Squatting is the easiest one's health

We all know that "old people feet first decline, tree dry root first dried up."。
If you do not want to premature aging, we have to ensure that the foot is not aging, the so-called "health first raised foot", "Tuiqin people live longer," pay attention to the leg, foot health care, disease prevention and control can play, health and longevity effectiveness。
Squatting work no money, no equipment and venues, as long as convenient, at home, company or office park, as long as the foothold can be; no matter how busy people who want healthy, just 5-15 minutes of daily exercise can。We recognize that the first blood circulation (systemic circulation) of the heart is to pump blood line pump, circulation first by ventricular output levels of arterial blood → → → aorta capillaries throughout the body (material exchange with the tissue fluid, tissue oxygen supply and nutrients) → (after exchange of substances into arterial blood)。
→ venous return levels (carry away carbon dioxide and metabolites) → inferior vena cava (cava) → right atrium。
Because the foot farthest from the heart and, therefore, blood flow from the heart to the toes of the process is longer, it is prone to peripheral circulatory disorders, leading to insufficient blood supply; a number of metabolic wastes and toxins may accumulate in the foot down, resulting in some toxins, causing arthritis and some of the organs of the disease。The ancients often feet, hand massage the soles of the feet themselves, take a walk every day, the blood is diverted to the feet, so long as fresh blood can lead to the foot, so that the blood flow, can be taken away at the foot accumulation of metabolic after the waste transported to the kidneys excreted after treatment。
 Squat exercise can cure physical principle of people squatted, body folded into threes, was squeezed vasoconstriction, blood rushed to the body not squeeze blood vessels, forcing them to expand, to drum up; a man stood up, systemic blood has been squeezed toward the original vessel, which is filled with blood。
Together with a press of a place in such a squat, a reciprocating motion of a red blood back, just rinse the bottle as the systemic vascular been repeated washing, soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism in the body, activate immune system。
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After a lapse of nine years before they see a single field 40 +! Most civilian team in NBA history a real hammer

Beijing on March 21, the Atlanta Hawks on the road 99 to 94 upset victory over the Utah Jazz, Hawks win campaign contributor non-Denis – Shilao De none other than the audience he played 35 minutes, 16 of 28 shooting, three-pointers 7 from 3 highest 41 points, while seven assists and 5 rebounds。
He also broke the team record of the history of a dusty years。
The game ushered Schroeder personal outbreak, in the final moments, by virtue of his dumped a breakthrough to help the team ahead in the score。
Schroeder audience almost single-handedly by virtue of the powerful Jazz thrown to the ground, he got a game-high 41 points, scoring a career-high refresh。 Meanwhile Schroeder to become self Dec. 19, 2009 Joe – after Johnson, the first single games to get 40 + players on the Hawks history。 Eagles created the first time in the history of the longest two different players with NBA team single-game record 40 points to take。
In any case, Schroeder today's performance can be described as the savior of the Eagles, after this season, although the team has missed the playoffs, but this is a proof of his strength, I believe he will get more 布登霍尔泽 coach trust。 (Shen Wei)。

Also on "Feng Fei Love"

Turn on the computer, see the avalanche of news———Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse。After so many years, and two people are married, and each had their own children, but two consecutive divorced, they are still together to!    I want to say: there is no right or wrong love, the same marriage。Not because of the child, we should let two people reluctant to spend a lifetime inappropriate。I believe Nicholas Tse never gave up his two sons, but rather before there have been news that Deborah was always missing two Sun did not see, because they take away from Hong Kong have been Cecilia。Two sons ultimate weapon is Cecilia Bale。If she really treasure this family, she should not let yourself have such erosion of the past, and Edison and lingering。Faye Wong and Li Yapeng together 10 years, 10 years is not a short period of time。I remember one interview, the host asked what Faye Wong Yapeng favorite song, like a long time before Yapeng said evasively“legend”……In fact, do not understand Faye Wong Yapeng, Faye Wong is true even though he loved, but he could not approached her inner world。Ask what women want their marriage always broken?To a certain age, who do not want their love life can really settle down?They are not extra-marital affairs, who is not a small three。Just the right time to the right come together。    Online reported that everything looked between them, whether it is true or false!But the feeling is really in love with Faye Wong Nicholas Tse, Faye Wong because he will quietly sit there while he was beloved woman to cook!Happiness overflow during their hearts!Whether this love will bear fruit, I believe at this time, they must be love!Experienced the vicissitudes of life, I had to do a thousand sails, even looking back, but there favorite!    Listening to "the most happy people" can not help but sigh: both a human life, if there is no love, if there is no intersection of a soul, just to make a living for our children, what a pity it is one thing!But after all, we just regret, in their dreams, or in your own text, or in other ways, with a good will, living ordinary day to day!    Maybe we grow old that day, remembering ever dream!Or remembering those years, those of us crazy idea!In any case, let us in someone else's story, dreaming of their own stories!

How what kind of people susceptible to the prevention of uterine fibroids uterine fibroids

What kind of person prone to uterine fibroids, uterine fibroids is a common female gynecological diseases, it is a benign tumor, but also timely treatment, then what kind of person predisposed to uterine fibroids and small series go together see what kind of person prone to introduce it on uterine fibroids!What kind of person predisposed to uterine fibroids uterine fibroids good risk mainly in female fertility period, why do you say because the female reproductive period is a metabolic hormone levels during its most active, although no exact uterine fibroids etiology, but it has a huge variety doctrine。
Which has a very important doctrine is that it is with the hormone levels have a certain relationship, but high hormone levels of people, the probability of occurrence of this kind of uterine fibroids should be higher。
So, people in the reproductive stage of female friends uterine fibroids are more, the equivalent of 20%, there will be an average of five people inside a person suffering from uterine fibroids。 Treatment of uterine fibroids uterine fibroids must first periodic follow up study to see if there is no signs of malignancy; is then treated with drugs, according to the symptoms of uterine fibroids current drugs used to select。
The second is the use of focused ultrasound surgery and treatment。 Uterine fibroids prevent what kind of person prone to uterine fibroids, usually to develop good habits to maintain genital cleansing can effectively prevent gynecological diseases occur, to prevent the invasion of bacteria from the root, especially during menstruation, abortion and other special times, take special protection, can effectively prevent uterine fibroids appear。
2, controlled life。

Australia's well-known male host walks struck by lightning died killed

Anthony family photo while traveling。
Source: 7News overseas online January 4 electric Recently, the well-known radio host Anthony Australia with his family at the Kings Canyon walk, misfortune struck by lightning, died a death。
It is reported today in Sydney, January 1, Anthony carrying a family of five to Australia's famous Uluru holiday resort, just when they walk in Kings Canyon, tragedy struck: the more remote due to the incident, coupled with bad weather after more than two hours, before the ambulance crew arrived on the scene。 In two hours, Anthony is a local file music program of well-known host of Australia, he has been involved in radio FreshFM programs, and to "trance" is well known。
Ended after nearly six years of work stations, Anthony found a new job, working in sales at company profits。 Intended to travel with his family to spend the holidays together, did not expect to suddenly unexpected calamity。 This wife Jessica.But they put their wedding photos time and wrote: "Anthony, you are my soul mate and love this life。 "。

Xiangshou into!4 anti-money hungry not long meat, snack foods are not fattening

Current Location: into the body Xiangshou!4 anti-money hungry meat is not long, not fattening snacks food 2018-3-1514: 49: 56 Source: Introduction: Have you ever had this situation: obviously well fed at noon, afternoon and 3,4 points hungry……Do not eat it hungry flustered, eat Papan!Eat what risks can neither gain weight, and can effectively help us alleviate hunger it…… 3, contains large amounts of fruit Fruit soluble dietary fiber, has a strong water absorbing swelling properties。 After swelling the water-soluble dietary fiber, 10 to increase the volume and weight?15 times, both to increase our sense of satiety, but also reduce the absorption of fat in food, snacks are not fattening。
Eat this fruit: the most abundant dietary fiber content of the peel, skin can choose something to eat fruit, such as apples, pears, guava, carambola, reduced fat, feed their families better。 4, nutritious meal high protein, high fiber, low fat, made with cereal grains and other high-carbohydrate food ingredient nutritious meal replacement, is a good choice。 Meal replacement foods containing soy protein isolate, capable of providing sustained satiety。
Vitamin E meal replacement foods, nutritional supplements can help, beauty skin; and meal replacement foods made of composite grains, rich in dietary fiber, low-calorie, satiety strong, can help prevent obesity。
Eat a meal like this: compared to other foods, nutritional meal replacement foods such more comprehensive, with a more reasonable, used in place of dinner, so you eat is also not easy to get fat!Reminder "do not eat, how can effort to lose weight?"This sentence really is not a joke。 Only a sufficient supply of nutrients, you will not lose weight and become weak because of weakness, when the movement will be more effective。 Need to lose weight is the "pipe shut, stride leg," to control the total calorie intake pipe, but at the same time to maintain nutritional balance; but also sport long-term adherence, the excess calories consumed。

Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Lu Qing went to school has become a trend is the biggest investment in life

  Taiwan high school principals: Taiwan Green went to Lu school has become a trend, this is the life's largest investments in Hong Kong in the assessment community 18 published RAP article pointed out that school test results to be published Taiwan University area, Taoyuan City, the first volunteer Wuling high school has nine full fractions, 70 points or more up to 166 people, 498 more than the top mark 63 points, the principal Linqing Bo said in an interview a few days ago, approached the president wrote a letter of recommendation to apply for student well-known mainland colleges and universities, only single digits last year, more than 40 people。 Linqing Bo believes the number Lu went to study "critical amount" of growth, in addition to considering future development and internationalization of Taiwan educational environment is also a factor, especially NTU president has so far not yet assumed office, I am afraid that the collapse of confidence。
  He comments that Linqing Bo said, why ask students to apply for mainland colleges and universities, the grounds are mostly "more choice"。 These students apply for mainland schools, but also with the rest of the mainland provinces to fight the elite compete, may not be able to do so was admitted to Peking University or Tsinghua University and other schools, but there will be a catalytic effect, year after year, there will be critical mass, the more the number of for more, see "Mo Allied to Royal"。
  Linqing Bo said that more parents now smart enough to know the next generation of the job market in the mainland, considering convergence of academic research, simply let the children to the mainland to study, four years of college, living and learning together, that is a lifetime friend, all contacts, future business partners, this is the biggest investment in life。

Protect the gastric mucosa ribs soup recipe pumpkin orange peel

Because the intake of food, irregular life and cause stomach ulcers, dialect is just one example。
Now white-collar women plagued by gastrointestinal disorders, ulcers, constipation and other diseases。
Ulcer disease is epigastric pain, gas and stomach pain, heartburn, acid regurgitation and other areas in Chinese medicine。 Multi-folk called chest pain, Stomach pain, stomach pain, hunger and eat tuberculosis, etc.。 In addition, upper abdominal pain, rhythm ulcer disease with repeated episodes of clinical features, often accompanied by belching, sour, hot, noisy and feeling, and even nausea, vomiting, vomiting blood, blood in the stool。 Locally in the gastrointestinal circular, oval chronic ulcers。 In fact, mild stomach ulcer can be improved by eating pumpkin。
Chinese medicine, pumpkin and warm, sweet, non-toxic, Rupi, stomach two classics, can lungs Qi, phlegm row of thick, insecticide detoxification, anti-asthmatic cough, lung abscess and constipation treatment, and a diuretic, beauty and other effect。
Pumpkin is possible to protect the gastric mucosa, gastric ulcer, help digestion: Pumpkin Pectin may also protect the gastrointestinal mucosa, from rough food stimulation, promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with stomach。
Pumpkin contains ingredients can promote bile secretion, strengthen the stomach and intestines to help digest food。
Ingredients: pork ribs (large row) 100 g, 200 g pumpkin, 5 grams dried tangerine peel, spices appropriate practices: 1.The washed and chopped pork ribs, flying water picked up stand placed in the pot; 2.Wash the pumpkin large cut (not remove the meat flesh), wash the macerated Citrus; 3.1 and 2 the material into the pot, the amount of water is added, with the fire to low heat and cook until boiling soup Tangnong, seasoning with salt。 This soup stomach blood, for stomach ulcers, anemia friends。

Perfect score was sprayed insulting!Dengue: we must show in Los Angeles

  Beijing on March 3, according to the "Houston Chronicle" reported that the Houston Rockets in good shape recently, just a few days ago they beat the Los Angeles Clippers, but Harden action in the game has sparked controversy。
  In the game, Harden staged a wonderful shake shooting, he faced Wesley from behind the arc at the top of the arc – Johnson, feign a sudden pick-step exploration crossovers receive the ball, all of a sudden Johnson deceived , fell more than 2 meters away, with no direct Houha Deng shot, as if to hear the referees whistle, like standing still holding the ball at everyone, even once the ball with one hand, very relaxed, until Johnson got up and rushed over prevention, Harden was facing opponents cast-thirds。   However, this action has aroused controversy, some people think this is too humiliating Harden, a bit too far。 Harden said he was not concerned about this, he believes the movement may be the most beautiful ever own a trick, of course, including the "look" before he hit three-pointers action。
  "It's very rude of action (verydisrespectful), but this really is a very beautiful action……At the same time, I really enjoy this action。
If you are Akira fell to the ground, it felt different; I am very happy because I've never been in that position。
"Harden said he did not think anything of humiliating people, he is actually very nervous:" I'm doing that action, I did not notice anything else, I was actually in a hurry, this is a great action I just shake him down, suddenly had so much time convergence in action, I wanted to steady a steady, I did, and I was successful。 "" That was my best action, because I have some time, of course, when you make a great action, of course, you will do some additional actions, or you make a future will do another action。 "Harden said。
  In Harden view, the reason why people criticize him, he is nothing more than shake down Johnson in place so for a while, but Harden think this is not a problem: "to play in Los Angeles, you always have to show them, right?"Teammate Chris Paul – I think this is nonsense, Harden groundless accusations。
  "Man, we need to talk about, something would happen today or tomorrow, they will continue to discuss, I understand that everyone is talking about this action, but this is normal, but Harden body, such a thing is not new。 "Paul said。   (Cushions da)。

What are the benefits women eat chocolate?

  Many women like to eat, but worry about eating more chocolate fat, can not eat, always very tangled。
Today, chocolate has become part of a snack or dessert people, chocolate calories, good taste, is a good snack。 So, women eat more chocolate, what good is it?  Protect the heart has been able to affect human health, may be flavonoids contained in chocolate played a role, as it has been found that flavonoids can not only reduce blood pressure, improve blood factors also have heart-healthy, high blood pressure is risk factors for stroke。   For concentrate focus, enhance memory and improve intelligence have a role。
Some drivers to improve driving ability as the spirits of the students take the test agent can also be used brain。   Relieve stress can increase levels of the brain called "Selo Toning" chemical substances。
It brings a sense of tranquility, to better eliminate tension, relieve stress play a role。
  Pleasure good physical and mental fatigue contains phenylethylamine, can cause the brain to release endorphins, in turn engender a sense of pleasure。
On the one hand, eating chocolate indifferent or physically weak person would have an effect similar to the movement, on the other hand there are those who over-excited calming calming effect。
  Flavones enhance immunity contained immunomodulatory effects。
Immunomodulation is an extremely complex process。 Artificially regulate immune function by means of drugs will take some risks。 Chocolate and other foods can take on this task, while improving the immune system, the risk value to a lower level。   Sports Nutrition supplement energy research showed that before exercise can increase the use of glycogen stores in the muscles, which will help improve athletic ability, saving glycogen consumption, delay fatigue, but also conducive to recovery after prolonged exercise glycogen。
  Midwifery mothers prior to delivery if properly eat, can get enough power to promote uterine big mouth open as soon as possible, smooth delivery, mother and child are very useful。