In summer, I have leisure to study

One morning in early summer, it was a time when all kinds of flowers were shining red and the mountains were full of flowers. On such a day, with the name of the bird, the mood was naturally released.. The birds’ green wings and a pair of bright red feet wish they were a painter and could record the most pleasing scenery this morning with their favorite pen and ink.. I think it is difficult for artists to pay lip service to the shape and color of foreign objects even if they are shiny. Only when artists can steal lazy and interesting flowers from their busy and green work will birds hear praise with an appreciative tone.. The sun is mild, not dazzling, and the clouds are light. It’s really nice to roam in the sea of flowers with bird songs.. I think when I get old, I must be a person who knows flowers, can grow flowers and can raise birds. What a happy and happy thing to watch a basin of flowers planted by myself and swaying flowers in the fine wind.     On the day of flowers, in the low clumps of trees where birds sing, and in the clear sky above, I often think: good times are easy to run away, and today’s youth may have white hair like snow.. Time is not greedy! In my spare days, I have to read a book even if I don’t read it carefully. Or go to the bookstore to see if you have any books you want to buy without holding them.. Books can certainly make the reader’s eyes glaze over, but is the reader satisfied with holding a book, reading through her and smelling the fragrance of books that he has refused to disperse for a long time?? I have been buying books for years. I often go shopping in idle days and find bookstores in quiet remote corners. Sometimes when I met with cash shortage, I would like to go to some old bookstores with discounts.. After several years of’ savings’, I have already had several boxes of books, roaming in the sea of books, and I feel the happiness and fulfillment that books bring to me. Some people buy books, which fantasy and myth novels they like best; On one occasion, when I went to the largest bookstore in the city to buy books, I saw a young man of my age. He was too lazy to take a look at other books, but he bought several fantasy novels. He may not have satisfied his desire for books yet, and his eyes did not stop scanning the shelves of popular novels.. This is what I think about the young man’s curiosity. He can get a lot of fresh feeling from the books he bought, but those books do not read well and cannot feel as fresh as they did when they were first read.. Why doesn’t he read our literary classics? Like Journey to the West, Dream of Red Mansions, Water Margin, Romance of the Three Kingdoms? These books are not very good at getting started, and they taste different from each other over and over again. Of course, in addition to the youth who read these books, they have also seen the youth who read other books.. What they have in common in reading is that they like to read books that cannot endure reading.     In a complex society, everyone has his own direction of reading. Some people like to read Chinese essays and others like to read foreign essays. Some people like to read modern anthology, others like to read ancient anthology. Some people like to read political essays, others like to read literary essays. I usually choose the readers of my favorite books to read. I am interested in reading together. A few hundred pages of books can be read in a few days.. In my spare time, when flowers are in full bloom and birds are singing, I will choose a quiet room with windows open and pick a book from among many books, or read it or read it intensively. When reading, I don’t like to open the room in a rash way, which makes my reading lose its sexual flavor. If you don’t stay alone in your room, you will go to a corner of the market, find a quiet bookstore or book reading room inside, and read the books inside.. Every time I go to the reading room, I will meet a large number of readers who are quietly enjoying themselves in the reading room.. The atmosphere inside was really good. I rarely met anyone reading a book other than literature. Some were reading a book in it. When I finished reading it and was ready to leave, I still had another book in my hand.. There are many kinds of books in the reading room, including political, economic, literary, historical, ancient and modern, and they can enjoy themselves when they enter the reading room.. As for reading, my opinion is that I love reading. When reading, I should take the initiative to find my own interest in reading. When interest comes, I can not only find valuable things in the book, but also read about sex and even forget about eating and sleeping.. If you force yourself to read a book that you are not interested in at all, it will not only lose the meaning of reading, but also spoil your brain power. There are a lot of people who do not start from interest in reading and end up getting nothing after reading.     I read books according to my preference, starting from the point of interest. When I buy books, I often have salespeople or store owners recommend this book and that one. I don’t usually answer this question because I know that only I like the book and am suitable for reading it.. Generally speaking, when I pick books, only classical books can impress my heart.. I have a classical tendency and it is not surprising that I like reading classical books. I also think it is necessary to read classical essays if I want to learn culture well. Because classicality is the foundation and there is no foundation, talking about learning culture well is empty talk, just like talking on paper. Chinese classical culture has a large collection, so you must be patient if you want to read it. For reading classical anthology, I choose the method of ” difficult before easy” according to the basis, starting from the book of songs and Chu ci. If a person likes Chinese classical culture and happens to meet a person who asks about the book of songs, he can’t answer it, so don’t make a big joke of it.. Chuci also shares this position with Chuci. Confucius once said, ” There is no saying without learning poetry.”. It can be seen that that status of participate in poetry regulations in ancient people’s mind. Then there is the selective reading of poems and songs, and the corpus about this is also like the stars in the sky, so it can only be read selectively.. After reading it again, it is the corpus of modern poetry. With these foundations, I believe that later I will be able to read with ease.     When talking about reading and looking at the way he has walked, he can’t help but say to himself that he must be single-minded in his work and must also be single-minded when reading a book.. In reading the classical corpus, if one’s mind still wants to touch other cultures, one will either be overwhelmed or will feel disturbed by a wide range of things and will end up with nothing. China has a large number of classical collections and an unprecedented number of authors, and each dynasty has its own characteristics. It is not realistic to want to read them in a short period of time.. Although extensive knowledge can be achieved, people’s energy is limited. I have seen a mother treat her children like this in her reading: she must listen carefully to her teacher during class and her father when she comes home from class. Have time to learn to draw and play the piano. Her mother’s intention was obvious: she wanted her daughter to broaden her knowledge and to help her pull out seedlings..Her daughter is quite obedient to her mother’s wishes. She has endless homework to do all day long. She still has time to learn to draw and play the piano.. However, her daughter’s performance was not outstanding, and unfortunately she looked weak. I have heard of my sister’s education of her niece. The modern peace conference is under great pressure to compete and talented children can stand firm in the society.. However, I think that niece is naturally talented in some respects, but she has a limited energy and can’t reach the other shore with only a moment’s enthusiasm.. Some people may say that you have read Chinese classical culture and do you know how many cultural classics there are in foreign countries? Maybe I can’t answer him. I can only answer him like this: besides foreign cultural classics, there are other classics, learning is limitless, and even if you have exhausted your life, you may not be fully familiar with them..     There are many volumes I can’t help but often read some chapters of Chuang Tzu in the numerous classical cultural collections.. Personally, I think the most important thing in reading is to cultivate one’s mind and nature.. There are many people who love reading in society. The biggest difference between them and those who haven’t read books is that they have the temperament of a reader, and that temperament is from the heart and manifested outside.. The temperament mentioned here can be interpreted as reading to a certain extent. I placed Zhuang Zi’s book in the most prominent place on the bookshelf. Sometimes when I was annoyed, I thought of reading Zhuang Zi’s book. When I finished reading it, I would only read other books when my heart was still.. When I am particularly happy in my spare time, reading Zhuangzi will get twice the result with half the effort. If you read Zhuang Zi’s book when you are angry, everything will disappear.     Reading in leisure time will only make time doubly precious. Reading with interest will not only smell the smell of books, but also not lose the happy state of mind..

I want to see you on the Internet

One day you inadvertently entered my space, you left greetings and blessings, and you left a sincere heart. Let me know you, also attracted my attention. I read your space mood log and listened to your space song music. Those words and songs of yours immerse me in inexpressible emotion and joy, and I begin to chat with you and communicate with you.     When I was in pain and disappointment, you gave me support and enlightenment. When I was frustrated and confused, you gave me comfort and persuasion. My lonely heart and my feeling of world weariness have changed slowly. From then on, I thought this life was predestined friends with you. I thought you were also my spring breeze. I thought you gave me a wisp of sunshine and rain that quietly moistened my heart. I am also waiting every day for your greetings, your blessings, your Internet access, your opposition, your confidences, and unconsciously I expect to chat with you in front of the computer..     I want to see you every day on the Internet! See if you are online or not, see if you have left me any information, see your space, see your articles and listen to songs in your space.. Whether you are online or not, I will visit you online every day.     Looking at your head portrait is like facing you face to face. Although we are separated from each other, there is a feeling of heart connection. Looking at your head portrait is like meeting a loved one. All the happiness and sadness you want to tell you. Looking at your head portrait will remind me of the happiness you have given me and give me encouragement, so my heart will be calm and will keep a calm heart to deal with all the helplessness in life.!     I visit you online every day. If I see you online, I will immediately read your name and send you a smiling face to express my mood at the moment and tell you how much I miss you.. If I see that you are not online, I will quietly look at your head and miss you, sometimes waiting for you to go online while reading articles and websites..     Maybe you don’t know, I like to wait for you like this, like to look at you like this, I like the feeling of waiting for you. There is also a person in this world worth waiting for and a person worth thinking about. I think this is also a kind of sustenance and happiness. I am willing to wait for you like this. I am willing to visit you online every day like this..     When you are willing to chat, I will stroke the keyboard on the computer, pointing to you flying, with my heart fluttering and my soul fluttering to the other side of the network with characters.. My happiness, my pain, my confusion, my wandering, all flow under this fingertip … ah

How many nights did the distance of a piece of paper shine

Thousands of books and thousands of notes write about the winding of the world at hand, and past lives can’t write a graceful and restrained memorial volume in the wind..   Along the way, tang style Song Yu was intoxicated with the flowers and orchids at his fingertips, looking up at the starry sky, the zither whirling from the distant sky, the dazzling sound that curled up, as if the cool breeze in the bright moon caressed heptachord, the sound of the zither was flourishing, like the breath of grass and trees, like the aura of words, and the pictures immediately dotted the starry sky, the faint starlight of an inch, the fragmentary fragments of an inch, and a little shallow memory..     Stop in the wind, lean on the window and stare, memories like the meteor streaking across the night sky, blooming in an instant, brightening this sleepless night..   Entering the network is like entering this deep night sky. Once upon a time, it was already beautiful in the cycle of the season. However, the stranded heart still looks forward to the passing years. Memories are collected like ink in a paper roll, flowing in a happy melody and engraved in the care. Only memories are still keeping watch, quietly and quietly blooming a ripple of the fingers with the fine steps of the season. It is still every familiar morning breeze, still walking in the rolling sea tide, walking at its own pace and blooming the waves of its own life.. Although wandering in every harbor in different seasons of life, knowing that there are crossroads in life and how many storms and frustrations there are in Lu Yu, this must be an inevitable event, so let’s give ourselves a smile and hug, continue and continue the journey of life in the future..     The wind does not say, how many years have it blown away, remember the time when it was still and good, and holding a book can pass the time.. Sometimes you soak in a pot of clear tea, cross the long dream of red dust, carry a light to leave sorrow, fish for a bright color, and pick up the right childhood spots. You wade in from the moonlight lotus pond where the streams are deep and the flowers are falling, and meet Meimo in the silence of poetry and books..   Those romantic stories are quietly hidden under the unfinished promises, waiting for covering soil and corruption. And I, standing quietly in the wind listening to the sad melody, listening to the wailing sound of years passing by, waiting for my way home and my way home. But when I look back, I find that the rain shortage is coming. I want to go back to the beginning when people did not go and love did not leave, as if, years later, you and I were sitting peacefully in the field, watching the world of mortals conjure up under the tree, inviting dawn and dusk together, enjoying the sunset, cloud and moon together, and lingering with the wind..     The autumn scenery outside the window has gradually faded away. The autumn scenery has taken off the last prosperous coat of this autumn, and the fallen leaves silently depend on the roots in the autumn rain..   The autumn wind is cold. If there is no one meter of autumn sun, I can’t imagine whether the picture in late autumn will be so bright. Pick up a leaf and write a poem, piece by piece, one by piece, bound into a book. The cover need not be too extravagant. As long as a leaf and one meter of sunshine write down my name in the corner, that’s enough. This preface still has to be written by myself. First of all, I will tell those who have read this book – I’ve been here this autumn, I’ve been looking for you among the falling leaves and I miss you in the lingering autumn rain..   Often we have too much hope for each autumn and always think that I will have a lot of harvest in this autumn. In fact, in a plump autumn season, the mature will naturally mature, and the fruitless autumn will not necessarily be so down and out. All the things that have not been paid out can have the return you want. If you work hard, you will not regret it. What life needs is satisfaction, hope that you will trouble yourself, look at autumn colors lightly, look at life lightly, fade away flashy and clean yourself..   Autumn is just a symbol of nature. All the beauty and sadness are human echo. Too many stumbles are trapped by love words after all, affectionate rain, affectionate fallen leaves, affectionate dusk, and affectionate us. However, a autumn wind, like this world, this autumn, is so heartless..   Affectionate, heartless and understandable, we have to say ” treasure”.     It was the late autumn when the maple leaf fell, again thinking of the love dock we met, Muran looked back again, still the smile of you and me, how many sunsets dusk, how many times the dream kept together, how many times the ice rain drenched the pillow on the bed, the moon shadow like lotus is our stupid waiting, looking up at the grey dream sky, the lonely heart wanted to go with the wild goose to pursue the past, let those floating memories warm the fallen late autumn again, let me hold your hand again, let us feel the tenderness once again, though it was destined to love after all..     The distance of one finger, how many bright nights and one paper, how many touching things have been written for you – for you I would like to write this deep love for you I would like to paint your beautiful and beautiful life for you You came from the smoke and rain You look like a flourishing woman You look like a young man You drunk the Qin Dynasty Moon How many nights you walked through the Tang poetry wind and rain How many dreams you missed How many love vows you touched with a gentle kiss How many times you read your tender feelings How many times you read your tender feelings How many times you broke your heart for true love I found in the poet’s pen Xu me a fallen leaf, let me love to cross a paper legend; Allow me to say hello, and the autumn wind is again the blessing of my voice.


With the increase of material wealth, people’s happiness in spiritual culture, spiritual civilization, spiritual life and other non-material wealth will also be more easily satisfied.   Happiness is the ultimate goal pursued by human beings. All human actions are to meet the needs of life. Happiness consists of four things that life dreams of: fame, wealth, love and health. If you have these things at the same time, you will be lucky. Happiness will always be the next step and will be satisfied when you get it, but if you stay short for a long time, happiness will disappear with time and the motivation of happiness will never be satisfied with the status quo. People always advance in constantly raising needs, satisfying needs, pursuing happiness and obtaining happiness. Happiness is the satisfaction of the present situation and good expectations for the future.. Therefore, if you want to continue to have happiness and want to live a happy life, you must constantly satisfy more desires.. It is precisely because of people’s constant pursuit of social development that the quality of life and happiness will be improved. Subjective well-being is composed of cognition and emotion. Cognitive well-being is life satisfaction. Emotional well-being includes positive emotion and negative emotion. In an age of abundant material and colorful life, many people endlessly ponder the quality of happiness in their own hands with a skeptical attitude. Gradually, happiness seems to be getting farther and farther away from our life.. The main reason is that people forget love and emotion because they pursue too much desire, leading to imbalance between body and heart.. We were born for happiness. Don’t go astray. Realistic goals and expectations are the intrinsic driving force of happiness. Don’t set the goal of happiness too high, happiness will be everywhere.     The happiness of life can be divided into two kinds: one is the happiness caused by the satisfaction of desire, and the other is the happiness caused by the self-movement and fullness of life.. Happiness is not empty and abstract. The essence of happiness is people’s satisfaction, harmony and satisfaction with life. Simply put, happiness is to have something to eat, a place to sleep and someone to love. Because material needs are the motivation of people’s life and the motivation of people’s pursuit of happiness, the satisfaction of needs is the acquisition of happiness, and material supply is necessary for people’s survival needs to maintain people’s life. Therefore, material supply is the cornerstone of human happiness. On the contrary, there is no point in talking about happiness without material supply.     Happiness consists of three elements. Material, emotional and spiritual. Let’s talk about matter first. The pressure of reality is more obvious than in the past. Due to the relative lack of material resources, many people think they are’ unhappy’. People are unlikely to be happy when their basic needs for food, clothing, shelter and transportation are not met.. Therefore, before the basic needs are met, every increase in income will make people feel happier. However, after the basic needs are met, the effect of income on happiness begins to decline. The higher the income level, the lower the subjective feeling of happiness, because happiness is inversely proportional to desire. The smaller the desire, the greater the happiness value. Research shows that personality traits are the most stable and powerful predictor of emotional well – being. Happiness is the unity of happiness and meaning, enjoyment and development, subjective and objective. Happiness is not external goodness such as wealth and honor. None of these things depends on the subject of happiness itself.. The reason why people can get happiness is because people show the function of being human in their activities..     The purpose of our life is fundamentally to pursue happiness. All personal actions are diffuse and everything is constantly expanding.. In their efforts to pursue a happy life, people also spread tears and hardships in defending private property rights. What happened to the bottom society is actually what happened to everyone. Everyone sees his own rights and knows his own well-being in others.. When the people get rich, when the people’s thoughts are full of money consciousness, then the people’s thoughts begin to decay and fall, the society begins to sink and fall, the people are happy, and the people’s happy life can no longer be found. That is, with the development of economy, the material wealth of the people is increasing, except happiness. Money can’t change happiness.     You can’t be the luckiest person in the world, but you’re not the most unfortunate person in the world, either. It’s better than the shortage or the surplus.. People should have ideals, aspirations and goals of life. Desire and desire are different concepts. The former is a strong demand for the objective world, while the latter is a goal of the subjective world. People’s desires are endless and should be restrained and not indulged. A person of high quality does not necessarily have no desire, but can control it. Happiness and happiness are common, stupid people go far to find happiness, and smart people plant happiness under their feet.     In modern times, people have lost the dimension of spiritual existence, and the relationship between people has become increasingly naked. People are becoming more and more self – locked, losing their freedom and happiness. The main reason is that the crisis of love is also the crisis of human beings, which leads to the imbalance between body and heart because people forget love and emotion because they pursue too much desire.. Health is the natural and objective premise of happiness in life. Having a sound body and a healthy body is the cornerstone of happiness. If the physical defects and pain, psychological trauma is difficult to get happiness. The human instinct to pursue freedom and happiness in the midst of crisis makes human beings self-review and revise their customary values and call for another paradigm of values.     It is generally believed that happiness is the satisfaction of needs or the pure freedom of spirit. Human life is determined by the contradiction between need and satisfaction. Whether happiness is achieved also depends on whether needs are met. This view of happiness is the product of a competitive society, and happiness will not be fully realized.In a society where free men unite, labor is not an activity arising from the need for exchange, but a human life behavior. People devote themselves to it and even forget everything around them. Everything created in work is no longer an object for human consumption, it is the crystallization of personal understanding of things. The virtue of human beings is also characterized by justice and fraternity. In view of the lack of modern rule ethics and the moral crisis in the life world.     A society must follow justice and provide a reliable system for each person’s rational personality development. The influence of freedom, justice and justice, democracy and equality on citizens’ subjective quality of life reveals the deep-seated political reasons behind citizens’ political non-participation or political apathy, and expounds the importance of understanding politics and society, and the cooperation between individuals and governments to promote the continuous improvement of quality of life and the continuous improvement of happiness. From the perspective of human life and practice, people’s pursuit and thinking of an ideal society are rooted in the internal time structure of human life practice and are the inevitable requirement of human being and human being as the subject of practice..     The process of realizing institutional rationality and welfare justice is also the process of promoting national happiness. The path of realizing institutional rationality and welfare justice is to improve economic policy and income distribution system. Perfect social policy and social welfare system; Paying attention to Pareto improvement of cultural education, charity and legal system; Strengthen the consultation and cooperation between the government and civil society in public governance to resolve the’ contradiction between the growing demand for public goods and the insufficient supply of government’ which is the main contradiction in the public sphere of contemporary Chinese society.     The Value Appeal and Rational Expectation of Constructing Excellent Social System. Through the definition of the excellent social system and the analysis of the contradiction between rational expectations and social reality, it is proposed to take’ fairness, justice, freedom, happiness and democracy’ as the basic value demand, promote the construction of the excellent social system and provide institutional guarantee for the continuous improvement of national happiness.. The pursuit of happiness is the basic goal of human and social development and also the fundamental demand of the socialist system.. Within the framework of the socialist system, only through the strength of institutional rationality and the guarantee of fairness and welfare can people’s happiness be continuously improved, the paradox between economy and happiness be resolved, and the excellence of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics be further highlighted.. The principle of social justice includes the principles of freedom, justice and the rule of law. In other words, the justice of society can only be concretely implemented and reflected through the implementation of the principles of social freedom, justice and the rule of law..     With the increase of people’s material wealth, people’s thirst for resources has become less and less, so people can get less and less happiness in terms of material wealth, and the cost of getting happiness is also higher and higher. At the same time, the consumption of the earth’s resources and the damage to the environment are also increasing.. With the increase of material wealth, people’s happiness in non-material wealth such as spiritual culture, spiritual civilization and spiritual life is also more easily satisfied.     Environmental benefits mainly include environmental ecological benefits, environmental economic benefits and environmental aesthetic benefits. Its characteristics reflect the first essence of the scientific development concept is development, the core is people – oriented, the basic requirement is comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable, and the fundamental method is overall coordination. The fundamental method is to take into account both overall planning and interests coordination. The value orientation is to promote the harmony between man and nature. The effective means is to rely on science and technology to develop circular economy. Pay attention to people’s quality of life, development potential and happiness index, and earnestly safeguard people’s environmental interests. All – round development means taking economic construction as the center and promoting all-round social progress including ecological construction. Coordinated development is to coordinate all links and aspects, including the harmony between man and nature. Sustainable development is to promote harmony between man and nature and realize sustainable economic development.     Happiness has always been the ultimate goal pursued by human beings. All human actions are to meet the needs of certain life. People’s happiness lies in creative life, and its value aims at and is good at exploring the road to happiness. The human spirit is the free spirit of never ceasing to pursue happiness. When it comes to human happiness, it requires that under the correct guidance of reason, the relationship between reason and passion be coordinated and placed in an orderly harmony, which is to achieve happiness and goodness.. If all individual behavior is diffuse, everything is in constant expansion. Therefore, once an individual realizes the uniqueness of his thought, the excellence of his behavior and the touching quality, he will have the feeling of having a meaningful world forever.. At the same time get dignity, respect, respect and belonging. People should be happy if they want to be happy. Without virtue, there is no happiness.

Gaussian Fuzzy Future Time

First, sitting in front of the computer becomes dull in thinking, thinking about every word and typing every word, not as comfortable as before, telling it to people who like to listen to it. Now don’t say, say less, because it is really my sad home. Want to so quietly let friends forget me, I covered myself up, covered up for a long time, and found that there was mildew on my body and I started to have a whole set of problems.. People, after all, are social.   Two, yesterday and today, the feeling of head pain has always been. Once a day out of the door, the only way to go out is to go downstairs and breathe, suck the dust on the road, listen to the cries of fruit stalls, bask in the bright and aggressive sunshine, and blow the dry and endless wind.. I didn’t talk to anyone. No longer have nowhere to go, just hang slippers upstairs. Reading books, doing questions and listening to videos are beginning to become greedy and eager for quick success and instant benefits, but haste makes waste.. Headache, is the brain beginning to suffer from indigestion? I do not know. Always wonder why this is so? Why is this?? Will this experience be the lowest point in life when you look back on it several years later? As described in many inspirational movies, I’m not too bad compared with those who are embarrassed, but have any writers arranged a beautiful future for me? No, but you can decide for yourself. I think this is what everyone wants to tell me. But I know.   Third, I worked hard to piece together the time I didn’t waste, save them up for comfort, and then worked hard to find excuses for wasting my time, some trivial things, some minor illnesses, and so on, all crowded in my mind. They swelled, swelled, fermented, and finally made me feel full of methane, which made me uneasy.. I began to learn those useless things and began to feel smug after learning a little fur, showing off in my family. Up to now, I haven’t understood myself, is it really childish, or is it too eager to be respected and not looked down upon? I don’t want to look at myself from my own perspective and write about myself. That would think that he was just sitting in the dark and crying for himself alone.   Four, whether there is a problem with EQ or IQ? Why is it that I am a little overwhelmed, a little out of control, a little scared, and the scenery in front of me is a little gray until it disappears completely?. The vigorous dawn seems to have long passed, and this lazy afternoon is confusing and tiring, and even the decadent evening will not be seen. If you lose morale and confidence and do not have the courage to lower your head to sleep on your feet and taste bravery, it is not enough emotional intelligence. If you bury all day in the book mountain and the sea without any achievements, you will soon become mentally ill. What if none of them are? It must be a matter of time. I think this is also what smart people want to tell me. However, time is just a pair of chronic poisons, and the moment you are delighted, you will be sick to the bone marrow..   All the unhappy things come from his own thoughts. Even sickness and death cannot make happy people sad. However, the healthy and strong people who can’t sleep and eat can’t enjoy the beautiful scenery, listen to music and exercise with passion.. Everyone’s environment affects his reluctance to migrate to worse habitats, so he may lose everything in the same environment. Eating, wearing, living and getting love are just the most basic needs of people, among which love is the only one who does not want to give up. Because of love, I kept all my pursuits, but I also became haggard. Perhaps in the end, it was because of love that I lost love.. I like someone very much, but I can’t tell her. But just calculating, that day was delayed, delayed, delayed again and again . Ah, until it became a pity.   Six, the economic foundation determines the superstructure. If writing is a hobby, if photography is also a hobby, if like poetry, like all cultures is a hobby, then these are all useless in the face of economic foundation. They’re just superstructures, aren’t they. It’s just for edifying one’s sentiment, or for increasing one’s personal charm.. It is often foolish to show off your culture in front of a worker, because you are not as good as a dung picker. Although I don’t agree with the statement that there is no dignity without money, I think it can accomplish almost everything. In addition to their own conscience cannot be changed.   If your greatest need is to realize your own value, where will you realize your value, or in what aspects? If it is legal, then I need to be familiar with the provisions of various laws and apply them. I also need to be able to articulate and be a lawyer..If it is a judge, what is the value of all civil servants? All the qualities they need to possess are in their modifiers. How many civil servants survive on their own knowledge or skills? What if it’s writing? I was not confident enough and never tried. Maybe you have other potential, such as management, planning, leadership, etc., or starting a business to create value for the society.. There is no shortcut to realize one’s own value, but only one step at a time..   On the bright side, this society gives opportunities to others as well as to you, but you need to work harder than others to get this opportunity. If you have worked hard, you may be able to get a return, but not necessarily. The bad thought is that this society is full of unfairness. It is not going to get ahead of school or fight in the society from an early age. I believe most intellectuals who have changed their fate will only become mediocre in the end. They will be baptized by big waves in this fiercely competitive society. After that, some will drift with the tide, some will die on the beach, others will swim upstream and still struggle..   Nine, on the one hand, I despise women who don’t respect themselves, irresponsible men or men with flower hearts. On the other hand, I lament my stupidity and simplicity.. On the one hand, I hate this impetuous society and the world full of material interests, on the other hand, I see some people sending out simple and pure light..   Ten, fate, is an objective thing. But fate is definitely not objective. I think it is objective idealism and my fate is arranged by heaven. No matter how you exert your subjective initiative, it will not change.. If there is no philosophy in life, everyone will lose himself. Are you a materialist?   Don’t believe in bad luck now, or in the future. The present state is just a manifestation of the fact that it has no external influence, or that it is just a bad result of some previous actions.. For the future, it may always be bad, or there may be a turn for the better. This is due to your environment at some point in the future. The quality of this environment is related to your current behavior. You can change your fate through your behavior, but you don’t know the extent and direction of his change.. Because you are in society, society is influencing you. If you live to survive, your misfortune is loss or hunger and disease. Death, disease and hunger and cold are just like ordinary living things. The meaning of our life is more complicated, and those things will not change.     All pain is a sign of incompetence. This sentence is inspiring. You can turn yourself into Superman, but you can’t change this world. Ordinary people are happier than Superman.. So, have a balanced heart.   To integrate into this society, we should start with ” mediocrity” ideologically. From the bottom, come back. In the process, maybe your talent and progress will help you.   ( Written after graduating from college in 2012, after repeated failures of civil servants due to interviews )