In what season ripe grapefruit?What method of eating grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in nutrition and is a sweet and sour taste of the fruit, grapefruit every time to a large number of listed season, people will choose to buy some home to eat grapefruit, in fact, not only grapefruit has a unique taste and nutritional, it has medicinal value is very high, then it ripe grapefruit in what season?Grapefruit are usually in late October to early November ripe, this time out is best to eat grapefruit taste。Different varieties of grapefruit, its ripening season is not the same, depending on the analysis of the following is not a pomelo maturity。
1, the official pomelo – the largest fruit species native to Fujian Pinghe sleeves, over 400 years of cultivation history, has called the emperor tribute, is a traditional luxury good fruit, the Ministry of Agriculture in 1989 was named quality fruit grain。
Semi-circular crown, more open, dense foliage, growth especially strong Wong。In late October mature。The fruits are oval or wide inverted conical fruit color yellow, large fruit, fruit weight 2500 grams, larger up to 5000 grams, is the fruit of China's largest grapefruit。Flesh pink, sweet and sour taste, slag, aromatic flavor, including soluble solids 12% 58% 68% edible acid content g / 100 ml, good quality。
Storage longer granulation phenomenon is easy to produce。Cultivation Note: This variety adaptability, easy cultivation, the results of early, high and stable yield, not with other nuclear species Hunzai, otherwise the performance of multi-seed。2, strong Dreux Red grapefruit – American bred pomelo。Wang vigor, shoot length, drooping, Tai fruits fruit shape, average weight l000g, peel smooth, shiny, moderately thick skin, tightly wrapped, yellow, pale color patterns often, fruit top flat round; less nuclear, red flesh, sweet and sour taste, crisp and slag, no smell, fruit juice, soluble solids% -%, good quality, high yield, fully mature in late November, can be eaten in September, good storability。Strong Delek Red grapefruit wide adaptability, easy cultivation, the results of early, high and stable yield, good quality, variety is currently restructuring pummelo varieties recommended development。
3, short late pomelo – short late maturing varieties of grapefruit grapefruit new lines selected preferably from the night based Baiyou。
The varieties of fruit-shaped appearance, round or flat short cylindrical, typically fruit weight 2000 g, 3600 g largest fruit weight, yellow skin, smooth。White flesh, tender meat, juicy and slag, sweet and sour and refreshing, with a rich aroma when fully ripe fruit, fine linen without bitter taste, quality, fruit juice soluble solids content of 11% -% fewer seeds, a small number of nuclear-free, excellent quality。2 the end of January next year fruit matured early, very resistant to storage, use plastic bags to be stored at room temperature for 6 –7 months, the species adaptability, resilience, resistance to diseases and pests。Compared with other grapefruit varieties of the species, has the following characteristics: First, put into operation as early as dwarf trees, is currently producing the most dwarf varieties of grapefruit, general adult plant height of only about 2 meters, particularly suitable for high density planting (acres planted 222), there is usually planted after the third year 50% of the production tree。Second, mature very late。
General maturity of grapefruit varieties are mostly concentrated in 11–12 months, but short late pomelo maturity in the second year of heavy – 2 months, the mature market during the Spring Festival, the price of good Qiaoxiao。4, South China pomelo timely harvest period is usually in the "frost" to "beginning of winter", that late October to early November。
Consumption of 1 grapefruit, homemade honey citron tea takes about a quarter of grapefruit peel, cut into filaments (white part do not, it will very bitter)。Stripping out all spare grapefruit flesh。Pisi grapefruit cut into brine soak one hour。Marinated grapefruit skin into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boiled for five minutes, preferably twice boiled to remove bitterness。
Skin grapefruit, grapefruit flesh and [3] together into a clean pot sugar, then add a small bowl of water, fire boil, simmer for an hour, add a little lemon juice intermediate, in the process of cooking required stirring frequently。Aozhi sticky, naringin translucent almost, turn off the heat and let cool。Let cool when added amount of honey, mix well, a sealed storage tank (drink, the brewing with hot water。2, a grapefruit grapefruit chicken meat (a plus compartment in winter), a cock (about 500 grams)。First slaughtered chicken, washed by a conventional method; peeled grapefruit and then take the meat, chicken into the belly, add water, steam cooked chicken Decoction。Once a week, and even served 3 times。Chinese eat Network recipes health experts have warned that this chicken warm in air have lungs, the efficacy of lower gas Phlegm cough, lung deficiency cough and asthma attacks and other illnesses。
3, grapefruit juice, grapefruit 5-8 honey cream, honey 5O0 ml, 100 g sugar, 10 ml ginger。
The peeled grapefruit juice whichever twisted core, with the paper gently thick, honey, sugar and ginger, with paste boiled, cooled bottling。1 tablespoon boiling boiled water, 2 times a day。
Chinese eat Network recipes health experts said that this cream has a temperature in the qi, and stomach antiemetic efficacy for pregnancy nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and discomfort of various diseases hospital。