Eldest brother is like father

The eldest brother is actually 22 years older than me. There are five brothers in the family. I am the youngest. My mother gave birth to me at the age of 43. My eldest brother can be counted as my’ elder’. Conscientiously, I can go to this step today with the help of my eldest brother.     In the long river of my memory, the eldest brother is like a loving father, caring for my growth all the time.. I still remember clearly that when I was in primary school, he was already the principal of Caifeng Primary School. Although he had never taught my classes, he knew everything about my learning and knew everything about my exam results every time.. One summer vacation, I squatted in the ground at home to play with mud. When he came back to see it, he just found a pen and copybook to teach me how to practice calligraphy, lest I should go astray and neglect my studies.. When I was admitted to the third grade of Caifeng Middle School ( at that time, the first and second grade were still in the Tailoring Brigade Primary School ), he just served as my teacher in charge and taught me Chinese. He is already a double identity, a eldest brother and a teacher, and he has been watching me more severely ever since. What I fear most is ” the same person” and ” classical Chinese”. He forced me to read and write, write and recite. An article ” Carving a Boat for a Sword” said that I was forced to recite it five times in front of him. He finally nodded his head to pass before he was released. In his words, I could become the monitor of Class Three in the school, but he just asked me to become a team leader..     Due to family difficulties, my parents are old and infirm. Despite his meticulous care, I dropped out of school and never went to the battlefield of the college entrance examination. I went back to the production team and learned to do farm work, which was not suitable for me.. After he knew it, he rode back to the team on Sunday to talk to me and told me to love the countryside and life.. Encourage me to learn to create and enrich my spiritual life in my free time. When he found that chess activities in rural areas were also very popular, he went to Xinhua Bookstore in the city to buy me a copy of the regulations for attending the album ” chess music is endless” and asked me to study hard and strive for something to come out of it.. But I couldn’t read the chess book at all. He lowered himself and took out his pen to write the Arabic numeral 123456789 on the chessboard from right to left and wrote the one two three four five six seven eight nine from opposite the chessboard, telling me that the car is moving from the right to the second route and the horse is moving from the second route to the third route.. If it’s eight shots and five shots, it’s from left to right. A year later, the chess player was an invincible opponent in Caifeng Brigade, and he was very proud to talk to everyone.. After the eldest brother knew it, he drove back again on his bike, carrying me to the street and found master Liu, a famous chess player in the street, and Laolu, a retired headmaster of the middle school.. I was asked to fight with them and try my chess game. After a few games, the two of them killed me and got rid of my armour and fled. The eldest brother stopped me and said to me earnestly, ” Remember, there are people outside and there are days outside.”. So he borrowed another copy for me to attend the plum blossom spectrum regulation and told me to read it carefully. Must be modest and studious.     After I got married in 1986, I was in heavy debt. He looked at it and was anxious in his heart.. So he came to me with an idea, asking me to abandon farming and do business in the street to get rid of poverty and get rich as soon as possible. After discussing with my father-in-law and with their support, my wife Mei Qizao and I started a white case business, which was very hard. Later the eldest brother gave me the high school front room he gave priority to, regardless of his son who is still a carpenter. In his opinion, I need to rent this front room more at this time. Because of his direct leadership and advice, the business is the same every day and the net income is over 4000 yuan at the end of the year.. He immediately enjoyed the flowers and laughed out of his mouth, just like his own son won a big victory and kept saying ” good”. When I managed to win the two chess titles of Mashan Mass Culture and Art Festival, he left me early. Eldest brother, he died of stomach cancer just before FIFA.. Eldest brother, he is suffering from stomach trouble, which is actually the result of his years in charge of THIRTY – FIVE.. He worked as a private primary school teacher in Anbei Brigade from the age of 16. He didn’t go to junior high school for a day. Later, he dared to teach junior high school and senior high school Chinese through self – study.. He also successfully obtained a college diploma from Jingzhou Teachers’ Training College and was finally evaluated as a special-grade teacher[ associate professor ]and became president of Caifeng Middle School.. When he felt that he was not quite right, but it was already too late. In his last days, he still fought back pain and laughed and paid attention to my business situation from time to time, just like a father who cared about his own son. Once he called me to his bed and said earnestly to me, Five Brothers, you are approaching 30, and a man stands up 30. I hope you will stick to these four points to be a qualified man. First, good character, second, open – minded, third, rich emotion, fourth, and strong sense of responsibility.. Business money is earned, but family ties must not be lost. ‘ and asked me to take the lead. My eyes were hot. In fact, he knew that he couldn’t hold out for that day. He only reminded our brothers to unite in harmony and twist them into a rope for family and talents.. Even if he is gone, don’t leave the lonely sister – in – law. I nodded. But today, 15 years later, I haven’t finished the task he gave me, organizing several brothers to play from the 1st to the 5th. I’m really sorry, eldest brother, I’m too incompetent. For a family member who is about to leave for a long time, I have not fulfilled his last request to this day..     Eldest brother, don’t worry, when I come back this time, I will definitely make up my mind to bring the brothers together this year and give you a satisfactory answer from the first day of the new year to the fifth day of the new year, one family at a time.. Eldest brother, please believe me! Wang Zhengyuan of Wen Jingzhou

Cabbage from childhood

Childhood is like an old friend who has passed away and never met again, but in the depths of the brain, it is always difficult to smooth it out. From time to time, something like a child who just lay down and did not sleep suddenly emerged from the bed of memory and cheered under the gentle light..     The most unforgettable thing is the cabbage of childhood. In the north, in the past, cabbage was the main course in other seasons except summer. I grew cabbage and ate cabbage as long as I could remember. I felt a deep affection for cabbage..     As soon as he was able to draw water from the well, he followed grandpa to water cabbage seedlings in his private plot. A small cabbage seedling, green and green, with two or three leaves spread on the ground, is at the center, with a pale yellow cabbage heart, like a lovely baby, stretching and stretching.     Cabbage has many ways of doing things. I watched all kinds of things my mother cooked with cabbage when I was a child..     The most delicious is cabbage porridge. Boil the water in the pot, add a proper amount of salt and flour, first cook the porridge, then cut a tender cabbage head and put it into the pot. After a while, a delicious pot of cabbage porridge will be cooked.     Pepper mixed with cabbage is a delicacy our mother made for us. Mother mashed the baked dried chili in a stone mortar and poured it on the chopped cabbage. Then she put the two in a small bowl, then put salt and monosodium glutamate in the bowl and mixed them a little. A plate of spicy, fresh, crisp and fragrant chili cabbage was prepared..     Mustard oil mixed with cabbage is most exciting. Mother cut a cabbage head, put it in the dish, pour soy sauce, and then pour a spoonful of mustard oil. When you mix it, needless to say eat it, it will also make your seven orifices open and your soul will fly out of the sky.. If you eat a cabbage leaf with mustard oil, the pungent smell will spread from the taste buds to the insides, making you unbearable, and then it will be a pleasure for you to receive gentle caresses from tens of millions of pores, making you unable to resist another bite..     The poverty of childhood life is all colourful and colorful by this small, tender, green and white cabbage.     Cabbage is full of treasure. Cabbage heads can be mixed with various cold dishes, cooked meat, tofu skin and chili, which can be fried together with many other ingredients.. Such as Chinese cabbage fried meat, Chinese cabbage fried noodles and so on. The cabbages can also pickle pickles. When the spring is blue and yellow, I often see grandpa and father eating the cabbages developed by their mother, drinking low-quality white wine and talking about the worldly worldly wisdom..     My favorite food is Chinese cabbage dumplings made by my mother. Every hour when the Spring Festival comes, on the evening of the 30th of the year, the mother will always bring out the most marked cabbage stored in winter.. Cut off the head of the tender cabbage, peel off a few dried leaves outside, gently chop the cabbage with a knife, and then gently chop it on the chopping board. At first, the mother also chopped slowly, gradually, the mother’s knife quickened its pace. Click clicking, the chopping board rang rhythmically with the echo of the knife rising and falling, and the cabbage on the chopping board also gradually changed from coarse to fine, evenly undulating on the chopping board, like the splashing of water drops in the rush rain, and a group of dancers, flying up and down with the drum beat.. At this time of the mother, she focused on one hand knife up and down, while the other hand kept using a broom to drive the vegetable stuffing that wanted to escape from the chopping board back to the center of the chopping board.. Now think about it, the mother at that time was really like a concert conductor, driving a wonderful performance with her skilled skills.     Cut the stuffing and then cut the meat. To make cabbage dumplings, you need to bring some fat pork. Then, our family wrapped it together. As far as I think about it now, the dumplings made by my mother are not beautiful, but when they are cooked in a pot, none of them are rotten, and the ones made by my elder sister are beautiful, and they are not rotten..     The dumplings came out of the pot, took a bite, the fragrance of Chinese cabbage, the meat flavor of pork and the jubilant New Year’s day. The mother watched the children’s smile of eating dumplings, and they were all in her heart, in her taste buds and in the various endings of her nerves. This is probably what every Chinese yearns for.!     Sometimes, when you eat dumplings, you will eat’ sugar bags’, which are made of sugar when there is no stuffing and there is still some skin.. New Year’s Day, especially on the evening of the 30th, if anyone eats sugar bags, that’s good luck.. When I was a child, every year on the 30th night, I ate sugar bags. Every time, my mother always said, ” This child will have good luck in the future and can marry a good daughter – in – law.”! Now think about it, it suddenly dawned on me that it was my mother’s blessing to deliberately put sugar bags in my bowl every year!     The cabbage of childhood, all good things are kept in my heart.

And smell of jujube township wine jujube fragrance

One morning in late autumn, I walked through a vegetable market and suddenly heard the sound of selling dates.. The familiar cries aroused the memories of my childhood hidden deep in my heart.   Hometown is jujube village, jujube is not so famous, but there are many jujube trees.. Moreover, there was such a tree growing in my courtyard, with its dry and hard branches stretching out to the outside of the wall. When the wind blows in the flower season, some Su Dongpo’s ” rustling clothes, towels and jujube flowers” were beautiful..   But when I was a child, I didn’t have much’ cold’ about this idyllic landscape. In my eyes, there is nothing good about jujube flowers. I only hope that large and small jujube trees can be hung all over the branches and have a good meal.. I like eating dates best remembered by my mother, who has been away from home for nearly twenty years, but every time the dates are ripe, my mother will always say that I like eating dates.. In order to wait for me to go home, my mother always drags off tomorrow today and the day after tomorrow, and refuses to pluck the dates from the trees in advance.. But I had so little chance to go home that I couldn’t wait. My mother made wine dates, sealed them in jars and kept them for me all the time..   Jiuzao, I don’t know exactly which dynasty it originated from, but the history of Jiuzao has been recorded as’ Yu made Jiuzao, looking forward to Du Jun’s return’ ( Du Jun refers to Du Fu ), which shows that its history has been a long time ago.. The method of making it is not complicated. Select the jujube to clean and dry without damage, dip in some white wine, put it upside down in a jar with a little wine, and seal the mouth. After two or three months, it was edible.   I seldom ate dates when I was a child. I couldn’t eat them at first, but I didn’t want to eat them later.. I remember my childhood seems to be very greedy, but when the date falls into the tree, it may be sold, so my mother always pesters adults to give me some.. Most of the dates picked were sold, and the rest were made into wine dates..   But I still wanted to eat, and when I asked for it again, my mother said, ” I’m still waiting to go to the collection to buy dates and leave money for the public.”. ‘ I didn’t know what the so-called withholding money was, but I knew that on every day of handing in the withholding money, the loudspeakers in the village rang incessantly, and it seemed that they couldn’t afford it..   But in a few days, I started the idea of Jiuzao again. The jar containing the dates was in the corner, and no one paid attention to it.. I secretly opened the seal, grabbed one in my mouth in panic, and sealed the altar as it was. I think, steal one or two, adults will not see it. I comforted myself so often that I repeated my actions again and again and did not find them by adults.. However, it was not until winter when my father was preparing to take the dates that he realized that there were very few dates left in the jar.. Father didn’t say anything, just sat there smoking a bag of cigarettes sullenly. Until now, I was afraid to think of my father’s face. In my forties, I was too early to be covered with sorrow and hardship.. I only remember that my father only shared the remaining dates with our brothers.   I heard my father sigh softly.   I guess it was a lot of unsealing and airing. The dates didn’t taste so good that I didn’t like drinking dates for several years..   Day after day, the day before yesterday night in my junior year, I got up to pee, but I heard my father and mother still didn’t sleep. ‘ Go to his aunt’s house and borrow some money. You can’t even eat a dumpling. It’s New Year’s Day.. ‘ mother said.   Father sighed again and said nothing.   As the days passed, wrinkles gradually climbed up my forehead and canthus. More and more far away from home, but more and more deep memories of dates from home. Occasionally I saw wine and jujube sellers in the market, but I couldn’t help buying them, but I couldn’t find the taste of jujube in my hometown..   A few days ago, my brother came from home with a bag of wine dates, which were very sweet and crisp and had a bouquet of wine..   My brother told me to build asphalt roads in the village, occupying half of my courtyard, and jujube trees were just on the widened road and had to be cut off. This is the last time you eat dates from your yard.   I suddenly thought of a question and could not help but ask: Is it still handed over and retained?   Brother smiled and said, ” You are talking about agricultural tax and special tax.”? I don’t think so. Each person can also receive subsidies from the state. I listened and said nothing. I saw my father sighing again. I thought if I saw him now, I would not sigh..

A letter to heaven

I don’t believe in superstition, but believe in the existence of heaven. For many years, I always felt that my father was still living quietly in another world.     Dear dad, time has passed so fast, you have been away from us for twenty-two years. In the past 20 years or so, I have many words to say to you. Although you have already gone to another world, in my heart, in my dream, you have never left. Always think, you are just out of town, a trip to a distant town without a return date. Your figure has never been out of my sight. You are always busy in the ridge and field. Your untimely death has left a scar in my young heart that is hard to heal and shattered my beautiful dream as a teenager.. Also makes young me realize the cruelty of fate and the fragility of life too early. It also made me dust-proof all the memories that belong to you over the years.. I have never dared to write for you. Until today, after many years of trekking in the world, I finally got up the courage to write this late letter for you. I think you can understand it.     Over the years, my sister and I have grown up. Is no longer the two inexperienced girl. They have also become wives and mothers and have children of their own. If you are still there, they will definitely call you’ Wai Yeh’ with a sweet childish voice.. Also will certainly let you take their chubby little hands and walk the streets and lanes. Dad, TV is no longer a rarity. Every family has a color TV set. You don’t have to worry about not seeing the drama program any more. Just press the remote control panel and the drama channel will always have an impassioned Qin tune for you to enjoy.. Brother has also grown up and is no longer the stubborn boy who dragged his nose and easily lost his temper.. My mother’s health is also good, but after you left, she was too overworked and fell down with an old disease of soreness and backache.. The old house in the home was built with the help of uncles in the winter of the year you died, with the new bright new houses with red brick and green windows.. The house is in the wheat field you chose during your lifetime. The procedures for building houses in those days were also signed and approved by Murakami’s cadres while you were alive..     In the years since you left, great changes have taken place in the village. The villagers who used to love each other as much as life have now laid waste large tracts of good land there.. The fields were covered with unknown wild flowers and weeds. In those days, the scene of fighting for a little bit of land and fighting for revenge will not appear again.. The old people in the village all died one after another. The young people in the village all went to the coastal cities in the south to earn money. This wave of work has been going on for many years and should continue. Today’s villages are different from the past. In those years, the village was full of vigor and vitality, like a vigorous teenager. Today’s village is like an old man who has entered the age of Mao. It is much bleaker and much worse.     Do you remember the old well at the head of the village? The old well, which was once used to feed hundreds of people in the village, was already covered with dead branches and leaves.. Every New Year’s Eve afternoon, the sight of villagers queuing to carry water by the well can only be reproduced in their dreams. Today, every family has access to tap water. But I always can’t forget that buckets of clear well water quiver at both ends of the pole. In the middle of the village, there is always an endless stream of people grinding glutinous rice every December.. Today, the old grinding house is about to collapse and the grinding rack has fallen apart. The pan was covered with thick dust. A large number of young people have gone out, most of them have moved to cities and towns, and the once – busy run-up of houses has completely dropped out of the historical stage.. The pond in the village, which can both raise fish and irrigate fields, has been mostly occupied by silt because it has not been dredged for many years.. Every summer before and after planting rice, there is always a shortage of water. On the smooth village road before, weeds and scattered broken bricks and tiles were everywhere. It’s hard to see a man carrying a plough passing by.     I said this to you, just for fear that you will not find your way home after many years.I was also sad about the depression in the village, but I understand that every era will have its own changes.. Every change is also a painful metamorphosis. This is beyond the control of personal power. I know you love the land under your feet and the village that nurtures you.. No matter how the village declines and bleaks, it will always be the root and soul in the hearts of our cultivators.. In that case, let’s bless it! May national stability and social harmony prevail.     Dad, your favorite old cow was bought by us to the cattle dealer because of her old age and infirmity.. The cow, when you just bought it home, was still a calf and lived in our house for 89 years. Spring ploughing and autumn harvest were good helpers.. On the morning of being taken away, the yellow cattle’s watery eyes rolled with glittering and translucent tears.. Years later, when I think about it, I will still cry. Dad, it’s not that we were cruel, it’s just that you had to be operated on when you were hospitalized because of excessive grief and fatigue.. At that time, the family had just finished building the house and could not afford the money for hospitalization, so they had to buy the old ox to cure their mother.. My mother’s illness is cured, but the old ox is gone. Dad, in fact, you know, we also loathe to give up the workhorse. For so many years, I have been afraid to look at the cow’s eyes. I’m afraid I can see the shadow of my ox and the pain in my heart in the eyes of the ox..     The agricultural tax and retention money that you were worried about and did not know where to raise and borrow were cancelled as early as a few years ago.. This is undoubtedly great news for the peasant families who have been farming for generations.. Not only does not pay the agricultural tax, but there are also some subsidies for farming. This was something that I did not even dare to think about in the past.. I remember when I was a child, every winter when I was idle, the captain and the accountant would go from house to house to urge the payment of agricultural tax and deposit money.. Our family has a large population. Every time we pay money, it is a large sum of money.. I can’t forget your helpless expression in the face of captain and timing. At that time, I always hoped to grow up quickly and find a job to earn money when I grow up. Reduce the burden on your family early to stretch the brows locked under the weight of your life.. The public grain that was to be handed in every year before has also been cancelled many years ago.. We don’t have to go to the grain inspector’s face and listen to their inexplicable reprimand for going on public food any more.. At that time, there was always a long line of grain at the grain depot.. We are in the hot sun, one stop is half a day. If you encounter a grain inspector who is in a bad mood, a small flaw will be returned in full.     Today, children go to school free of charge from primary school to junior high school. Schools in some places also provide children with free breakfast, milk and eggs to supplement nutrition. Think about that year, when school started, you were often puzzled by the tuition fees of our sister and brother. At that time, although tuition was only 60 or 70 yuan, at least a few bags of grain were sold in the early 1990s.. My hands and heart tremble every time I receive the tuition fee from you for buying food with my body temperature.. Always tell yourself again and again in your heart: when you can earn money in the future, you must be dutiful to you. But when I graduated from junior high school, you were killed in a car accident. Thought of here, accumulated for many years of tears, rushing out from the eyes again. Dad, you know what? For your kindness, God didn’t give me a chance to repay, which also made me truly understand the pain of ” the tree wants to be quiet but the wind is not strong, the child wants to be nourished but not loved”. After experiencing the pain of losing you, we cherish every inch of our time with our mother.     Dad, now I don’t have to worry about seeing a doctor in the countryside. The country has implemented a new type of medical insurance in rural areas. As long as you pay a fee once a year and go to the hospital to see a doctor within this year, you can reimburse 70 % of the cost.. The current policy is much better than when you were alive. Most of the time, I always think that if there is no accident, maybe you can catch up with good policies and lead a quiet life.. But fate’s relentless, let all this become a phantom. Sometimes I also hate, hate the flying disaster. But all this, to no avail. Water is still flowing. Clouds are still floating.Only the pain in my heart is as painful as it was many years ago. After all these years, do you still remember your cigarette bag? That’s your favorite thing you never let go of in those days. When the tobacco leaves planted at home mature, you treat them like babies, carefully drying, airing, rolling and putting them. When winter comes, those precious tobacco leaves will be rolled into bundles by you and stored in a drier place. You are a heavy smoker. whenever you are free, you will always cut tobacco leaves into filaments and put them into a tobacco bag that your mother pieced together with floral cloth.. Wait until you want to smoke, then put it into an aluminum tobacco pot ( northern dialect, or pipe ) and light it with matches, ” kipper kipper” kept smoking.. No matter in spring, summer, autumn and winter, under the eaves, in the courtyard dam, on the ridge of the field, in the field, a pipe of smoke pot in your hand, you breathe out your joys and sorrows and remember the time.     Always remember, many summer nights, you were sitting on the bluestone in the courtyard with a cigarette bag in your hand and a cigarette pot in your mouth, silently smoking a dry cigarette.. See smoke pot sparks flickering like fireflies wandering in the wilderness. In the thick darkness, I can’t tell whether you are fidgeting about farming or worrying about poverty.. Only in the rising smoke ring, I can feel your helplessness and loss under the weight of life.. Only then were we young and ignorant. And you, who are silent, seldom tell us about your boredom and inexperience. No matter how heavy the burden is, no matter how hard it is, you will bear it silently. Today, many years later, when I think of these, I will still feel sad and heartache. Your tenacity and your weight always remind me of Cang Kejia’s old horse: ” Always ask the cart to fit enough, it will not say a word, the pressure on its back will buckle into the flesh, and it will drop its head heavily.”! Dad, do you remember the 20 – odd cypress trees you planted in her grave after grandma died? At that time, the trees of the size of the thumb tree have now become big, verdant and tall trees at the mouth of the bowl.. They are like spirited soldiers, neatly arranged in front of grandma’s grave, guarding grandma. Every time I go to the grave on Qingming Day, I always feel that they are all the unreals of your figure. It is you who put all your thoughts on grandma into the deep earth and into the pale cypress. The cypress tree has turned the oath and promise of the year into a guardian, rain or shine.. They must also be moved by your filial piety, so faithful.     In those days, after grandma died, you broke down and wept bitterly, making me unforgettable. It was the first time I saw your tears and the last time I saw them. Because in the fourth winter of grandma’s death, you will go forever. Your tears, let the young I also couldn’t help tears. Later, I learned from my mother’s mouth off and on that grandma’s fate was miserable all her life. Ten children were born, but only two were raised. It’s you and your aunt. The other eight died of illness in those days when there were few doctors and medicines.. These, for a mother, how to cut heart and cut lung pain. You also suffered a lot when you were a child, because your family was poor and you didn’t have the money to buy shoes. In the winter of falling snow, I still wear straw sandals barefoot, and in the cold wind, I still have to give cattle to others.. Grandma’s death touched too much memory of suffering in your heart.     Dad, I know you love trees. In the courtyard dam in front of the house, you planted many Chinese toons and acacia trees. You planted orange trees and pear trees in the vegetable field behind the house. Where you go, there will be little saplings green everywhere. Who says vegetation is heartless? For more than 20 years after you left, the trees you left were still spitting green and growing shade.. They seem to want to repay your kindness of planting and breeding. After you left, we chose your grave site next to grandpa’s grave. Because I didn’t know you, I didn’t plant the trees you love in your grave.. When I think of it, I still feel guilty after many years.     Long world events, the sea into a mulberry field. More than 20 years of time, mottled memories, but the endless yearning for you never stopped. In several dreams, I dreamed that you were holding a tobacco pot in your mouth, and that morning glory was carrying a plough and walking on the ridge in front of the village.. Dad, I think you miss us too. Otherwise, how can you go to my dream all the time?.No matter how many words, I can’t tell you how much I’ve been thinking for many years.. To my regret, after you left, you did not even leave us a photo. In desperation, I had to collect your ID card. Although your photo above is not very clear, it is also the only image you left us.. Today, your ID card has been kept in my photo album. If you have time, I’m going to enlarge the photo on your ID card and give each sister-in-law one to keep it well.     Dad, you’ve spent most of your hard life, but you haven’t been able to catch up with the good days, and you’ve only left a deep regret in your daughter’s heart.. I must take good care of myself over there. I can only imagine your white hair in countless thoughts.. If you are lonely over there, listen to your favorite Qin dialect and smoke a cigarette.. Winter is coming again, but remember to keep warm. When the weather is clear, you can also go under the wall to bask in the sun. No matter how much time has passed and how much dust has accumulated, it will not be able to stop my endless concern for you.. Although you didn’t read many books, I am convinced that you can understand my daughter’s full-page rambling..     Dear dad, although time has taken you to another world in a hurry, you have been living in our hearts all the time. Years can change the face, but they can’t age all the memories about you.     May you be well in heaven!     Daughter taps on November 22, 2014

Meet Tangshan and promise Inner Mongolia

Meet Tangshan and promise Inner Mongolia Wen / July 7 Time to sit by the window and listen to the sound of rain beating plantain and swing the air.. How beautiful, graceful and restrained, the season that was supposed to be hot is now so refreshing, making summer restless, so calm and safe.     It has been seven days since I came here. Tangshan, once a sad city. You will remember, I will remember more.     Once upon a time, those lovely lives lived in this beautiful red building. Close your eyes and those fresh lives are still there, just ordinary ones we can’t see..     Over and over again, every time I come back from the northwest, I will pass by here, my heart will tremble and tears will fall unconsciously.. Because of the natural disaster, my countrymen, your lover, his treasure, all disintegrated and destroyed overnight.     Long ago, I thought I would come and have a look at this love and hate city. Now here is another you, let me miss, don’t give up.     You’re so bad, you haven’t seen each other for six years, have you missed me?” On the long side, a loving hug, happy joy and excitement . All feelings cleared away instantly, crossing the space and time, walking two days every second, and finally meeting each other..     Remember, once I left my home with a heavy heart and disappointment, it was you who gave me the last ride and you left a glimmer of hope in my disillusioned fantasy.. Over the years, I have never contacted you, just because my wounds have not scabbed for a long time and my resentment has been hidden and never healed.. But in the dark, I can feel your love, your care and your miss, so when I put down those memories and fantasies, I was the first to come to Tangshan and visit my dear you..     Night talk is common, lying in bed, detailing this bit by bit about me, about you, for six years. Time is like water. You are not the one who is not afraid of anything. I am not the rebellious girl at the beginning. We have all been turned round and round by the time machine and learned to mature and understand..     As a mother, as a wife and as a daughter – in – law, you have been smoothed out by years. Am I complaining or hating?? Why let me witness the reality of ” time makes people old”? At this moment, I would like to hide and lick this cruel snapshot slowly in a deserted place..     You said,’ In another five years, we’ll meet, I’ll go to Inner Mongolia, and you’ll come to Tangshan.” It’s a deal.” No matter what you and I become after five years, my promise will still not change: Love you, read you, bless you, my dear sister.     Meet Tangshan and promise Inner Mongolia.

Happy fisherman

Fishing is better than fish.     Qu Yuan has an article called’ Fisherman’. The fisherman in the article said, ” The water of the surging waves is clear, so you can wash your tassel, and the water of the surging waves is turbid, so you can wash your feet.”. There is ” everyone is drunk and I wake up alone” lofty, and there is sadness and helplessness about the world’s injustice.. However, Qu Yuan eventually jumped into the river, and he still could not overcome another self in his heart, so he had no choice. There is no doubt that Qu Yuan is a hero. When I thought about Qu Yuan’s back as he walked toward the river’s heart step by step, my blood was boiling.     But we are mortals, and mortals also have a heroic dream, but most of these dreams have died without incident.. For most of our time, we have actually been as good as the fisherman said, while being poor is good for the whole world.. Others want to be both heroes and ordinary people’s fun, but it is obviously not realistic. This time, I will take a TV play as an example. A TV play I have just watched is called ” Taking part in the Gun Borrowing Bill”. The hero has a firm political belief and loves his family, his gentle wife and his lovely daughter at the same time.. In his own words, he wants to be both a benevolent man and a man of ambition. The dream was finally shattered and the lover fell into his arms. In fact, everyone has to make a choice at all times. Both fish and bear’s paw are not available. What ancestors left behind is a wise saying.     In this case, let’s set our mind at ease to be a mortal. When the water is clear, wash the red tassel on the hat. When the water becomes turbid, can it not also be used to wash feet? Life is not always big or big, with a slightly more open attitude, a slightly brighter smile and a naturally happier mood than before.. Among the many fishermen in history, I admire most is Jiang Taigong, weishui fishing, and a straight hook. I don’t think I can catch fish, but I have captured the western Zhou dynasty for 300 years.. Think again, in fact, most of the life in front of Jiang Ziya has been a bumpy and difficult situation, and it is unlucky to do anything, but the people have never been discouraged, have not complained about the weather, and have not called for land grab. This is confidence. Happiness must be based on confidence. People who lack confidence will not be really happy. At best, they will be silly..     Be a happy mortal. It’s all right to go fishing by the river. It’s also fun. It is better to harvest the grain than to harvest the grain. What you want is nothing more than a leisurely mood, not the fresh fish with a big mouth in the pan. If people are in a hurry and drop the net directly in the river, it will become another matter. That’s a professional fisherman. Fish are only their products. They can be exchanged for the things they need to maintain their lives. This is not what I want..     Sitting by the river, I waited for the fish to swim towards me. I only dare to move gently for fear of scaring her away. In the river, fish are so free and comfortable. Perhaps, she has already seen me, saw my hanging hook and saw my sinister purpose. She circled around the line, occasionally shaking her tail playfully and spitting out one or two blisters.. I watched with fascination and even forgot the fishing rod in my hand.     The fish bit the hook!

Don’t look back

On a windy autumn day, when I feel a little cold, my mood is also as changeable as the change of the four seasons, just like the round and short of the moon in the weather, especially at this moment, there are some relatives and friends around me and the old friends in the neighborhood who died, which makes people feel a sense of sadness, sadness and sadness, lamenting the regret for the passing of the years and the slim thinking about the short life.. Sometimes, I have to think about the past, take a look at the present and look forward to the future. I think people must not forget their ideals when they are most helpless and sad, because when they have ideals, there will always be sunshine on the way forward, so life will be full of hope.! We should also deeply realize that if there is life, there will be death, if there is sun, moon and stars, there will be four seasons of transmigration, and everything in the world will have its natural rules of operation. Who can change it??     Sometimes, I will look up at the sky in the dead of night, counting the stars to see the moon, the vast galaxy, the ethereal clouds, and the universe is extremely broad. How happy I am at this time. Think again about many beautiful experiences: When I was in to be no. 1, the wedding night, will we dance happily like children and sing like birds at this moment?? In fact, at this time, what I want to say to you is: the more happy people are, the more they can’t forget the ups and downs of life’s journey, and life is not entirely on the road paved with flowers. We are experiencing unexpected difficulties every day, but we never stop, don’t give up, but struggle hard.! Go forward, don’t look back!     I remember hearing a story from a very early time: a pedestrian hung a teapot on a shoulder pole, and the teapot suddenly fell to the ground and broke, but he continued to move forward without looking back, when others saw him shouting’ Hello, the teapot broke! The man replied lightly, ” I know what’s the use of looking back now that it’s broken.”? ‘ That’s right. Don’t look back if you lose it. What’s the use of looking back? Such a calm answer is really the calm and calm of a wise man. In fact, some losses are inevitable. When the autumn wind howls, Ye Er will fall, leave its dear tree, and on the day of freezing snow, there will be no flowers competing for favor and a piece of silver wrapped in plain clothes..     In fact, life is not the same? In the year of peace, there will be less young people’s imagination and romantic youth. Since they can’t resist it, let nature take its course and let life become open – minded, free and easy and easy.. However, not everyone in life can face loss rationally. Once upon a time, I heard the old man say: There was a young man standing on the cliff watching the sunset with tears streaming down his face. A wise man passed by and asked him why he shed tears. The young man said, ” How beautiful the sunset is, but why can’t it be kept?”? The wise man said: silly child, knowing that he can’t stay, why force him! Yes, there is a reason to lose what is lost, and what should be lost cannot be left behind.     In fact, in our daily life, it is not necessarily a bad thing to lose something. Sometimes, losing itself is another form of gain. If you plant the seeds in the ground and lose them, the new buds will break through the ground, the flowers will fall and the fruits will soon be covered with branches.. Sometimes losing reminds us to open another door to success.     Life is slow, friends. Let’s work hard with each other, and let it lose happily if we lose it.! Don’t look back. We should hold hands and continue to move forward. Looking forward, I think there should be a view of Lu Ge all the way ahead.!     There is a long way to go in life and Xiu Yuan is on its way. I will seek up and dow! Dear friend, treasure! Don’t look back on the road of life! ( Kai Quan Wen ) October 2011 in Beijing

Books are delicious

The ancients said, ” Books and medicines can cure fools if they are good readers.”. According to my reading experience, I would also like to add another: ” The book is delicious, and people who are good at reading can enjoy themselves.”.     Two years ago, I retired, and there were at least 4,000 books on the bookshelf. There are many categories of these books.. The growing periodicals, though not conspicuous, have good taste, such as Shanghai’s participation in the draft regulations on chewing words, Beijing’s participation in the draft regulations on the selection of Chinese loose-leaf works, and Henan’s participation in the reading regulations for middle school students.. There are ancient poems and songs selected for children’s use, ancient fables selected, Convention on Biological Diversity and Grimm’s Fairy Tale Regulations. There are regulations for selecting and annotating ancient poems and words for my teaching reference to participate in the selection and annotation of ancient prose. As a historical reference, Lin’s ” Ten Years of Cultural Revolution Regulations” in the review of historical records is really difficult to describe and describe..     Under what circumstances did I buy these books, why did I have to buy them at that time and why did I treat them as delicious? These three questions are all similar to my life work. In my childhood and junior high school years, I wrote in another article, but this article emphasizes that reading was more like delicious food at that time.. Because in the late fifties and early sixties of the last century, it was also my childhood. At that time, the material was very scarce, and the golden corn cobs were often not enough to eat. Even the corn cobs mixed with chaff and wild vegetables were hard to eat. Without books, I may feel hungry and miserable, but because I love reading, once I read a good book, I will enter the realm and will not feel hungry and miserable. Sometimes, the teacher asked me to tell the class that I was buoyant, complacent and optimistic. Until now, I still can’t remember the hunger in the hungry years, and only remember the joy of having time to read books at that time..     When I was 19 years old, I went to study in Tongzhou City. This is a normal school that was founded in 1903. The size of its library and the number of books it has left me gaping.. I keep my library card and use it frequently. How many Chinese and foreign literary masterpieces have been read is still difficult to write clearly, but I only remember the time when we had a ration of food, two steamed buns or two steamed buns per meal, and one spoonful of food per person. We were naturally hungry when we were young, but because I loved books, I had never felt hungry for three years as a teacher.. Even during my lunch break, I also took time to read books. I remember reading Fan Wenqiao’s regulations on participating in the compendium of Chinese history and Hu Hua’s regulations on participating in the history of the Chinese revolution. These books inspired me at that time and later helped me in teaching. Every time I read them again, I still enjoyed myself calmly, as if I had tasted delicious food once again..     The book reader was also a poor student and had no money to buy books in his pocket. At that time, he had to save money from his family’s car to buy books. He had to walk 30 kilometers from his hometown to Tongzhou. He had to walk for half a day to go to the city to rush to the bookstore and buy books with the saved fare.. The first book I remember buying so far was a one-way ticket to the Yanshan Night Speech Regulations, and the first article I remember so far was a one-third rule of life.. Later, I bought five more books to participate in the Yanshan Night Speech Regulations. By 1966, Deng Tuo, author of the Yanshan Night Speech Regulations, was criticized. I just saved these books until I bought a bound book..     As for later I took part in the work, when I was earning more than 30 yuan a month, I also had to save money to buy books. Later, when my salary was higher, I also dared to invest in the capital of buying books. I usually like to go to bookstores. I must buy books that I like, so that I can eat less fish and meat to buy books.. There are too many books and troubles. The shelves can’t fit, so we have to put them on the table, in the bed and in the wardrobe. They are arranged layer by layer and appear chaotic in the room.. However, I have no time to tidy up the room, except for some books to be given to friends who love books, and I really can’t afford to throw them away or sell them.. Others advised me that you can’t finish reading these books in this lifetime. I said that in my lifetime, if I have books, I will have sustenance, and if I can read, I will enjoy them..     ‘ People are seeking knowledge and thin, and families are poor because they buy books”, which is a couplet I figured out when my salary was very low.. Now, of course, it’s out of date. In recent years, I feel like a ” book – obsessed” myself. I don’t read books every night and can’t sleep. I read a few pages of books and slept sweetly. This is not only a delicious book, but also a tranquilizing medicine.     In order to prove my experience, the article concludes with two quotes written by foreign celebrities: one is bacon’s famous saying: ” talking about history makes people wise, reading poetry makes people witty, using mathematics makes people thoughtful, physics makes people profound, ethics makes people solemn, and logic and rhetoric make people argumentative.”. The other is Shakespeare’s famous saying: ” Books are the nourishment of all mankind.”. Isn’t the two maxims just the truth that the instructions are still delicious??

After driving

I want to have a car when I don’t have one. Think about the trouble of waiting for a bus every time you go out, getting off and changing the bus, and look at the natural and unrestrained way others come and go in the car. That desire is really torture people..   I didn’t know that driving was really good until I really had a car and got on the road..   Every time I drive out, my mother always tells me to be careful on the road and drive slowly. His wife also said that when he saw a pedestrian on the road, he would walk slowly, and when someone crossed the road, he would stop and let him go first. Also, I chatted with my son from other places on the Internet a few days ago. He advised me to drive to work, saying it was too cold in winter and my old legs would not be afraid of cold, so I could hear my heart warm.. It turned out that my family’s concern for me was buried in the bottom of my heart on weekdays, and only after driving did they know that they really cared about me.   I didn’t really think about the dangers of walking in those days when I rode to work. I didn’t know how important it was for pedestrians to avoid passing traffic in time until after driving.. Think about your carelessness when riding a bike before, and it must have caused many drivers to hate you.. After driving, I realized that I thought I would obey the traffic rules at ordinary times. In fact, others have already worried about me very much.. If you don’t drive, your own shortcomings may never be known.   Suddenly one day, I was in trouble with traffic jam. It was sad to see those skilled people still jumping the queue from left to right in the team. Fortunately, the traffic police arrived quickly and shuttled through the traffic to direct everyone to move forward. The traffic jam was cleared in a short time.. When I passed by him, I found him staring at himself with concern. After driving, only to find that the traffic police who seem to have a serious face on weekdays are actually very cute. Just understand that ordinary people like me will also get attention from others. The mutual understanding and love that life makes us understand is just because we have a car that we become more direct and image..   That afternoon, the weather changed suddenly in the past few days, and in the evening there was a strong wind, with dust and snow flying along the road.. Seeing those people bending over their backs and heading for the wind, they think that they were still one of them last year, but now they are free from such hard work in the car. I’m glad that life has given me special care so that I can truly understand the happiness in the window after driving..   It’s good to drive! After driving, I not only enjoy the convenience and comfort brought by modern civilization, but also experience of driving is gradually overturning those concepts that I once ossified, and it is also good for me to see the other side of life..

The ” mountain – top doctrine” and ” the way of employing people”

Wang Lun should be the first master of Liangshan, but the master did not do anything big with this 800 – mile Shui Bo Liangshan.. Just as a rank scholar, he gathered hundreds of minions to take over the mountain as king, howling in the mountains, robbing homes and leading an excellent life as a mountain king.!     Wang Lun’s failure to do anything big may have something to do with his own eyes and mind.. This judgment can be seen from the defection of Lin Chong, the leader of the 800,000 Imperial Guards in Tokyo, to Liangshan, and also from the exclusion of Chao Gai Wu from the group of defectors.. Before Lin Chong fought Wang Lun, Wang Lun did not put forward any clear political slogans in Liangshan, much less any clear political goals. Wang Lun’s diffident, furtive and uncertain attitude towards Lin Chong’s defection has shown Wang Lun’s belly and mind..     Wang Lun’s suspicious attitude towards not accepting Lin Chong is probably two – fold: First, Lin Chong is a repeat offender in the imperial court. Taking Lin Chong in may bring even greater disaster to Liangshan. Although he is now a outlaw, he is only making small noises and does not want to do more to disturb the government and cause large-scale encirclement and suppression by officers and soldiers. The second is Lin chong’s skill. before this, he was the leader of the 800,000 imperial guard in tokyo. a Lin family gun made ghosts and gods unpredictable and unpredictable. eighty people were nearly impossible. such a dragon and tiger man defected to himself when he was poor. I’m afraid no one could surrender by his own ability or the ability of his brother in the stronghold.! If Lin Chong’s tiger is left behind, will he still be able to sit firmly in the future??     Therefore, Wang Lun, holding the ” small fortune is safe” and carrying his ” small abacus”, always appeared courteous to Lin Chong’s desertion to Mingli and was ashamed and sheepishly embarrassed, even trying to give some money to get rid of this evil.. Finally, after every test, it was found that Lin Chong had no great ambition and was completely a phoenix and a dragon trapped.. So he reluctantly took him in and gave him a ” four – handle” position as a bridle, but he did not regard Lin chong as his ” core” strength..     Wang Lun’s chicken belly bowel can be seen as a hero who won’t make a big achievement, but just a straw bag that ” drinks today and gets drunk today”. Lin chong followed such a master who only knew’ how to live a peaceful life in a few days and how to enjoy a happy life in a few days’, how could he report his wife’s hatred and his own hatred? What’s more, it’s not a good day to live under someone else’s roof and be suspected of living under someone else’s roof.! In this way, when Chao Gai Wu defected with a group of climbers and stragglers, but was left out by Wang Lun, he finally wanted to send them away with silver and send them to Chao Gai Wu Yong and others with the excuse that the cottage was too poor to accommodate all the heroes.. Chao Gai, Wu Yong and others also have a raging internal heat. You Wang Lun sent us with a few pieces of silver. We didn’t wait without money. The wealth of the birthday program we hijacked was enough for the shanzhai to eat for decades. Aren’t you pretending to send us down the mountain in Mingli?? Wang Lun’s action here is actually the same as the one he started to take on Lin Chong. When Chao Gai Wu Yong and others wanted to be angry but still had some fears about the stronghold’ four – handle’ Lin Chong, Wu Yong still suppressed the anger of his brothers and he wanted to test Lin Chong’s attitude.. Because, in his view, in addition to Lin chong, it is not a piece of cake to tidy up others.     The thoughtful Wu used the excuse of pretending to promise Wang Lun’s affection to go down the mountain tomorrow after discovering Lin Chong’s actual situation. In fact, Wu used the words of sowing discord before they went down the mountain to kill Wang Lun with Lin Chong’s knife.. If not, after some warm and caring, Lin Chong finally pulled out a sharp knife to kill Wang Lun at a farewell banquet, and then worshipped everywhere, holding Chao Gai as the owner of the stronghold..     Wang Lun’s sad fate lies in the existence of a serious ” hill – top doctrine” in his mind. He is not only ambitious, but also narrow-minded and jealous of talent.. Liangshan, with its unique advantages, can’t develop well and dare not call the world’s outstanding talents, that is, when the world’s outstanding talents have no way to go to the grass, instead of extending a helping hand, they will sing well and cherish talents in the bright future and perform hypocritically, while squeezing out blows in the dark and dropping rocks in the deep.. How can this not make the heroes angry, how can this not waste the good mountains and waters in Liangshan 800 miles.     The thought of ” hill – top doctrine” can neither allow Wang Lun to let go of his hands and feet, nor allow Wang Lun to appoint talented people wisely.. At this point, compared with Song Jiang, Wang Lun is much smaller in verve and mind.. Originally, Song Jiang, like Wang Lun, was a scholar’s degree of education, ” Wen but not a man, Wu does not oppress the masses”, and his appearance is not so good. ”. However, when Liangshan arrived in Song Jiang’s hand, the momentum of Peng Peng’s vigorous development was sufficient, and his power grew stronger and stronger, with more and more heroes, and finally he stirred up one’s hand and became famous as Wen Huaxia Kyushu.. What is the reason? This is in response to Cao Cao’s famous saying that ” mountains never tire of heights and waters never tire of depths.”. The duke of zhou spit feed, the world return to heart. ‘ the truth.     Therefore, if an enterprise or a unit wants to flourish and develop, it must not abandon Wang Lun’s ” hill – top doctrine” and boldly appoint talents as Song Jiang did, be meritocracy, not nepotism and be money – oriented.. In this way, enterprises can flourish and units can develop. Otherwise, because of improper employment, people cannot be employed, mediocre people occupy the upper position, and talented people occupy the lower position. They also want the development of the enterprise. Wouldn’t the prosperity of the unit be daydreaming and seeking fish from trees??