Yi Zhongtian Three Kingdoms again NetEase cloud Read the exclusive debut of "Three Ji"

Recently, "Yi Zhongtian China History" series of Section X "Three discipline" in the NetEase cloud reading an exclusive electronic version of the first episode, which is once again with the introduction of three new themed works Yi Zhongtian after eight years, but also its Chinese history book series the starting line again, books and the Internet combined with the increasingly close interaction, but also brings a richer form of books and reading options for readers。
"" Three Ji "instead of" Three Kingdoms "," Yi Zhongtian has made use of "Three Kingdoms," a book become a "famous Three Kingdoms", the discussion on the topic of the three countries, and ultimately, always referred to his understanding of the three countries。
The re-interpretation of the Three Yi Zhongtian, is considered as the brainchild of then eight years after the Three Kingdoms, Chinese history book series is its most remarkable one。 However, compared to the heat outside attention, Yi Zhongtian this book it was rather low-key。
In the book's epilogue, "oblivion when three" in one article, Yi Zhongtian exclaimed that he is very melancholy, three, people should not be so attention。 A lot of people are actually sought after novel "Three Kingdoms", while the real and the three countries is not so much rattling and wily。 After eight years and then the Three Kingdoms, Yi Zhongtian want to tell you some serious official history, but he treated the three countries and the book "still holds partly concealed" attitude, but more people looking forward to this new book。 Exclusive debut receive a free book the "three discipline" for the exclusive debut of the electronic version of the NetEase cloud reading, readers can read search inside the genuine NetEase cloud "Yi Zhongtian China History: Three Ji", and can be within a certain period free download the book to read。
Previously, many readers find the electronic version of the book in a variety of network channels, Netease cloud reading this exclusive debut, just as the majority of "Three fans" provides a free platform for reading。
At the same time, readers can read the book to comment on the exchange, express views。 Readers have said, "was looking forward Yi Zhongtian with a different point of view to restore some former history", it was certainly the Road "have to admit, Yi Zhongtian is to explain the history of the three most popular people" in the comments。 Cloud Reader to open the era of easy transit exclusive debut of the new book "Three Ji" exclusive debut in NetEase cloud reading, but also opened the prelude to a cloud reading book launching。
It is reported that in the future such as Yu, the same name as the original new work, Feng Lun and other famous writers, and the movie "Meet Miss Anxiety" and other popular film and television work, will be the exclusive debut in the NetEase cloud reading, and even do "electronic paper starting simultaneously." the first time to provide the latest and most abundant resource book readers。
NetEase cloud reading will also be an electronic version of the book exclusive debut of base, brings readers a better reading experience。 Has 460,000 books online Netease cloud reading, is already the largest online bookstore, and the Yi Zhongtian "Three discipline," the electronic version of the exclusive debut, both to meet the readers of mobile reading needs, but also reflects the digital trend book production。 NetEase cloud reading of trying to create this "online book launching base", the future will provide readers with a richer online content to read, bring a new revolution in reading habits。 (Cai Xiaowen)。