Enabling traditional convenience stores, retail future AI +

Pictures from "123rf.com.cn "Amazon's recent unmanned retail AmazonGo officially opened this shop in the application of computer vision and machine learning algorithms to track shoppers a fee based on consumer choice of goods, thereby eliminating the role of cashier。
In this regard, comma Retail Intelligence CEO Feng Xinyu expressed: "AmazonGo is difficult for us to replace the high-tech, but it is also difficult to large-scale replication itself, because tens of millions of dollars in cost to broaden the market is not so easy。 "Nobody retail swept through China, it arises because the driving force behind the technology, such as face recognition, technology, visual recognition, depth recognition。
No convenience stores, no shelves, no smart containers and a series of retail formats in mid-2017 occupation outlet。
And no different retailers, Guangzhou comma Retail Intelligence is a focus on artificial intelligence applications in the field of new retail start-up company founded in September 2017 and received an angel round of financing capital black hole。
Feng Xinyu said: "Retail Intelligence comma main use of artificial intelligence technology to create intelligent product systems, enabling businesses to solve the problem of self-checkout, improve security and reduce cargo damage and other issues, and has made reducing labor costs and improving efficiency results。 "It is understood billion euros, comma smart retail employees about 100 people, including R & D team accounted for two-thirds of the number of its R & D team, including AI development, system development and hardware development of three parts。 In fact, few players in the field of smart retailing, the following information is billion euros on the part of retail business intelligence consolidation: line enabling traditional convenience store, artificial intelligence is a community water and electricity technology gave birth to the emergence of new retail formats, in this process, the new format also contributed technology to improve。
Feng Xinyu said: "The future development of artificial intelligence applications in the direction of the retail sector is to achieve cost efficiency, while retail will also be one of the fastest growing realization of artificial intelligence。 "Comma Retail Intelligence in the early stages of major products enabling FMCG and convenient two industries, the main three products, intelligent checkout, smart access control and intelligent black box。
In December, retail sales in Guangzhou comma intelligent transformation of the first traditional convenience stores, the main purpose of this transformation is verified by independent research and development products, collect relevant data, laying the groundwork for the next generation iteratively updated and upgraded version of the product。
Through testing, Feng Xinyu think that each store can save at least 40% of labor costs, which is mainly reflected in the installation of smart checkout, can reduce a convenience store seven employees to 4 people。
Currently, comma intelligence in the early stages of development, Feng Xinyu told billion euros this year, from February to March, the company already has product commercialization, recently working with individual customers to build one or two key cases of cooperation, but the market still needs quickly Extension a period of time。 In addition, comma Retail Intelligence in the second half will complete cooperation with the relevant core customer stores。 Since the comma is not involved in smart retail operations and supply chain, so Feng Xinyu that the company will not expand in the market restricted areas selected。 At the same time, faced with the high costs of expansion, the company will hit Feng Xinyu represent early second-tier cities, second-tier cities because the user a high degree of acceptance, followed by high-density market。 In addition to the long-term development goals, Ping Xinyu hope in 2018 to complete the transformation of 1000-2000 convenience stores across the country。 On the cooperative business option, Ping Xinyu said it is in talks with related businesses, but to disclose the specific circumstances。
However, for weeks black duck flagship FMCG, three squirrels and convenience store brand family, 711 or other enterprises will be potential customers comma smart retail。
"Accelerate the transformation of the line, enabling rather than selling equipment," 2018, no retail outlet continues to build unmanned Ping Xinyu cut technology from the convenience store at one end to lead the team has its own idea。 He believes that now is the era of traditional retail businesses face change the line, only for Convenience Store will need to upgrade, stores need to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, and increase in the consumer end, to promote the upgrading of consumption, consumption level and consumer experience required also promote the transformation speed。 For unmanned retail, Ping Xinyu said: "If only for no one and no one, no one will be retail or pseudo-proposition。 "No one convenience store merchandise and siting problems actually exist: the first is not easy to cooked food retail sales, cigarettes, liquor and other goods in the convenience store is no strict requirements; moreover, strictly speaking, no one convenient setting store the box is equivalent to selecting the address, this time will face higher costs BD。
Simply speak comma smart retail business model, find the line willing to upgrade stores is the first and most important step, because it can be achieved only after the output device to achieve cooperation, but Feng Xinyu represents a comma instead of intelligence retail profit by selling equipment the company, according to Feng Xinyu, the future profitability of the company is a long time in service revenues after the equipment sold。
"AI + Retail" is the trend of the future Feng Xinyu thinks retail convenience store next line exists in two forms: the intelligent and non-intelligent store shops。 In contrast, intelligent store more advantages in labor costs, efficiency and experience, and this will soon be achieved, intelligent transformation in 5-10 there will most shops, so the retail understood as artificial intelligence or "smart retail" is the future trend。 Earlier Insiders said that security of cloud services, data flow analysis, deep learning, computer vision recognition and the retail sector to achieve "Nirvana," the core technology; Suning president of Technology Research Institute to Jiang Xu also believes that the huge Chinese consumer groups, policy incentives more regulations and restrictions relatively relaxed, it is the main reason "retail intelligence" applications such as innovation faster landing in China。
New technology to promote the birth of new formats, healthcare, financial, retail, automotive are talking about the word intelligent eye, had to admit that technology has prominently in many fields and play an important role in the future。
As artificial intelligence technology in the retail sector, with the ultimate aim is to achieve high efficiency and consumer end touch-up, so Feng Xinyu believes improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the consumer experience are the three major problems of artificial intelligence given to retail resolved。 At the same time there are people in the industry believe that the current application experience artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, really appreciate the benefits it brings to people also need to check the progress of technology and time。