Father’s ” Earthwork”

Arguably, a flu or cold cold is not a big deal either. It is better to have three to five days less and ten to eight days more.. However, that kind of afflictive matter is still not bad, cough, asthma, top – heavy, sore all over. Then go to the hospital or clinic, it’s not, the heart is very tangled. Go to the hospital, as if to do a check – up, inevitably, to prevent you from having other lung problems, such as registering, paying, taking medicine, coming in here, going out there, taking a radiograph, and pulling in your heart.. Although the procedure in the clinic is simple, it has something in common with the hospital, that is, there are a lot of antibiotics such as amoxicillin and infusion, etc.. After all, if you get sick, the doctor says you should do what you want to do.. The problem is that no matter on TV or on the Internet or in newspapers and magazines, you have read a lot of articles about what serious adverse consequences of abusing antibiotics and easily infusing fluids are enough to make you tremble with fear. A small cold should put you in a state of embarrassment and shock. You said that this cold is still incurable. How can you treat it with confidence??   Often at this time, always let people struggle, lamenting whether people have degenerated or the society is complicated. Had to say if in the past, what would happen. However, to be honest, the previous scenes are still vivid in my mind.. Maybe it’s a minor illness like a cold, and it’s ” keeping pace with the times.”! I couldn’t help thinking of my father’s’ earthworks’ when I was a child. I don’t know if the humble’ earthworks’ can suit the remedy to the case.   When I was a child with a cold, I often ate a few tablets of analgin, licorice and berberine.. Sometimes, even the hospital clinic was too lazy to go. Father said he drank his ” Sihe Soup” and ” Guanling”. The so-called ” four – in – one soup” is actually made of several slices of ginger, several sections of scallions with whiskers, several spoons of brown sugar, and a few small pieces of clay on the stove fire door, boiled with water.. Now to drink this, the key is to have no earthen hearth and not dig a few pieces of earthen garbage.. Anyway, at that time, it enjoyed a bowl and sweated, feeling refreshed and cold was driven away.. Although the earthy smell is strong and the spicy taste is strong, it is also enjoyable to drink a bowl of brown sugar on the face of brown sugar.. If you don’t have enough time, after one time, you will still ” pretend to be ill”, coaxing your parents to drink and not expose them, ok, you can see from your face and actions that if you cook another bowl, you should also be aware of it. Sometimes, if brown sugar is gone and you continue to pack it, father said, it seems this time it’s a bit serious, ” sihe soup” is no longer available. cupping! A listen to cupping, already scared out in a cold sweat, started to run and shouted as he ran that he felt better now, causing his father to laugh.   To say this cupping is quite frightening. Those who catch a cold lie prone on the hot kang with their backs exposed, lit a piece of paper and pulled it up and down. They can neither burn to the skin nor stay too far away, but always feel the hot temperature.. One hand also holds a cup and shines it on the burning paper. When the paper is about to burn out and the heat is fully dissipated, the cup will firmly stick to your back with a clasp and the muscles will shrink violently. The cup is amazing. Let us break it, it won’t move.. After a long time, only listen to the sound of ” boom”, the cup fell down, and your taut muscles relaxed, your taut nerves relaxed, and your body was comfortable and your cold was fine.. Children are always afraid of cupping, and adults seem to enjoy it. They lie prone on the hot kang, pull out the cupping and cover the quilt, and fall asleep unconsciously..   Children’s tummy is the most common except for colds. Sometimes my stomach hurts badly, sometimes it bulges badly and I hit it with my fingers, ” boom, boom, boom, boom”, drum roll. Father said that it was a cold attack or a gluttony, and he rubbed it for a while. If it didn’t work, he found a piece of wool cut in autumn, a lump of earth, and put it on the stove. When the lump was hot, he spread the wool over his stomach and put it on it for more than half an hour for the first ten to eight minutes. The belly was like a deflated ball, and naturally it would be fine.. When burning clods, my father always touched them with his hands to test whether the temperature was appropriate or not and the effect was not good. It’s too hot to burn the skin. As for how many degrees, there is no thermometer to measure and no fixed value. It is entirely an experience perception, not a prescription of medicine.   When I was a child, in the present words, it was arrhythmia. Anyway, my father gave me pulse, counted the electronic watch and said something wrong. The doctor also heard it with a stethoscope and said something wrong.. Every night, my father took out five or six red dates, put them on the lid of the stove, turned them over, burnt them evenly, and boiled them in a porcelain tea jar. When the dark red jujube catechu was fragrant, let me drink the tea and eat all the dates.. Every night, after drinking, my father had to be patient with pulse counting. Sometimes, in order to count accurately, he had to pulse several times. In this way, I don’t know how many days later, my father finally said with a smile that he would not drink any more. In fact, I had already been forced by my father to have that kind of scorched fragrance, which I liked at the beginning, has long been boring my appetite and dull.. Good natural happy, jujube tea table haven’t been drunk for ten years, but now in winter, maybe I can have a cup of jujube catechu in a small restaurant outside, and the taste is good, just not the kind of warm process as a child.   Father has another move, is to treat toothache. When I saw a lot of people suffering from toothache, I covered the swollen half of my face and twisted my teeth. Alas, I couldn’t get a groan.. Some of them do not work whether they have analgin or painkillers in their mouths. As the saying goes, toothache is not a disease. No one asked about it. In many ways, people with toothache can only swallow their own stomachs even if they have tears swirling around their eyes.. Some people really didn’t recruit. They came to their father with a bottle of white wine and five or six eggs.. At first, we thought eggs and white wine were gifts or labor costs, but I don’t remember how my father fried eggs with white wine.. After frying, let the toothache bite. In a short time, the toothache said it was much better or even no pain.. We stared eagerly at scrambled eggs. Father knew our intentions and smiled and said that it was a cure and could not be eaten.. Whether we really can’t eat it or not, eggs were not easy to eat at that time. No way, people with toothache would say with a smile, let’s eat it. I’m all right..My father would give us a piece of chopsticks. Eat into your mouth, feel the smell of eggs, has been covered by alcohol, but look on the face of eggs, still eat with relish, that’s the real’ intoxicating smell’! When the toothache was cured, he left to say a few pleasantries, but his father grabbed the others and asked him to take the rest of the liquor away, but the other party refused anyway. We know that everyone is difficult and it is not easy to buy a bottle of wine. If it weren’t for the extreme pain, everyone wouldn’t be willing to spend the money. My father said, I don’t drink any more. If you take it back, you will feel much easier if you rub it with white wine, even if your teeth don’t hurt any more and your legs hurt occasionally.. Under his father’s repeated persuasion, the bearer could not help it, so he had to carry the bottle, speak politely and go away.   Now think about it, the father’s ” earthworks” work, whether it is scientific factors or human factors, such as affection, human feelings, true feelings, etc., but the simple ” earthworks” work a lot of times. Now, whether it’s headache, brain heat, stomachache or something like that, prescription, procedure, inspection, medicine and so on, you’ve already got a big head, plus a clear treatment process, a well-defined doctor-patient relationship, economic benefits of market prosperity and so on, people may become more and more vulnerable behind the complexity.!

Early spring release autumn harvest

Early spring release autumn harvest blue sea ( 1 ) who stole my inspiration? Sitting at the table thinking hard for a long time, I was like a child who couldn’t solve the equation. My thinking was blocked. What about the key to unlock it? Isn’t it that my heart was once as light as catkin by the cool wind of early spring?? Was it not the passion to ride the wind and break the waves that was swelled by the full buds on the branches of the fruit trees under the warm sun?? What about the green grass on the side of the road, stirring people’s feelings? The recovery of the earth, filled with attractive breath everywhere. Although the earth still looks pale, there is a strong and soft germination in the pale gray.. The mountain peaks in the distance have faded the mottled snow spots in winter, such as light ink painting, caged in mist, gentle and graceful, with deep beauty.. Poplar trees, willow trees and locust trees were bathed in the spring rain, and their branches were tender and plump, and they scrambled to sway under the blue sky and the sun.. All of them are light ink colors, and a beautiful ink painting is full of quiet, elegant, and full of hope and warmth..     ( 2 ) On the early spring weekend night, I sat in the bright light and wanted to write something, but I fell into the desert for a while. It was the cool wind of that night that stirred up the microwave that had flooded my mind for many days.. The breeze in early spring makes everything sprout and revive in a rush. All the year round, the earth turns round and round. Under the blowing of the cool wind in early spring and the shining of the warm sun, in the annual rings of my life at the beginning of autumn, the breath of spring was so strongly fermented in another annual ring that it swelled a heart that was already ready to fly. I’m going sailing and hiking! But I still can’t walk out of the town, surrounded by worldly fences, the less I can get them. But like a stubborn child, I carried my bags and set out. Sitting in the light of early spring night, Xiner went hiking.     ( 3 ) I want to go sailing and fly my heart! I am like an ugly duckling in the farmer’s henhouse, looking up at the sky, looking down at the green grass and wild flowers at the foot, and watching the streams flowing in the sun.. I saw the vast sky from the blue sky overhead. From the green of clusters of grass, we can see the strength and joy of life. From the twinkling streams in the sun, we can see colorful life, the depth of the sea and the surging of the great river..     ( 4 ) It is time for me to release myself again in the early spring of this year to face the strong breath of this day, grow with grass, open with peach blossom and apricot blossom, green with green hills, fly with birds, and courageously flow with streams.. I should treasure the joy of grass growing up in my heart, share the joy of peach blossom and apricot blossom, describe the free flight of birds, and sing the aspirations of streams.. I am delighted with the yearning for life, composing them into beating words and jumping notes. This is the harvest of my flying heart, and this is a kind of flying.     ( 5 ) Release your mind as far as you want to go. The vast universe, let you roam. All things in the world are dazzling in profusion. All they can see is that they hate the pen in their hands. It is difficult to describe the pleasure and joy of flying.. A loud laugh, why care about the joy of the baby, the joy of the baby, or the laughter of the elderly. Happiness is never stained with worldly filth. It is lotus root purified from the heart.     ( 6 ) Another spring of the year, the cuckoo chirping outside the window beckoned me to pack up my luggage again, pack up my bags and go hiking to harvest the harvest of my life in autumn.

Distant light

On the night of the night shift, I visited the website to check the information. I was attracted by a small stamp, and it also triggered my distant memory of the light.     This is a commemorative stamp issued by the United States in June 1929 to participate in Edison’s FIFA anniversary regulations for the invention of electric lights. It is a credit card, but I don’t want to buy it. I just want to borrow it as a prop for memory.. Now, if anyone says he doesn’t know what the electric light is, I’m afraid it’s not good to find it, unless there is no electricity in the mountains and forests where there are few people left.. However, in my hometown before the earthquake, there was no electricity at that time. I really don’t know what the electric light was. As long as it is at night, it will be dark and can only travel by moonlight. In the night without moonlight, it can only be by starlight..     If we catch up with overcast and foggy days, we can only go out by hand. Every night, we will go crazy in the dark if we can’t spare time.. Some light-footed people sometimes use kerosene lamps from relatively wealthy families when they actually touch each other, because they will also come into the street through the long courtyard and through the walls of the courtyard through the light of hair and paper.. This kind of light is hard to find without careful search. Later, I did not know that day night, when I slowly came home from the mountain, I suddenly found a bright star in the east of our village.. Moreover, the little star seems to have come to the world, because it appears under other stars, much lower than the distant mountains, to put it bluntly, it is as high as the environment in which we live..     A few of our children are all talking about what star it is and why it came down to earth. Some people suggested to go there and have a look. We said we would go if we left, but it was still in the distant place when we left several villages.. However, our pursuit of the bright heart has not changed, and we still move on. But somehow, the stars are missing and we can only go back bitterly without the goal we are pursuing.. But when we walked back, the stars appeared again, but the village beyond our memory did not dare to go any further, so we had to be helpless, but the attraction of the stars became stronger day by day..     When the night is still, several of our friends are lying on the hillside with their heads facing east, looking at the ideal star light.. It may have been a wait-and-see for a long time that we discovered the secret that the star did not appear all the year round, but only in early autumn and winter.. After a long time, those equally curious adults also wanted to discuss what was going on, what was the star, or whether somebody else could do something about it. The last few relatives told the truth.. It was in a village more than 20 miles away from my village. For the convenience of playing in autumn, a high electric lamp was put on the production team’s field, which is why the season appeared.     Since their village is under the eastern mountain of hazelyang basin and we live at the foot of the western mountain of the basin, by night the light will pass over the dense villages and come over us, just like the stars.. As for the lights we yearned for, they suddenly disappeared when we longed to see the real face, which is also because the center of the basin is relatively low – lying. The secret was finally revealed, and we began to imagine what the electric light was. If we lit and smoked, we wouldn’t have to use the sickle to cook.. Later, our village also switched on the electric light, but the recent earthquake brought me back to the original, the simple house did not switch on the electric light and returned to the kerosene lamp era..     Curiosity about electric lights has long been a thing of the past, but the yearning for light has not stopped for a day. Yes, who doesn’t want to rush to light and pursue light in his heart?. If you don’t believe it, just look at the lights on both sides of the road. As long as the insects fly in season, those cute little doors will rush to death for the ideal light in their hearts.. Isn’t it the same for our great human being? The heart towards the light is the same, but some evil-minded outlaws just take advantage of the people’s desire for quick success and instant benefits towards the’ light’. There are also those people who are interested in pursuing the ideal of the birds running towards the light, killing many birds that should have been protected. Why are they guilty?. When people encounter difficulties in pursuing light, or find light or traps that are not ideal, do they not see stars when they are with us and go back to their homes to find a way out?.     I have always believed that the pursuit of light will not change whether it is animals or human beings. It seems that the stamps in front of me can only attract me to the light instead of letting me have it.. Ah, the distant light is always my lingering memory.     On the night of December 27, 2012, TWELVE


For many years, I like prose, but few people know it. Like Lao She, like Lu Xun, also like Zhu Ziqing.   But I can’t compare with these literary figures. I know that I am just a people who can’t even count on characters.. But a man must have a dream to live, no matter how humble he is.. I still like prose from the meeting at school. At that time, between mathematics and Chinese, fortunately, I chose Chinese because I always felt that mathematics was useless. Of course, it was only my personal opinion.. As a boy, he always likes to write things. At that time, it was always bad for people in the neighborhood. A boy should be crazy, should be noisy and should be…. I was born in a city that has been known as’ small Jiangnan in the north’ since ancient times, with distinct seasons and obvious climate change. Therefore, I have more opportunities to see the majestic rain, the proud frost and the pure snow. I thank God for giving me the right time. Said I like to write things when I’m okay. In fact, my words are ugly. At least I think so myself. Even my uncle who loves me most said so. So I’m going to write here, write and draw in this small world and be myself.. Fortunately, I have not given up the habit of ” love to write” after all for many years. Because of laziness, when something I want to write comes to my mind, I always say it freely, which also leads to the fact that over the years, I have left only a few lines of sentences..   A few years passed quickly, but I, after all, have not been able to do anything. I lament the death of the world and the death of the peddler in this world. I am a very casual person who writes wherever I think about it, does not have a clue and does not think about it, so I think this is the prose I understand..   When I was a child, I always felt that our county seat was so big, so I was always very excited to go to my uncle’s house in the county seat every year, looking forward to seeing the world, tall buildings and endless stream of people I expected, and also looking forward to hearing the cries of vendors different from those of villages and towns at that time.. So I think this is the world. It’s so big and big that I dare not go out alone, afraid of losing myself in a lane I am not familiar with, and afraid of being cheated out by bad people. Therefore, the world is wide in my eyes and wide for me to dare not touch, as if a monster did not dare to touch the forbidden area where the sorcerer has enchanted. That kind of desire is beautiful now..   I grew up slowly, saw a lot, and understood a lot. I suddenly understood that I thought it was the’ world’ county seat. It was small, small, and small enough to hold a person’s heart.. Later, after graduating from college, I chose to leave home. For the first time, I deviated from the town, from my dream, and from the’ world’ in my heart.. Human desire is the most terrible, greedy, ignorant and arrogant. These things are mixed up enough to make a person lose his head. Before he left, my father told me to find a job, be diligent and willing to bear hardships. I work for others, and swallow it down. The boss told me to do well and be shrewd. If the others didn’t tell me, they also did it when they saw it.. I’ well’ for a moment, don’t know at that time the father, is how to understand. When I set foot on the train for a long journey, I remembered to participate in the song ” Have a pleasant journey”. The lyrics are short, simple and affectionate.. From departure to arrival, I stood by the door of the train and single cycled through the song.   Before writing this article, I talked with my old friends about my intention to write something, specifically, trivial matters. Later, I decided to write it.. Even if no one looked at it, I was writing an article every day, telling a truth that is not reasonable and listening to a story that is not a story. To tell the truth, people insist, but I always lack perseverance and like to give up halfway. Old friends said, since you like to write, write, write on trivial matters, and write on nonsense that others don’t understand, someone can always understand and like to understand. So, I insist. From ignorant teenagers, I hope to be white – haired.   – ” Freezing three feet is not a day’s cold, and dripping stones is not a day’s work.”.   I like Mr. Lu Xun’s article, and the atmosphere is a little ironic, like hail in snow, which makes people elusive and eager to try.. When I was young, I didn’t know what Mr. Li was talking about and what he wanted to say. When I grew up and read Mr. Li’s articles, I felt that Mr. Li was really a genius in China for thousands of years. He was similar to Mr. Pu Songling, who wrote the regulations on strange stories from a serial studio. The difference is that one wrote things and the other wrote ghosts and gods. Similarly, they all talked about society and said the status quo.. Late at night, I want to write more, but I don’t know where to start, what to write and how to write the next sentence. So, follow one’s inclinations to write, follow one’s inclinations to send.   In addition to writing, I didn’t find myself having any other hobbies, such as collecting silver coins and walking back and forth along the road if I had a hard word. Ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha, ha – ha.. Collection, say investment, but I haven’t made much money since I was a child. I think that people who collect ancient coins have a good knowledge of ancient and modern times and history. I always walk back and forth along the road when I’m okay. When I say exercise, I look like I’m going to the crowd and shops on both sides, tasting sweet, sour, bitter and spicy, and enjoying a life full of tastes..   Why are you afraid of the dangers and dangers of your journey??   In the past, ask who dares to bet on tomorrow?   A cup of tea tells a story. A column of incense burns out the glitz in the world.   May you look like a swallow near the south of the Yangtze River in the afternoon, enjoying the scenery with ease.   May I be like an old woman in the country after dinner, with a hundred mouths to talk and enjoy life.

Childlike Rain and Umbrella

( a ) wet feelings, singing thoughts.   With a gentle call, childlike innocence is not old.   Little by little, love is refreshing.   The smell of rain touched many memories of me and you. In the songs and ballads of life, they were flowing in the arms of the land, sweetly talking about the original and most unforgettable scene..   Yes, in your mind and mine, there is a kind of poetic and pictorial love.   ( 2 ) Don’t forget that our chase was romantic.   On the wound of the land, there were my sketches, and the spring came one by one with vigor, as if in the colorful thick ceremony, the heat heated our first love, didn’t it? The hazy innocence, holding transparent beads of rain, and a sentence in my heart, under the pink umbrella, filled the pages with a full picture of life..   Ah, naked love, smiling in your big eyes.   Listening to the common heartbeat, the path has no end.   With the rhythm of the rain, the poem and song are very beautiful.   ( 3 ) The fairy tale story of Tian’s grandmother stirred up that yearning.   The game under the ancient banyan tree is hard to give up.   What’s left? What did you send away?   A string of silver beads, bouncing up and down on the grass between me and you, in the melodious pastoral songs, has a whip mark – the real sense of kindness in the paths..   Quietly looking at each other, the heart is romantic and singing.   Maybe it’s a hug, forget the pain.   Yes, edit the innocence again and again – the sacred promise is engraved on the heart plate.   ( 4 ) True, the heart has a meaning and the heart has a special liking.   The call of the dream spread all over Qian Shan.   The hearts of the people are separated from their bellies. Who can show that he is a good man?? At the moment when you have warm and cold, your thoughts and yours are covered with colorful, romantic music of life, opening the doors and windows of your heart, and the dreams of mountain and water are colorful in the fleeting canvas shadows..   Listening to the echo of the heart, a kind of enjoyment.   All things are lingering in childlike innocence.   ( 5 ) Hot sweat and tears spilled all over the floor.   It has been a long time since ancient times, yes, it has floated to the naive spring scenery and autumn reality..   Because, in their own hearts, they listen to the deep feelings and feelings of those hearts, without shaking the wind and rain..   From then on, I held the lamp in the wind and rain. Out of many dreams.   From then on, I looked out on the bank of the river and waved for our past.   ( 6 ) Return to the original and cut into the mind and body of the land.   Common exclamation, insomnia those spring and autumn.   Where is the heart? The true and false of dreams, symphonies on the withered and glorious grass of the year, wasted many beautiful moments and meditated on themselves one by one..   Ah, birds and flowers, be elated … ( 7 ) The frescoes of life have written a kind of eternity.   In my mother’s eyes, I will always be a child.   In my father’s mind, I am a teenager running in the rain.   Yes, my parents’ mind is the dock, harbor and habitat of my life, the starting point and end point of my life, a field moistened with rain, light and wind, which caresses a kind of truth, kindness and dedication and keeps the longing for life..   When I grow up, I can’t forget my parents’ exhortations.   ( 8 ) childlike innocence, rain and umbrella, so kind.   This heaven and earth, image my simple spring and autumn period, hug one by one once and perhaps, what makes me most attached to is my mother picking up my picture page in the rain, what really reminds me is that you said to me under the umbrella … ah yes, it is rain that nurtures my childishness, it is childishness that reminds me of maternal love, and it is the umbrella that tells me not to live up to you..   It’s raining, you and I have flesh and blood in our hearts.

life like summer flowers

I have always loved summer, although the hot weather makes me sweat hard, and even though the sultry night and mosquito harassment keep me awake at night, I have to sleep with the aid of the air conditioner.. But in summer, the red and white sunshine, the white clouds rolling in the blue sky, the joyful green eyes and the melodious cicadas and frogs all seem bold and unrestrained, dynamic and energetic. Feel the fresh breath of life immediately, the mood will follow is bold and unrestrained. It is also because the flowers that bloom in summer have many varieties and are so hot, colorful and varied.. They bloom in the season when the sun is full, like running, jumping and flying elves, showing their most brilliant and moving vitality, making me obsessed with summer. Taiwan writer Roland once wrote in the regulations for participating in the summer suite: ” Summer flowers are different from spring flowers. Summer flowers have strong vitality.”. If spring flowers bloom because of the warmth of the wind, summer flowers are inspired by the sun. Don’t we have the same youth as this summer? Hot and dazzling like the sun, summer flowers have the most beautiful, lively and brilliant colors. However, the cycle of the four seasons will not be shifted by human will. No matter how fresh and gorgeous the flowers will disappear in the cold wind and snow that follows, no matter how brilliant and gorgeous the colors will be quietly disseminated by the dense gray and white that gradually comes..     Close to the end of the year, I walked on the street, the afternoon sunshine sprinkled light warmth on my face, and gradually the cold wind blew on my face again with a cold touch.. The golden leaves on the ground crunched under the trample, and winter really came! The song suddenly sounded in my ear: ” A glimpse is as short as a glimpse / as brilliant as a summer flower / I am this dazzling moment / is a flash of flame across the sky.”. Summer flowers, flames, and a glimpse of the bright.’: Different beauties have the same short duration, which makes it impossible for us to finish the word’ wait’ with our fingers.. Life, youth, isn’t it? Time is too precious, and even more time will slowly run out. The dazzling process of life and youth, like a meteor streaking across the sky at night, went out in a flash and never came back again.. You see, ” butterfly counts / not month / but moment / butterfly has enough time”. the ear listens to the urging sound of time ticking, as if blood also drops and drops from the body.. Even butterflies are unwilling to endure the cruel torture of this time, let alone people? Put everything down! Put down the care for life, put down the attachment to the future, grasp the only moment that can be grasped, do all the things that can be done at hand, and make full use of every minute and every second of the moment, life will have the most realistic meaning.. Buddhist said,’ Do it when you see it, put it down when you do it. Why not. ‘ this kind of mentality seems negative, in fact contains great wisdom and wisdom. Live in the present, then live out the future.     Life, all the way spring scenery, all the way singing, all the way calm; Or thorns all the way, hardships and frustrations all the way, and trekking all the way … ah, all the ups and downs and ups and downs are all short – lived. Time in the world is the most ruthless. It will never stay for someone. When singing to wine, life geometry? When life has experienced vicissitudes of life and the sweetness of the past has become a memory, life is approaching the end step by step. We can’t keep the decline of life just as people can’t stop the decline of flowers. But we can stop the throat of fate and strive to fight against it and change it. Seize all opportunities, fully display yourself and release all the light and heat of yourself. In this way, when you have experienced the splendor of’ life is like summer flowers’, you can experience the beauty of’ death is like autumn leaves’. So as to produce satisfaction to life, openness to the world and gratitude to life.     Each of us can only walk once in this world and only once in life. Facing the floating and heaving of the world and the changeable world, all we can do is cherish life, treat life well and cherish and cherish the people around us. Don’t wait until it’s lost or empty, leaving a cavity of regret. What splendor and wealth, what fame and fortune, what enmity and enmity . Ah, let all the vanity and vanity in the world go to one side! Let’s live as happy, carefree and bright as possible. Life inevitably has many haze, but after the wind and rain, the sun will be exceptionally bright!     At that moment, I looked up and saw that the stubble leaves hanging from the tall, straight trunk still stood stubbornly in the wind. I am relieved that the cycle of the four seasons is unstoppable, but when spring comes again, they will be a new green.. In fact, what I saw was a kind of strength savings, a change of old and new, and the birth of life.. It is a kind of gratitude. It is grateful that creation has chosen us out of Qian Qian’s million possibilities, given us life and wisdom..     Close your eyes and listen carefully to the whine of the wind blowing, the roar of the machine turning in the factory building, and the sound of car horns in the distance … Ah, this is a different kind of music, sometimes gentle and soothing, sometimes dynamic and explosive, flying in this quiet afternoon.. The wind moving through the city gently blows the busy people, who are hurrying forward and chasing their own shadow .

At night, the gorgeous exile

The wind and rain are impermanent, the world of mortals smoke like smoke, a gorgeous exile, dense with all memories, gently singing time…..     The water-like yuet has precipitated all my thoughts, flowing quietly in this night, lingering feelings, curling up, filling up the thin winter, leaving me standing on ice and snow without feeling cold, silent, but no longer sad. I don’t know if it will warm you if I get drunk with this thousand knots of soft bowel.?     In a flash, 2011 will soon be the past. Think of 365 days when you walked with me all the way, with clutch, sadness, joy, tears and laughter, all of which will turn into the most beautiful scenery in the time, forever swaying in the time and space we all share, and will not forget or be indifferent.. Although most of the time, we have to choose to leave, leaving our thoughts in countless such dark nights without ceasing.. Think much, can stay by your side, breathe with your heartbeat, think much, cuddle up on your shoulder, walk through the bleak autumn again, think much, the heart has the communication, all need not say more, each other’s one eye, you know, I know, think much.     Looking at the past few years, many of the past will be indifferent to time and many will be selectively forgotten, while I carefully bound up all your warmth and love, neatly stacked on my pillow and accompanied me to sleep quietly at night.. Flying flowers in dreams, whispering softly, sleeping with a smile, waking up at dawn, only to go, the contract on the bank of the heart and sea will no longer make you lonely and hurt.     Time flies like an arrow, the memory of the dribs and drabs is the mark on the wall of the running years, affecting every channel of my life. And tonight, I banished them smartly. This is a splendid feast, like smoke blooming, dispels the coolness of the night, gives the world profusion and warms the heart.. Even if it is a flash in the pan, it will stay forever.. Because, this life is destined to sing time with you. In spite of love, there will be heartache.

All the way to the company, warm in the journey

Many years ago, I never traveled alone. On a winter vacation before graduation, I set foot on the train back to my hometown with a slight fear and timidity..   At that time, the train did not speed up. I was alone and had to spend more than 50 hours on the train. Although I remember all the instructions from my parents before going out, I carefully looked at my luggage and kept a polite distance from the passengers around me, I still couldn’t cover up my youth and simplicity..     From the departure station, passengers basically have seats. However, I didn’t get a seat ticket at that time, but I was lucky enough to stand next to a double seat with only one young man of my age on the seat. Opposite him was a man and a woman and two young men.. The young man may see me standing by and feel a little uncomfortable, so he took the initiative to talk to me and ask me if I have no seat and also told me that he has two seat numbers. The seat next to him has no one, so he told me to sit down in this seat.. Although I don’t know why he can have two seats on his own, I still sit down without hesitation..     Travel by train – but also in hard-seat cars, not only crowded and dull, but also bored.   Perhaps because they are all young people and are all around the age of twenty, we and the two young people opposite the seat will soon become familiar with each other.   In just a few hours after the train started, we naturally formed a small team that met by chance and took care of each other with tacit understanding. We took out all kinds of food we ate on the road and shared it generously, eating at the same time like we did with our family. We soon became the most striking scenery in the whole carriage.. When night falls, the people in the car gradually fall asleep, and tirelessly we are still playing cards and talking about our different stories, which is quite warm for the family to surround the stove and watch in winter..   During the conversation, I knew that the young man who gave his seat to me was a car mechanic from Kunming, but he seemed reluctant to tell us his name, but this did not affect our friendly relations at all.. Opposite the seat was a pair of brother and sister from Wenshan. The elder brother spoke very little and looked mature and steady, but the younger sister was more cheerful and actively introduced herself to me, so I learned that the elder brother was Pinghaisheng and seemed to be unemployed after graduating from high school. The younger sister was Pinghaiyan and was only in Grade One.. All three of them are going back to their hometown in Shanghai for the New Year, only I have to get off halfway.   I feel very congenial to Heping Haiyan, and she seems to be happy to make friends with me. The girl’s simple and easy-going nature makes us almost unsuspecting. Before I get off the bus, we even left each other a mailing address and even said goodbye to this unforeseeable fate trip … Ah, sincere treatment and warmth along the way let us enjoy the precious pure love in life..   After many years, every time I remember the happiness and warmth of this journey, I wish in my heart that all the people who have traveled together can warm each other on the journey.!

A woman who loves words

[ Guide ]: Women who love words are easy to get excited, easy to feel, and easy to arouse compassion in their hearts. In the process of reading and writing words, tears were caused by the sadness of the words, and laughter was caused by the joy of the words.. I like to immerse myself in a quiet sea of words. I am alone, day or night, without any disturbance, and let my thoughts run wild and joyous on the Yuan Ye of my thoughts.. This time gently and slowly close your eyes, the artistic conception is always beautiful and beautiful, reaching an extreme. The heart is overflowing all the year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter. joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, joys and sorrows, freely strolling about like a leisurely stroll, dribs and drabs, ups and downs. Mood with the fingers of the hands banging on the keyboard, words leaping with ups and downs, surging, rising and falling, faint resentment, plumes, lingering cotton, sadness and sorrow, happy, xi xi ha ha, happy . Ah, the whole text crazy crazy person.     Although some words are not well understood, some rhetoric is not accurate enough, some words are not properly used, some sentences are not easy to read, and some words need to be looked up in a dictionary before they can read out their syllables and meanings.. However, this is secondary. It doesn’t matter. I like my own. Writing, for everyone, is never too old to learn. No one will be able to fully understand and thoroughly understand the vast spiritual civilization of Sinology – Chinese language and literature?     Words, different feelings, different understandings. It is entirely up to the reader and the writer to grasp it by himself. One thousand kinds of mood, one thousand kinds of understanding and implementation permeate the person’s taste cultivation as well as the profound and plain knowledge. Of course, good words can resonate with everyone.     Women who love words are easy to get excited, easy to feel, and easy to arouse compassion in their hearts. In the process of reading and writing words, tears were caused by the sadness of the words, and laughter was caused by the joy of the words.. My heart will be vividly displayed in front of my eyes when I see one mountain and one water, one person and one thing, one flower and one grass, whether it’s majestic or small bridge, whether it’s tall or heavy, whether it’s bright or green. This is the lure and charm of loving words..     A woman who loves words, her heart is aggressive and sunny. Reject darkness, reject sin. Remove the dross and accept the essence. Learn from each other and discard decadence. Wandering in the vast world with endless knowledge of words, you can see the bright and beautiful flowers singing praises, the clusters of flowers, kindness, sincerity, tolerance and fraternity.. The cunning and hypocrisy of nu scold, ugly and treacherous. The doctrine of the mean to preserve our sanity, cunning and smooth.     ‘ Excuse me, where is the restaurant, shepherd boy pointed to Xinghua Village.” Immersed in the thick and light bouquet of words, intoxicated and infatuated with it, it seems like drunk is not drunk at the moment.. Without any interference or hindrance, confinement or restraint, she is obsessed with writing in the ink fragrance heaven and allows women to fly happily..     The woman who loves words knows best how to love life and cherish it. She won’t leave her life in one mode. Know little emotional appeal, little romance, occasional surprise, sudden attack. Constantly inject fresh blood into your life to keep the dull life fresh. She was willing to do it, and she was able to work out the plan intentionally or unintentionally..     Daily life is like cooking home cooking. The same dish, if changed in pattern and in different ways, tastes fragrant. For example, take the most common and cheap potatoes, such as sour and hot potato chips, red-wrapped potato chips, shredded potatoes, sweet potato mash and boiled potato soup. This is the simple life that needs to be adjusted from day to day to make the same day have different life tastes.. Such a life is full of endless fun.     Every time a woman feels depressed and sad, she writes a piece of her own writing, like a long sleeve dancing gently and softly from time to time in the lonely Chang ‘e in the Palace of Guanghan.. This time the body is light, the spirit is cool, and the heart is suddenly enlightened. What worries and worries vanished in a flash and rushed out of the cloud nine.     Words can make the woman who loves it no longer lonely in heart and soul. With the company of writing, women enjoy the joy of writing and reap the power it gives them.. Let women have their own spiritual garden of independence.     She is a graceful bamboo tree in the green forest, cold plum blossom with proud snow in winter, raining rain in spring, delicate and charming roses blooming in summer, and a slender month like a hook hanging in the night sky in autumn, shining with faint light, illuminating the lost people at night.. ‘ and the silk-worms of spring will weave until they die, and every night the candles will weep their wicks away. ‘ words, just words. Sometimes it is a true portrayal of real life, but sometimes it is far from real life. Just, at that time, the feeling of the soul, the catharsis of the mood and the yearning of the soul for beauty.In a word, words come from life, higher than life.     With the passage of time, accumulate over a long period of time. Women who love words are often trained to be ” immortals” by words. They are not afraid of humiliation and laugh at the fallen flowers.. Because, the writing can repair the heart and nourish the nature, the woman with the writing exudes the charming scroll temperament unique to the woman from inside to outside.. A woman full of femininity.     Such a woman is the most lovely, her bones are permeated with distinctive and flexible behaviors, winning and conquering all the admiration and appreciation of the opposite sex with her elegant and graceful manners and the understanding and gentleness implied by women.. Such a woman can be a good family or a small jasper.     Women learn a lot of unknown knowledge from their favorite words. To enlighten and educate her in writing. I learned how to be a person, how to show filial piety to elders, how to care for relatives, how to educate children, and how to deal with people.. Own what you own, give up what you don’t own. Understand the self – esteem, self – love, self – confidence, self – improvement. Face life with a smile!     This is not a woman, but a woman in Qian Qian who loves words as much as you, me and her.   Puxi 20 1.0.1. 8.. Afternoon[ Responsible Editor: Men’s Tree ]

A period of pain and a transition

There are two things in my life that people always think of as secrets that are constantly being dug up: one that I cannot say; One thing I don’t want to admit.   I often feel like a spicy hot pot on the street. Someone keeps coming. You scoop a spoonful of it, and he comes to pound a chopstick. Everyone is fishing for my bottom material at will. After eating well, they are gone, leaving me in a mess to cuddle up to my residual self – esteem..   Life is so far-fetched that it seems to erase the self-esteem that once hurt self – pity, and it doesn’t matter now what is difficult to say and unwilling to admit..   The day is still like that. If there is something like nothing to live by, it seems that one day can be missed, and neither day can be missed.. Everything seems familiar, but more often than not, the mood and experience are very different from what they used to be. I can’t say how much I feel, and I have a little more lasting appeal..   After every game, I won’t throw in the towel, occasionally speaking, but I thought if I had another game, it wouldn’t be like this.   Today, I suddenly found myself in a mess of losing. He smiled, let go of the smile in his mood, whether he would laugh so easily if he had tasted a painful pain, and laugh out all the indifference and care he had in his time.? And how much pain does it take to realize how much enlightenment? Only then can we know how ridiculous it is to use other people’s words to motivate ourselves to work hard every day, and we should really change our way of life..   However, as before, I still use rational logic to describe every step that should be stepped out in the future, but I also always persist in those principles and feelings naively.. Also always capricious let oneself of sensibility and inertia, also always scold oneself have no backbone.   Today, I sent him a WeChat” I finally understand that your maturity is not exactly what I can imitate with reason and simple logic. After a while of hard support, the girl’s willfulness and naivety will come out.. No wonder those vicissitudes of life and heartbreak that have been passed by years and true feelings will make me decide to love you well and use this life. No wonder I no longer spend my heart, and the gentle outpouring of deep emotions is my hard injury.! ‘ Haitao said,” Love is a pig killing knife.”, I burst out laughing, yeah! He came without warning and was slaughtered like a pig, but when he left, he must be bloody.   Thinking about the smiling corners of my mouth that I couldn’t sleep at the beginning, I should be a happy person. God is so intelligent that you exist in this world, so satisfied!   Now, I am more and more convinced that I have a dream every day and night..   After careful thinking, after struggling, life, friends, relatives, life and lovers will inevitably be redefined, so life will enter another track with the big and small principles of life expressed with tears..