Apple: iCloud service in the mainland of China will be transferred as operated by domestic companies

According to Apple revealed that from February 28 this year, icloud service mainland China will turn run by the Guizhou company on the cloud。  That is to say, from that day onwards, Guizhou cloud of iCloud will be responsible for operations in mainland China, and has the legal and financial relations with mainland China user's iCloud。  "For these changes, we want to be transparent to customers。"Apple in an interview with People's Daily reporter, said the client, since the seven weeks since the January 10, Apple will be by way of e-mail and push notifications inform users of the news。  According to reports, the country or region of AppleID to Chinese users will be in the range of influence of the change。  Last July 12, the Guizhou provincial government and the Apple co-signed the "People's Government of Guizhou Province, Apple's iCloud strategic cooperation framework agreement," Apple Authorized cloud data on large Guizhou Industry Development Co., Ltd. (GCBD, referred to as cloud Guizhou company) as iCloud service Apple operating in mainland China's exclusive partner; the cloud Guizhou company as operator of the subject, iCloud services in the operations mainland China; iCloud service used in China iCloud and cloud Guizhou company's dual-brand users provide experience。  Apple said, "The partnership with the cloud, Guizhou will enable us to continue to improve the speed and reliability of the iCloud service, but also comply with the new regulations China's cloud service shall be local business operations。"Cloud Guizhou company said that as Apple's partner in this project, the company said on cloud Guizhou is very proud and happy, while the official launch of icloud project is full of expectations, the two sides will be committed to continue to improve China's iCloud users experience to achieve mutually beneficial and win-win。Meanwhile, both sides will further explore the possibilities of further cooperation。  Apple said users within the sphere of influence will be notified about this change, iCloud system must record each user has viewed or received at least one notice in order to complete the user migration service。As of this year at 0:00 on February 28, if the user is not recorded as having been accepted or browse relevant notification apple, then their account will not be moved to the cloud, Guizhou, and will remain in a disabled state。During the disabled, user data previously stored in iCloud in iCloud will be stored in the inside, not lost。If the user wishes to disable the iCloud service February 28 for future use, we need to accept the new terms and conditions to ensure the account is reactivated and moved to the cloud, Guizhou。  At the same time, Apple also emphasized in a statement, "Apple has a strong data security and privacy protection mechanisms, and will not create a backdoor in any of our systems。"In addition, Apple also said that Apple will work with the cloud, Guizhou, and will only respond to data requests in line with legal procedures。As for the device key-protected, such as the iPhone or the iPad and other Apple can not be unlocked。  According to Wang, according to a cooperation agreement last July with the Guizhou provincial government co-signed by Apple, the Guizhou company will also operate on the cloud service iCloud support of the national data center, the main data center will Gui'an New construction, investment will reach 10 One hundred million U.S. dollars。Apple will Gui'an registered entities in the new district, the new district with iCloud your primary data center security cooperation in the construction of Guizhou branch of the cloud, the Guizhou company operating on the cloud, Apple offers technical support。  icloud's Gui'an New primary data center will also be the first data center project set up by Apple in China, after the completion of the project, China Apple users will be used to store data。Built and put into use when Chinese users to upload and download data across long distances do not need to transfer back and forth between China and the US, increase speed, reduce latency。  Lisa Jackson Apple environment, policy and social affairs vice president, said, "Chinese users like to use iCloud to safely store photos, videos, documents and applications, and updated to keep pace on all devices, believe that the new cooperation relations will improve by reducing latency and increasing the reliability of China's iCloud user experience。"Big Data Industry Development Co., Ltd. Guizhou cloud in 2014, 11 menstrual Guizhou Provincial People's Government approved the establishment of a registered capital of 235 million yuan, perform the function of data by the Guizhou Province Development Authority, to regulate state-owned enterprises in Guizhou Supervisory Board。  Apple twenty-three thing