How to buy Dutch achieve the dream: no more than two-thirds of families from the housing

News reporters surging Source: News surging Currently, China first- and second-tier cities real estate market hot spots into the "steady decline in value" stage, but for many young city who work hard, it still seems out of reach in the short term to buy a house。
And around is exploring the establishment of "buy rent simultaneously," housing system, all indicate that the rental market is about to usher in the "golden period of development."。 Xinhua News Agency reported that China's housing rental market, about 90% of the rental housing for individuals, and in some countries mature real estate market, professional leasing companies provide housing accounted for about 30%。 With the introduction of intensive policies, this situation is bound to improve。
August 1, the Government of Hangzhou explore the construction of public rental housing and rental market combined with the "big lease" new platform for one, two, three market linkage development, to form an effective complement to the real estate sales market。 August 7, the Shanghai municipal government formally approved the "Zhangjiang Science City construction planning", new residential construction area of about 9.2 million square meters, ninety percent for rental housing。 Economic Information Daily said, citing a report of the data, by 2025, China leasing market will grow to one trillion yuan by 2030 will exceed one trillion yuan。
In addition, the Beijing Municipal Construction Committee announced the "Beijing common property housing management Interim Measures" comments to the public。
According to the approach, Beijing intends to push a new "common property housing", buy a house with the government a total of property rights, this policy had been piloted in a number of cities。 Internationally, the Netherlands, a large part of the total social housing stock is social rental sector in the Netherlands was founded in the early 20th century – housing associations owned and managed。
The presence of non-profit housing associations to protect the low-income residents may rental housing at a reasonable price, and for the hope of households purchase, buyers can discount to the market price discount ranging from the purchase of discount houses, but the future sale of needs and housing associations shared housing value-added part of 50% of earnings, in addition, housing associations have a priority right to repurchase。 It also makes two-thirds of the Netherlands is not self-housing families can live in peace。 Housing Association has a fairly unique position in the Netherlands, it has a relatively high degree of administrative freedom, and overall financial position。 Financial, housing associations in different parts of the region according to congenital conditions and circumstances, decided to different portfolios, and some housing associations try to sell the lot of poor housing stock, and maintain rental housing in a better place lots; some adequate regional population , while in other areas there is a certain stock of housing, then plan the further expansion。
Dutch construction area accounts for only% of land area we are talking about actually refers to the whole of the Netherlands Kingdom of the Netherlands。 Netherlands (Holland) in the literal meaning refers to low-lying countries, actually said that native Dutch, because most of the land and the Netherlands are below sea level one meter, because the most famous territory of North Holland and South Holland named。 Kingdom of the Netherlands by the Netherlands, Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten four-nation constitutes a complex country constitutional monarchy, is a native of the Netherlands at the core of national sovereignty。 Netherlands total land area of about 41,543 square kilometers (equivalent to 2/5 of Jiangsu Province area), located in northwestern Europe, with Germany, Belgium border。 By 2015, the total Dutch population of more than 1690 million, of which the immigrant population million, accounting%。
A rough calculation, the population density of 407 people / sq km, is one of the EU countries with the highest population density。
In recent years, the Netherlands has been tightening immigration policy, increase the difficulty of the exam, to extend the life of naturalization, in order to reduce the foreign population。
In order to survive and develop, trying to protect the Dutch had little land, to avoid being "drowned" in the sea at high tide。
Back in the 13th century, the Netherlands build dams blocking water, then drain the water, wind-driven water wheel inside the cofferdam。
For centuries, the Netherlands construction of the seawall up to 1800 kilometers, increasing land area of about 6,000 square kilometers。
It is and the Netherlands to the seawall, famous for windmills。 In addition, 54% of Dutch land used for agriculture, leaving only the building area of square kilometers, accounting for land area%。
Among these, increasingly limited land for housing construction。 More than two-thirds of families without shelter from the Netherlands high population density, and mainly concentrated in the western urban areas – "Randstad"。 Four largest cities – Amsterdam, Rotterdam port city, seat of government in The Hague and Utrecht are located in this area。 Here is the Netherlands with a major economic gathering, national income accounting for half of the country。 According to the Netherlands Bureau of Statistics data released in July, in June this year the average price of existing homes in the Netherlands for the million euros, with a year rose 2 percent compared with August 2008, the Netherlands is equivalent to the highest price point before the financial crisis。
Meanwhile, the "Randstad" There are about million units of housing stock, prices rose fastest, Rotterdam and Amsterdam which in the second quarter of this year, apartment prices rose reached%。 Recovery in the housing market has also stimulated the increase of brokerage houses in recent years, in 2017 the Netherlands has more than 9,000 brokers, since 2010, seven years increased by 10%。
2016 Netherlands number of sales of existing homes rose to nearly 10,000 sets, in mid-year 2017 sales remained at a high level, there are nearly ten thousand cash house sale。 2017 second quarter net sales rose% expected, real estate agents and managers optimistic about future sales, only 1% of practitioners think it will reduce turnover。 But labor scarcity is a new problem, the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics data show that in June, the unemployment rate fell to a percent of the workforce, this is the first time since the summer of 2011, less than 5% of people can be found in the labor market soon jobs。 Meanwhile, in 2016 the Netherlands wages rose percent to 6-year high。
The first quarter of 2017, real household disposable income rose percent, the increase since the second quarter of 2014, the 12th consecutive quarter。 As of 2014, statistics show that a total of Holland million households, the average population per household, with an average total income of million euros, the average disposable income of ten thousand euros。
But as of 2016, only 2.3 million households own their own home。 Interestingly, the number of new housing and the Netherlands are declining stock room, but no large-scale construction of residential housing associations and。
Netherlands "Housing Act" has three management mechanism, housing associations to accept the central government oversight of the financial and material, but also to accept the monitoring and management of local governments, in line with policy arrangements and residential space planning。 On the other hand, in order to ensure social housing associations in order to obtain a lower interest sufficient funds in capital markets development and construction of social housing projects, the Netherlands established the Central Housing Fund, the Social Housing Guarantee Fund, as well as three levels of government-guaranteed safety net system。 From the distribution of social housing, the Dutch social rental housing in large cities than important than small cities。 Due to the large urban population density, higher house prices, has its own housing more difficult, the lower the proportion of owner-occupied housing, the proportion of social housing generally higher。 Amsterdam (48%), Rotterdam (50%), The Hague (38%), Utrecht (35%) of the four cities the proportion of social rental housing is higher than the national level of 33%。
Dutch social housing association owns four major cities of social housing accounted for 20% of the total of all social housing。 "Livability" is expressly provided due to the shortage of land, it is necessary to ensure that the function of spatial planning and land space, the housing, economic activities, recreation, nature conservation, transportation, the environment and other land as much as possible balanced configuration。 Rational planning makes the Netherlands neither particularly large cities, nor small and isolated villages, facilities are more perfect。
Dutch Constitution, "the Government's concern to promote the provision of adequate housing"。
Inception, Dutch housing associations to provide a legal organization of affordable housing for the working class。
Local governments are also often involved in related transactions to meet the Netherlands in the low-end market rental housing needs of the population。 To the 1990s, due to increased cost of public housing, forcing the local government to give up direct control of public housing, and handed over the government's housing stock to a housing association。 Mid-1995, the Netherlands abolished the direct subsidies for new social housing to support the rent relief policy。
Most government-run housing associations, including local associations, the transition to non-profit corporation aggregate。 After a wave of consolidation, Dutch housing associations transformation into a hybrid organization – to perform common tasks and meet the market demand combined。
Housing Association by its own assets and borrow to meet the market demand to benefit, to fund large-scale non-profit public task。 Although each housing associations can set goals alone, but must be within a predetermined range of social housing management Act (BBSH)。
BBSH developed six basic tasks as housing associations:。。1 to ensure financial continuity; 2 to provide affordable housing for low-income tenants; 3 to maintain the quality of the stock room; 4 to give the lessee the right to speak on policy and housing management; 5 livability, improve and maintain the quality of life of the community ; 6 to provide housing and care for life。
Around six basic tasks, housing associations in different regions to develop their own portfolios based on regional situation。 Some housing associations tend to expand investment in the region; some tend to invest assigned to the relatively poor communities, through renovation, demolition and new construction to improve the quality of housing stock and increase owner-occupied housing in more affluent areas increased social Rental housing; some housing associations located in areas under reconstruction, its housing stock to be situated in an attractive community as much as possible, in order to facilitate the sale; some operators in administrative, but a large proportion of the housing stock is in a remote location small apartment, it will reduce bad assets through location and relocation sale, then a new large-family houses and houses suitable for small families。
It is worth mentioning that improve and maintain livability in your area houses all housing associations, as a separate public tasks are defined in the Act Dutch social housing by mid-1997。
Livability for residents includes the assessment of social and material conditions as well as the quality and safety of the living environment around them made。 Housing Association method can be used to improve and maintain the livability of society have the acquisition, sale, demolition, construction, renovation or repair of housing and other buildings。
While these investments also help to improve the quality of life of the community, but the main purpose is to improve the physical quality of the housing stock。 Revenue sharing and priority right to repurchase the Dutch social rental sector is larger than the neighboring countries, while low-income families own their own homes is relatively low proportion。
This phenomenon is largely due to a strong position in the past the social rental sector caused by, during which many low-income families have been pursuing their own housing。 Due to the relatively low rents and income-based rental subsidies, as well as a substantial increase in the 1990s, real estate prices and housing mortgage amount is gradually reduced, the conversion from the social rental sector to homeownership sector is becoming increasingly high threshold。 Since many households in the purchase of housing will reduce its economic capacity, so even increase revenue, they will still choose to live in rental housing in the community。 In 2002, Rotterdam Woobron Housing Association proposed the "customer choice" concept, and in 2003 it was renamed TeWoon。
TeWoon project and find room for tenants who can choose their own preferences provide a living form, as well as a separate purchase of all or a total of opportunity。
Now tenants and new tenants living forms that can be selected include traditional lease agreement; 5-year or 10-year fixed lease; in Koopgarant (Woobron founded to buy a house brokerage Fund) project to fold buy houses (new homes can have a percent discount rate), with a buy-back guarantee, may hold more than 50% of the property value section; market value of buying housing, and housing associations have the priority right to repurchase。
Since then, there have been more than 100 housing associations, founded by Woobron Koopgarant fund licensed the implementation of the project, and there are dozens of housing associations adopted this project。
Koopgarant low-income households at a lower price, less risky sectors into the owner occupants from the social rental sector, and do not spend transfer fees。 Housing Association definition of substandard housing is involved in any housing associations can only produce a small amount of value or no value-added housing。
These houses are often expensive, or not in the scope of management。 Not suitable for the sale of the stock of housing contains a limited life expectancy, it is necessary for large-scale renovation or reconstruction of 15 years, or sell housing stock split will result in the complex reconstruction programs。
In addition, housing TeWoon tag may bulk provided to tenants, or provided to those who find room following change in circumstances。 According to statistics Delft Research Center, from 2003 to 2007, Woobron housing associations to provide about 14,000 housing units in TeWoon project, 33% of the total number of housing。
By the end of 2006, housing sold by Koopgarant fund 4086 units, 233 units sold through the priority right to repurchase。 Buy-back guarantee and priority right to repurchase, provides two-way guarantee tenants and housing associations。
According to Statistics Netherlands data released in July, sales of existing homes in June were registered at the Land Registry, the Netherlands has 21686 sets; the first half of 2017 totaled 114,281 units, an increase of about 25%。 Dutch housing associations around its capital assets running。 Housing stock has a policy value and market value。
Policy value is the value of all future cash rental income (net of maintenance operating costs), a capital free to use and contains a buffer to avoid the value of housing associations in financial crisis。
The gap between policy and market value is potentially present, such as most houses take some time to empty out after household use, this part of the policy limit value can not be used to invest。
Koopgarant sales so that assets can be realized, and may return to the housing portfolio of housing associations in after a period of time。
This creates additional funds to construction and renovation of housing or provide rent subsidies or other public tasks。
Sales of social rental housing will not only improve the living environment, but also make communities more mixed population and avoid slums。

Qinghai first "magic beans Mom" Entrepreneurship Competition poor start looking for "the plight of the mother"

  Xining March 21 electrical (Zhanghai Wen) 21 reporters from Qinghai Province Red Cross understanding, Qinghai Province, the first "magic beans Mom" contest was officially launched entrepreneurial poor, with immediate effect to enable the online collection channel, looking for the most beautiful plateau "magic beans my mother."。
  "Beanstalk mother" project in mid-2006 due to strong "magic beans my mother," the touching story of Zhou Lihong。
In order to help more people like Zhou Lihong, like distress and self-reliance of the difficulty women, Red Cross Society of China and Taobao jointly launched the implementation of the "magic beans love project"。 In 2010, they jointly set up Taobao public funds。
  It is reported that "magic beans Mom" Entrepreneurship Poverty contest sponsored by the Division of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Red Cross, Provincial Women's Federation, provincial federations。 Contest application period is March 21-April 15。
Those who have been in distress or living in difficult circumstances, self-improvement, through their own efforts and help change the status of the project life magic beans mom。
Including physical disability or long-term infirm; needy families: family members have a major disease that causes sickness and so on; national poverty reduction strategy in filing legislation 43 million cardholders poor mother; long-term unemployed or have been laid off so far Unemployment unredeemed mother etc. are invited to participate。   Qinghai Province from contestants selected 10 outstanding magic beans my mother, which named its top 3 million in prize money per person, and the remaining 7 per person per 5000 yuan bonus。
Push to participate in the top three "magic beans Mom" national competition。 The ultimate winner of the national top 20. "magic beans mother", in addition to 30,000 yuan per person bonus, will also receive 200,000 yuan interest-free loans to entrepreneurs livelihood gold, and provide entrepreneurial training opportunities and docking caring mentor, the incubation time for 1 to 2 years, a real poverty, and even help Chi Chi Fu。

Banks make money should not just "charge"

Industrial and Commercial Bank city interbank fee: 4 yuan / T Construction Bank city interbank fee: 4 yuan / T trans-regional Fee: 1% of the transaction amount (minimum 1 yuan, up 50 yuan) 4 yuan / T trans-regional Fee: turnover of 1 % (minimum 2 yuan, no ceiling) 2 yuan / T remote peer cost: turnover of 1% (minimum 1 yuan, up 50 yuan) remote peer fee: 1% of turnover (minimum 2 yuan, up 1000 yuan) agriculture Bank city interbank fee: 4 yuan / T Bank of China city interbank fee: 4 yuan / T trans-regional fee: 1% of the transaction amount (minimum $ 1 no limit) 2 yuan / T trans-regional fee: 12 yuan / T remote peer fee: 1% of turnover (minimum $ 1 no limit) remote peer fee: 10 yuan / T Bank city interbank fee: 2 yuan / T?4 yuan / pen Industrial Bank city interbank cost: the first 3 document free of charge per month, after 2 yuan / T trans-regional Fee: 2 yuan / T + 8%。
(Minimum $ 5, no upper limit) trans-regional Fee: The first 3 document free of charge per month, after 2 yuan / T remote peer cost: 6%。 (Minimum 1 yuan, no ceiling) remote peer cost: no charge Minsheng Bank city interbank cost: the first 3 document free of charge per month, after 2 yuan / T Huaxia Bank city interbank fee: 1 month ago pen free, after 2 yuan / T trans-regional costs: 5 yuan / T trans-regional fee: free before 1 pen, after 2 yuan / T remote peer cost: 5 yuan / T remote peer cost: no charge Guangdong development Bank city interbank cost: pen 3 month ago free after 4 yuan / pen Everbright Bank city interbank cost: the first 2 pen free, after 2 yuan / T trans-regional monthly fee: free pen 3 month ago, after four yuan / T trans-regional fee: 2 pens month ago free, 5% after 2 yuan / T + turnover。 (Minimum 5 yuan, up 25 yuan) remote peer cost: No charge remote peer cost: no charge CITIC Bank city interbank fee: free pen before 2 per month, after 2 yuan / T China Merchants Bank city interbank fee: 2 yuan / T remote 5% of turnover: interbank fees。 +2 yuan trans-regional Fee: 5% of turnover。
(Minimum $ 5, no upper limit) 2 yuan remote peer fee: 5% of turnover。 Remote peer fee: 5% of turnover。 (Minimum $ 5, no upper limit)。

Yi Zhongtian Three Kingdoms again NetEase cloud Read the exclusive debut of "Three Ji"

Recently, "Yi Zhongtian China History" series of Section X "Three discipline" in the NetEase cloud reading an exclusive electronic version of the first episode, which is once again with the introduction of three new themed works Yi Zhongtian after eight years, but also its Chinese history book series the starting line again, books and the Internet combined with the increasingly close interaction, but also brings a richer form of books and reading options for readers。
"" Three Ji "instead of" Three Kingdoms "," Yi Zhongtian has made use of "Three Kingdoms," a book become a "famous Three Kingdoms", the discussion on the topic of the three countries, and ultimately, always referred to his understanding of the three countries。
The re-interpretation of the Three Yi Zhongtian, is considered as the brainchild of then eight years after the Three Kingdoms, Chinese history book series is its most remarkable one。 However, compared to the heat outside attention, Yi Zhongtian this book it was rather low-key。
In the book's epilogue, "oblivion when three" in one article, Yi Zhongtian exclaimed that he is very melancholy, three, people should not be so attention。 A lot of people are actually sought after novel "Three Kingdoms", while the real and the three countries is not so much rattling and wily。 After eight years and then the Three Kingdoms, Yi Zhongtian want to tell you some serious official history, but he treated the three countries and the book "still holds partly concealed" attitude, but more people looking forward to this new book。 Exclusive debut receive a free book the "three discipline" for the exclusive debut of the electronic version of the NetEase cloud reading, readers can read search inside the genuine NetEase cloud "Yi Zhongtian China History: Three Ji", and can be within a certain period free download the book to read。
Previously, many readers find the electronic version of the book in a variety of network channels, Netease cloud reading this exclusive debut, just as the majority of "Three fans" provides a free platform for reading。
At the same time, readers can read the book to comment on the exchange, express views。 Readers have said, "was looking forward Yi Zhongtian with a different point of view to restore some former history", it was certainly the Road "have to admit, Yi Zhongtian is to explain the history of the three most popular people" in the comments。 Cloud Reader to open the era of easy transit exclusive debut of the new book "Three Ji" exclusive debut in NetEase cloud reading, but also opened the prelude to a cloud reading book launching。
It is reported that in the future such as Yu, the same name as the original new work, Feng Lun and other famous writers, and the movie "Meet Miss Anxiety" and other popular film and television work, will be the exclusive debut in the NetEase cloud reading, and even do "electronic paper starting simultaneously." the first time to provide the latest and most abundant resource book readers。
NetEase cloud reading will also be an electronic version of the book exclusive debut of base, brings readers a better reading experience。 Has 460,000 books online Netease cloud reading, is already the largest online bookstore, and the Yi Zhongtian "Three discipline," the electronic version of the exclusive debut, both to meet the readers of mobile reading needs, but also reflects the digital trend book production。 NetEase cloud reading of trying to create this "online book launching base", the future will provide readers with a richer online content to read, bring a new revolution in reading habits。 (Cai Xiaowen)。

Enabling traditional convenience stores, retail future AI +

Pictures from " "Amazon's recent unmanned retail AmazonGo officially opened this shop in the application of computer vision and machine learning algorithms to track shoppers a fee based on consumer choice of goods, thereby eliminating the role of cashier。
In this regard, comma Retail Intelligence CEO Feng Xinyu expressed: "AmazonGo is difficult for us to replace the high-tech, but it is also difficult to large-scale replication itself, because tens of millions of dollars in cost to broaden the market is not so easy。 "Nobody retail swept through China, it arises because the driving force behind the technology, such as face recognition, technology, visual recognition, depth recognition。
No convenience stores, no shelves, no smart containers and a series of retail formats in mid-2017 occupation outlet。
And no different retailers, Guangzhou comma Retail Intelligence is a focus on artificial intelligence applications in the field of new retail start-up company founded in September 2017 and received an angel round of financing capital black hole。
Feng Xinyu said: "Retail Intelligence comma main use of artificial intelligence technology to create intelligent product systems, enabling businesses to solve the problem of self-checkout, improve security and reduce cargo damage and other issues, and has made reducing labor costs and improving efficiency results。 "It is understood billion euros, comma smart retail employees about 100 people, including R & D team accounted for two-thirds of the number of its R & D team, including AI development, system development and hardware development of three parts。 In fact, few players in the field of smart retailing, the following information is billion euros on the part of retail business intelligence consolidation: line enabling traditional convenience store, artificial intelligence is a community water and electricity technology gave birth to the emergence of new retail formats, in this process, the new format also contributed technology to improve。
Feng Xinyu said: "The future development of artificial intelligence applications in the direction of the retail sector is to achieve cost efficiency, while retail will also be one of the fastest growing realization of artificial intelligence。 "Comma Retail Intelligence in the early stages of major products enabling FMCG and convenient two industries, the main three products, intelligent checkout, smart access control and intelligent black box。
In December, retail sales in Guangzhou comma intelligent transformation of the first traditional convenience stores, the main purpose of this transformation is verified by independent research and development products, collect relevant data, laying the groundwork for the next generation iteratively updated and upgraded version of the product。
Through testing, Feng Xinyu think that each store can save at least 40% of labor costs, which is mainly reflected in the installation of smart checkout, can reduce a convenience store seven employees to 4 people。
Currently, comma intelligence in the early stages of development, Feng Xinyu told billion euros this year, from February to March, the company already has product commercialization, recently working with individual customers to build one or two key cases of cooperation, but the market still needs quickly Extension a period of time。 In addition, comma Retail Intelligence in the second half will complete cooperation with the relevant core customer stores。 Since the comma is not involved in smart retail operations and supply chain, so Feng Xinyu that the company will not expand in the market restricted areas selected。 At the same time, faced with the high costs of expansion, the company will hit Feng Xinyu represent early second-tier cities, second-tier cities because the user a high degree of acceptance, followed by high-density market。 In addition to the long-term development goals, Ping Xinyu hope in 2018 to complete the transformation of 1000-2000 convenience stores across the country。 On the cooperative business option, Ping Xinyu said it is in talks with related businesses, but to disclose the specific circumstances。
However, for weeks black duck flagship FMCG, three squirrels and convenience store brand family, 711 or other enterprises will be potential customers comma smart retail。
"Accelerate the transformation of the line, enabling rather than selling equipment," 2018, no retail outlet continues to build unmanned Ping Xinyu cut technology from the convenience store at one end to lead the team has its own idea。 He believes that now is the era of traditional retail businesses face change the line, only for Convenience Store will need to upgrade, stores need to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs, and increase in the consumer end, to promote the upgrading of consumption, consumption level and consumer experience required also promote the transformation speed。 For unmanned retail, Ping Xinyu said: "If only for no one and no one, no one will be retail or pseudo-proposition。 "No one convenience store merchandise and siting problems actually exist: the first is not easy to cooked food retail sales, cigarettes, liquor and other goods in the convenience store is no strict requirements; moreover, strictly speaking, no one convenient setting store the box is equivalent to selecting the address, this time will face higher costs BD。
Simply speak comma smart retail business model, find the line willing to upgrade stores is the first and most important step, because it can be achieved only after the output device to achieve cooperation, but Feng Xinyu represents a comma instead of intelligence retail profit by selling equipment the company, according to Feng Xinyu, the future profitability of the company is a long time in service revenues after the equipment sold。
"AI + Retail" is the trend of the future Feng Xinyu thinks retail convenience store next line exists in two forms: the intelligent and non-intelligent store shops。 In contrast, intelligent store more advantages in labor costs, efficiency and experience, and this will soon be achieved, intelligent transformation in 5-10 there will most shops, so the retail understood as artificial intelligence or "smart retail" is the future trend。 Earlier Insiders said that security of cloud services, data flow analysis, deep learning, computer vision recognition and the retail sector to achieve "Nirvana," the core technology; Suning president of Technology Research Institute to Jiang Xu also believes that the huge Chinese consumer groups, policy incentives more regulations and restrictions relatively relaxed, it is the main reason "retail intelligence" applications such as innovation faster landing in China。
New technology to promote the birth of new formats, healthcare, financial, retail, automotive are talking about the word intelligent eye, had to admit that technology has prominently in many fields and play an important role in the future。
As artificial intelligence technology in the retail sector, with the ultimate aim is to achieve high efficiency and consumer end touch-up, so Feng Xinyu believes improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance the consumer experience are the three major problems of artificial intelligence given to retail resolved。 At the same time there are people in the industry believe that the current application experience artificial intelligence technology is still in its infancy, really appreciate the benefits it brings to people also need to check the progress of technology and time。

In what season ripe grapefruit?What method of eating grapefruit

Grapefruit is rich in nutrition and is a sweet and sour taste of the fruit, grapefruit every time to a large number of listed season, people will choose to buy some home to eat grapefruit, in fact, not only grapefruit has a unique taste and nutritional, it has medicinal value is very high, then it ripe grapefruit in what season?Grapefruit are usually in late October to early November ripe, this time out is best to eat grapefruit taste。Different varieties of grapefruit, its ripening season is not the same, depending on the analysis of the following is not a pomelo maturity。
1, the official pomelo – the largest fruit species native to Fujian Pinghe sleeves, over 400 years of cultivation history, has called the emperor tribute, is a traditional luxury good fruit, the Ministry of Agriculture in 1989 was named quality fruit grain。
Semi-circular crown, more open, dense foliage, growth especially strong Wong。In late October mature。The fruits are oval or wide inverted conical fruit color yellow, large fruit, fruit weight 2500 grams, larger up to 5000 grams, is the fruit of China's largest grapefruit。Flesh pink, sweet and sour taste, slag, aromatic flavor, including soluble solids 12% 58% 68% edible acid content g / 100 ml, good quality。
Storage longer granulation phenomenon is easy to produce。Cultivation Note: This variety adaptability, easy cultivation, the results of early, high and stable yield, not with other nuclear species Hunzai, otherwise the performance of multi-seed。2, strong Dreux Red grapefruit – American bred pomelo。Wang vigor, shoot length, drooping, Tai fruits fruit shape, average weight l000g, peel smooth, shiny, moderately thick skin, tightly wrapped, yellow, pale color patterns often, fruit top flat round; less nuclear, red flesh, sweet and sour taste, crisp and slag, no smell, fruit juice, soluble solids% -%, good quality, high yield, fully mature in late November, can be eaten in September, good storability。Strong Delek Red grapefruit wide adaptability, easy cultivation, the results of early, high and stable yield, good quality, variety is currently restructuring pummelo varieties recommended development。
3, short late pomelo – short late maturing varieties of grapefruit grapefruit new lines selected preferably from the night based Baiyou。
The varieties of fruit-shaped appearance, round or flat short cylindrical, typically fruit weight 2000 g, 3600 g largest fruit weight, yellow skin, smooth。White flesh, tender meat, juicy and slag, sweet and sour and refreshing, with a rich aroma when fully ripe fruit, fine linen without bitter taste, quality, fruit juice soluble solids content of 11% -% fewer seeds, a small number of nuclear-free, excellent quality。2 the end of January next year fruit matured early, very resistant to storage, use plastic bags to be stored at room temperature for 6 –7 months, the species adaptability, resilience, resistance to diseases and pests。Compared with other grapefruit varieties of the species, has the following characteristics: First, put into operation as early as dwarf trees, is currently producing the most dwarf varieties of grapefruit, general adult plant height of only about 2 meters, particularly suitable for high density planting (acres planted 222), there is usually planted after the third year 50% of the production tree。Second, mature very late。
General maturity of grapefruit varieties are mostly concentrated in 11–12 months, but short late pomelo maturity in the second year of heavy – 2 months, the mature market during the Spring Festival, the price of good Qiaoxiao。4, South China pomelo timely harvest period is usually in the "frost" to "beginning of winter", that late October to early November。
Consumption of 1 grapefruit, homemade honey citron tea takes about a quarter of grapefruit peel, cut into filaments (white part do not, it will very bitter)。Stripping out all spare grapefruit flesh。Pisi grapefruit cut into brine soak one hour。Marinated grapefruit skin into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, boiled for five minutes, preferably twice boiled to remove bitterness。
Skin grapefruit, grapefruit flesh and [3] together into a clean pot sugar, then add a small bowl of water, fire boil, simmer for an hour, add a little lemon juice intermediate, in the process of cooking required stirring frequently。Aozhi sticky, naringin translucent almost, turn off the heat and let cool。Let cool when added amount of honey, mix well, a sealed storage tank (drink, the brewing with hot water。2, a grapefruit grapefruit chicken meat (a plus compartment in winter), a cock (about 500 grams)。First slaughtered chicken, washed by a conventional method; peeled grapefruit and then take the meat, chicken into the belly, add water, steam cooked chicken Decoction。Once a week, and even served 3 times。Chinese eat Network recipes health experts have warned that this chicken warm in air have lungs, the efficacy of lower gas Phlegm cough, lung deficiency cough and asthma attacks and other illnesses。
3, grapefruit juice, grapefruit 5-8 honey cream, honey 5O0 ml, 100 g sugar, 10 ml ginger。
The peeled grapefruit juice whichever twisted core, with the paper gently thick, honey, sugar and ginger, with paste boiled, cooled bottling。1 tablespoon boiling boiled water, 2 times a day。
Chinese eat Network recipes health experts said that this cream has a temperature in the qi, and stomach antiemetic efficacy for pregnancy nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and discomfort of various diseases hospital。

Do not forget, you and I walked the alley

Gently turn over the calendar followed a turn in the past is a great time of heavy heart, an indefinable feeling in a circle around as they watch \\\\\\ yesterday, we look forward to the eyes and those warm laughter of language still remain on that faint alley turn, we will usher in the autumn \\\\\\ eyes lifted up the curtain, autumn breath floating room looking at you, you you luxuriant I remembered, the autumn is your departure day \\\\\\ no longer say that the past has nothing to do Chunhuaqiuyue moment, just quietly waiting around in your love to cherish this single minute and to give you a more emotional \\\\\\ interlocking fingers at this time I packed up for you, those eyes are clothes I had to make one begins to soothe you in the distance, I can feel the breath \ \\\\\ not to fall off the desolate rendering I promise you as long as your heart just me I would love for our dedication to the end of time \\\\\\ not earnest honestly, I just want you to me a thousand words said that this is the last of a long journey in fact, I do not want anything, as long as every day, you stay in there I have been around \\\\\\ departure ticket clutched in your hand I just want to say to you that you go the distance, do not forget my alley and you walk

Asia-Pacific US military exercise tactics: within 24 hours of arrival to the world any of which

The US Marine Corps F-35B owned four aircraft landed in the Atlantic on the LHD-1 amphibious assault ship "Hornet"。
Vision China courtesy (profile picture) US military in recent years because of the changing strategic environment and the evolution of the form of war, and actively explore the many types of new operational concepts, promote the improvement of the use of force models, and relying Pacific region, particularly in the Western Pacific forefront of power system, with the diversification of troops using activity, active use of various types of new operational concepts and validate。 Recently, the US military two types of combat-proven quite seriously and drill new concepts: First, the US Air Force's "fast Raptor" concept; the other is the US Navy's "firepower enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept。 "Quick Raptor" highlight the flexible deployment of the concept of "fast Raptor" (RapidRaptor) concept, also known as "F-22 type aircraft rapid reaction force" concept, put forward in 2008 by two F-22 fighter pilot。 This concept requires the four F-22 and a C-17 type machine (equipped with the necessary maintenance and service personnel oil bomb equipment, etc.) to form a "rapid mobility group" includes within 24 hours of arrival of any one of the world's forward base, the ability to independently carry out attacks and air support missions within 72 hours。
US Air Force in 2013 formally adopted the concept and began a series of operational test and evaluation。 2017, the US Air Force to further develop on the basis of an "agile combat deployment," the notion that two F-22 type aircraft provide logistical and communications support syndrome of a C-17 type aircraft, to the forefront of rapid deployment airstrip, C-17 provided by the oil supply and communication relay projectile as the F-22。 In addition, the US Air Force in late 2015, also put forward the "fast X" concept, intended to "fast Raptor" fighter deployment model used to promote other than the F-22, a small task grouping, quick access to cutting-edge expand operations。
Deployment model the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" Compared with the traditional large-scale fleet deployment mode, can significantly reduce deployment time, and reduce air refueling requirements and the number of troops involved in the deployment of。 In addition, the concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" has a significant advantage in the following three aspects: First, obvious advantages covert action。
F-22 and C-17 type machine composed of small task grouping took off from the same base, non-stop destinations expand operational readiness, half-way without having to transit, stops, after landing can be quickly deployed by C-17 provides a strong ability to reprint suddenly fuel, ammunition, maintenance, allegations, communications and other support to protect, can significantly shorten the task of preparing and planning time, and enhance the deployment of covert operations。
The second is the ability to highlight flexible response。
The concept of "fast Raptor" and "agile combat deployment" expand the choice of F-22 type aircraft forward bases to enhance the rapid mobility and response, and the US military deployment in the opponent under unclear circumstances, the implementation of the first enemy strike, after the task is completed or exposure can be deployed quickly evacuated, reducing the risk of combat was。
By implementing this deployment concept, the US military stealth aircraft can be dispersed more flexibly deploy US military bases, increasing capacity to respond to enemy firepower of concentrate。 The third is conducive to innovation mobile strike style。
US Air Force that the traditional deployment greatly reduces the tactical flexibility and operational tempo F-22 type aircraft, it is difficult to meet the global demand for rapid response operations。
In recent years, the US Air Force to accelerate its Asia-Pacific and Europe "quick Raptor" deployment exercise, to promote its development to combat direction, and intends to expand the scope of use of such a deployment mode, to further enhance the mobile strike capability and maintain air superiority and deter potential frontier opponent。
Once the future of the US military to promote the concepts used in the F-35, F-15, F-16 and other fighters as well as allied warplanes, combat capability of its emergency response for emergencies and crisis in the region will significantly increase。
"Expeditionary Brigade" concept optimization amphibious early January, US Navy, "Hornet" amphibious assault ship into the waters of the western Pacific, then "Dewey" and the "Sterrett No." missile destroyer arrived in the western Pacific, and "wasp No. "component 'firepower enhanced version of the expeditionary strike Group', and on March 5 implementation of F-35B vertical landing exercise near the East China sea, the US amphibious fleet to further enhance the comprehensive combat capability of air and sea。 "Expeditionary Strike Group" is the operational concept of amphibious landing ships for the US Navy to respond to the new core maritime operations form a "low intensity, land-based delivery by force," the proposed。
Each combat brigade by a "Wasp" class amphibious assault ship as the core, with two transport dock ship or dock landing ship, plus an escort, "Ticonderoga" class cruisers, a "Allie·Burke "class destroyers, a 'Perry' class frigates and an attack submarine Composition。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" With all kinds of helicopter fleet Wasp-class amphibious ships and two belong equipped, landing craft, will be carried by the troops as quickly delivered to the land, and by the Wasp class amphibious assault ship superior command control and communications capabilities as well as carrier-based aircraft to provide firepower to carry out military operations。
"Expeditionary Strike Group" has a strong offensive and defensive capabilities, can relieve the pressures of the US naval forces are facing forward presence。
In case of emergency, Expeditionary Strike Group and Carrier Strike Group is also in formation, ready to put into a regional war。
As commissioned by the Navy F-35B aircraft, the US Navy Pacific Fleet to further expand the original "Expeditionary Strike Group" concept, the proposed "enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group"。 "Hornet" amphibious assault ship can carry up to 20 F-35B aircraft type, its comprehensive combat capability equivalent to a "light aircraft carrier"。 With F-35B air combat and support advantages for sea and air Wasp amphibious fleet of sea-to-ground strike capability and air defense capabilities will be significantly enhanced, and thus have the ability to carry out high-end war。 "Fire enhanced version of the Expeditionary Strike Group" concept will further optimize US military air defense, anti-submarine, surface warfare, ground attack and other operational capabilities and expand amphibious formation of task areas and operational depth, the amphibious ship fleet from a single login assault cluster development for multiple functional integrated maritime cluster operations, thus greatly enhancing the flexibility of the use of US military force at sea。
US to new operational concepts for future challenges through forward deployment and delivery capability to secure Global Vigilance, Global Reach is the US military has long been committed to achieving the goal of。
The beginning of the end of the Cold War, in the "superpower" asymmetric pattern, the US military to achieve this goal to some extent,。 But "9·After 11 "incident, the emerging powers and non-state actors rapid rise to US military dominance, in particular power projection capabilities constitute contain。
The US military believes that with the development of globalization and the widespread diffusion of information technology in the world, America's major competitors have gradually equipped with "anti-access / area denial" capabilities (A2 / AD), to form a more mature air defense missile defense, precision strike capability to effectively target US military threat。 To this end, the US military from the air and surface warfare domain are proposed two types of operational concepts。
The US military believes, "We need new operational concepts to solve the conflict on security。 "US military attaches great importance to 'fast Raptor' and 'enhanced firepower Expeditionary Strike Group' concept of operations。
After coming to be mature concepts will help the US military in the Asia-Pacific region continued to improve carrier strike groups, the operational effectiveness of the force Expeditionary Strike Group, stealth fleet, etc., and thus more likely to win the battlefield advantage。
In addition to these two important concepts of operation, the US military in recent years, also proposed a "combat drone bees," "Five machines based battle cloud" concept of operations, etc., but these concepts are still in the planning stage, not yet entered the stage of verification exercises。 In recent years, the US military to promote military transformation as the starting point, actively planning new war theory, put forward a large number of new concepts, new ideas and new perspectives, and focus on the concept of innovation as an important way to combat the ability to shape and design, emphasizing the proposed first, the concept "is a concept of operations", always put the focus on combat operations and winning the war。 Throughout the US military concept of operations in recent years hot push its strategic intent focused on the following three aspects: First, to further improve force projection model to improve operational efficiency; second is to strengthen the global commons entry and freedom of movement; third is to crack " anti-access / area denial "threat。 In essence, the US put forward a series of new operational concepts, reflecting the change of military ideology of new features and new trends, not only revolutionary changes in the military field "signs", but also the construction and transformation of military operations "navigation mark"。 Currently, the innovative concept of operations has become an important strategic starting point for the US military to promote the core fulcrum of innovation and seek to occupy the absolute dominance of military competition。 US forces continued to promote innovative operational concepts specific practices worthy of our attention。
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Deutsche Bank: the situation in Greece after the referendum four kinds roadmap

Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, July 6 news, Greece on Sunday to hold a referendum on the international bailout creditors, voting results showed that more than 61.3% of Greek citizens oppose the rescue plan。This result means that Greece is likely to be forced out of the euro。German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande agreed to call for the convening of the euro zone summit to discuss the crisis in Greece on Tuesday。  Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) by the scientists believe, after a referendum rejected the rescue plan proposed by the creditors, the Greek crisis unpredictable consequences and probabilities range surged again。  Deutsche Bank pointed out that the next few hours, the two sides willingness to resume negotiations and restart the conditions under which negotiations will be the next most important thing。After that, the pressure faced by the Greek economy and the public will gradually increase, the banking system is frozen, the more stringent capital controls。This will force Greece must quickly make a decision, in the end is to return to the negotiation track, or consider alternatives – out of the euro。  Deutsche Bank believes the situation could progress in the next four kinds roadmap: The first possibility: soft Agreement。Eurozone creditors to provide assistance protocol for significantly reducing conditions to Greece, but the least likely to think that Deutsche Bank。  The second possibility: default and stay in the euro。Greek default, but remain in the eurozone, other members of the Bank of Greece for direct recapitalization, while the Greek government only domestic resources to meet their financial needs。Deutsche Bank believes this is a low possibility of secondary cases。  A third possibility: to reach a new agreement。With the banking system shutdown caused by the economic and political costs continue to rise, the Greek government was replaced by radicals of a new national unity government, and reached a new aid agreement with creditors。  A fourth possibility: Greece out of the euro。Deutsche Bank economists believe that Greece out of the euro and the maximum likelihood third scenario, both the possibility of roughly。Therefore, if the four possibilities are taken into account, the probability of a Greek exit should be less than 50%。  But views differ from other institutions, after the referendum results came out, JP Morgan Chase (JP Morgan) that Greece out of the euro has risen to two-thirds probability, Barclays Bank (Barclays) also believe that Greece out of the euro is a high probability event。(Shofu compilation)

Deutsche Bank: Greece will not default 4 Reasons

Night network, nightlife network Finance YORK, May 12 news, Tuesday 7 Greece needs to repay IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]).500 million euros loans, and loans Greece needs throughout the year to the IMF and the European Central Bank [microblogging] to repay nearly $ 12 billion。Due to the depletion of cash, fears that Greece may not be able to repay the loan, which appeared in some form of risk of default and bring Greece out of the euro。  But the German newspaper Der Welle published an article entitled "Greece can not exit the euro", saying even a small problem in Greece appear to pay creditors in Europe, the event will not lead Greece out of the euro, Greece out of the euro is not impossible things to avoid。The article cites Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) HEINEN Nicolaus analyst's point of view, he believes that Greece will not default, mainly based on the following four reasons: 1. Risk of infection。80% of Greek government bonds in the hands of eurozone members, if Greece defaults, will lead the Greek government bonds plummeted, so that eurozone members suffered losses; 2. European Central Bank funding。The European Central Bank may continue to inject liquidity to Greek banks to help Greece in the short term refinancing; 3. Geopolitical factors。As an outpost in the eastern Mediterranean, Greece is not an option for Europe; 4. Capricious is a good sign。HEINEN said: "The Greek government's actions seem capricious, but this may show the level of devastation in Greece prospects may be less than half of media publicity。"But that does not mean that Greece did not worth worrying about。  According to the "Wall Street Journal" reported that, taking into account the risk of contagion of the Greek problem, IMF said it "is working with South-East European governments to develop contingency plans on a Greek default" because "there may not be able to reach an agreement to continue aid to Greece."。  The article also noted that the National Bank of Greece, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank and the European Bank Ergasias has about 20 percent of banking assets in Bulgaria, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, while these banks in Romania, Albania and Serbia also has a branch, once people in these areas feel they have the risk of deposits in Greek banks could panic and run。But Joerg Decressin, deputy director of the IMF's European division said it is difficult to quantify the scale。(Shofu compilation)