Ali AliExpress empire northward to conquer the Russian market

US stock market center: Exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after-hours, ETF, warrants night network real-time quotes, nightlife net stocks GMT 10 hearing China's online super market ready to open their platform Russian retailer。  Recently, the "Moscow Times" reported on Russia's booming e-commerce market, Kaijiangtuotu action AliExpress particular the rapid。This is part of China's Internet market online sales Alibaba empire, its rapid development is staggering, market monitoring firm TNS data showed earlier this year, AliExpress visit to Russia has exceeded the amount of real。  In fact, the secret of success lies in the price。Consumers AliExpress buyers will connect Russia and China sellers together, with online retail model to penetrate the poorer hinterland of Russia, the Chinese company in low-income, hoping to get a discount popular among。AliExpress great success in Russia, however, from the beginning of November 11, Chinese sellers to make some sites, because AliExpress sellers for the first time in Russia an open platform, allowing them to expand their market。  Twenty Russian companies will debut on the site, many of them already have their own online stores, such as electronics chain Technosila, DIY and gardening stores 220 volts, in addition there are also some international brands in Russia the official agents, such as household electrical retailers, Microsoft and cosmetics brand L'Oreal。  Later in November, AliExpress will be a series of fashion brands included in this sequence。AliExpress Russia CEO Ayman al-Desi Ji (Mark Zavadsky) said that this is only the first step, AliExpress goal is to create a national sales of all products of transnational platform。  For AliExpress, the open platform will increase the types of products they sold in Russia, while online retailers and their alliance can get access to larger potential market。  Fa Erding (Maxim Faldin) is one of the founders of the Russian online supermarket Wikimart of his supermarket from November 11 began to have entered the AliExpress。Faer Ding said his company hopes to get more sales, and Russian companies will play an intermediary role between global sell-speed pass, he said that the new market is "a very sophisticated platform"。  AliExpress current practice is to introduce new merchandise sellers to fill the content gap, this does not pose a threat to China direct sellers, Ayman al-Desi Ji said that the new business will be reviewed one by one。There are some among the first wave of brands such as L'Oreal and Technosila etc., their goods either locally can be purchased, or is not convenient shipped from China。Others, such as clothing company, China's competitors on their products is much higher than the price of the site。  Low price makes AliExpress gained growing faster than the overall market。Insight research firm Data data show that the Russian e-commerce market is growing 40% a little more than last year, to 645 billion rubles, while over the same period, AliExpress growth rate of 400%。Some data on the Russian online market can be attributed not only this cheap supply of China, and the tax system also has a great relationship。  Foreign online retailers have been able to get larger and larger share of the retail Internet market in Russia, because they do not have to pay sales tax, import prices less than 1,000 euros, as long as personal use, they may be exempted from customs duties。  Head of Russian industry organizations to communicate online transaction Schuster Dealers Association (Catherine Schuster) explains, this means that foreign online retailers at around 20% lower than local competitors prices Sales of goods。Conversely, if the Russian companies want to sell their products in the Chinese market, it must pay 13% to 17% sales tax and 9.5% import duty。  However, apart from favorable tax settings outside Russia's economic downturn has become a development of AliExpress helper。  Crude oil prices suddenly plummeted last year, hit the Russian economy, which in the past 12 months time, the Russians have cut spending by nearly 10%, turned to cheaper brands。  Online data Dealers Association show that despite rapid growth last year, but this year, the size of the Russian market of electronic morning ruble meter is marking time。However, the association noted that while the data is no different to the surface, but in fact, the market is in significant changes to a local sellers also get the opportunity, and secondly by overseas shipments of goods on the market share from 30% to 35% growth last year to 40%。  AliExpress will be the biggest beneficiary。Insights data show that local online shoppers is the fastest growth rate, an average wage in these places only less than half of Moscow。Last year, overseas shipments of orders among them, 72% are from China, while in 2013 45%。  Much more subtle addition of AliExpress Russian market businesses obviously want to have a share, but they may find, in fact, their situation than expected。Commercial Manager on products and Chinese sellers in direct conflict with the Russian business, I am afraid the day will be very sad about landing AliExpress clothing brand Baon of Slaughter Gina (Anna Sirotkina) he pointed out that every online retailer wants to open up Russia local market, while China this website has become a key player in this area。  "This is an opportunity to increase our consumer groups。"The problem is, Baon clothes the average price reached 10,000 rubles, five times on the AliExpress of Chinese clothing。  "We will wait until the two-eleven, take a look at our consumers and AliExpress consumer is not a。"Slaughter Gina said," We do a little worried。"(Zijin)