Nothing succeeds like success!Harden lost 1 1.20 MVP standings leader James Wong unable to catch up

  Beijing time on March 4, the Rockets 123-120 win over the Celtics at home, ushered in a 15-game winning streak。 The rockets are nothing succeeds like success, leading the league record, while Harden is far ahead in the standings MVP Odds。   [] [] [] To face tough defense of the Celtics, the Rockets learned the experience of losing last time, to speed up the pace of the game, played his offensive。
May be unexpected is, the Green Army did not panic, but repeatedly exchange that prevail in the war。 The two sides tug of war continued until the last moment, with only hold the key to the ball, separation of the outcome。   The campaign Harden scored 26 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds and five steals, again played a superstar performance。
Rockets also successfully accept 15-match winning streak。 Rockets lead the league record, Harden also in the MVP standings odds triumph in the pack。
The latest odds show that most companies have closed MVP bets ahead。 A few are still opening data show that Harden overwhelmingly lost the lead 1。
From his recent LeBron – James, with the number 1 ranked lose 5 second gap significantly。   Harden is currently the team record and personal contribution, we are the most prominent。 Finished the regular season has been about 75 percent alone last 20 games, hardly anyone can shake Harden's leadership。 Bearded while achieving personal goals, we will try to lead his team to go farther in the playoffs。 (Pan Feng)。