Do not forget, you and I walked the alley

Gently turn over the calendar followed a turn in the past is a great time of heavy heart, an indefinable feeling in a circle around as they watch \\\\\\ yesterday, we look forward to the eyes and those warm laughter of language still remain on that faint alley turn, we will usher in the autumn \\\\\\ eyes lifted up the curtain, autumn breath floating room looking at you, you you luxuriant I remembered, the autumn is your departure day \\\\\\ no longer say that the past has nothing to do Chunhuaqiuyue moment, just quietly waiting around in your love to cherish this single minute and to give you a more emotional \\\\\\ interlocking fingers at this time I packed up for you, those eyes are clothes I had to make one begins to soothe you in the distance, I can feel the breath \ \\\\\ not to fall off the desolate rendering I promise you as long as your heart just me I would love for our dedication to the end of time \\\\\\ not earnest honestly, I just want you to me a thousand words said that this is the last of a long journey in fact, I do not want anything, as long as every day, you stay in there I have been around \\\\\\ departure ticket clutched in your hand I just want to say to you that you go the distance, do not forget my alley and you walk