Qualcomm and Lenovo millet VIVO Chinese mobile phone manufacturers signed MOU future combined attack 5G

Yesterday, QualcommTechnologies, company。On 2018Qualcomm China Technology Cooperation Summit and announced that Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Ltd., Oppo Electronics, Weaver Communication Technology Co., millet and Communication Technology Co., signed a Memorandum of Understanding (Memorandum), four companies QualcommTechnologies expressed intention to purchase a total value not less than $ 2 billion over three years RF front-end components。
Obligation to purchase and supply of these components will be performed in accordance with subsequent definitive agreement。 RF front-end components QualcommTechnologies constitute (modem to the antenna) RF front-end platform solutions portfolio rich, complete system-level from the modem to the antenna, designed to help OEM manufacturers to quickly scale and easily build a mobile terminal global expansion。 QualcommTechnologies broad RF front-end platform products include gallium arsenide (GaAs) power amplifier (PA), envelope tracking, a multi-mode power amplifier and modules, RF switches, independent and integrated filter module, and a cover cellular and other an antenna connected to the tuner technology。
In addition to today's Memorandum of Understanding, as part of its 5G roadmap, QualcommTechnologies share relevant information for its upcoming 5G tunable RF front-end。
The breakthrough 5G tunable RF front-end will help the OEM 5G differentiate their products, make products thinner, with higher performance system-level technical expertise, and ready for product 5G。 Christie Anno Ammon QualcommIncorporated president, said: "For a long time, QualcommTechnologies been supporting China's mobile ecosystem。
Today we signed a memorandum of understanding with Lenovo, OPPO, millet body and further demonstrates our commitment to this ecosystem, and continue to expand our RF front-end business strategy。 Our robust RF front-end solutions to help them not only to OEM manufacturers a cost-effective way to build energy-efficient large-scale terminal, but also provide advanced mobile devices for consumers in China and around the world。
"RF front-end technology to the user's desired mobile experience is essential。 QualcommTechnologies complete RF front-end product portfolio to provide support for today's leading mobile solution for mobile industry ecosystem, and able to cope with the rapid growth of the 5G network 4GLTEAdvanced bring the complexities and challenges。
Specifically, QualcommTechnologies complete from the modem to the antenna RF front-end product portfolio is designed to support technology-based procurement RF front-end components, and steering 5G RF front-end solutions required before the Chinese OEM manufacturers abandoned, system-level solutions from the modem to the antenna procurement program。 Now, by solving a complete system level from the modem to the antenna QualcommTechnologies embodiment, China OEM manufacturers will be able to design to support a wider range of frequencies, greater network capacity, wider coverage and the mobile terminal having the advanced energy efficiency, and to satisfy 4GLTEAdvanced technical requirements upcoming 5G network。 Lenovo Group Head of Global Strategic Alliances ChristianEigen said: "Over the years, the association has with QualcommTechnologies cooperation in a wide range of technical fields for our laptop and smartphone portfolio。 By RF front-end system-level design QualcommTechnologies, we can continue to provide products with the best signal strength combined with excellent design and innovative。 "OPPO Wuheng Gang, vice president, said:" QualcommTechnologies wide range of RF products, there are some obvious advantages of competitive products。
OPPO and QualcommTechnologies in the RF field has conducted in-depth cooperation, we look forward to the future with the joint efforts of both sides, the more QualcommTechnologies radio frequency device applications to OPPO products。
"Body Shiyu Jian, senior vice president, said:" Our global customers expect their terminals with high-performance, longer-lasting battery life and advanced connectivity。
QualcommTechnologies-end system-level design and support, so that we can shorten the working time and integrated into the design, while providing a wealth of top-end performance for consumers。
"Vice president of millet phone, millet phone Quality Committee Vice Chairman Yanke Sheng said:" Millet is proud to adhere to our growing customer base to provide the most innovative products。
By using QualcommTechnologies in the RF front-end design solutions from the modem to the antenna platform, we are able to take full advantage of the close interaction between the modem and the RF front-end supports performance enhancements more quickly to the market introduction of more advanced terminals, in order to better to meet global consumer demand for innovative, aesthetic and economic smartphones。 "。