A confidant enough through life

A confidant enough life so that everyone in the world, about two can not have an open house.Dark sober, not shown al.”Thunderstorm” in ZHOU, there is room, the furnishings inside three decades unchanged.Even if the tide boring rainy season, even the window does not open for a person.Bai also have their own two rooms.Reckless Xu Xian White Snake opened the room opened the curtains and saw a beautiful loving wife, and she Millennium snake demon.Bai did not know there is another room: from morning till evening maidservants Xiaoqing, who was a man, even more than he loves Bai Xu Xian.If they know, feel!A few years ago, I wrote an article entitled “Green Snake Juelian”, written plainer Love, spectators thought I was making things up, in fact, how can I have the guts!But the show is the Qing Dynasty “White Snake” First off, “double snake fight” started writing, embellished painted flowers, flowers of a tree.I do not know the opera “White Snake” Why delete that fold, is opening to the West Lake.Zhang fire Ding starring opera “White Snake”, the Bai played, master or the servant West Lake: This is the side of Baochu Pagoda reflected in the shimmering inside that tower Jinbang the good side of Santan, Sir Georg Solti willow wire the light boats pull, peach flowers flutter in the wind like timid cold spell.Good gentle Westlake Yeah, setting up the stage set, only to be protagonists on stage: Lingyin met her husband returned from the grave.Thus, by further umbrella umbrella, stood over Lake.Into the title so fast.Jiuhuachongti, talk about the Bai Xiaoqing and the period of the past.Before her husband had not been encountered before Qiantang future, Bai Emei Millennium snake fairy, green snake Xiaoqing is the Green Mountain marching, marching two, a spring fever, a love.Originally it was more than a good marriage, do not disturb the world, the same household of two demon cents, hiding in the mountains villa, sharing sweet love.However, the world is wrong with the marriage bias.Look dialogue when the two first met Daisen.Bai: The original is green snake Seno, let me ask you, blocking cloud head, out of my path, what is intended to be?Green Snake: White Snake Fairy, I tell you the real word of it, I think you appearance correct, and you desire in Qingfeng treasure cave, formed a lifelong companion.Bai: Hugh was nonsense!Beauty does not accept, then green snake sword, trying to force the United States to win a wife double snake sword fighting, defeated at Green Snake.Because of love, he is willing to replace sex, lowering himself, Dimei do Bai maidservants.Well he said with utter sincerity, sharing weal and woe, if they were half-hearted five thunder.So he was with her, in case her husband bridge; burglary library with her silver, gripped; seeing her drink wine on them under her husband advised, should not stop; to accompany her on the Pirates of the fungus of immortality mountains, save Baoqing Lang; with her water Man Jinshan, a firewood and sea war, handed a salary.I love to nowhere to retreat, sit and watch her a little earthly man, step by step, himself sent Pagoda.Xiaoqing in his heart, so heavy Bai, is a lifetime of faith.Bai in his heart, she is light, for her husband Bong themselves out everything, including freedom.Xiaoqing this life, not made Bai lover, but made her confidant, her tears for her injuries, but her loneliness, life, and with her, the one in front.Worthy, no regrets, the value of the.Love is always so short-lived, a glass of wine on them, try out the demon and people, and also try out really fickle.Only confidant, never change his mind, not near.I think if you love someone, do not ask to go to Cheng pulls love.Or turn around, open up the road, to do his or her confidant storm.This world, if you encounter Xiaoqing who can go on to marry, it is affordable to lead it to make friends.Friends can add another thirty-two, love is love to be a close game, because a lot of trouble more than love, two everywhere at once.Therefore, the wise woman knows, love is a fragile fresh hard, her husband is not her husband’s lifetime, only friends, so close so close, Ungrateful people go through anything, the world must ultimately eat Xiaoqing sword.In fact, the years can be a long, a confidant enough through life.In the dimly lit teahouse, with his long meet, to hear him say love, say grief.Like listening Xiaoqing Bai pondered.Do not love, he would not do that out of them opened the room to do his Xiaoqing.Wen / Xu Donglin

10 million, bought out my marriage

“Well, never nothing to do with others. “From ten o’clock monarch point above the green label to listen to audio ◆◆◆ anchor text read aloud Yanan | certain sources of money: money so and so (qianmoumou2018) had Tencent online, seen such a true story.A 23-year-old girl, in a gathering of friends, met a recently divorced man.Men are abjection.That night he drank eight bottles of beer poured on her shoulder, murmured: “Money really that important to you?”He is a three-man free.No house no car no deposit, just a driver, because his ex-wife left destitute.However, such a person, or flipping the heart of Our Lady of 23-year-old girl.She instinctively wants to appease the injured man.They fell in love, got married three months later.For we do not understand, do not support, the girl thought that way: “Love Me, Love My Money.He love me enough.”Married life, of course, extremely difficult.Their parents and the man, crowded together in a small house.She still grinding his teeth, telling myself: in love before, money is not important.But life will always fall to the ground.The next year, her daughter was born.Life stretched, trapped everywhere.One day, she got up to the children bubble milk, milk powder found no, hungry children crying wah-wah.She and her husband said that her husband does not say anything.He is not indifferent, but no money.Originally postpartum depression, she made the largest-ever fire.And since then, their quarrel became commonplace.The so-called “Love Me, Love My Money”, it has finally become a “poor and lowly misery”.She no longer deceive himself useless money, but repeatedly complained, complained that her husband can not hack it, not to make money.More silent husband.But before long, she found the money in hand he began a generous.Not only monthly wages handed to, but, also to my daughter to buy toys, gifts and clothes.He dressed himself, more and more attention.Valentine’s Day, he bought his wife a bunch of roses.Poor and afraid of her joy to Chen Dao: “Why such a waste of money, I can buy a lot of food ah.”He was furious to hear that she vulgar, slamming doors and then go.Three years of marriage, plus three years of poverty, so that she succeeded in becoming a more banal mediocrity behind the role of a man.Showdown with her husband, she said to divorce.He said he had derailed, the other is not young nor beautiful woman.But the money.As long as his wife agree to divorce, the other party is willing to compensate 100,000 yuan of money.She was drenched in ice water throughout the portrait.It turned out that she always thought that the “money is no match for love” is just a joke, in the face of reality, love Cuibo such as paper, a poke on the break.She finally asked one: “Do you think money really that important to you?”The husband without the slightest hesitation, nodded heavily.The other mind has been set.Then struggling useless.Eventually, she agreed to the other conditions.$ 100,000 buyout marriage, from every man separate ways.This choice repeat itself cruel.It is naked, hard and told us: things ah, not so much powder lengthy fantasy, not so much from that plot.It tends to make us unwell.We are also embarrassed.Film “second generation fairy”, the Yuan Shuai in the extreme poverty, the white face of a cavity infatuation, he said this sentence.He said: “My dad in the hospital, I owe a debt ass, a beast like to talk about what.”Yuan Shuai do not love you?He also wanted to love.Yuan Shuai do not have a conscience?Have.But he was forced no way to live.When dun people daily onslaught of violence, and when the father because of his mental disorder, who will fall into trouble – as long as the money, willing to do anything.Many times, love is a luxury.It only belongs to two economic independence, but also independent of adult personality.If one of the parties is too scarce, it will be with no chance.Scarcity will say: I have to have money to be eligible to love.In order to obtain the former, many people are moving away from the latter – which is precisely another dilemma of contemporary people.Yi Shu in the “Hei Bao”, the heroine’s mouth by saying: I want lots and lots of love.If you do not love, then a lot of money.”Dwelling” in the saying: many roads leading to the spirit of the matter is one of a kind.We have a similar attitude.And this attitude is more common in the Red Ukiyo reality.Demi Moore has a movie called “Indecent Proposal”.Say a couple very good relationship – Note: they are feeling well – but because of the recession, troubled life.To the last house can not save.They can not be reconciled, I decided to go to Las Vegas a try.Initially, the two great luck, but soon, they gambled away all the money.Already poor, now, we have been penniless.How to continue living, it became a huge problem.At this time, a millionaire raised by 1 million in exchange for his wife to spend the night.How do they choose it?Reject it in the name of true love?they do not.Loyalty as an excuse to make it rich roll too far?nor.Unfortunately outcome: the allure of money overcome everything, the couple made a written agreement, made Indecent Proposal.The couple’s choice, in fact, we should have guessed.After all, we do not live in a fairy tale, seen too much struggling, well aware of the reality of the helpless.Anderson told you, love is priceless.But some people real choice, but we will be swollen face.Surely you have seen this video.A man and his girlfriend standing in the street, a tester (Red’s) came and said: “How much is your girlfriend?”Said her boyfriend a very satisfactory answer: one million.However, bought his girlfriend, really need one million it?Testers said: give you a thousand dollars a night to sleep, how?Men laugh, noncommittal.At this time, the test began to increase: That gives you 10000?Boyfriend their money in the past, began to wander.Eventually, he recognized.He in turn persuade hesitant girlfriend, “Why not 11,000 dollars ah?”Ultimately, the test had gone away to follow his girlfriend.Test termination.And another video on the network widely disseminated, but also verify this.When the tester bid higher and higher, the couple refused to voice getting smaller.Eventually, his wife also followed to leave the test.More than two tests, both men take the initiative to accept the deal, adding passive woman.This looks, Ms. seems more faithful.But having read the following this video, you will notice that some ladies for the loyalty of demand, before the temptation of money, we think there is no high.When the tester beauty wearing a pink skirt, carrying a box of money, came to the couple.As we expected, lost love again.Interestingly, when a man is about to leave his girlfriend, he asked the sentence: “This money will you and I divided it?”Thus, she is more concerned about, or bank notes.This series of experiments described marriage or even love, are likely to bow before money.If you do not bow, it only shows that the temptation is not big enough.What a sad thing.When the marriage may be 100,000 buyout, when the love of money may be tempted, as a lover again and again in front of the interests of apostasy, we can believe what?Here, you might think! I’ll criticize this materialistic society.Do not.you are wrong.I would like to criticize, not society, nor money, nor humanity, but to use the flaw of human nature, people who love to discrete.This is not justice.This is rebound guy.A, love is no room for testing, could not carry test.In the beginning of the text of the story, the most shameful man, not her husband, but to her husband’s money to a third party fishing.People have weaknesses.You’re not a saint, I’m not the Buddha, he is not the Son of God, she is not perfect impeccable.We all bring their own weakness, a fault, staggering walk on this earth.The reason when dealing with people or love, has been at peace, we know the limits – I do not inquire about the setup, you, you do not set up my test pit.Because we understand that once the test, no one can be spared.The film “Perfect Stranger” where, when one day, a group of old friends to attend a family gathering.After dinner, it was proposed that all publicly phone, see what happens.It was found that appalling truth – behind almost all, are dirty, dirty, struggling, betrayal, shame.We do this embarrassment and heartbreak.But the man of the house says a lot of very warm, very compassionate words: our relationship is fragile.So, do not test humanity, because humanity will inevitably let you down.Love and marriage do not test, because the outcome will make you miserable.We just need to know that people’s desire will always exist, as long as the overweight to a certain extent, you will be planted in, he will be planted into.So, let us continue in the habit, in order to continue our juniors fireworks, the seasons.B, why do we have to love money and will do the opposite?In addition, I would like to say, money and love, not the adversary.If not people with ulterior motives, money has never been in power for love.You can use the money to buy gifts wives, and avoid the storm to buy a house with the money, with the money to buy a car to stay with his wife and children line the Quartet.Money bad guys there, it is a razor.But those who love the money in there, it can also become a blessing.After you and I hope, you can do one kind.C, passion goes by, volatile marriage, the only way to rely on, or only their own.A just married shortly friend once said: I know that marriage is not for the number, can not love more comprehensive and balanced, reliable energy, only themselves.I very much agree.Lung Ying-tai said: thousands of miles to the finish, and only their own words.This refers not only life, but also refers to marriage.If you have unrealistic expectations of the people around, that a married, everything satisfactory, suffering a full stop, it would be too naive.You know, love and marriage, we are nothing but a way of the pursuit of happiness.And happy, never nothing to do with other people, with their mentality about, but also with their ability.So, you want money, then earn their own.Want moon, then pick yourself.Want to be happy, be yourself.Efficient growing library ‘attitudes from the book of life, learn to run their own happiness.”Public open, read only the world’s most classic audio book lead the reading, make reading more efficient accompany you 10 days to listen to the book, a year more than others read 36 ▼ Press under the Fanger Wei code recognition, open and efficient growth of the library self-learning to get along, to make his life CEO!- Background music – huang jing lun “old wounds” – Author – money and so, in addition to a 2 meters big legs, chest 34D and 10 feet thick-skinned, leaving the talented mystery woman.This article reprinted from micro-channel public money to a certain number, ID: qianmoumou2018, the number in the public nothing, there is only a little pretty interesting material broken text.Read article published ten o’clock authorized, reprint please contact the author.- anchor – Yanan, warm female voice, gentle companionship.Individual micro letter: Yanan (ID: kongkong1866).Long press the map to identify two-dimensional code Follow us ↓ Click here to read the original subscription Li Yuan [biographies] class like to point a praise chant?