Women Health Tips: winter cold hands and feet ≠ Palace

  Many people think that life is cold hands and feet, in fact, this is a sweeping idea, cold hands and feet cold house is just one of the symptoms, but not equivalent to the winter palace。 Cold hands and feet may be cold living environment, hobbies, cold food and other factors lead to。 The person who really cold palace cold hands and feet, but the whole body is cold。   So what is it?  As the name suggests it is a "cold uterus" for short。
This entry is not in the medical literature and formal textbooks and related Gynecologic monograph。 But the "winter palace" has become a popular hot words, it would normally be widely used in today's daily life, especially the most infertile women from the different ways there are deep feelings and understanding of the word。
Therefore, it is necessary to sort out what the meaning of the term。 "Palace" can refer to Western medicine "womb" can also refer to Chinese medicine, "uterus", the latter is more meaning refers to reproductive organs (uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries) and their functions。
So here's the "Palace" as "uterus" will contribute to a better understanding of the meaning of the Palace of cold and disease within the meaning of。 "Cold" is the first in Chinese medicine in a common cause, namely Tan Liang wading, by the nature invasion of pathogenic cold, cold food such as bulimia can lead to alien of "cold" into the human body, stuck in the body's meridians , viscera, of course, including the uterus, such as multi-cold "real cold"。
On the other hand, "cold" also refers in the cold TCM pathological product accumulation at the meridians of human organs, such a product may be cold pathological human spleen and kidney, not the normal transport of moisture in the cold gas stagnation meridians in the human body organs, such as the cold and more "Deficiency"。
So collectively, the generalized "winter palace", that is due within the cold evil alien or human spleen deficiency born of cold stagnation in the female uterus, the uterus is impaired range of diseases that occur。
  The word is unique in the medical convention, so the incidence is the incidence of traditional Chinese medicine theory can be explained。 Generally reasons may be premature birth, abortion, the congenital deficiency of spleen, spleen and kidney are not well shipped wet gas in the body, and therefore the cold accumulating; may be acquired due to reasons such as wading Tanliang long-term residence cold place, menstruation blowing air conditioning, bulimia cold food or suffer direct invasion of pathogenic cold in the winter season and other foreign pathogenic cold cohesion and the incidence of the uterus。
Because the uterus refers to the female genitalia, so you can see a wide variety of gynecological diseases, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, menstrual wrong, menstruation, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, vaginitis, abortion, postpartum pain, postpartum lochia without a break, infertility。   Due to different etiology and pathogenesis of different stage, in all aspects by, pregnant, milk, and other miscellaneous diseases have many different clinical manifestations, such as the performance of the menstrual phase of the disease are: wrong after menstruation, amenorrhea, menstruation edema, diarrhea, menstruation, dysmenorrhea; manifested as disease during pregnancy may have: threatened abortion, habitual abortion, ectopic pregnancy; lactation performance of the disease may include: dripping lochia, postpartum abdominal pain; performance may have gynecological: chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, vaginitis, infertility, etc.。
Analyzing cold TCM other systemic manifestations may have lower abdomen, heat pain was reduced, cold, cold hands and feet, cold lumbar backache, sexual apathy, loose stool, dark tongue, white coating, pulse moisten the like。   It should be noted the real cold and were identified Deficiency。
Clinically, cold and cold syndrome are of real cold, but because of the etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations are different, and therefore in the treatment, in particular, there are differences in drug use。 Deficiency, refers to the lack of body yang, cold from the endogenous, that is, "Yang is cold outside," meaning。 Due to lack of body yang, warmth biochemical diminished capacity, the body may not be warm, and cold syndrome symptoms appear, is a range yang Deficiency。 The real refer to exogenous cold chill of evil, so that the body chill excessive, damage yang, cold manifestations。 Chill Piansheng, yin is cold, the "yin within the cold," meaning。
If you have pain, you will win some common characteristics after warm pain relief, but there are also different: real cold is severe pain and refused to press; Deficiency is aching hi by hi rub。
Real cold is cold invade the body of evidence, can be seen cold hands and feet, pale, pale and tasteless mouth。
Deficiency of both the recession Xu Zheng function of various organs, often Shenpi fatigue, lack of energy, appetite is not open, loose stool, menstruation embolism。   Part of the reason is the prevention of bulimia due to the cold of the goods, but also through diet conditioning。
On the one hand, such as eating more warm the house warm food, such as walnut, jujube,, onion, tomato, daily lunch or dinner, drink a glass of ginger tea, can take the initiative to resolve the cold body, long-term adherence is very good for conditioning winter palace; On the other hand, eat cold food, such as mung bean, bitter gourd, bitter Melon, etc.。   Pay attention to the uterus warm, especially in the lower body to be less cold, pay attention to the lower abdomen, waist and feet warm。
。 With particular attention to the feet warm, spring and summer not too early to expose your legs, premature wear short skirts, wearing a skirt, it is best to wear thick wool socks backing to cold from the foot of Health。
  During menstruation, postpartum, breast-feeding should be taken to avoid excessive exposure to cold, rain wading do not like menstruation, sitting and lying at the wet Sheng。   Chinese medicine is "moving the Health and yang," he said that exercise can improve physical fitness, to ensure that half an hour of walking each day, can improve circulation。 More than usual with hot feet, plantar stimulation of acupuncture points and meridians, the body in a warm state can also improve the state。