Biography millet request next month or in the first Hong Kong-listed shares of disagreement with the right business

According to Hong Kong media reports, market sources, millet or to apply for listing in Hong Kong next month, after the "shares with no stake in the" new comes into effect next month, immediately into the table, the fastest on the market in the period from June to July, the first batch Hong Kong-listed shares in the same company different weights。  Sources, millet has engaged Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and CITIC Securities as sponsor, arrange listing matters, the preliminary material funds raised about 78 billion yuan, or subsequently expanded underwriting team。  The message also said that before the announcement shares with different rights consultation, HKEx (00388) has been lobbying millet listing in Hong Kong, concerned that if the first round of listed companies is less than fame or power affect market confidence, so Ji millet can become the first listed shares of companies with different weights。  Affected by this news, millet concept of strong performance, leading the S & P lead to the word board, Ryuji fine up shares rose 8 percent, Cheuk-wing technology, a total of electro-acoustic with the rise。  Further reading investment community today reported that the IPO could eventually be finalized millet A + H shares double row。Lei Jun millet millet Technology Group's holding company 77.8%, have claimed that the listing of millet, Lei Jun will become the new richest man。  For millet will also be listed on the A shares and Hong Kong rumors, millet side said no comment。  However, many insiders are millet to Tencent "line", he said millet millet company's technology is only one of many subsidiaries, Lei Jun millet shareholding in the company is not so counted, he could not beat the eight-pole with the title of richest man。  According to millet Technology Co., Ltd. business information, its shareholders Lei Jun, Liwan Jiang, and Liu Hongfeng four co-founder。But a few months ago millet executives have told Tencent "line", millet Lei Jun is the company's largest individual shareholder, Lin Bin, president of millet is the second largest individual shareholder, so the millet company's actual ownership structure and subsidiaries millet Technology Co., Ltd.'s ownership structure and should not be confused。  "According to the VIE structure, the family's domestic millet company's ownership structure, offshore companies can not reflect the overall ownership structure。"An insider said Millet。  It is reported that, in addition to the company's millet millet Technology Co., Ltd., also includes millet Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing millet Mobile Software Co., Ltd., Beijing millet Technology Co., Ltd. to pay, millet Credit Management Co., Ltd., Beijing Electronics Ltd. millet, millet shadow industry Co., Ltd., Beijing electronic software technologies Ltd. millet, millet house Science and technology Co., Ltd., Beijing millet software technologies Ltd., dozens of subsidiaries, including its legal representative Lei Jun, Lin Bin, Liwan Jiang, Liu, Hong Feng millet and many other executives。  Investment Strategy reports