Brazil VS Switzerland Preview: Selecao gilded difficult to break within less to recover three big legend

"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night Sports Network June 17 report: Beijing at 2:00 on June 18, the World Cup group match?The second group games, against Brazil, Switzerland, the Selecao team suffered the strongest opponents, whether to keep the last 18 World Cup opener unbeaten gilded; Neymar can catch up with 3 big break legendary; how weak front to solve the problem in Switzerland, the campaign is a key things to watch。Previous history: the two teams in the history of war over the eight games, Brazil 3 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses dominate, into the 10 fault, non 8-ball; which had a two warring history in the World Cup, the Brazilian team in the 1950 Brazil World Cup team race 2-2 draw with Switzerland。In which two teams fighting on the field for seven friendlies history, Brazil 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses slightly the upper hand, scoring 8 goals to lose six goals in a friendly recently occurred in 2013, beat Switzerland 1-0 Brazil。Recent performance: Brazil: Selecao held in four games this year's victory, and are complete zero closure, has Zhanla Russia, Germany, Croatia and Austria, scoring 9 goals conceded 0。Brazil has a multi-year unbeaten in 11 games (eight wins, three draws), losing the last friendly match last year's 1-0 loss to Argentina。Switzerland: Swiss team the same year, the first four games unbeaten, beat and zero seal Greece, Panama and Japan, just to shake hands with Spain on the road。Multi-year unbeaten team six games, losing the last time was last October's World Cup qualifier 2-0 loss to Portugal。Brazil opener 18 games unbeaten difficult to break under review 20 World Cup finals experience, Brazil's Selecao won the past 16 games, winning up to 80%, and only two defeats, losing occur in these two the distant 1930s, when Brazil was wearing a white shirt, 1930 World Cup, they lost the first battle more than 12 former Yugoslavia; 1934 World Cup, they lost the first battle than 13 Spain。Over the past five World Cup, Brazil have made a good start, Switzerland wants to upset, the difficulty is indeed not small。Within little break to catch up with the legendary Big 3?Neymar's current goals for the four World Cup finals, the last World Cup in the face of native Croatia and Cameroon were he scored twice in Brazil's World Cup top scorer in team history, scoring five goals are three legends star – bird Garrincha, Zico and Bai Beili lone wolf Romario。If the campaign can score, catch up with and even surpass Major General within three predecessors。Brazilian quartet spectrum of gorgeous music?The campaign, the Brazilian coach Teeter is likely to continue to discharge Neymar, Jesus and William's frontcourt, while focusing on the offensive in the avant-garde is Kudiniao three of them, this four offensive players a combination of both strong creativity and scoring ability, will lead the Swiss defense veteran Lichtsteiner pose a great threat。Switzerland to solve the problem of how dull knife? The world's sixth highest natural strength of the Swiss team is not weak, it is considered the most likely to join this group and qualify Brazil team, the team's problem seems to be more appear in the first strike, three shooters 塞费罗维奇, En Boluo del Mickey and efficiency goals last season at the club are not ideal, the cross of the Legion dull knife can cut through Brazil's defense it is not monolithic?Perhaps this will directly determine the fate of the Swiss team's campaign。Starting Prediction: Brazil (433): 1- Allison; 14- Danilo, 2 Tiago – Silva, Miranda 3-, 12- Marcelo; 5- Casemiro, 15 Poly Neo, 11 Kudiniao; 19- William, Jesus 9-, 10- 内马尔瑞士 (4231): 1- Magdalena; Lichtsteiner 2-, 22- Sher, 5-A Kanji, 13-Rodriguez; 10- Zaka, 11 Behrami; 23- Sacchi, 15-Mathieu had become the Queen, 14 Zubo; 9- 塞费罗维奇