After the autumn (Qintai Arts)

After getting some leaves falling autumn I know there are some leaves on the branches reluctantly they had been in life and death friendship but no matter how good the lingering skelter is the true nature of the world would go and see the orange orange green lotus moment to bid farewell to the summer green and pink I seem to prefer this autumn brown I have repeatedly seen the charges as boundless expanse of blue fairy in between I just yearn for listening to the rain on lotus leaves as if one kind of vague pain this pain is a sad but also a joy it gives me no longer see those pretty colorful beauty also just greed youth as late at night listening to Brahms had a love of life and death forbear even vain word is love I may be a mate that I may be a leaf that I also hold a lotus incense in the branches I’ve had a lotus life and now I decided to listen to the lotus in the autumn of mind away from a noisy enter into a vast

After the accident.

REVIEW meet with friends is a good thing, not a bad idea with the tour, but the occurrence of an accident has changed everything, including family, friendship and love comrades have been varying degrees of challenge, more importantly, this incident reminds everyone such a problem: the private car in the end should not have let a friend or colleague ride?  A ruthless car accident, not only of a fresh life to dust, the more fragmented or several families under enormous social pressure, think about it, everything has not only upset people.    Xu, 46, in a branch office of a large state-owned enterprises, who not only looks delicate features, people skills is critically acclaimed, combined with good financial management, so that family life is quite rich, although many years ago because of personality and its reasons husband divorced, she sentimental daughters in order not to give up more wronged the other half of the right to pursue their own, but gentle and generous temperament she was not a single arc, because she has a bunch of very good friends to always accompanying, or drink tea, play cards, or travel by car.One Saturday a month ago, she went to meet friends and Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan city after eating at noon, several people will be traveling in three cars marching to the destination.She and her daughter ride in the same car, because Liu and his girlfriend recently hobnobbing, they take the initiative to sit together, despite the poor technical friends husband driving, but in the past has repeatedly been to the place, so, No worry about her heart also mean.In approaching the purpose of the occasion, down from a hill close to the intersection with the truck, whose driver stopped to let the car take the initiative first, wanted, hill-start the car the two were unsuccessful, the occasion of panic, the car slid out of control deep, not bolt seat belt driver sitting together thereafter Xu fell out of the door, and broke four ribs in addition to the driver outside, and there are multiple injuries, while the female Xu was then distributed to them bleeding to death, and his neck had broken, I heard, she was in chaos after jumping encounter.    Tsui This is the woman adopt a child, its adoptive parents in adoption a few years later she gave birth to a daughter, years ago, parents have already passed away.Along with her death, which is fourteen years old daughter’s fate has become the focus of attention, according to the normal law, the back side of his father, the most appropriate, but because of custody has been in mother’s side, therefore, its aunt also take the initiative to.After the accident, accompanied by a few friends feel guilty, finished in the initiative to host funeral shortly woman Xu, Liu female initiative to compensate two hundred thousand yuan for his daughter, but was rejected Xu’s sister, and the price increase to only fifty dollars, if not, we will have to resort to legal.    Originally, meet with friends is a good thing, not a bad idea with the tour, but the occurrence of an accident has changed everything, including family, friendship and love comrades have been varying degrees of challenge, more importantly, this incident reminds everyone so one problem: the private car in the end should not have let a friend or colleague ride?Xu has been turned into a puff of smoke drifted away, but no one knows what thought before her eyes closed; Tsui underage daughter had each other’s mother lost childhood, the future will not grow up resentful; Liu one’s good intentions are not good newspaper, and perhaps become a huge compensation as a working-class lifetime of heartache; Xu’s sister have a big opening for the indignant niece, he may also be blamed and cursed others behind; Xu’s ex-husband, although not published any comments, but since then had to assume more responsibility a father.A car accident, people not want to happen, but the fact is often occur, particularly drinking and driving is dangerous, friends, self-respect when your driving, honestly![Editor: Can children]

After “sworn”

Qing dynasty, Shandong Jinan government has a number of silver Showtime, the owner surnamed Zhao, Zhao called one million.This day, Zhao mother passed away, Zhao funeral for the mother, and from the constant stream of friends and family.Accountant in the condolence ceremony came a man, claiming to Zhang Jinlong.This person 30 up and down, wearing a long robe, wearing a cap melons, handsome, imposing appearance, a wealthy appearance.This is Zhang Jinlong lavish ceremony full wages on twelve hundred, so staggering palm book.At that time one thousand Liangwen Yin, but a great number.Zhao large fortune, relatives and friends also no shortage of Yan Fu’s official people, up to the ceremony, but also two hundred.This is Zhang Jinlong shot so generous, it can be met with the person with Zhao unusual relationship.Besides the main house Zhao millions heard about the matter, he came to the accountant, hanging a look book, inscribed Zhili Nanpi Zhang Jinlong.Was very puzzled child: Think about all his relatives and friends, he did not die of a man named Zhang Jinlong?This man is doing?Why on such a heavy gifts?Anyway, I was invited to meet?Ask palm book, this person said after finishing up on the left.How this line?Zhao then immediately sent for one million visits to various hotels.Three looking to find two really also found Zhang Jinlong.Zhao hurried him go with your family sedan.This is the sort of person Zhang Jinlong?Here it is necessary to introduce: Zhang Jinlong is the Black Dragon Zhili Nanpi town.Early poor family, father frequented estuary horse stall.A few years later, it touches make a lot of money, but also to develop his character treacherous man.After his father died, Zhang Jinlong alone pick possessions, the desire to get rich growing.At that time the business has been hot up opium in the country.Zhang Jinlong bends with the wind, we start with the opium business.This spring, Zhang Jinlong man with trafficking opium to Qingdao, Jinan down because the incident delayed the House.Time out, coincided with a large funeral out, traveling hundreds of thousands of people Monk, a question, said Mr. Zhao is an aging mother died, it Mr. Zhao is open silver number, known as Zhao one million.Seeing Zhang Jinlong, an idea, a thought suddenly Health, walk around the body back to the hotel stay, carry out brought a thousand Liangwen Yin Zhao went on a funeral.Accompanied by folks to see him have jumped on the capital, understand its meaning, and asked him, do not recognize does not know, and so on Why gift?Zhang Jinlong not explain, but hey sneer.Besides Zhao million Zhang Jinlong will receive your family, a banquet.Zhang Jinlong did not open his mouth chin, it can blow up on a large cattle.Zhao found that when asked whether the one million towards the minister Zhang Wan, Zhang Zhidong?Zhang rights inone two brothers, who do not know, nobody knows what?Zhao told Zhang Jinlong million two brothers Zhang uncle is his own family?Wan famous village drove home the silver, and the foreigners are doing now is a big deal.He talked about the early years of listening to his uncle, the Jinan government to Zhang Zhao Jiazu grace, have not been able to return.The passing through here, to coincide aunt passed away, a little piece of cake, Buchengjingyi.Words were very relaxed.Zhao 1001000 Zhang brothers he is a courtier’s nephew, is adoration.As for his own ancestors words of Zhang’s grace, he first heard.Since people say, simply acquiesced in it?So Baoquan hand, even said: honor, honor.Zhang Jinlong put on a wealthy look, Zhao playing in the day, he said, pushing a hand press business, hurry to leave.Zhao see this gratitude by flying experience, of course, we are happy to see Zhang Jinlong rich and powerful, is not there anything to curry favor with the reason?Zhao climb the high branches bent one million children, two sworn proposed eight worship became brothers.Zhang Jinlong also wish.Thus, the two vowed to drink blood, dedication and have difficulty with when, forged a life and death brothers.Zhang Jinlong Fengfengguangguang left the Jinan government.Qingdao can not make it, because all the silver brought the ceremony, playing a net, I had no choice but to go home.His family do not know what is snake oil medicine, I thought he had it hysteria noontime?When over more than a month, Zhang Jinlong Zhao went to Jinan.Saying did a business, sometimes Zhouzhuanbukai funds, borrowed 5200 silver.Zhao did not hesitate even one million, readily agreed.Unexpectedly, Zhang Jinlong and no withdrawals, say one will be taken when using.Fast forward a year.This day, Zhang Jinlong police sent 520 silver of interest.Zhao one million understand its meaning: there is no silver put away, how can I collect interest?Police explained: my family dispensers to say, he took money put away, ready to be silver number for us.Now that ready, even if the bill had it when interest.It is not too happy at Zhao millions of the world’s most feel that they get to know people talk about faith.Then, after about six months, Zhang Jinlong personally came to Jinan, Zhao Gao Ying naturally take away.Zhang Jinlong speech that he made a fortune with foreigners opium big business in urgent need of 000 silver, desperation to find Big Brother.Within three months to ensure the return of principal and interest together, doubling interest.000 silver, but a scary number of people.Zhao join together to obtain silver No..Because through different things to each other, Zhao Jinlong nature is no doubt one million pairs.Also specifically placed for the, for his brother in the league before the statue of Marshal Chao, more than a stick of incense burned it?The next day, Zhao one million Dongnuexijie, patchwork, finally gather the 000 silver, and by Escort, Zhang Jinlong Hire will return Nanpi.

After step down the red carpet

Sister was down, good help, stood in the courtyard of the mud, her white feet fertilizer, waddled.She probably was a year old, and I have four years old!    Mother took out a kitchen knife, aligned with the middle sister feet piece of mud, serious and hard to cut down.    ”doing what?”I asked loudly.    ”A child is not sensible!”Mom was mysteriously put away the knife,” my grandmother said, so children will have to walk scholarship, you were a kid and I had to cut you.”” Why cut?”” Child born feet are shackled locked, so not walk, it cuts off the only road to go.”” I do not see, “I am not convinced and said,” Where in leg irons.”” Fetters is there, the grandmother said, you can not see it wants.”” Now is not broken?”” Broken, now cut off, and my sister would be to walk.”Later, of course, my sister would walk, and I grew up, finally know my sister can walk with leg irons cut has nothing to do, but I do not know why, that distant screens actually as clear towering, moved me.    Maybe there really is shackled, life is always rushed, always breaking what Dayton, anyway, not our own to bursting sturdy chains, is to make that cruel hoops of steel into our flesh!    Is late spring or early summer also remember not invited, I went upstairs to Vincent Press, Mr. Shaw put a contract book to me.    ”Very well,” he said, and he seems tall, fine, competent, “read you something that reminds me of a child to read and Bing Tagore.”I was surprised to jump quickly, Bing Xin and Tagore?This is what I cooked terribly, terribly love it!How could he know?I just think it is an autobiography, “carpet that end” so sold off, after deducting taxes I only got over two thousand yuan, but do not feel at a disadvantage.    I Hing hastily went to a friend palette like, I want the purple, when I married, the family arranged all purple, purple curtains, bedspread is purple, the window frames of creeper flowers are purple, purple to overflowing on the page, a dream for some years, it was a beautiful sunny day, I send color samples to the press go, the road, San Mao, she also went to see color samples, she is a friend of the book color, tone grass green, a book is really exciting news, we will happily touch of color to the life of that upcoming booklet.    ”We were together a book,” Once Kang Yun Wei said, “Man’s great publicity well ah, enlarged photos are hanging out.”That’s something I forgot, after her mentioning, think as if there was something going on, the strange thing is I do not remember the photo, and I remember that I often after work, Baba went upstairs Press , ask them to show me the case of a new book on sale.    ”Whose book is relatively easy to sell?”In fact, the book has sold or how sales have nothing to do with me.    ”Your Shan with leaves.”The clerk turned to me booklet.    I took a closer look at the booklet, want to know in the end is a leaf Shan sell more, or I – I can not say that’s crazy or naive, then somehow things all day to worry about impatient, probably as a young.    October of that year, did not bridge cubs literary send a gift certificate Zhang Qingdian concept to me, I went to Taiwan.Her husband also have a ticket, our seats in different areas, similar to the adjournment of the meeting at the stadium when the door.    I was wearing a magenta suit, Hui Lai that day the sun, the sky a brilliant blue, my position is very good, very exciting sports performances, but also want to see close at hand, and her husband, the presence of a seat, we We will meet and go after the meeting, everything being perfect crystal clear, full of regrets.    But, suddenly, I burst into tears, I remembered Nanjing.Nanjing is not on geography, is the poem, in words, the soul dream, the mother’s accent in Nanjing (Nanking mother is not a person, but secondary school in Nanjing) vaguely remember that name, Xuanwu Lake, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, Jiming Temple, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River.No, do not want those names, that was not fair, not middle-aged nostalgia, you are just so young, nostalgia should not have to worry to you, you see it show, you are invited to see the show, and Behold!Good seats it!Do not cry, you did not see it properly Jiandajiadu!Why do you cry?You really too young, you do still wearing the bride’s dress to marry, you are happy, you have your little house, every evening, down purple mantle and the man came back, there is little life the angry, a little proud, a little Qishang and sweet, so the day is not very good yet?    Not touch the hometown of thinking, it is too strong, do not let the three Jiang Wuyue to hit you, do not read the red county Shenzhou name, you can not stand, really, life is good, to force back the tears, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start, you can not start to recover.I sat, invalid admonished himself, from the Golden Gate to the fire in the hall lit, half-naked man in divers operating performance, such as condensate meter team butt purple power, especially in the stands above the red pillars, straight spicy pushed the front, I can not think of Sun Yat-sen to curb, looking heavenwards that stepping stone, Chinese people’s Wailing wall, when will we be hot forehead against the cold on the sacred, we will step a protracted amount ascended the highest mountain fog lock cloud buried.Will be scattered, and I suffer rubs up against the door, he was there for me, we go home together.    ”what happened to you?”Go a long way, he could not help but ask me.    ”No, do not ask me.””are you uncomfortable?””No.”” That, “he worried,” I mess with you?”” No, no, no – you do not ask me, I beg you do not ask, do not tell me a word, at least do not tell me today.”He looked at me in surprise, surprise there is an understanding in recent afternoon sun shines on broad magnanimous Dunhua North Road, we silently back to the purple nest.    He really did not bother me again, I am trance began to organize themselves, what dawned on me that there are some deep-rooted things have been hidden in my own do not quite know at Yuanshen, the lady style education can not be masked, is a traditional Chinese Department of exegesis and poetry can not be polished, that very rude and very wild and very very hot, what can not be stopped, that “for the full history of the pen have fat marrow, bone blood as impregnable as a base, with the enterohepatic a dirty heat, intense boiling water for rivers “(Note) feelings.I remember when very young, and his father leave, then the family has two long knives, a victory of the war to the division, shark skin, antique, body and belongings regarded as the father of the only valuable things, with my mother and smaller sister to Taiwan, his father does not go, only to take us to the river, he said:

After some sharpening, only more beautiful smooth pebbles

Ladder ladder has never been used footrest, it’s just to get people’s feet to put some time, so do not let one foot on the board can go down to.  Winding mountain road circling, but that extends toward the summit.  Only the top of the mountain to see the other side of the scenery.  Even rocky road, the wheels have to move forward; even rough rivers, ships were sailing.  Only by creating, is the real enjoyment, only hard work, is a full life.  Courage to declare war on the darkness of the human heart must be full of light.  Lofty ideals like flowers growing in the mountains.If you engage in under it is hard to climb the ropes.  Nature, no ups and downs, the earth will not Fruitful.  Diligence is the password of your life, you can be translated a magnificent epic.  Busy bees collect, no time to talk in front of people.  Warrior Hai streams without the great stroke sink, drowning will calm coward.  No matter how high mountains, always leave the road to climb to a brave man.  As long as the sweet harvest, there will be thorns busy bee.  Life can be sweet, it may be bitter, but not the taste is not.You can win, you can also fail, but you can not give in.Nine hundred and ninety-ninth in vain, and a thousand times it is only open opportunities for enterprising and talented people, never patronize mediocre.  Only those who walk on the concrete floor, never leave deep footprints.  Meaning that the vitality and hard work, because the world itself is an arena.  Waves of character, is a rock and shattered countless times and countless flash pounced reef.  Banyan because rooted in deep soil, shade longer life will flourish.  Pride is broken kite lead, fleeting; low self-esteem, is cut the wings of birds, hard on the sky.Both of which are taught taboo.  If the trees trimmed because of fear of pain and denial, it may never become useful.  After some sharpening of the sea, only more beautiful smooth pebbles.  If the talent compared to the sword, it is hard grindstone.  He withstood the baptism of fire mud will have a strong physique.  Although the weak spot fireflies, but the darkness is illuminated challenge.  Beautiful blueprint lies in the hands lazy, nothing but a waste paper.  Temporary setbacks can often indomitable fighting into knowledge and insight.  Up efforts to open up, only to bend turned into a straight bamboo Rhizome.  Do not work, do not sow, and then the fertile soil fertilizer also not grow crops, do not struggle, do not create, then the United States also bear no fruit youth.  Even the best seeds are not sown, also could not bear rich fruit.  If the hateful setbacks make you taste the bitter fruit, then the rise will let you taste the joy of life.  Falls — In order to run to rivers and lakes, even in the face Baizhang abyss, still roaring ahead, never back down for the Warriors, the sick, embarrassment, censure, defamation, cynical, power forward of all oppression is.  Smooth, it does not mean that traveling is a flat route.  In the desert, only the pace of progress is a sign of hope.

After she was determined to get to bed

Zhang roll is really very dirty evil, he has not seen the surface according to Yang put the words, she wants to go to bed.He is a friend to say these words.Zhang rolled away home printing, small business, advertising printing, packaging printing, print business cards, also printed books.His son like a sparrow, like every day, prowl.Yang according to friends looking for him to do the book, he was naturally very pleased, and asked loudly into the phone tube: copies are not so big?Friend said: You’re a miser, my heart just print run.I do business with people, what I do not want to want money?In addition to paying the money was ah.People how it?The boss was pretty book.How beautiful?Big Eyes.Big eyes girl I’ve seen much more.Soft kidney.How soft?How to be more soft soft.nonsense.anything else?Good breast Alice.Good breast Alice?Outstanding!Then what else?Good round ass.Rounded rounded.You like hot bread just came out of that place.Do not say do not say, and told her to come over here.Then, he puts down the sentence: I do not see her out bed!Yang compliance over the South.Friends not exaggerated, according to Yang is good looking.There are delicate southerners, northerners both full.In particular, very white skin.White and moist.Like to get water-soaked.Zhang roll constantly staring at her, was a little Dodo.He wanted to reach out and touch her face, or her shoulder, the end is refrained.Nice to meet you, in the end not rash.Zhang roll please dined according to Yang, Yang also requested in accordance drink tea, take a look at quite late, he drove her home Hotels.He packed his mind, the car to the hotel, according to Yang sent into the room, she took advantage of the opportunity to engage in.He has had two back to this experience, I was very confident.But the car downstairs, according to Yang but not sending him.Uphold jumped out, quickened step children, a sideways, into the hotel.Zhang roll has not recovered, according to Yang on has been omitted.Lights and behind the hotel door security stature leaving only one place, very deserted.Which makes this race a little surprised.Yang according to him a few hours together, he has been watching her quietly Wen Wen, Wen Wen Shunshun of.Smiling face Italy, gentle voice.He said some one-liners, open some jokes, often very presumptuous, very special, and she understood it, chuckle laugh, not respond.With his experience, not as a reaction, and that is the default.He thought that this girl can get started.I did not think he was totally wrong.She opened the door and jumped out to see, Dengdeng Deng went straight into the hotel that posture, Zhang roll knew this girl a downright.Over the years, as long as the girl on his heart, he has not been subjected to refuse.This time hit.It made him feel humiliated, very angry funeral.He sat, made a long stay.I do not know how to think Zhang roll, he suddenly down – no, do not want to move, do not want to go home, they leaned, put your feet out of the car window, lay down.He soon fell asleep.Zhang roll in this sense sleep really dead.Bursts of snoring, motionless, not even dream of doing a.Zhang roll woke up sleep, it is already the next morning.It was still dark, the light is not lit, surrounded by a chaos.In front of a small hotel like the same monster crouched there, a lot of dusky.Yang according to it?Yang according to which room inside the?According to Yang is asleep or awake?Alas, this dog’s mouth according to Yang.Pensions shadows of the weight of Zhang roll a little shortness of breath.Zhang roll your feet recover from the car window, sit still, and shuffles to start her up, shuffles out over the front, home.Little by little the sky bright.Zhang roll home at the edge of the city, in a depression, then the last point, that is, the suburbs, and be at the junction of urban and rural areas.This is a high aloof three small brick building, surrounded by vain people.In front of a large road.During the day, busy, bustling, it is truly exciting; at night, the car less lean people, lights flashing, it is deserted, so the brick buildings around the four walls, the entrance gates added.Zhang roll also raised two big dogs, lying curled on both sides of the iron gate, let them across the fence while tongue while staring fiercely any movement outside.Zhang did not think roll, two dogs were poisoned.Shepherd was poisoned people take drugs buns.Shepherd’s head flat on the ground, each mouth is a pool of black blood, skin side of a small bun halves.Zhang kicked rolling grille door, looked at the front of the brick house, came out in a circle around the fence, I see, the man has stared at him for a long time, get a clear idea of his life has been law, By yesterday evening hand.But the unexpected outbreak of the culprits never imagined, last night he did not return overnight.

After scenery in the back

” ” ” Landscape after the back of: Moon west window EDIT: to get along whenever you turn around, I had ready to look into your back.Course of the story has just begun, I will wait for the outcome early, so I’ll turn the outcome through the misty we have walked hand in hand.Turn around, please do not comfort, but do not need it, do not give up soft warm and plaintive “I’m sorry”!Once so beautiful, so it hurts, I’m willing to!Do you hesitate not to your back, if you never ran leaving you back around, and then I will turn bitterly bitterly scolded: “good for nothing”!      I am willing to look at your marching against the wind to leave the setting sun firm and lofty, like static embrace Rainbow Light under you that long and magnificent road shadow.That shadow holding my eyes Fudang my mind even more sad and rather soft and my body.If I fall a drop of Tears blinking eyes I would drop this Kitty printed on top of your shadow swirl into my bright red heart and blooming out of your face; if I exhaled loudly ballad that is certainly your smile your temperature Huai spectrum into eddies Qianyindichang in clearing grass Jianbian born in Fragrance.      From spring through early spring do not want to want to see a touch of red chapter, I never want to rise amid Pinnacle wanted to hug the forest through the little green toward the curtain.From do not want to hold you tight through the whole lifeblood of any trace of breathing, you never want to fall into the mind through the first sections of the road affectionate Mouguang.Everything happened so light so quiet so elegant and so floating in the air.Love is pursuing departure.Meet friend at the moment we set sail for love, a minute, once a twilight, a winter and a spring.However, without the concomitant phase pull so stay forever with the silent touch pro.Never made love, but love most bright flashing character is watching our mutual gaze; never romance, and love the most distinctive banner in your speech I mentioned with the knees in rags erupted.A caution is worth a thousand vows Fan, a drop of warmth better than the hot summer sun.A Zanmei a low capital wrapped in the warm air inside.I laughed and cried, the pain too happy too, worth a total of emotional interpretation of the worth lingering in that same emotion in.      ”I met you regret it?”You answer:” this life is the fear of regret that you never quite found!”I said:” I met you regret it, five hundred years of reincarnation I’m afraid I can not seek the road of love can not trace your shadow!”You laughed at a loss and lonely, I cry tears splash.We can not forget, you first thing in the crowd to find me.We can not forget that the first sound you crying to me is this: Do not be silly standing on car!Yes, we need a big crowd to mark identity, familiar and real identity has long been engraved in the heart, even if the universe is bigger we already know each other: Who am I, and who are my!      Can not forget, filled with fragrance of coffee, we wordless and silent but rapid phase; can not forget, like Yue Yan smile in far but close to the soul of intermediation.We can not forget, Juan Juan dismay at the break, interlocking fingers and slowly moved away desolately lonely.A “Clockwork SMS I’ll be at ease!”At that moment, turned, I had torrential Lei Yu.Love always as Wuban diffuse spread like waves in the distance of time and space, the overall situation in the absence of sound bright flash stars, moonlight rose fragrance drunk off your pink dream I.Love silent invisible, love without a trace, and the brilliant but you and I walked side by side in the season, enriches liters song you and me through thick and thin.Now that handle what needs to be reluctant to grow old?And you handle the moment is already a successful and remains charming results.Does not last forever, only touch the body that once had sexual gratification.    If carve out forever love flowers, then devoted married couple out of the white bar in the room frequency Morrowind dew point shy love it.If it is nestled expression of love, separation is also a love continued,.Although this language a little sour but more graceful soft.I know, I can accept the result of this sincere and calm.      ”If you leave, please do not look back, otherwise I will firmly grasp it with both hands and never give you reason to leave!”That summer fragrance floating behind you spread, long, long time.Do not look back, behind the scenery you enough to hang around this life I fine olfactory.” ‘

After returning to Beijing fourth when freelance work

I will never forget mid-1992 February 23, that was my life and a big turning point.  That day, “tourism” magazine of leadership informed me, get me out of the magazine, find another job.I suddenly froze.Why ah?I do not steal, do not grab two, three no style issues.If that is not a business, and I willingly.However, this is not set up that way!I carefully thought about, it was my mouth and broke ass outspoken dash, offended leadership.Originally Well, new to the editor to write an article, I am stunned that people all throughout the Great Cultural Revolution; another editor of a masterpiece, I not only picked out typos from the inside, but also to the people to speak grammar.People can not bother you it?However, I’m officially appointed Beijing Tourism Bureau Party cadres ah!But yet, this is the reason it?Official big one people crushed to death!I have no choice but to obey.However, they promised me to solve the housing problem – I have a child and a woman, and children are big big girl.A 20-year-old when they, a 18-year-old.Housing problem has long been a major event in my heart.Too, for children, for the house, I fight it!So the next day I cleanse the family, became a freelancer – I was already 47 years old.!  I know, in my old age this, find a regular job how hard it is, I like the proverb says it: wild floor (pigeon) not litter – four cities anywhere around, and I find the place dry thing to find food to eat.So, I began my life a living selling words.    I remember once played work in two health care products companies, advertising agencies three, four media companies, the largest guan’er worked as assistant to the president enterprise, also served as public relations manager, marketing manager, advertising staff, planning staff and many more.But one thing is the same, that is to write something, selling words children.    I Guangzhuobangzi big summer, wearing big pants to write something – I did not dare open air.My wife had a child with rheumatoid arthritis for many years, and the fingers, spine, toes are deformed, and she also had two major operations.One knees are artificial knee joint replacement surgery, a lumbar spinal stenosis surgery.We booked six waist and two lateral nail plug.I can not open air, the wind was cold to her; I rode the dog days, begged people to go hungry I planned fee, I have to “listen” mini three years older than my boss taught me, call me..My son is almost 40 years old that year, has yet to marry a young married woman.I gave him money to buy real estate, registration of affordable housing, but not on the waiting list.Girlfriend talked to a few touches, but came down to a blew.The woman is not too son did not do room?All this for a word: money.I have to earn money to pay their own pensions, serious co-ordination costs, the winter heating costs.All in all, had to earn their own.Can you cry it?Today’s society does not believe in tears; you can make people sympathize with you yet?Foot bubble – are coming out of their own.    From mid-1992 to leave the “Tourism” magazine in 2005 I retired 60-year-old talent from the last ten years, I have been living by selling words.To make ends meet, I gave dozens of companies have written soft advertising, popular science articles, television and feature copy.In order to meet the needs of various companies, I have to learn a lot of new things, including marketing, real estate, medicine, health products, enterprise certification, the flooring industry, coal mines, commerce, services, catering, on Old Woman, hospitals, food.I roughly calculated that I wrote something for these companies, published stuff, not five million words would be at least three million words written I can not remember.I think this is my wealth; this is my life.A few days ago, I wrote most of the articles themselves are summed up, sorting out a “published an article directory” published in the “Beijing educated youth network” of.Later, in order to clean up the layout, I put these directories are deleted.In fact, at first I very distressed quite take things too hard.I think that other people can bask wealth online, why I can not do my wealth sun?The article, accompanied me through life.They not only my wealth, but it is a summary of my life!Others may be writing articles for pleasure, I write articles for a living, but it!However, heartache heartache return, in order to “Beijing educated youth network”, I was quite willing of.I want to say, I published “article directory” is not to show off to me, I want to take advantage of the “North HowNet” this platform, I had written a summary of conduct, and also to organize my life.    I write to you, the end of the.Thank you let me finish, let us bow!

After reading I quietly walked in the wind

After reading I walk quietly in the wind and accompanied by only a few words I have slowly fallen leaves with the water line and over Shenpan have cool wind my dry body weight is gradually waking life Zhizhong just my body some slow slow dug from heavy live in a pool of water because reading some tears slowly diffuse through the cold air is dry eyes left the warmth I like myself clear as the sun do not conflict with anyone I did it my way humility interpretation of the world and sometimes strange world some cool because reading everything insignificant weight of truth is always heavier than Mount Tai and I would like to spend this life is not long in reading

After reading “go to the Edge of Life”

EDITORIAL words: Mr. Yang Jiang is already in the centenarians, his youth and I’m a fan of Mr. Qian couple.Perhaps people on the TV series “Besieged City” Li Yuanyuan and Chen Daoming performance still fresh; there are “around the city who bailing out people who want to stand outside the city rushed to the marriage worth mentioning, career worth mentioning, the desire of life most of the case.”These words have become popular classics, but think these are two wise old man on life, love and career derivatives.Yang and readers read the book review in exchange centenary birthday is on the Wen Wei Po, and I feel excited, turned detected more than three years ago read, “went on the edge of life,” Yang wrote in the 96-year-old after , to re-read, emotionally, after resting slightly modified here, as I talk to Mr. Yang Jiang’s dedicated to a modest birthday gift.    Written when (a) read the 96-year-old Mr. Yang Jiang<走到人生边上>After feeling such as silk ray ray extraction flow out.    Mr. prolific in 1997 and 1998 have lost their beloved daughter Qian Yuan, and each other, the wind and rain accompanied by his wife, Mr. Qian Zhongshu, she silently endured relentless like grief, still more than his pen, with that unique fresh and elegant, cold Jun humorous tone, calm the odd text explicitly clear to us brought out bowls of spiritual feast.On “Qiong Qiong Jie Li, Xingyingxiangdiao” ordinary people unbearable loneliness and deserted, sir, as always, calm, like nothing could go the same did not happen.Mr. did not say in the number and the kind of husband daughter farewell tear crack lung liver sad, but she explained the true meaning of life is to realize that people show Chinese traditional intellectual “The road ahead will be long Come.Happiness and earth, “the noble sentiments, in his memoirs, Mr.” We Three “in their feelings lesson:” the world does not have the simple pleasures.Happy always carries troubles and worries.The world does not always.We had a rough life, old age can have a settled abode.But old and sick with a reminder that we have come to the end of life on the road.1997, A Yuan’s death.One thousand nine hundred ninety-eight not age, death bell book.I was lost three of this.So easily separated from the.’World was not good fastness, brittle glass fugitive clouds’.Now only one person I.I clearly see before as ‘our home’ apartment, but only inn on the road.Home where I do not know.I’m still looking for the way back.”Mr. Yang is a tall giant spirit, as she said had stood ‘on the edges of life’, but still the vast sir read the best of human well-being composed of vast library Retrieval life philosophy of life, in no longer count on the long road of life gained life, left us a valuable asset, and calm on the road, this is how materialistic, what a sight to behold.When the flies of the time took me to the end of his career, I became Mr. pen “retired young friend”, so doom-ridden, and would like to leisurely stroll comfortably finish the rest of his life; more aloof haughty, less open-minded; more abstract, less concern for the fate.Mr. text is a nerve to walk in between the tendon knife, remove the carrion in the body along with the proliferation of wasted years.Under Mr. stalwart lofty spiritual realm weight, I became ugly ugly dwarf, shame, shame, how much you want to hurry the earthquake, split a seam let me escape earth away.Suddenly wretched, dull, small, shallow, laziness, humble and so all the world to denounce the words are flogging a dead body carries the soul, although stud welt oozing drops dripping blood, but I forget the pain, he began a deep self-reflection.    (B) the Buddha devout believers believe human life and death is a definite number of people walking in Hades to send impermanence when Yin and Yang to ingest human soul.So some people will Danran to another world, because they Firestone good deeds, and his magnanimous, abhorrence of evil, of justice, just, noble character, stay too clean in the world; they will be subject to Hades hospitality in the netherworld, and then floated take Yunteng fog to thirty six paradise, all the way to become immortal Majestic Jade Emperor on the palace; and those kinds of evil, corrupt, Yingyinggougou, all sorts of fish people human scum on the yin and yang sector saw a black and white impermanence waving the banner on Evocation tremble will, because they are waiting for ten grim house of hell, Nose bridge stood, angry garden open eyes of the judge and hold high the various instruments of torture, the whole body Hengrou jailer.Hell of torture, from soup pan cooking, dismemberment knife to saw down the middle, ground meat, etc., to give them suffered enough, suffered offer all kinds of torture, the worth of pain.Them as grave sins committed while in mortal pay a heavy price, then into the eighth level of geographical can not stand forever.No secret, Mr. Yang is a complete first category, in as old age, running short years, with incredible keen, young people difficult to compare the mind to a writer of social responsibility and moral conscience in the new work sharply pointed out, “when the spiritual conscience in the world of today, humanity, among misty misty rain clouds.”Mr. in a few words, and now looking ahead, all material desires soaring, everywhere rampant money worship.On the “prose” eleven year I read some dumbfounding text: “Recently, the Central Plains to visit a famous temple.See yourself on today’s abbot had made Muta, not just a carved mobile phones, computers, cars have also carved, feel laughing.Laugh, so many monks Desire, rare ancient and modern.”Visible in every corner of social life are caught in a vicious circle of money talks.Yang with poetic language seems obscure to us enlightening warning issued.    ”Spiritual conscience,” the words shining golden Buddha, they are floated Jiyu ago from Lord Buddha’s lotus throne, is merciful Guanyin sail colorful clouds to Yang master from the Buddha there happens to come good ideas.Lack earth, moral decay, Daoxing profound social philosopher urgent need to recall that one corroded money soul; required Bian Que, Hua Tuo masterpiece like the good doctor Xuanhujishi to scrape toxic therapy to cure the ailing land of China various disease like, 2,000 years ago to restore Confucian thinkers as the “world harmony” in the bright future of our description, so excellent traditional Chinese morality to return.Mr. Yang Jiang is such a philosopher and doctor.People put teachers likened the human soul is somewhat far-fetched, in fact for us is wearing a robe in xingtan uploaded teaching priest, said chatter of ancient and modern sages Dashi who explore the world, to create the world’s achievements, play is pick up the sad role.And the vicissitudes, the ups and downs I’s 96-year-old man is worthy of the name, worthy of the engineers of human souls, her eyes still bright clear your heart, sees clearly, creatively put the word “soul” were stripped and analyzed: “I initially thought of course, in the spirit of the soul side.But after careful consideration, was surprised to find that the soul of the original meat side.”(C) a way of life wander in the line nearly a century, is about to enter the wisdom of the elderly centenarians, this time sitting in that supreme judge bench, fighting for that for thousands of years in the Roman gladiator arena and regardless of the outcome, “the spirit and the flesh” in a casual tone made the unexpected conclusion.Ancient and modern writers, poets have fueled the struggle for that field, we put a inextricably battles and romance together as the eternal theme of love, in front of the reader started depicting or grand or delicate picture: from holds the scepter of the Roman Empire, noble, arrogant, arrogant Julius Caesar to rise up, pre-loaded, all-powerful, all-powerful, heroic last to die in the battlefield slave hero Spartacus; who greedily from Balzac , cunning, mean, disowned, regarded the money God Ge Lang stage to portray the Irish writer Voynich young hero Arthur, his sword like a clever tongue so scared of reactionary forces, his legendary revolutionary activities rulers lose heart, that really let us get excited over generations.Yang now so that they died down, shake hands, turned out to be their own side Liangshan heroes fight their own side, a misunderstanding.    Mr. Yang Jianglao of “spiritual conscience,” though with a strong Buddhist color, but different from the monks dressed in robes of salvation in the spirits gong cymbal sound of the drums execution ground rituals, they chant a special music into scores Buddhist scriptures; also different from the thousands of years of traditional knowledge of the people of flesh and soul.For traditional soul, Mr. Yang is stated: “Although the soul to bring a ‘spirit’ word, not spiritual, nothing but a human life,” refreshing.In the book she gave us another concept of “soul”, that is, in a spirit wandering outside the human body, the spirit of the dead, the eternal between heaven and earth.Civilization and progress of human society, all rely on this spirit.Just as the explosives that shattered roaring sound of heaven and earth, Dong Cunrui attached to the body of the soul to fly into the heavens, but the flesh become crushed by the end of that smoke, dust and splashes of flying with the air, but his spirit will live forever in our hearts; our beloved Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s ashes thrown though a vast expanse of ocean, but “floating sea days away, died Act boat light,” he’s like the sea rising moon light in our efforts to achieve his year in the Paris Commune wall the next set a long-cherished wish, Comrade Xiaoping spirit lives on.    ”Only believe in immortality, in order to have reasonable values of life, I believe that the soul is immortal, must be people of faith.With faith, life has value.”Mr. Yang in her unique way call to return to the traditional values of this world, the kind of words honestly, love of the Impossible, can not but make us visibly moved.Yang mentioned the Confucian belief and the idea of a “common ground”, and the direction of the Communists are fighting for the same strain.One of the Confucian classics recorded a passage on the “Book” as evidence: “Road trip also, Things, elect the wise and able, honoring promises.Enemy not only its pro-pro, not just child of his son, the old have eventually, have a strong, young director, widower, widowed, orphaned, alone, or disabled by key has been raised, male careers, women owned.Evil in which goods to be discarded, not necessarily hidden hexyl; evil force which is also not out of the body, do not have to have.Therefore in seeking closure without Hing, without making theft thief chaos, so without the outer door closing, is that the ground “.    (D) under the clear blue sky, shepherd’s reed pipe blowing lengthy, broad-minded and lyrical singing, animal husbandry, dense like plump on the field, among the lush foliage waft.A river full of charming European style, from the Alps began a long mileage, it meanders through the whole territory of Germany, integration of the Germanic peoples domineering men and women of delicate, that is well known, the beautiful Rhine River.They say there’ve been traveling the Rhine deep valleys like our Three Gorges, except when the ship stands on both sides of the line of the Three Gorges is a wall climbed thousands of feet, often see the “peak even go days without Ying Chi, Lone Pine leaning upside down precipice.”From time to time we hear” Fly Hard flow turbulent struggle noisy din, Yongping mine myriad rolling stone cliff.”History gives a magnificent desolation to steep and stunned people feel, the.On Wang Fuya lonely man, woman wistfully sad sound of shrill call, it is heartbreaking.The Rhine is the endless vineyards and fields neat plot, Western-style farmhouse decorated in green onion fields, scattered smoke, Lichtung, peaceful people as harmonious as calendar paradise on earth, beautiful venue and gallery General.This must be God to make this world a colorful deliberately favored the gurgling flow through the cloying land in Europe, or the Goddess of love more tough masculine beauty; and Adam favor Harmony Shen Yung Fish Bar.But we must not complain about the unfairness of God’s creation, because once we wandered over 150 years ago in the already very rich piece of land moist river Rhine, we have to thank God send for Rhineland two stirred the sages of the world, they have a cage cheeks are long beard, his eyes are shining light of wisdom, and together they forged a sword across the sky of the “Communist Manifesto”, profound thought and fascinating literary packaged unparalleled eloquence, with another saying “communist” re-interpretation of the social ideal state thousands of years ago China’s Confucian sages explained: “a ghost, a specter of communism is haunting Europe in order to exorcise this specter sacred, all the powers of old Europe, the Pope and Tsar, French radicals and German police-up, communism dogged.”” In order to win over the people, nobles the proletarian class of alms-bag in front for a banner waving.However, whenever the people follow their lead, they have found that their hindquarters the old feudal coats of arms, laughing, quitting en masse.”” The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims.They openly declare: Their aim only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social system in order to achieve.Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution before it.Proletarians to lose but their chains in this revolution.They will be available throughout the world.”Marx and Engels these highly inflammatory language to make millions of believers fought communism in order to ‘do everything on demand’ written on the banner of Communists and bloody struggle.Although the ideal of communism distant and inaccessible, but it is a spiritual, indelible spirit.Then can I determine the latitude and longitude location map drawn by the invention found in the conquests of Alexander the Great a big mystery, the original east-west latitude is wading through years of human history records, and gathered in the longitude north and south poles and the intersection of latitude is flashing in each dean’s superstars, they opened a giant hand page after page of human history, skilled weave a picture of the Earth Fairview.I finally understand the Warring States thinkers rather labored on bamboo with modern text is considered to be the bible of world harmony we describe the lofty ideal of communism Marx and Engels in the mid-nineteenth century and the proposed Yang Jiang the man’s spiritual conscience turned out to be on the same meridian.Taichetaiwu I suddenly awe of the old man.No wonder From a young age she has been stick to their own spiritual territory, for the purification of the soul of man spilled ink, to promote truth kept drums and call for decades to do the Ming Dynasty scholar Hung Ying-ming in featuring the moral maxims of the book “Cai Gen Tan “written in” Chongrubujing busy watching Pretrial blossom; fate not diffuse over the horizon Yunjuanyunshu.”Mr. Yang is one hundred percent of the Bolsheviks.    Also vaguely remember the famous Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore’s poem: “The lantern on their back people, there are shadows before.”Although sometimes the shadow of their own, but this world who dressed in human skin demons and monsters will be ups and show his true colors in the flash lantern, regardless of the shadows flickering lanterns still ahead.Writers, poets make their characters walk in the light and dark, good and evil in Fengyuan in such a lifelike figure will be fleshed out.So we have to “thank” the Southern Song Jian Xiang Qin Hui and his wife Wang, without their bare arms tied behind their backs, kneeling at the foot of the wall bars bar Yue Fei cemetery, thousands finger poke, people revile, but where Yue Fei and his son, “the sky shouts zhuanghuaijilie “, Zhao heart light of day, incense Win; stupid but where no – emperor’s tragic Yuanchonghuan.Likewise, no arty Hu Changqing, spend money to buy a marketplace criminals making fake diploma and North Cheng for their own little lover, endure physical pain plastic double-fold eyelids, how can Mr. Yang’s contrasting spiritual bonanza flashed pine tall and straight, noble bamboo, plum tough and elegant blue.The towering tree is because it is always bathed in sunshine grace, weeds barren because it always lives in a dark nook.When a burst of wind struck trees waves, not my ears to hear the rushing waves, but Mr. Yang to socialist spiritual defect sad, beautiful people call the soul; when weeds attempt to “spring when the blow gave birth, “I advise them to listen to Hu Changqing is hell languishing torture, Cheng came the sound of screams of people palpitations.    ”Aoyama not cover the river from flowing eastward.”I want to thank Ba Jin, Bing Xin and Yang Jiang and other Chinese literary master who criticized the society out of a panacea, painstaking treatment for psychological dislocation of people pay.We have no reason not to believe have a history of thousands of years of civilization, China will be democratic, prosperous, harmonious, powerful new look stand in front of the world.