Ms. Lu finished, pulled out a piece of pure gold engraved with the writing head Huang Dahan cards to do keepsake, let him next year fifteenth day, take this piece of land to head the government recognize the pro gold medal, she wants to go back starry night, she told her husband, daughter good news.  Mrs. let Huang Dahan middle of the night to take her out of the village.To the entrance to the village, towards the shack a few Han Jisheng, a few Han out of the house, they are lujia bodyguards, servants, with the dark lady here care.Some people pull Ms. Mao Lv Fu sit, asked Mrs. Huang Dahan speed back, do not tell people mention this.Huang Dahan head back out to see the card, inscribed with the word Lu House on the card, I can not help him look happy, thank God dark.  Huang Dahan good day for rejoicing think of the future, from time to time dig gold peep.That day, the housekeeper asked him to close usury Hu three, Han positive brand ornamental fish head, Hu three sudden snatch a bite taken away: Amazing, is really gold!  Huang Dahan hand Quduo, Hu three thundered: Dude, you are a pauper, but where’s the gold card?When the robber robbed, or thieves steal?  Huang Dahan was about to explain, Hu three apart from anything else, he went to see Mr. Wu grab money, the gold medal to Mr. Wu Choi.Mr. Wu Choi think this poor young man, so much as a lump of gold, certainly tainted!Moment interrogated Huang Dahan.Huang Dahan not speak, Mr. Wu fiscal shout: I do not know who you are too poor to chink, this gold medal is very expensive, not to steal, rob, is it out of the sky and take the underground?If not provoke truthfully, take you to Yamen spanking on plywood!Huang Dahan scare off the three souls and seven soul, hurriedly buy a wife in case of blind old woman of adventure that out.  Mr. Wu fiscal mused, Jiaohu three Huang Dahan brought down.Huang Dahan said: the gold medal but also me!Mr. Wu Choi shouted: your side of the story does not count, I’m here temporarily put gold medal!  Huang Dahan want to spade, Mr. Wu Choi waved his hand, Hu three belt retainers to him out.Huang Dahan go home frustrated that even the rice did not eat Mengtoutaishui, middle of the night the door was kicked open, a group of masked men burst into the.Huang Dahan was awakened hold down mouth plugged, hands and feet tied, sack and carried to the river was submerged in the water.  Fifteenth, land home decorated wedding, a group of servants stood outside, holding a gold medal to recognize the pro-law, etc..At noon came claiming to Huang Dahan, handheld, Mrs. Lu Gold.Lu House butler take the gold medal, he was invited to a house, buy your mother asked about the details of his life with his wife and after the.Huang Dahan fluent, Butler listened and nodded, and took his wife face to face questioning.Maid help on a blind old woman, Huang Dahan saw your mother crying and shouting.  The old woman said: You really loyal and trustworthy.Today overjoyed wedding day, you told me in the hospital locker, ate dinner into the bridal chamber!  Huang Dahan overjoyed, just enter the hospital, he was put in chains Guanci.Huang Dahan shouted: I do recognize the pro-law, how you poking people?Voice hardly ever just listen to sound thundered: strong bold thief, you murder Huang Dahan false Pianhun, deserve What’s wrong?

Buy life cycle game

Zhou Qi has been three days without coming back.In the past we had a fight, he would walk out, but never like this one go so long.I hit his cell phone, still no answer, until an hour ago, it suddenly is not in the service area.I go to the police, the reception I was on night duty female police officers.She absently record, with a very tired too tone, said: I can help you set up cases, but a grown man, and his wife quarrel turn out for two days, it is a common thing.Then she stuffed a business card to me, saying, My name is Wang Qian, the situation we have contact.  Three days ago, I was with the boss and not resign.To this end, Zhou Qi and I had a fight.He called me too confused, do not understand life, is arrogant and wayward pig.On that day, he fell to his job, left the.  Micro-light morning sky, I am a little sleepy.Suddenly the telephone rang, there came a man’s hoarse voice: you are now Mrs. Zhou?To come back to your husband, or for money?  Kidnapping?I warble said: Sir, you are tied to the wrong guy..We have no money.  But the man was on the phone Jie Jie laughed, he said: I can give you money ah.Let’s do multiple-choice questions, 0:12, your husband 12th Street in the heart of chrysanthemum.But Los North 32 in cash of $ 50,000.You have to choose one from.  This is a game for you?50,000 yuan for others, it may be small, but I lost my job, but it is not a small number.  Ju Sam Street and Los North, a city in the south, a city in the north, two completely opposite directions.I could not help but think of Zhou Qi call me look like a pig.Let him suffer a little bit there’s nothing wrong, because it is a game.  So, I brewed a best of both worlds approach to the police phoned Wang Qian.I beg to say: Wang police officer, just a man called and said Zhou Qi Ju Sam Street No. 12, allowing him to pick up 0:12.I dare not go, you can help me and my colleagues to do?  11:00 I went to Los North, waited until 0:12 before going to open the door of No. 32.There like an old dressing rooms full of dusty center of the room stood a large white envelope, I hurriedly open, which does have $ 50,000 in cash.  I never thought it would be really.I called to ask Wang Qian ill at ease, her tone sounds a bit vague.She said: this is serious, you still come about it.My heart burst of jerks.If, for $ 50,000, would send a strange week of life, my life will conscience.  Wang Qian took me to the forensic room.Forensic covered with a white cloth from the inside out tray.Wang Qian carefully opened, there was actually a ring finger, black blood crust, pour on the wedding ring, it is strange horror.I was shocked Shengjiao out: how is this going children?  I am sorry.Wang Qian quickly covered tray, say, 32 when I went to the room only this.  I suddenly cried madly: and before I report you, you do what!Now out of trouble, do you police are useless?Wang police officer was intimidated by my madness state.A policeman rushed over, while Wang Qian wink to let her leave, while saying: I am sorry, we are remiss.You go back and rest.  In fact, my madness is distributed to all police officers to see.Because I have not thought of good, and they explain how to bag $ 50,000 and the relationship between Zhou Qi finger.  Got home, it has a large bright daylight.I never meant to hurt Zhou Qi, but because of my choice, but he lost a finger.Just then, the phone rang.Phone came the husky voice: Mrs. week, the punishment received it?  I do not play.I sobbed, I gave you the odd week.  But the man did laugh.He said: but not to decide.The prize mentioned 100,000, and the United States Street 65, 100000.Ichiban Street 43, Zhou Qi.Or 0:12, this question, you do not foul up!  I sat quietly, ears full of busy phone.Although this time it was tempting to 100,000, but I have to let Zhou Qi back.  Suddenly the doorbell rang, interrupting my train of thought.Wang Qian is coming.She stood outside the door said: your husband about something, I’m really sorry.Just my colleagues to find some information, I want to take you to see.I do not know what will make you think.In fact, kidnapping, eighty percent of acquaintances to do.  I gently turned the, suddenly he found himself married to a stranger.It turned out he’s behind, but also hidden a lot of things I do not know.He even three years ago and a woman named Lin Mei had a marriage, and he told me he had been single.Finally, the material is a photograph, probably is a screenshot of the monitor, some ambiguity.Wearing large sunglasses on top of a man in black, standing in front of bank counters.  Wang Qian hand-lit picture, he said: do you know this man?  I shook my head, I’m sure have never seen this person, I can not think how he would have contact and Zhou Qi.  Wang Qian paused, continued: after he was kidnapped Chow, Zhou Qi from the account put away 350,000.  350,000?I could not suppress the hearts of surprise, he cried out.  Married less than a year, he even hid behind my back so much of their own money.I was suddenly rising resentment and unwilling to.I said indignantly: Wang police officer, just that the kidnappers called again come.He said let me in 0:12, to yield Street No. 43 pick Zhou Qi.  really?Wang Qian also appeared excited, as if her chance to atone in.She was forced to hold my hand and said: Do not worry, this time we will be dispatched in advance, be sure to save your husband back.  That evening, I came back from 65 gorgeous street it was already 2:00 a.Wang Qian did not expect to actually be waiting in front.She saw me, he frowned, he said: Where did you go?How phone is not open?I subconsciously clenched handbags.Because the street was filled with gorgeous I just get back 100,000.I stammered: I sit at home, too tired, so I went out for a walk.  Wang Qian said: this time we have long rush.But you’ll have to come with me.No. 43 yield Street, did not find Zhou Qi, or catch criminals.They not only found a ring finger of the left hand.That is certainly part of the Zhou Qi, bronze color, glow strange floating white.I stood forensic room, I could not help but spit.  Wang Qian drove me back, I sat stiff deputy seat brain blank.  Police the next day, give me a phone installed on the monitor, but the hoarse voice, never sounded too.Until one afternoon after seven days, I was downstairs in the mailbox and found an anonymous envelope that says: the final selection, 0:12, Hiway Road 18, 200,000.Ming Yang Street 86, Zhou Qi, dead.

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A Lena graduated from Fudan University, Shanghai Pudong human resources manager of a foreign company.Seven meters tall and two very beautiful Lena.One day after work, when Lena came out from the elevator and found a security guard staring at her, she felt very strange.She asked security: Is there anything you?Security shook his head and said no.She was a little angry: Since nothing to do, then why are you staring at me.?Security embarrassed to say: because you’re too pretty too elegant, I love you!Lena’s face some hot, what nonsense this little security?She said that this small little security, not to say that his position is low, but that his age, it is estimated that twenty-one-year-old look like it to three or four small Bi Lina.Do not say like me, just like Gong Li, do not break the law, you slowly like it!Lena out of the hall.Lena went to the office parking lot next to take the car, on the road, thinking about the security blush and say I love you, she laughed, think this is really interesting little security.Since then, Lena hall and then out of the building when you pay special attention to the little security, this kid was tall, dressed in starched uniforms, still looks handsome.Every Lena to cast a glance little security when can always meet his eyes every time he always gave her a heartless smile, smile her warm heart.Slowly, she felt that security is still some cute.B over a period of time, Lena found this little security very sad eyes, his face filled with lonely.She laughed in my heart: how this little security to become so deep of it?Soon, Lena 25th birthday arrived, she did not tell anyone, but that morning, near the flower shop actually sent a big bunch of roses, a card that says Happy Birthday to you, is inscribed: admire your people every day!She suddenly thought of the security.In this city far from home, he was the only one who blessed her birthday, her heart suddenly some moved up.She wants the opportunity to thank him.Afternoon after work, Lena out of the elevator, he was on duty in the hall, she said: Thank you for the flowers!Unkind.He said some shy, more of a joy.She asked: how do you know my birthday?Because I had registered letter forwarded to you, I’ve seen your identity, and then write down!Her warm heart.People spend hundreds of flowers and send blessings, we will ask people to eat a meal of it.She said: my birthday today, after you work, I invite you to eat a meal of it!He immediately flattered, a look of surprise and said: Ok.In a hotel not far from the company, she invited him to dinner, did not expect, he also brought a cake.In her heart and surprised a moment, I did not think the boy would be quite considerate people do.Dinner, she joked: it seems that the entire security office during the day and night shifts?How do you keep the day shift?Is not going gets tough?Leading to plead not working at night?He was silent, then said: I am not afraid of hardship people!I just do not want to work at night only, I was with a colleague shift, I gave him two hundred dollars a month, to be his compensation, in addition, I had to send back to us the captain of a Chinese smoke, the captain allowed us exchanged!That is why ah?Lena felt very strange.He looked her: that is, being able to see you, can, see you on the first floor hall at noon every day to and from work and you go out to eat!Lena’s face suddenly feel very hot.She said: Bite your tongue, and I have nothing nice?I do, after three years older than you are not allowed to talk nonsense ah!What is three years older fear?’Female junior, hold gold brick’!Small security very seriously said to her.His stubborn stubborn look quite interesting, Lena held her laugh: Do not talk nonsense ah!I’m three years older than you, is your sister, thank you to accompany my birthday!By chat, Lena knew he called Tao, from Shandong Binzhou rural areas, because the family was poor, when the sophomore dropped out of school to work.Lena said: Recently I see you’re feeling is not very good, how ah?I did not expect, he said: Because you saw, my heart is always hard to accept!Her heart startled, however, still pretending not to understand what he said, joking: I see is not a heart block ah?Because you are an educated and beautiful white-collar workers, but also the department manager, I just plain did not graduate from high school security, in front of you, I feel very humble!Every time I see you, my heart happy and sad, feel that they do not deserve love you!This ambivalence is you can not understand!He shook his head in pain, then put his arms supported on the table, both hands clutching his face, his shoulders shaking violently, she could clearly see him out of the crevices tears.Lena’s heart burst of pain, she rushed forward and put his arms impulse, however, her hands tightly grasped the chair around, she tried to calm himself down.On the way home that day, Lena mind always emerge out of the shoulders and shake vigorously for Tao tears flowing out of crevices.?Lena’s birthday that night, they left each other a phone number.Lena celebrated the weekend after the 25th birthday, Chen Tao give her a call: I have resigned, ready to do sales, a security guard too boring pick up the phone, Lena stunned for a while, do a dry sales well, the income is very high!However, Gehangrugeshan, say, marketing is not only very hard to do, but also need perseverance, need contacts, you need to eloquence, or even need to match wits with the customer in wine on the table, he could not stick with it!However, Tao was still young, since the decision, and that he went to try or, at least get to hone.Lena go to the mall, buy a suit jacket and a pair of shoes, are considered to give the gift of Tao.He did not tell her to go to which company sales, in order to maintain his self-esteem, she did not have the nerve to ask.

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Not long ago, I returned to work in Fuzhou, Shanghai Garment exhibition coincides with the provincial Foreign Trade Center, his wife insisted to accompany me to buy a new jacket, but I feel old enough to wear the clothes, there is no new clothes does not matter, it would be for His wife said, “the new clothes are expensive, have a few hundred dollars, or save it.”.    ”Province also has a stress, to live province, the province will not die,” his wife said somewhat dissatisfied.    ”I go to buy, you see to know,” his wife said to accompany me, actually pulling me out of.    A huge trade center exhibition hall, is divided into many small rooms, are covered with all kinds of clothing for men and women, dizzying, I had no big interest in the purchase of clothing, cursory look, and his wife has seen it is careful, there are men who jackets stalls, she nearly went to take a closer look fine to ask, not when to feel, almost in a circle in the exhibition hall, and finally she was a young man in front of a business stalls, pointing one hanging on the rack of the new jacket said to me, “I can see this jacket, you see how?”I seriously looked at, I feel this jacket styles, fabrics and colors really good, I thought I would be a ‘herself by Yung’ it, then nodded, his wife removed the clothes, I saw the price of 218 yuan , then frowned slightly.His wife said, “Do not frown, took a fancy to buy, too expensive a price to kill put it down,” she seemed to have a full grasp like.”Young man, how can this dress value of two hundred yuan of money, too expensive, you open a net price, minimum amount of money?” I give you the lowest discount of twenty percent, to close at 170 dollars, a fraction of even the ‘young man while socializing with other visitors, he replied my wife’s questioning.    ”Too expensive, or too expensive,” the wife murderer, immediately left the hands of the clothes, but also deliberately pull me, and said, “Come on,” we want to go see the young man, he quickly said, “Sister, do not go, really want to buy , a price you out of it. “.    ”Up to 150 yuan.”See the other side loose mouth, I will be the first bid, I thought it was about to kill in the end the price.    ”Well, you take 160 dollars, we have to make the point step”.Young man “honest” answer.    ”Do not want to sell it?Then we look elsewhere, “his wife turned to move away.    ”Sister, Sister, go ah, 150 to 150, capital preservation on the line,” the young man tried to retain the.    Wife head back and said to the young man, “my husband bid $ 150, I have only 130 dollars, I would buy one willing to sell, do not sell let’s forget it.” “Sister, you too..”Young man no readily agreed, but hesitated for a while and then said, ‘Well, see you sister deliberately bought, they sell you’ wife paid immediately.Suddenly she found the collar a little bit dirty, they asked for one, but the young man said, can not change, this one on the.His wife said, “can not change, I do not, spend so much paying the money to buy pieces of dirty clothes,” hear my wife say, the young man quickly took out 10 dollars into the hands of my wife.In this way, a price tag of 218 dollars jacket, wife spent 120 yuan to buy down.I was surprised woman bargaining ability, but also for businesses to leave so much space for counter-offer and wonder, no wonder some people say some things you can buy half-price half.Perhaps, I think the intelligent reader of this jacket on price as well as water.

Buy a house for love

Originally did not intend to husband transferred to the same city, due to the work and the kids really made me big head, after all, still I want the way her husband and transferred together, at least two people together, what is it can change hands each other.  My husband works in the city for over ten years, usually lived office, weekend travel between the two cities, so there is no buy a house in the local.I and the children moved here, but to let renters.Think of middle-aged people also had to rent the day, my heart will give birth to a sort of strange feeling, as if the foundation is not duckweed.  My husband claims to sell the original house to buy a house here, thought, and I still do not agree.Lived for ten years in the room with the feeling did not say, really sell it, the original price could buy it back.There is, after all, is a medium-sized city in the future her children, if in high school, then it is also possible to go back to the house would not have to worry about a thing?Rent to rent it, buy a house is a big deal, or wait for a suitable opportunity to talk about it.  Shortly after one day, her husband excitedly said to me: I have a student with en-suite units want to sell it, we go and see?Look is read, the homeowner may bid too high, but also to one-time payment.The structure of the house looked pretty good, but I always loved the split-level, her husband wanted to buy it.I strongly disagree that the homeowner would be asking too much.To this end, a good husband unhappy for some time, that I have no vision, fear of the wolf scared the tiger before doing love.  In fact, I’m waiting for prices to come down is not possible, after all, the prices of some high.Who knows, little six months later, house prices not only did not decline, but has been steadily rising.Prior to think of that suite, and I really regret not buy some.  A few months later, I went to the field study, her husband called and excitedly told me last night that he ask a friend to drink, because their units to raise funds to build a house, friends do not want to, so my husband asked him to places for us, and is based on the purchase price of the unit inside, the day after tomorrow must pay an advance of 50,000.I heard, but also gas is not one to play, why have to buy it at the highest rate?Even if the internal price that far, why should this anxious moment when half of it?  I am opposed to a husband, then anxious, said: Well, since you do not want to even, I’ll raise the housing fund, you do not control anything, I do not have to listen to your opinion!Then, he snapped off the phone.Soon, the phone message alert sound a bit.I opened a few lines greeted: my wife, I have worked here for so many years is also thought to buy a house, but now is not the same, you and the children came, of course I will give you a home, even now Zaguomaitie I will not let his wife and children continue to live rent.Because, you are my all!  Reading it, my tears suddenly flooded out, buy a house for love, marriage is a man, the interpretation of the love child of the highest state bar?

Buy a hope

Buy a hope that year in a foreign country, to see a poor old man to buy lottery tickets.He went to the lottery ticket selling point, have not had time to speak, the staff deft hands and feet on the computer for him elected a set of numbers, then the credentials to him.He seemed homeless, there is no fixed target to be rushed, buying lottery tickets, foolishly stood aside.I just idle, and he will be talking to.  I asked, why do not you personally choose a set of numbers it?  He said that was my own election.I always buy lottery tickets here.I want to know the staff which set of numbers.Whenever you see I approached, I’ll knock them out as.  I say, that every time you choose the numbers are the same myself?  he said’s the same.I have bought the same numbers for a full forty years lottery.Once a week, buying a hope.  My mind quickly calculated the year, even if fifty-two weeks four or five XX, two hundred fifty-one ten days and then multiplied by the cost per injection Lottery!I asked, you had it in?  He suddenly became coy up, murmured, not in too.On one occasion, awards and I chose digital’re just one.  I said, after that, you also choose which set of numbers you?  He said firmly, election.  I said, I am a layman, wrong you’ll excuse.In my guess, after the re-emergence of the probability of this set of numbers is very low, let alone have a figure in line with your requirements change.  He said, you’re right, this is the.  I was stunned.He looked haggard ragged.Lottery money, while small, but week after week to buy the, into the rice grain basket, also became the plot not too small number of.With the money, why not buy yourself a shelter cold clothes, eat a full meal of it?Besides, stubbornly repeating the same set of numbers, never change, it is also not a wise move.  I could not bear to hurt his heart, and do not know what to say, only a long silence.After a child, he took the initiative to speak, you definitely want to know what kind of group it is a digital bar?  I nodded and said, ah.  He said shyly, that was my first girlfriend’s birthday Digital.Every week I bet that they will think of her, mind you warm up.  I said that to the lottery, you know he did not, the cold will not mind?  He smiled, teeth like sugar-coated tablets, like changing the colors under neon lights.He said, will not.I immediately bought a new round of lottery tickets, hoping they would grow out.I am poor, want to belong to the poor is very limited.With so little money, you can buy happiness for a week, this opportunity, in this world, it is not much.Not to mention, that number is also entrusted with my memories.If I choose this set of figures in the award, she will be noticed, because it was her birthday ah.Then she would wonder who won this prize?So you can see my name.She will immediately understand that my life did not forget her, but I had so much money, she might come to me the old man finished, she turned around, walked slowly.


Grandpa said: there are always unexplained things in this world.Many times, people thought he was closer to the truth, that is, the farther from the truth.Trying to know everything, is itself a paradox.Many do not know know better than.  Grandpa is a priest, his hands holding a glowing scepter.Rubin knows, one day, will scepter in his hands.  In our heads, that is the place God live.Grandpa said, pointing to the sky.  Dark sky, two blood-red moon rises one after another, my grandfather told him that the two moons, called the forgotten, the other is called hope.  God lives in you that?Rubin asked.  God lives in the more distant than their place.That place, there is the best thing you can think of.Grandpa said.  how far?Rubin asked.  far away.Far exceed the time.Grandpa smiled and replied.  They know that we do exist?Rubin asked.  Grandpa was silent for a moment, then said: know.  When can we see that they do?Rubin asked.  Grandpa silence.  In fact, God often revealed miracles, not to themselves, but their angels.Their messenger is a huge iron birds.Grandpa said that birds do spaceship.  The angels of God sometimes brought food, whenever this time, Grandpa would lead us thank God for the gift of singing and dancing.Each received a gift of God, the whole tribe will indulge in the joy that.  We are God’s people, we are suffering God’s blessing.Grandpa says.  The rest of the time, my grandfather always in command of all hunting, cultivation, production of appliances.Grandpa desperately to teach you something, my grandfather seems to know everything.  Rubin local people with family life is a valley.Born here, this is also dead.Compared to other people, with Rubin grandfather’s life seems to be much longer.  Do not leave this valley.Grandpa said to all the tribe.  why?Rubin asked.  For God’s will.Grandpa said.He said this convergence all smile.  Rubin guess, about as long to leave the valley, Grandpa can not protect everyone the place of God.  There was an uncle ran out of the valley, found his grandfather with Rubin.Grandfather when looking for a man, scepter has been luminous.Finally, my grandfather found the disobedient uncle, the man was already dying, his body full of monsters biting traces.  Why bother?Grandpa asked.  free.The man said.  What’s the difference now run fifty paces to run a hundred paces of it?Grandpa sighed.  The uncle said: If a butterfly cocoon can not boil the moment, they will not give up.  That uncle eventually died.  Grandpa bury him.Rubin knew this be a very noble tribe of treatment.  Grandpa, what is the butterfly?Rubin asked.  A species of worm.Grandpa Road.  insect?  One kind of insect can fly out of the valley.Grandpa said.He later drew a butterfly on the sand to watch Rubin: That’s butterfly.  gorgeous.  Grandpa nod, look to the distant stars: Compared to the United States, sometimes life is much more important.Butterflies, all power savings, and ultimately butterfly cocoon, just want to survive.Putting out the fire, not the butterfly, moth.  Grandpa do not know if Rubin, Rubin felt grandfather’s expression of sadness.  Special Envoy of God sometimes sent something in addition to food, such as people.  Everyone arrived, my grandfather go through baptism alone, to enter the tribal.  God said, remember to remove them in heaven.Grandpa so explained Rubin.  Rubin felt very sorry, because after the grandfather of worship, all the people will not say heavenly things.What they forget is the butterfly.They would like all the villagers get married and have children, then die.Occasionally think a little heavenly things, not many.  Rubin life different from other children, Rubin will learn most of the time in my grandfather’s cave.  We learn something, and then one day, you should teach them to our tribe.  Why do not we learn together?  Because the time is not ripe.Grandfather, Rubin is not always clear.  Rubin vaguely guess, probably because the time to learn something too long, the tribe’s life is too short.  Grandpa seemed to be waiting for something.Each tribe will accept a child born grandfather’s blessing, but the grandfather every time quietly sigh.What Grandpa looking for it?Rubin asked.  Waiting for someone.Grandpa said.  Who he is?  And so on with people like you and me.Grandpa Road.  Grandpa with Rubin life longer than others.Rubin’s first friend lying in the soil of the valley, the second batch of friends has become someone else’s grandfather.And Rubin, Rubin still innocent.  He grew up, but the speed is slower than you should.When he first friend died of old age, Rubin cried all night.  why?We are the monster it?he asks.  Grandpa wry smile, touch Rubin’s head and said: My child, you and I are normal.One day, everyone will be normal.  Why do we become abnormally?Rubin asked.  Grandpa did not answer, just let go of Rubin’s hand, raised his white-haired head, looking up at the starry sky.  Rubin does not ask, he felt the sadness grandfather.Rubin do not know if you want to have a normal life when it would come.In his view, all the people around are rushing to grow up, get married and have children to catch, catch and enjoy this short life.Only he, quietly watching all this with Grandpa.  Each child was born, my grandfather would ignite a raging hope.But when often the next day and found that the baby had grown up in a circle, Grandpa will be disappointed.  Disappointed grandfather, write the name of the newborn will be illuminated in a cave board.  In this case, God will know his name, and protecting him.Grandpa said.  My name is also something like it?Rubin asked.  Grandpa said: no.  why?Rubin felt very strange.  Because, boy, you are my.You will one day take over the planet, in terms of God, you are the same with my name A84.Grandpa said.  Rubin did not like the cold name.  Grandpa should not like.  All the people are busy old, Rubin was learning arrangements.Every time when Rubin went into the cave, Rubin felt the wooden door cut off is not the sun, but time.  Rubin’s life is very long, my grandfather always said not to waste.The reason can not be wasted, presumably grandfather’s life does not seem good enough.  The eve of the Harvest Festival, the messenger of the gods appeared.This time, in addition to food gods also sent a man.Logically, grandfather should be held a grand ceremony, the gift of the gods Thanksgiving, then purify new people.  But this time, the grandfather of worship there was an accident.Grandpa suddenly ill.Grandpa’s life and then a long, eventually there will burnout when the oil to make.  Because grandfather physical discomfort, Rubin first time ever be allowed to stay with heavenly people down the side of the cabin cave.Said to be together, in fact, it is to look after the extraterrestrial Rubin.  Rubin friendly and handed him a piece of cooked meat from heaven this is a dark-haired boy, a rare black hair, white skin, delicate like a grandfather in the picture album.  This is a very nice boy, a bit like a grandfather, said the wizard.  Have you seen butterflies do?Rubin asked.  The young do not speak, also rejected Rubin meat.  Have you seen butterflies do?Rubin willing to ask.  Teenager raised his head.  Rubin shocked at the heart of this beautiful man a pair of long beast’s eyes.This is how one of his eyes, ah, like night and turned it into water droplets into his eyes, icy, cold and with disdain.  traitor.Black teenager said Rubin, eye brow all with hatred.Intractable hatred.  what did you say?Rubin thought he got it wrong.  Cowardly coward!Black teenager said teeth.Rubin saw the spit from his face in.  Rubin does not understand what is wrong, at this moment, my grandfather’s voice sounded behind him.  What do you think to how it was not a coward?Like you worthless land to die it?鸡蛋碰石头 If the egg is an egg, a stone is a stone, so even light touch all the eggs, stones and will not appear a crack.Grandpa Road.  His actions somewhat slow, Rubin quickly raise him.Grandpa sat cross-legged cabin, like a towering mountain can not be shaken.  So you became a traitor?Teenager asked, helping the enemy to monitor their compatriots?When you’re hiding in this barren soil king?Look what you’ve done?Huts, worship, really funny, you think you live in the ancient yet?You forget how they occupy our planet do?You just know that they Pleasure.Almost all of them suffered radiation aging rays, but you intact with your child, you feel very happy, right?  Rubin felt his heart jump, tugging at the sleeve of my grandfather and said: Grandpa, what he was saying?He said were true.?  Grandpa nodded and said: Yes.He said is true.We are not priests, we are just custodians of the refugees this point.Here, however, is a prison edge of the universe.I die, you’re the supervisor here.  Black teenager musters a hint of sneer.  Rubin was the verge of tears.  Grandpa touch the head of Rubin, he said: children, to tell you the time.  Rubin listened wide-eyed.  Grandpa said: you come with me.That child, you do not escape.Barrier circle outside this valley, you can not deal with is the beast similar to the ancient civilization of the saber-toothed dragon.And you can not stand the climate of the planet is entering an ice age.  Black teenager heard, silence followed my grandfather and Rubin went into the cave.  The cave is a cave.  Twists and turns like a spider web-like passage extending.Some extends into the dark, some light into.In this cave side of the rear chamber, there is a hidden door pillars after the.Grandpa always said, the door to the future, Rubin did not once go off.  Open bar.The two of you together.Grandpa said.  Rubin teenager with black hair, as one, together to push the door.  The door opened.  A narrow corridor.  Shaped like most cellular corridor, like items inside corridor.Both sides of the corridor are many big jar, like a honeycomb in the pupae.  Jar bubble many people.Some bigger, some smaller, some have the appearance of a man.  this is me!Rubin from a face recognized his.  also me.Grandpa said, these are our failures, and Rubin, now, you are the only butterfly in the butterfly.This is when the ‘jailer’ another benefit.I was able to get such a simple clone cabin and they do not want to spend too much energy on guard, so I have a chance to maintain a rapid aging of its own will not.I have tried, to see you later, Rubin.If we’re lucky, ‘our’ civilization has been handed to the Serbs can return to normal life that day.If, unfortunately, we failed cloning, we are mythology, Prometheus stole fire.  Rubin shocked to see my grandfather, there brunette teenager suddenly no longer speak of.  Quietly waiting for its death, Grandpa said, it is better to sow hope.  Black teenager was silent, actually nodded his head.  This small planet, you can call it a prison, but also be able to see it as protective cocoon larvae.Do you know why two moons called ‘forgotten’, called ‘hope’ it?Because we only have to wait until the time is passing away, and so they only unintentionally forgotten our existence, until the ‘curse’ body disappeared from our people, we will be able to open a new civilization again.Race to be able to continue, even after many years of accumulated enough power to become a butterfly.The world of things, again and again, as long as alive, there will be a day.  This is what you say 鸡蛋碰石头, more broken eggs, stones mean they will not be bad?Black young man asks, he used the honorific.  Yes, you are very smart.We are eggs, they are stone.Now we do not beat them.Blindly what use is it to die?If you want to survive, we must learn wrapped themselves up, put into pupae in.Grandpa said, revealing a meaningful smile.  Grandpa Is this how thing?Rubin clinging gown grandfather asked.  Grandpa sighed, touch the head of Rubin.  There was a unjust war.Black teenager began, we were defeated, almost no room to turn around.  simple and clear.It seems every reason.  After that day, the grandfather of the disease is increasing.Rubin took over grandfather’s scepter.He told all of us very happy, we suffer God’s blessing.  So, we are happy to be alive, as always.  Black hair boy also stayed.According to the program, crutches sucked his memory, but he is still friends with Rubin.  With tribal totem is a strange creature, named Butterfly.  It’s a strange thing, belly like a snake, head dragonfly wings was so great.Lost her memory brunette teenager said with a smile, it is simply grotesque!  Ok.One day, we will see it.After many, many years, it will fly high.Young new priest said.