Qinghai first "magic beans Mom" Entrepreneurship Competition poor start looking for "the plight of the mother"

  Xining March 21 electrical (Zhanghai Wen) 21 reporters from Qinghai Province Red Cross understanding, Qinghai Province, the first "magic beans Mom" contest was officially launched entrepreneurial poor, with immediate effect to enable the online collection channel, looking for the most beautiful plateau "magic beans my mother."。
  "Beanstalk mother" project in mid-2006 due to strong "magic beans my mother," the touching story of Zhou Lihong。
In order to help more people like Zhou Lihong, like distress and self-reliance of the difficulty women, Red Cross Society of China and Taobao jointly launched the implementation of the "magic beans love project"。 In 2010, they jointly set up Taobao public funds。
  It is reported that "magic beans Mom" Entrepreneurship Poverty contest sponsored by the Division of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Red Cross, Provincial Women's Federation, provincial federations。 Contest application period is March 21-April 15。
Those who have been in distress or living in difficult circumstances, self-improvement, through their own efforts and help change the status of the project life magic beans mom。
Including physical disability or long-term infirm; needy families: family members have a major disease that causes sickness and so on; national poverty reduction strategy in filing legislation 43 million cardholders poor mother; long-term unemployed or have been laid off so far Unemployment unredeemed mother etc. are invited to participate。   Qinghai Province from contestants selected 10 outstanding magic beans my mother, which named its top 3 million in prize money per person, and the remaining 7 per person per 5000 yuan bonus。
Push to participate in the top three "magic beans Mom" national competition。 The ultimate winner of the national top 20. "magic beans mother", in addition to 30,000 yuan per person bonus, will also receive 200,000 yuan interest-free loans to entrepreneurs livelihood gold, and provide entrepreneurial training opportunities and docking caring mentor, the incubation time for 1 to 2 years, a real poverty, and even help Chi Chi Fu。