Efficacy and role of the nutritional value of shrimp shrimp

Shrimp [alias:] shrimp, crustacean (Crustacea) Decapoda (Decapoda) natantia (natantia) Animals。Nearly 2000 kinds。
And crab, crawfish, crayfish, langoustine, prawns and lobster relatives cicada。
Wherein the translucent body, the side flat, the abdomen can be bent the end of a tail fan。
Second tentacles long, whip-like。
Pleopod swimming limb。Marine and freshwater lakes, streams have。
Many species are an important food。Size from a few millimeters to more than 20 cm (about 8 inches), an average of 4?8 cm (?3-inch)。Large size are known as prawns。
By bending the abdomen and tail can be quickly run down。Eating tiny creatures, some eat carrion。
Females can lay 1500?14000, attached to the limb swimming。
Before adult to go through five developmental stages。
China Sea wide, numerous rivers and lakes, rich shrimp and freshwater prawns。
Shrimp taste is delicious, nutritious and can be prepared a variety of seafood dishes, there are dishes in the "licorice" reputation。
Shrimp are shrimp, prawns, shrimp, pipa shrimp, lobster and so on; freshwater shrimp shrimp, shrimp, grass shrimp, crayfish, etc.; as well as brackish water shrimp and white shrimp, etc.。No matter what kind of shrimp, are rich in protein, high nutritional value, as its soft meat and fish, easily digestible, where there is no smell and spurs, while rich in minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc.), shrimp is also rich in iodine, human health very beneficial。According to scientific points, shrimp edible part of the protein accounted for 16?Around 20%。

Benefits of foot massage can prevent cancer and promote detoxification sleep

Benefits of foot massage, anti-cancer detoxification can promote sleep, the following small series details for you。 Today, people's health has become a top priority, massage is a health care the way people advocating, massage can play the effect of preventing and curing diseases, welcomed by everyone, here we tell you about five of the benefits of foot massage to look at it!Foot Massage in ancient China there, especially on the soles of the feet massage。
The pressures of life big enough, can not allow the discomfort to block our spiritual progress, so at the usual time, you can do some foot massage to relieve mental stress body。
Body unhealthy, mostly because of the lack of relations campaign, people in ancient times all day barefoot in the fields crafts, foot direct contact with the ground, thus stimulated, promote circulation, and then sweat drink, complete the normal metabolism of a cycle, play the body's healing power。
Therefore, the ancient human body than our modern health of many。 Reflexology, is in accordance with the principle of stimulus, do therapy。 Benefits of foot massage can prevent cancer and promote detoxification sleep 1.Promote smooth blood circulation。
2.Clear the obstacles of human energy circulation pipe。 3.Promote coordination between organs and parts of the function of the normal organ systems。
4.Promote balance of endocrine, easing tensions of the system。
Fives.Excretion of toxins debris, maintain health。 6.Strengthen metabolism, maintain youthful vitality。 7.Stimulate cells to produce energy, prevent aging。
8.Restoration of degraded organ function, prevention of illness。

The elderly how to avoid these foods can aggravate indigestion indigestion

How to avoid the elderly?Indigestion is a very common thing in life, particularly the elderly can easily indigestion, then you know how old you avoid indigestion?The following night on the net for the elderly to tell you how to avoid indigestion。How to avoid indigestion old 1.To eat staple food eat dinner staple food to eat。
Staple food is a "natural digestive medicine"。
Rice, noodles and other staple foods belong carbohydrate, easily digested, and people get a sense of fullness, avoid eating too much to eat, but also help stimulate the secretion of saliva amylase to digest food, to stimulate gastric acid secretion, enhance the ability of the stomach to digest。
Whole grains is the staple food of choice, it is rich in fiber, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, but also let the excess fat from the body。2.Chacha bogey after a meal of fruit and fruit on the body and has a very good stimulus, but after eating it takes some time away from them。
Immediately after a meal to eat fruit eat food under it will be blocked, causing the fruit can not properly digest。
And immediately after dinner tea, tea contains tannic acid will affect the absorption of protein, increasing the burden on the stomach。Tea should postprandial gastric emptying, about 2 hours postprandial。How to avoid indigestion elderly 3.Slowly develop the habit of the elderly have more teeth loose, fall off, make chewing food in the mouth is not completely。Refurbishment good teeth, calmly chewing, swallowing slowly, strengthening the mechanical processing of food, not only can reduce the burden of the gastrointestinal tract, and also avoid the rough, hard foods stimulate the digestive tract mucosa bad。

Women's Health Common Mistakes you make a mistake yet

Common Mistakes healthy women though now what are we to health issues are a growing concern, but a lot of people when there is still a lot of misunderstanding。 Following small talk about common health Misunderstanding of the Women for everyone to see if you made a mistake not!Women's Health Common Mistakes 1, wearing tight pants on today's society, a lot of MM like door to door both to withstand the cold and can maintain a good figure of good things, and that is tights。
But according to experts, due to tight pants close to the skin, resulting in no local ventilation and breathable。 Therefore, long-term wear non-ventilated gas-tight leggings can cause genital wet, damp and long-term health of the environment can cause vaginitis, it can also cause severe, cervicitis, endometritis。 In particular, during menstruation, wear briefs humidity easier because the closed space suffering from genital。
2, tolerate the urine of women in the reproductive organs and the urinary bladder "cohabitation" in the pelvic cavity, the relationship between the "close", the uterus is located behind the bladder。 Holding back urine will bladder filling, filling of the bladder compresses the uterus, uterine inclined rearwardly。
Long holding back urine within the bladder will piled, urine contains bacteria and toxic substances if not promptly discharged easily cause cystitis, urethritis and other diseases。
3, clothing, women's health is too thin to a common misunderstanding summer, women are showing off skin, legs, Yubi, Xiangjian, even a large back, wiping a small Man Yao panoramic view。
Can the office, the Four Seasons is always a constant 24 ℃, air conditioner sun refused a thousand miles away from you in close proximity。 As everyone knows, when you're suffering from a cold womb of torture outside world, and how many calories you consume it withstand so I knew it, cold air invade the body, female-specific organs – uterus, bear the brunt of winter palace not far。
So pay attention to the daily lower abdomen warm, spare jacket or shawl in the office, such as a sleeve cardigan, every day, even in summer clothes to wear suspenders, you can cover your shoulders, and can be used when wearing a skirt shawl to cover your legs, especially the knees。
Stockings for cold-blooded woman also needed, can be cold from the foot of Health。
4, the hair on the bed quit。

Li Delin: six walnut, you really should replenish the brain!| Listed Companies | six walnut | drinks

  Text / Sina Finance opinion leaders (micro-channel public number kopleader) columnist Li Delin 12 years ago, a health drink factory in Hebei, two shop workers harbor ill at ease in Chuaizhe 1000, decided to stake his work in the verge of bankruptcy factory。
Its controlling shareholder careless operation of this mess as their sideline, they have thought of, if not the thousand smashed into a sound, the level of consumption 12 years ago, but it is not a small number。
But they decided that the eleven, and to the hard work in order to gamble, but most fail to tighten their belts more than a few years。 So what fate awaits their turn is it?  Ah small two companies talk about today is the Yang Yuan drinks。 Speaking of Yang Yuan drinks guess a lot of people do not know, but to talk about "six walnut" on something well-known, many people were phrase "often with the brain, drink six walnut" to brainwashing, and also a small fortune often joke that brain cells are not enough, come six walnut Bubu!The six walnut Yang Yuan is the flagship product of drinks, and sales revenue in the proportion of the company's 2016 revenue of up to%。
  The company just as the French entomologist Fabre in the description of the cicadas: "Four years of hard labor in the dark, in the month of sunshine pleasure, this is the cicada's life。
"But the IPO road six walnut has run for seven years, in 2011 he tried to enter the capital market matters because he did not die in the eve of the implementation of the Council had!Over the next few years, but also twists and turns, along with tighter IPO audit, "six walnut" fell four times in front of a large IPO。
Until mid-2017 finally fulfilled his dream of capital, invested that year only 1,000 yuan to buy the company's two shop workers, according to their issue price to count, and now the market value of shares of up to 1041 million yuan。
  This is a very inspirational story, but this "six walnut" but came to one of the problems in the development of the market, the company has been focusing on marketing, holding a lot of money advertising hit inside, product R & D investment has been negligible。
Listed only raise funds billion and took 2.9 billion to carry out his "market development and marketing network construction projects."。
Made this prospectus, six costs can of walnut approximate composition is as follows: 1, cans (RMB), 2, walnut (RMB), sugar (RMB), other raw materials (RMB)。
  It turned out to be the most expensive cost of cans, and with the rising packaging costs, its profits have been declining。
Now it would like to use a single product to hold up the yuan issue price of the air itself is a tightrope act, listed next day ushered in the limit, has been faced with the danger of a break, has become the A-share IPO this most bear。
  Slogan rang loud moment, this is the most important market buy!Destiny "six walnut" and it would rely on the same RIO cocktail moment to save the ad, sometimes stimulating just a layer of windblown waves, although the company stressed that the strengthening of product development, but to redevelopment the possibility of a "six walnut" stars such products is very low, Wahaha, Master Kong is a very obvious example。 Six walnut, you really should replenish the brain!  According to analysts had not sing sing empty practice, investors hit the "six walnut" have to make only the minimum 140,000 shares, but this booing, but now in danger of loss of shot, one of these illnesses new shares, brain storm should also hold those who earn investors, faced with "six walnut" this risks the company, perhaps investors would say that they are the target shooting range – full of loopholes!。

March 13 in the sale of high-yield financial products List | bank financing

Product name of the issuing bank monetary financing of income trust type gains from the purchase amount is expected to benefit 1 · private banking Hui Bao enjoy 2463180063 Bank of RMB 182 days without guaranteed profit% 300 002 · private banking Hui Bao enjoy 2463180062 Bank of RMB 92 days not guaranteed% 300,003 profit Po · private banking Hui enjoy 2463180061 Bank of RMB 35 days is not guaranteed% 300 004 Le won the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300A180A9754 CITIC Bank RMB 181 days is not guaranteed 8% 50005 linked index FSCA18609A Minsheng Bank RMB 92 days of guaranteed income% 100 006 Le win stock A180A9175 CITIC Bank RMB 181 days is not guaranteed% 500 007 Le won gold A180A9753 CITIC Bank RMB 181 days is not guaranteed 7% 50,008 profit Po · private banking Hui enjoy 2463180057 Bank of RMB 34 days is not guaranteed% 300 009 Department of Tim surplus capital preservation – series 1166 (RMB) Bank of East Asia (China) RMB 127 days guaranteed income% 50010 sinks Tim surplus capital preservation series 1167 (RMB) Bank of East Asia (China) RMB 127 days guarantee return% 50011 Li River in Guilin 2018-82 financial-bank RMB 364 days is not guaranteed 50,012% enjoy EPI ZQXT1835 Industrial and Commercial Bank of RMB 1825 days is not guaranteed Hui% 100 013 No. Style surplus 415 Huaxia Bank RMB 183 guaranteed% 50 014 No. Huiying 414 A models Huaxia Bank RMB 92 Tianbao this% 50015 Hongta dream of wealth No. 22 018 Year 10 A models Hongta bank RMB 35 days is not guaranteed 6% 50 016 Golden poplar polyethylene win Universal A plan financial 34 Siyang agricultural businesses RMB 36 days is not guaranteed 6% 50017 gold poplar polyethylene win Universal A plan financial 35 Siyang agricultural businesses RMB 92 days is not guaranteed 6% 50018 Hongta dream of a wealth of 2018?Hongta bank money RMB 96 Tianbao present 6% 50,019 Fu Yung supplier Wantong · Guaranteed 2018008 B, paragraph 96 yuan Fuzhou Rural Commercial Tianbao present 6% 50,020 Fu Yung supplier Wantong · Guaranteed 2018008?Fuzhou section of this agricultural firm RMB 173 Mary Rose 6% 50,021 Fu Yung supplier Wantong · Guaranteed 2018008?Fuzhou section of this agricultural firm RMB 173 Mary Rose 6% 50022 Li River in Guilin 2018-73 financial-bank RMB 182 days is not guaranteed 6% 50023 "Golden Sun Money 68" Jiangyan agricultural firms RMB 184 Tianbao present 6% 50,000 24 "Golden sunshine finance special for an" agricultural firm Jiangyan RMB 184 Mary Rose 6% 100 025 this dream of wealth Hongta 2 of 2018?F models Hongta bank RMB 365 days is not guaranteed 6% 50026 Li River financing 2018-84 Guilin bank RMB 365 days is not guaranteed 6% 50 002 7 Installing enjoy EPI LHTZ1810 Industrial and Commercial Bank of RMB 1158 days is not guaranteed 6% 100 028 Lijiang River Money 2018-83 Guilin bank RMB 210 days is not guaranteed% 50029 Li River in Guilin 2018-63 financial-bank RMB 90 days is not guaranteed 50,030% in fiscal overflow financial 1801403FA241 Jiangsu Bank of RMB 91 days is not guaranteed% 2000000。

European shares rose 2 Jin。8%, supported by commodity stocks jumped | European shares | close

  Remittance Network News December 24 – Wednesday (December 23) European stock markets rose, due to strong commodity and crude oil prices and China launched more signs of economic stimulus initiatives, boosting commodity shares soaring。
China is the world's largest metals consumer。   In the last full trading day before the Christmas holidays, European FTSEurofirst300 index of blue chip stocks ended sharply higher percent, 1 point。 Eurozone blue chip stocks EuroSTOXX50 strength index rose%。
  UK FTSE 100 index closed up percent, 6 points; German shares DAX index climbed%, to 10 points; French CAC40 share index rose percent to 4 points。   European basic resources index soared%, an increase of the end of August, the biggest one-day percentage, oil and gas stocks rose%。   CMCMarkets JasperLawler analyst said, "Resource stocks continued to lead European shares rebound…Brent crude oil above $ 35 a barrel and copper prices should be sufficient to resist the bearish pressures facing the commodity sector before the end of over $ 200 per pound。 "The London-listed mining stocks led the gains, due to higher LME prices, Glencore fresh rose%, Anglo American soared%。   Investors waiting for China's economic stimulus measures to support demand for metals in the country's further evidence that some early signs that the Chinese government to increase spending on the grid and housing。   Traders also cited Xinhua News Agency reported that China steel industry will reduce excess capacity as the primary task。
News helped ArcelorMittal (ArcelorMittal) surged 11%。   Despite Wednesday's surge%, but the FTSE 350 Mining Index fell nearly 50 percent so far this year。
  Germany's DAX index hour chart shows。