Rocket old knight weakest hammer burst!This one they lose 16 points

  Beijing on March 10, the Los Angeles Clippers home game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Clippers player campaign Monte Flores – Harel eye-catching performance, played off the bench for 20 minutes, 13 voted 8 highly efficient 20 points, plus five rebounds and 1 cover。
He made the Knights defense in the paint badly vulnerable, and ultimately help the Clippers to 116 than 102 blow opponents。   Move to the Clippers this season Harel, averaging can contribute points and four rebounds for the team, than before the Rockets got the opportunity to more performance, but also by the recent appreciation of the coach Rivers。 In the past five games, averaging Harel able to get points rebounds and assists for the Clippers。
Where% shooting, the Clippers become whole lineup to play the most efficient player。   The campaign sits at home against the Cavaliers, inside the absolute position of the Clippers, after Harel play, will show the advantages to the extreme。
Section 5 minutes 38 seconds, Harel received a teammate pass the basket, with the body to open the top of the body weak Zizic, fakes to open up against Nance successfully labeled as 2 + 1。
  In addition to relying on physical advantages labeled as offensive outside, Harel also has the ability to combine ball steadily。 Sub-section 5 minutes 35 seconds Clippers to launch quick counter-attack, the ball is people Harel, quick-stop layup expose edge。   Harel efficient offensively defensive end is even more positive, ready to break in when JR- Smith layup, Xiece murdered out of "God ha 'beat refused basket ball outside。
Although spring is coming, but Harel guard inside, any time of the accident to a "hot pot" treatment。
  Harel is out of control in Cleveland raging inside the basket, and then for doing defensive midfielder Jeff – Green to marker, but Harel exquisite technology or the Knights defensive play into a sieve。 One day turn around and the ball hook Jabbar's mark action, effortlessly completed the scoring。
  Overall 比赛哈雷尔 to help the Clippers margin of victory of 16 points in the paint, making the home team than the opponent grabbed 12 rebounds。
And the team into the rotation, the Cavaliers prepared to chase sharing, Harel's opponents failed to come forward。
Harel audience +12 plus-minus value, bench players are all in the most efficient, and the Cavaliers have hate inside major turn。
  (Shen Wei)。