Squatting is the easiest one's health

We all know that "old people feet first decline, tree dry root first dried up."。
If you do not want to premature aging, we have to ensure that the foot is not aging, the so-called "health first raised foot", "Tuiqin people live longer," pay attention to the leg, foot health care, disease prevention and control can play, health and longevity effectiveness。
Squatting work no money, no equipment and venues, as long as convenient, at home, company or office park, as long as the foothold can be; no matter how busy people who want healthy, just 5-15 minutes of daily exercise can。We recognize that the first blood circulation (systemic circulation) of the heart is to pump blood line pump, circulation first by ventricular output levels of arterial blood → → → aorta capillaries throughout the body (material exchange with the tissue fluid, tissue oxygen supply and nutrients) → (after exchange of substances into arterial blood)。
→ venous return levels (carry away carbon dioxide and metabolites) → inferior vena cava (cava) → right atrium。
Because the foot farthest from the heart and, therefore, blood flow from the heart to the toes of the process is longer, it is prone to peripheral circulatory disorders, leading to insufficient blood supply; a number of metabolic wastes and toxins may accumulate in the foot down, resulting in some toxins, causing arthritis and some of the organs of the disease。The ancients often feet, hand massage the soles of the feet themselves, take a walk every day, the blood is diverted to the feet, so long as fresh blood can lead to the foot, so that the blood flow, can be taken away at the foot accumulation of metabolic after the waste transported to the kidneys excreted after treatment。
 Squat exercise can cure physical principle of people squatted, body folded into threes, was squeezed vasoconstriction, blood rushed to the body not squeeze blood vessels, forcing them to expand, to drum up; a man stood up, systemic blood has been squeezed toward the original vessel, which is filled with blood。
Together with a press of a place in such a squat, a reciprocating motion of a red blood back, just rinse the bottle as the systemic vascular been repeated washing, soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and metabolism in the body, activate immune system。
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