15-year-old school grass face squeeze acne receive notice in critical condition Experts advise

  When transferred from Hangzhou, Jinhua treatment, Wang left eye purulent severe swelling to only narrowed Line ", has entered the cerebrospinal fluid pathogens, so we issued a notice in critical condition。 "Dr. Zheng Lin said, 'Kobayashi was blood, eyes, cerebrospinal fluid infection have been confirmed, a diagnosis of sepsis, purulent meningitis, brain abscess, lung abscess……Superbugs' are actually called "methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus," the result of the invasion of the body around Kobayashi。   This highly resistant superbugs, ordinary antibiotics simply do not work, Zheng Pro chose two of the most powerful antibiotic combination therapy, "Fortunately, cardiac ultrasound found no vegetation, temporarily ruled out the possibility endocardial violations。
"Says Dr. Zheng Lin。   Because diagnosed timely and accurate medication, Kobayashi's body temperature and blood began to return to normal after more than 20 days of hospitalization, blood Kobayashi bacteria had been cleared, but look a little cross-eyed, but Ophthalmology think first anti-infective, after six months or a year to see recovery, can be corrected by surgery。   Dr Cheng reminder, acne appears when the faces, preferably with 2% iodine early smearing the affected area several consecutive weeks, local clean, can dissipate Boil。
As Boil large, swelling around the eye ointment or chlortetracycline available to help more than a hundred, day 2?3, promote inflammation repaying。
Only in complete control of acute inflammation, infection and is very confined, it has formed a significant subcutaneous abscess, ulceration and eventually becoming when before with as little trauma conditions, cut the skin abscesses surface to facilitate drainage, but still can not extrusion。   Miao newspaper correspondent reporter Zhang Rui Yang Fengling。