Wonderful!Anglo-Dutch War abandoned VAR technology because the referee will not use

  FIFA has confirmed that this summer's World Cup will use the VAR technology, for the team, they also want to test the technology in the next and more possible。 But for the England team, they suffered a big blow。
  England will start the day after the morning warm-up match with the Netherlands, the original game will use the VAR, but now the Dutch Football Association has told the "Daily Telegraph", because when the referee Spaniard Gil – Manzano and his team lack experience with the technology, so the game will not use VAR technology。
  The FA also confirmed that the World Cup match before the final and Costa Rica, will not have VAR technology, because by then the game at home to Leeds United, the Premier League and only venue equipped with this technology。   This means that before the World Cup, the England team and the game only in Italy and Nigeria as well as the opportunity to experience the VAR, the British media that they have to take the chance。   "Telegraph" the author said that although some of the players in the FA Cup and League Cup experienced VAR, but also lack of experience in national team。
And their main rivals on the World Cup in Germany has taken a VAR in the Bundesliga, which for the team will be a negative factor。   (From the Stanford football off)。