Amoy original winter child student handiwork Noah’s Ark lovely B

Amoy original winter child student handiwork Noah’s Ark B cute animal parentage hand-painted clay flower child’s imagination is infinite, most of the children are weak hands, Imagination has been difficult to implement, more and more reluctant to get involved, to indulge in hand tour in.Handmade is the basis of our traditional culture, it is the driving force of all nationalities production, life, development is the rapid development of China powerful capital.  Art handmade art is complex plane, handmade, theme design, materials, tools, etc., is a wish idea of the perfect combination and ability.With the rapid advancement of technology, parents and students more and more profound understanding of education, now Gaofendineng child is no longer the darling of society, not nerd by enterprises welcome.Innovative, hands-on ability, proactive people more and more discouraged.  To cultivate talent from an early age, learning to get students enthusiastically in life, learning from passive to active learning attitude machinery, to implement the knowledge learned from the application, learning from the theoretical to the practical value, use of hand-brain coordination is necessary.  The use of hand-made traditional materials and new materials, a variety of model aircraft can not do without chemical physics, geography mud it be available topography production, can also be made with a variety of architectural models KT board, cardboard, plastic plate; mathematical geometry, available light clay polyhedral geometry modeling, writing, language is inseparable from the essence of imagination is closely integrated with the creation of the perfect teaching system, manual teaching and learning various subjects.By hand-made activities, training a child diligent hands, a wish to create innovative ideas.This clay will make children, serious, rich imagination, love of learning and life.  Teaching is a prerequisite, is the foundation, is the core to do everything in order to create what they need to learn, let us away from the electronic world opium creative personality self.  Amoy child was a hand-up to people, focus on original handmade ultra-light clay, paper art flowers, handmade and other innovative environmental protection.  Micro-channel public number: Cysgk520 or micro-channel jilinshougongke exchange study.